Electricity in India is unpredictable. Strong winds, rain, absolutely nothing and anything at all can hamper and knock down electricity in India easily. An inverter or a UPS is almost necessary to protect your work and your appliances. The best UPS for PC in India must be the appliance that can stay on after multiple power cuts so you make those deadlines even without proper electricity.

A UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is an appliance that provides emergency power to a load or other appliances when the main power supply or input power source fails. They provide near-instantaneous power supply in times of power interruptions by supplying power stored in batteries, super-capacitors or flywheels.

type of continual power system, UPS are generally used to protect computer hardware. Being a relatively short-term power supply lasting only a few minutes, it is sufficient to start a backup power supply or at least shut down the protected equipment.

Best UPS for PC in India 2021

Having a reliable UPS to keep your devices protected and your work safe is necessary. Power surges or a cut in the power supply can hamper your progress and potentially harm the delicate computer machinery. It is important to invest in a good UPS to avoid any mishaps. Khojdeal brings you the best UPS for PC in India, reviewed and explained below.

S. No.UPSPrice
1.APC 600VA UPS (BX600C-IN)Rs. 2,999
2.ZEBRONICS 600VA UPS (Zeb-U725)Rs. 2,299
3.V-GUARD 600VA UPS (SESTO 600)Rs. 2,600
4.VERTIV 600VA UPS (‎Liebert ITON 600VA CX)Rs. 2,830
5.Artis 1000VA UPS (PS-1000Eco)Rs. 4,894
6.Foxin 600VA UPS (FPS-755)Rs. 2,502
7.iBall 600VA UPS (Nirantar UPS – 622)Rs. 3,299
8.Luminous 600VA UPS (‎UNO)Rs. 2,600
9.Microtek 1000VA UPS (‎Legend-1000)Rs. 5,650
10.Eaton 600VA UPS (Aurora)Rs. 2,999

Top 10 UPS Review 2021

  • APC UPS : BX600C-IN : 600VA/360W
  • iBall UPS : Nirantar 622 : 600VA/230W
  • VGUARD UPS : SESTO 600 : 600VA/300W
  • APC UPS : BX1100C-IN : 1100VA/660W
  • APC BE700Y-IND : 700VA/390W
  • Luminous UPS : Pro 600 / 600VA/360W
  • iBall UPS : Nirantar – 621V : 600VA/360W
  • V-Guard UPS : SESTO DX 600 : 600Va
  • Intex UPS : Gaama : 1000VA/500W
  • Circle UPS : Compact Power Backup : 600VA/250W

1. APC UPS : BX600C-IN : 600VA/360W

APC, formerly American Power Conversion Corporation, is a Schneider Electric owned corporation that specializes in uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products. APC UPS’ are considered the best UPS for PC in India and worldwide.

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  • 600VA / 360W.
  • 3 battery powered sockets.
  • 21 min run-time on single PC.
  • Recommended for 1 PC load + 1 connected device
  • 2 year warranty
  • BIS Approved ,Safety certified to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) latest UPS standard
  • Sleek design.
  • Generator/Inverter compatibility.
  • Electronic Overload protection. Protects connected device in case of overload or a short circuit.
  • Cold-Start Capable : Powers up your devices from battery when mains are unavailable.
  • Battery Saver : Increases battery life up to 2x when selected.
  • Protection from Spikes.
  • Faster Charging : Charges in 4-6 hrs.
  • Quiet UPS.
  • 3 LEDs : On/Off /Alert, Charging and Battery Saver.
  • Thermal run-away prevention that helps to protects life and property.

2. iBall UPS : Nirantar 622 : 600VA/230W

Best IT World (India) Pvt. Ltd. operating as iBall is an Indian consumer electronics company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, which imports computer peripherals, smartphones and tablets from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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  • 600 VA Backup Power Supply. 230 Watts.
  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.
  • Automatic voltage regulator.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Cold start function.
  • Provides discharge, overcharge and overload protection.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.
  • Generator compatible.
  • 3 battery powered sockets.

3. VGUARD UPS : SESTO 600 : 600VA/300W

V-Guard Industries Ltd is a major electrical appliances manufacturer in India, and the largest in the state of Kerala with an annual turnover of ₹23.21 billion (US$340 million) in financial year 2017-18. The company manufactures voltage stabilizers, electrical cable, electric pumps, electric motors, geysers, solar water heaters, electric fans and UPSs. It was founded in 1977 by Kochouseph Chittilappilly as a small voltage stabilizer manufacturing unit.

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  • Recommended for 1 PC.
  • Warranty 24 months.
  • Off-mode battery charging with high voltage protection.
  • Product Warranty: 24 Months
  • Backup time : 10 -15 minutes on full charge.
  • Capacity: 600VA/300W
  • 3 battery powered sockets.

