Best Trolley Bags + Buying Guide

Are you a frequent traveler or do you have to take a trip out of town and are looking to buy the best trolley bags in India? In this article you will find a selection of the best trolley bags in India currently on the market. It has been created for you by our team of experts to make it easy for you to choose and find the perfect trolley for your needs.

Choosing a new sleek and durable trolley bag might seem like a simple decision – but it’s not! Imagine if your trolley bag were to open in the middle of a busy airport…just because you bought any cheap model. It’s a nightmare right?

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we have reviewed more than 30 different models and chosen for you the 10 best trolley bags in India. The selection reflects quality as well as the value for your money.

And that’s what you’re looking for, right?

The trolley is the most used hand baggage ever and among the best suitcases in terms of value for money. It has small dimensions and is equipped with wheels. It is light, versatile and allows us to better organize the personal effects, documents, notebooks and clothes needed for business trips or holidays.

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Best Trolley Bags in India 2021

Choosing the right trolley is essential for traveling comfortably and without any setbacks by plane, train and car. So, if you are about to buy a trolley but you don’t know which one, in this buying guide we see which are the best trolley bags in India and how to choose the best according to your needs.

Trolley Bags Review 2021

1. VIP trolley bag – VIP Track Polycarbonate 66cm Hard Sided Trolley Bag (Silver)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Casing: Hard
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 51 liters
  • Weight: 3300 grams
  • Dimensions: 66 cms x 26 cms x 48 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 5 year worldwide warranty
  • 360 Degree wheeling
  • Fixed combination Lock
  • Organized interiors
  • Premium Polycarbonate Luggage

2. American Tourister trolley bag – American Tourister Crete Polyester 77cm Soft sided Trolley Bag (Ink Blue)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Casing: Soft-sided
  • Color: Ink Blue
  • Dimensions: 48 cms X 33 cms X 77 cms (L x W x H)
  • Spacious main pocket for storing last minute packing
  • Top quick access pocket for storing travel essentials
  • Expander
  • Sturdy 360-degree wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Fixed combination lock
  • Retractable top and side handles
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 3-year domestic warranty
  • Weight: 4.1 Kg
  • Capacity: 106 liters

3. Safari trolley bag – Safari Zenith Polycarbonate Midnight Blue 56 cm Hard Trolley

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Casing: Hard
  • Color: Black
  • Wear resistant
  • Capacity: 81.9 liters
  • Dimensions: 46 cms x 27 cms x 66 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 5 years international warranty

4. Laptop trolley bag – Novex Pacific Nylon Black 15.6 inch Laptop Trolley Backpack

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Inner Material: Polyester
  • Casing: Soft
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 42 liters
  • Weight: 2.7 Kg
  • Dimensions: 42 cm x 24 cm x 42 cm
  • Lock Type: Zipper
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Number of Compartments: 3
  • Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Laptop Compatibility: 15-inch
  • 3 years warranty

5. Kids trolley bag – American Tourister Skittle Nxt Polypropylene 50 cms Orange Kid’s Luggage (FH0 (0) 96 001)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Orange
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Dimensions: 50 cms x 21 cms x 39 cms (LxWxH)
  • Number of compartments: 1
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 3-years from the original date of purchase
  • Easy-to-grab webbing handles
  • Leash for parents that can be converted to a shoulder strap
  • 2-point fixed lock to secure your belongings
  • Spacious storage volume for kids’ favorite toys and belongings

6. Skybag trolley bag – Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 cms Blue Soft sided Check-in Luggage (STRUW68EBLU)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 66 liters
  • Weight: 4500 grams
  • Dimensions: 46.5 cms x 31.5 cms x 68.5 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Number of compartments: 1
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 5-years from the original date of purchase
  • Expander feature for extra packing space
  • Push Button Trolley
  • Made of strong & lightweight polyester shells
  • Re-engineered lightweight spinner wheels for effortless mobility
  • TSA lock ensures security while traveling
  • Casing: Soft

7. Aristocrat trolley bag – Aristocrat Polyester 58.3 cms Blue Soft sided Cabin Luggage (Baleno)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Casing: Soft
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 43 liters
  • Weight: 2900 grams
  • Dimensions: 37 cms x 26 cms x 58.3 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: Number Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 5 years international warranty
  • Corner guards
  • Side lugs for extra protection
  • 2 Front Pockets

8. Cabin size trolley bag – AmazonBasics 55 cms Black Hard sided Cabin Trolley

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Casing: Hard
  • Interior capacity: 39 Liters
  • Fully-lined interior
  • Handy divider and zippered pocket for easy organizing
  • Expandable for up to 15% additional packing capacity
  • Telescoping handle
  • 4-wheel spinners for smooth-rolling mobility
  • Does not include a lock
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Protective hard shell
  • Scratch-resistant finish

