Vegan recipes so good, you will forget about meat and cheese. Grace your dinner by these Best Vegan Dinner Recipes, listed by Khojdeal. It’s for everybody.

Veganism is on the rise and has taken up entire aisles in grocery stores. With a huge chunk of the population giving up on meat and dairy products, due to health reforms, or personal choice, amateurs cooks and professional chefs have created incredible dishes to cater to vegans.

Best Vegan Dinner Recipes

Most people associate vegan as primarily healthy, therefore not so tasty. They would be wrong tho, vegan foods have come a long way from just being a bowl of green vegetables. Chefs and cooks all around the world have come up with amazing dinner ideas for people who are proud vegans.

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Here listed are the Best Vegan Dinner Recipes, by Khojdeal.

Great and Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

  • Cauliflower Steak : A simple yet refined tasting dish, perfect for dinner. Roasted Cauliflower, some spices and garlic is all you need for this vegan dinner dish.
  • Vegetable Biryani : Biryani with a twist. It sounds like blasphemy to biryani lovers, but a well cooked, well arranged vegetable biryani is all you need to max out your fill on a Sunday night.
  • Frankies : A popular street food can be made exceptionally healthy and with little effort. Stuffed with mashed potatoes, spinach, chickpeas and a delicious mint-coriander chutney elevates this fast food into a full blown dinner recipe.
  • Vegan Pasta : Most pasta is vegan, check for ingredients to know for sure though. Mixing some of your favorite veggies to the mix with some olive oil and garlic, and you have a perfect date night vegan meal.
  • Sweet Potato Burgers : As a meat substitute, sweet potatoes are a great way to spice up your vegan burger. It gives you a similar consistency and texture, so the basic structure of the burger remains the same, only that it will be as vegan as it gets.
  • Cucumber Soup : Cucumber soup is highly customizable. Add some melon to it, and it acts like the perfect vegan appetizer you’ve ever had.
  • Vegan Tacos : Tacos are also incredibly customizable. You can add almost anything you like to the mix with some mint-coriander sauce and you know it’ll taste amazing. Remember not to go overboard, and add some tofu to the mix for a meatier texture, if you want that kind of thing.
  • Tofu Bowl : Tofu bowls are also a fun dinner recipe. You can easily make them crispy, or fry them, or eat them however you prefer. A good soup to accompany that will result in a super fun dinner dish.
  • Vegan Mashed Potatoes : Mashed potatoes can be easily made without the use of milk or cheese. A little garlic, vegan butter and chives, elevate mashed potatoes into a whole different dimension.
  • Vegtable Pakora : Vegetable pakoras are amazing as snacks and full blown desert recipes. Use any vegetable that can be fried and remember not to consume oily stuff daily.
  • Any Lentil Soup Ever : Indians know, lentils or daals prove to be a healthy and amazing dinner dish. With some rice, you can customize daals as much as you like, adding your favorites to the mix.

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Veganism is considered a good lifestyle nowadays, by health nuts and by people with strong moral beliefs. Ditching meat and dairy is a difficult choice for some folks, but to start you up, Khojdeal lists the Best Vegan Dinner Recipes to satisfy your hunger, lifestyle and even impress others with your cooking chops.

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