4. APC UPS : BX1100C-IN : 1100VA/660W

APC’s parent company, Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational corporation specializing in electrical equipment that is headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison, France. Schneider Electric is a Fortune Global 500 company, publicly traded on the Euronext Exchange, and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

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  • 1100VA / 660W
  • 4 battery powered sockets + 1 surge only socket.
  • 2 x 7.2Ah battery.
  • 50 min run-time on single PC.
  • Recommended for 2-3 PC load + 1-2 connected devices.
  • User resettable circuit breaker.
  • 1-year warranty
  • BIS Approved : Safety certified to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) latest UPS standard.
  • Wide Input Voltage window.
  • Generator/Inverter compatibility.
  • Electronic Overload protection.
  • Battery Saver,Increases battery life up to 2x when selected.
  • Protection from Spikes.
  • Faster Charging,Charges in 4-6 hrs.
  • 3 LEDs – On/Off /Alert, Charging, Battery Saver.
  • Thermal run-away prevention that helps to protects life and property.

5. APC BE700Y-IND : 700VA/390W

Schneider Electric is the parent company of Square D, APC and others. It is also a research company, investing EUR10 billion in innovation and R&D for sustainable development between 2015 and 2025. The company holds 20,000 patents either active or in application worldwide and invests 5% of its annual revenue in Research and Development.

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  • 700VA or 390 watts.
  • 3 battery backed cum surge protected sockets, one surge only socket.
  • Safely-shutdown your PC when battery runs out.
  • Surge protection on all sockets.
  • Built in AVR to ensure battery is conserved even during low or high voltage conditions.
  • Very simple LED interface with audio alarms.
  • User reset-able thermal cutoff for overload protection.

6. Luminous UPS : Pro 600 / 600VA/360W

Luminous Power Technologies is the leading power and home electrical specialist in India. Manufacturing power back up solutions such as UPS, Batteries and Solar Applications to electrical offerings such as Fans, Wires, Switches and LED lighting.

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  • Recharge Time: 8h
  • 600VA Power Supply
  • LED indication for mains on, low battery and no mains.
  • Overload protection
  • Cold start available

7. iBall UPS : Nirantar – 621V : 600VA/360W

The Indian manufacturer has its name often attached to computer components, developing multiple peripherals and components such as mouse, keyboards, assembled PC’s and UPS.

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  • 600VA/360W.
  • Up to 40 minutes* at a standard PC load.
  • 3 battery backed sockets.
  • Up to 3 Hours** with load of 4 Cameras and 1 x 4 CH DVR without Monitor
  • Compatible device list : PC, CCTV cameras & DVR system.
  • Wide input voltage range Generator compatible.
  • Automatic voltage regulator.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.

8. V-Guard UPS : SESTO DX 600 : 600Va

V-Guard is a voltage stabilizers consumer goods company with diversified product offerings. Headquartered in city of Kochi, Kerala, the company now has over 500 distributors, 30,000 retailers, and branches across India. It’s listed with the NSE and BSE since 2008. Over the years V-Guard has sold into domestic, industrial and agricultural electronic goods and appliances category taking the total company revenue to over Rs. 2150 Crore in 2016-17.

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  • 600Va/360W
  • Backup Time : 10 -15 Minutes At Full Charge.
  • 1 PC load recommended.
  • Ups & Battery 2 Years Onsite Warranty.
  • Intelligent No Load Shutdown Facility.
  • Battery recharge in 6 hours.
  • 3 battery backed sockets.

9. Intex UPS : Gaama : 1000VA/500W

Intex Technologies is an Indian smartphone, consumer durables and IT accessories manufacturer, founded in 1996. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Intex is India’s second-largest selling mobile phone company by sales.

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  • Capacity 1000VA/500W
  • Battery Type & Number 12V / 7AH x 2.
  • Typical Recharge Time 8 hours up to 90% capacity.
  • Voltage Range 140-300VAC.
  • Backup Time (One PC Load) 50 min.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • 4 battery backed sockets.

10. Circle UPS : Compact Power Backup : 600VA/250W

Circle, with its inception in the year 2006 has become India’s biggest brands in software publishing and peripheral manufacturing. Catering to the gaming community, Circle come out with the best components created locally and supplied worldwide.

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  • 2-year warranty on UPS and 1 year on battery.
  • DC Start Function.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.
  • Battery backup – 10-15 minutes
  • 6 hours recharge time to reach full battery backup.
  • Full Protection: Overload, Overcharge and discharge protection.
  • 3 battery-backed sockets.