9. Swiss Military trolley bag – Swiss Military Polycarbonate 46 cms Black Hard sided Check-in Luggage (HTL17)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Casing: Hard
  • Color: Black
  • Water resistant
  • Capacity: 60 liters
  • Weight: 3900 grams
  • Dimensions: 67.5 cms x 26 cms x 46 cms (LxWxH)
  • Lock Type: TSA Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 8
  • Number of compartments: 2
  • Laptop Compatibility: No
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 2-year against any manufacturing defect
  • More durable material
  • 190T (lining) with Swiss Military logo print
  • Expandable feature
  • Extra light weight (approx 3.9 kg Approx)

10. Tommy Hilfiger Orlean Black Cabin Overnighter (TH/ORLEANOVR01)

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Specifications of this trolley bag

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Casing: Soft
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 46 liters
  • Dimensions: 45.5 cms x 22 cms x 45 cms (LxWxH)
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Laptop Compatibility: Yes
  • Laptop Size: 15 inches
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 1 year

Trolley Bags Buying Guide

Choosing the right trolley bag is not such a simple choice, as there are many factors to consider. To ensure that your baggage is not excessive, you must first take into account the weight, the material of which the carry-on suitcase is made up and much more. To help you choose the right model, we will now provide you with a series of detailed aspects to consider in this regard.

1. Dimensions

The size factor is certainly the first to consider when choosing a trolley, since other features such as handling (think especially of those traveling by train) and the volume of clothes and objects depend on its size. Furthermore, when you want to go on board with your suitcase for an airplane trip, keep in mind that every airline admits trolleys within a certain length limit, which usually is around 150 cm.

The size of the trolley is very variable and is expressed by providing the measurements of the structure (therefore the height, width and depth) and capacity in liters; two data that together give an idea of the space available inside the suitcase and the size created by the product.

Generally, a medium-sized trolley has a height of about 50 cm and a capacity of about 40 liters, while a large one is characterized by about 70 cm in height and up to about 80 liters of capacity. Finally, the XL suitcases exceed 85 cm in height and can hold over 100 liters.

There are trolleys of different sizes, specially designed to adapt to the needs of different types of users such as families, businessmen, children and those who make very long trips. Finally, remember that if you travel by plane there is also a maximum weight limit for each suitcase (which usually is around 15 kg) and therefore it is better to prefer trolley with low weight, in order to have more kilos available to be used for clothes, accessories and much more.

2. Stiffness

Is a trolley with a soft or rigid exterior better? The rigidity factor refers precisely to this main differentiation existing between the trolleys of any size and price range and it is important to consider because each of these types is characterized by some peculiarities and has advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account, especially on the basis of to your travel habits and needs.

Below we analyze in detail the two types to understand what the strengths and weaknesses are and guide you in purchasing the suitcase that best suits your travel frequency, the means of transport you use the most and your space needs.

Rigid trolley

The rigid trolley is made of hard plastic materials, of different colors and patterns, which offer the great advantage of being very resistant to shocks and also to external agents such as rain and humidity: they will hardly be deformed or ruined due to the wear and frequent travel.

In most cases, these models are equipped with locks with keys, padlocks or combinations to make your luggage more protected and safer. Especially if you travel by plane and want to stow your luggage, a rigid model is certainly the most suitable to have the security of not damaging the suitcase or the contents it holds with the numerous movements (even violent) that the items in the hold undergo during boarding and disembarking from planes.

Among the disadvantages include the fact that this kind of baggage, being tough, does not deform and, unlike the soft trolley, do not give in and will not let you fill it too and indeed, it will be difficult or sometimes impossible to close it if in it are contained too many items. In addition, these products do not include the outside pockets and often organize the interior space with fewer compartments and pockets than soft suitcases.

Soft trolley

This type of trolley can be composed of different types of fabrics and is available in different shades and patterns of various types, suitable for female and male audiences, both for adults and children or teenagers.

Among the advantages of this type of luggage is that it can pack slightly more content than rigid models and also has a possibility of yield, so you can put even more items. Another convenient advantage is the presence of numerous pockets, internal and above all external, which thus allow you to keep handy some useful objects or accessories and store them easily during the trip.

The disadvantages of soft trolleys reside in their lower strength and resistance to atmospheric agents: these products suffer from rain and humidity, can tear if subjected to shocks, weights or excessive stress during travel and can, over the years and uses, deform according to the objects kept inside, especially if you have a habit of filling your luggage a lot.

Finally, soft trolleys do not include safety combinations and often the only way to protect them is to use a padlock (which can be included in the package or purchased separately) or take advantage of a protective cellophane application service, offered in most airports (which also makes the suitcase waterproof).

3. Transportability

Since the trolley is a tool that is used to travel, it is really important to evaluate its transportability factor, which describes the practicality of use and the simplicity of moving and lifting your luggage. The elements that make the transport of a trolley easy are to be found in the presence of two tools that you must not forget to evaluate before purchasing, namely the presence and the number of wheels and handles with which the product is equipped. Let’s analyze them in detail in the following two paragraphs.