UPS Buying Guide

  • Compatibility with your components: Check for compatibility with the devices you have to use on the UPS.
  • The Number of sockets: Check the number of sockets available so you do not have to compromise on the components you use with the UPS.
  • The Capacity of the UPS to provide power to connected components: Have a look at the amount of power the UPS can provide, and compare that to the power of all the components to be used. Make sure the UPS you are purchasing has enough capabilities to run the devices.
  • Duration of operation: Depending on the output strength of the UPS and the number of devices connected, the duration the UPS will provide power in times of a power cut must be looked upon before purchase.
  • Surge protection on sockets: If voltage hikes and surges are a common occurrence in your region, do look for surge protection on your UPS to ensure the components are not harmed.
  • Digital display: Digital display is a newer feature of the UPS. It displays run-time, battery remaining and other useful information.
  • Software connection to the PC: A few top-end UPS use software to fine-tune it so that you can use it at its full potential and tweak it as per your requirements.
  • Fan availability for cooling: A fan is not so common in a UPS, but ones with a fan can produce some or a lot of noise. If the UPS has to be used on something such as a home theater, do have a look at how much sound it creates.
  • Replaceable battery: Cheaper UPS do not have this feature necessarily, and require you to replace the entirety of the UPS in times of breakdowns. A replaceable battery is a better option if you plan on using the UPS for long as batteries last not more than 3-5 years before reducing efficiency permanently.
  • Price range: A wide variety of UPS are available on the market with price points all over the place. Check for the UPS that works for you and is available in your budget.
  • Warranty: Warranty is provided differently on the UPS itself and the battery inside. Usually 1-2 years on the UPS and 3-5 years on a battery.
  • Power transfer time: An important detail most people overlook. Power transfer time refers to the time taken for the UPS to take charge in time of a power cut. A good UPS has a transfer time of around 20-100 ms, which is well in the range of a PC and helps against loss of data and damage to the components.
  • Usage type: Depending on how and what on you want to use the UPS with, your choice of UPS can drastically change. For a powerful PC, a basic UPS just will not cut it. The power required by the PC to run should always be taken into consideration before buying a UPS.

Frequently Asked Questions About UPS – FAQs

What is a UPS?

A UPS or an Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that lets you run your PC for some time during a power cut so you can at least save your data/work and shut down the PC safely. A UPS can help against voltage surges and drops alike. It contains a battery that charges itself while the mains are on and then uses this contained charge to supply the connected devices.

Do you need a UPS for PC?

In areas that suffer from constant power cuts or voltage surges and drops, a UPS can make a world of difference and helps your devices to be safely used during such times. If your PC looses power suddenly, it might affect the components negatively. You might even lose out on your work if the mains go out and you had not saved it. A UPS is helpful here as it gives you some extra time to save your work and shut down your PC safely.

Which UPS battery is the best in India?

There are different types of UPS batteries which include VRLA or sealed batteries and wet or flooded-cell batteries. Such batteries are best for ensuring uninterruptible power since they require minimum maintenance and provide long-term protection for up to 20 years. They cost less and last long. A few reliable brands for UPS and UPS batteries are Schneider-Electric, Cyber Power and Luminous.

How to choose a UPS for PC?

A few points are important to take note of while buying a UPS for PC. The number of sockets, availability of surge protection, the capacity of the UPS to run your preferred device, warranty are some of the few to keep in mind while purchasing a UPS.

What does a UPS do?

A UPS basically uses its chargeable battery to provide enough power to connected devices so they may run during a power cut or downed voltage. A UPS also protects against voltage surges and is a necessary device if your region experiences electricity issues.

How much backup does a UPS provide?

Depending on the power rating of your PC, and the amount of power your UPS can provide converts directly into the backup it might provide. A generic UPS being used to power an equally generic PC might last for upwards of 20-30 minutes of run-time at full battery charge. Stronger UPS are also available on the market that can let you use your PC for another hour before their battery eventually runs out. More powerful PC’s almost certainly would need better and bigger UPS for them to run. A UPS’ capacity is measured in VA (Volt-Ampere) and gives you a basic understanding of how much power it can generate for its connected components.

Can a UPS be used for a home theater?

Yes, a UPS is a universal device that can run almost anything you connect to it, given it is below or at the full power capacity of the UPS itself. A PC, televisions, laptops and other sensitive hardware are best used on a UPS as it protects them from high voltages and keeps them running on lower voltages as well.

Which is the best UPS for PC/Desktop Computer in India?

Depending on your needs and the power required to run your PC, a UPS with enough power rating can help its functions without much hassle. While buying a UPS, check for its power rating, usually explained under device specifications. The right decision would be to buy a UPS with a rating of 600VA-700VA. given its for a PC and not for commercial use.

How much does a UPS cost in India?

Depending on the features and use of the UPS, the fairly cheap device can range from Rs.2000 – Rs.6000. Though more expensive UPS’ are also out in the market, they either provide a higher grade of power supply potential or extra features such as a higher count of sockets, a digital display and replaceable batteries. A bigger and better ability to supply power would directly result in the UPS staying on and supplying power to devices for a longer duration. Cost alone though will not decide the best UPS for PC in India.


Since finding the best UPS for PC in India is a hard decision to make, consumers should be made aware of the features that might make their life easier and help them find the right UPS for their needs.
A little know how makes all the difference and Khojdeal helps you with all your requirements and questions. Read the buying guide to know about the best UPS for PC in India.

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