The wheels

The wheels are the elements that make a trolley bag a trolley bag and therefore they are obviously always present in every model, of any size and material. What may vary is their number and the type of movement that they perform.

The trolley with four wheels, for example, offer a movement much more fluid and simpler compared to models with two wheels. Furthermore, based on the freedom of rotation of the wheels, it will be possible to move the suitcase 360-degrees and in any direction, tow it or even push it (making it “walk” vertically, without having to drag it) and even climbing steps without having to lift it.

Finally, the most sophisticated and expensive trolley models have particularly silent wheels that do not produce the typical and annoying noise during the transport of their luggage.

The handles

The handling and portability of a trolley are also specified by the presence, quality and quantity of the handles it has. The most comfortable cases are generally equipped with two handles, one on the top and the other on the side, which allow a safe grip and lifting.

The rigid trolleys have handles in plastic material, exactly like the rest of the structure, while the soft ones offer handles in fabric or, in some less common cases, in plastic or leather.

Another element that should not be underestimated to ensure the purchase of a trolley that is comfortable to move is the presence of a towing handle which, if possible, must be extendable, light, robust and resistant, so as to allow the user to drag the suitcase without having to lower it and without risking damage to the handle during transport, especially if the luggage is very heavy.

4. Security

As it is easy to imagine, this factor describes if and how safe the contents of your trolley are, or if the baggage is equipped with one or more tools that allow greater protection of the items it contains. Here is a list of possible safety devices that a trolley can have:

Combination lock: Allows you to set a custom combination of three or four digits that automatically blocks the opening of the trolley. In this way only the owner and anyone else who knows the number to be entered will be able to reopen the suitcase;

Traditional padlock: Some trolleys include a small padlock generally equipped with two pairs of unique keys to open it. The models that do not include this tool can in any case be “secured” since most of the trolleys with zip closure allow you to insert any padlock purchased later;

TSA padlock: It is the “ad hoc” padlock for traveling in some countries such as the United States where strict security protocols provide for baggage checks which, if difficult to open, can be forced by the staff assigned to check. By purchasing a trolley with a TSA lock, however, this will be avoided since all airport security staff have a universal key that can open this type of bolt without creating any damage to the baggage and its contents.

In reality many users feel safe even when traveling without adopting any of these safety systems which, in fact, are not indispensable but can provide a guarantee of greater peace especially for those who make long trips, for those who transport precious objects and, in general, to all those who are particularly anxious and want to travel without worries.

5. Internal organization

The internal organization factor describes the division of the space that the trolley offers and it is very important to evaluate because a correct management of the space allows you to be able to transport your belongings not only adequately but also making the most of the available volume.

The pockets

The pockets are a convenient ally to better manage all the contents of your trolley and can be of different types and placed in different areas of the suitcase. Some models, for example, have external pockets that allow you to store smaller objects or that could be useful during the journey and therefore it is preferable to keep them handy without having to be forced to open your luggage on the train, on the street or in the flight.

Other trolleys, on the other hand, have internal pockets (which are generally located on the sides of the compartment for clothes in the case of luggage with a single compartment, or on the rigid divider that separates the two compartments) which are dedicated to accommodate specific objects such as small accessories, shoes or personal care products.

Finally, it can be useful to check that your trolley has side zips that allow you to increase the space of the compartment (or compartments) for objects.

The compartments

The interior of a trolley may consist of a single compartment or two compartments separated by a rigid divider. The second type is preferable to the first because it allows to divide clothes and other accessories between the two compartments in a more orderly fashion, allowing you to find items you need faster and easily without necessarily having to empty the entire contents of the suitcase.

The division into two compartments is also useful if two users want to share the same baggage but without mixing their clothes and accessories.

6. Materials

The materials used to produce a trolley are very important since, as previously seen, the external composition, the internal coating and the hardness of the product are decisive factors in the choice of a trolley, and are in turn conditioned by the materials used to produce it.

As the material of the trolley changes, its strength, waterproofness and longevity will also vary. It is important to choose the most suitable material for your travel needs and habits, but also to pay attention to the indications regarding the materials used for the production of a trolley.

It is always better to be sure that non-toxic materials have been used.

7. Brand

In the market, there are several brands that produce both rigid and soft trolleys and with more variable dimensions and it is important to prefer a known brand as this can guarantee not only the efficiency of the product but, above all, the reliability of use of quality materials and secure.

It is convenient for the user to turn to companies that are also present in the post-sale phase, in the event that a repair is needed or to contact a customer service for any eventuality.

In the production of trolleys and other types of luggage, the undisputed leading brands are Samsonite, the American Tourister and Safari, followed by smaller but equally popular brands such as Aristocrat, VIP, Skybags and others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trolley Bags – FAQs

What is a trolley bag?

The trolley is a suitcase, of medium or large size, equipped with small wheels to facilitate its movement without the need for lifting. To facilitate dragging, the trolley is often equipped with a handle connected to a removable telescopic rod. It typically has two fixed wheels on one end with the handle located on the opposite for vertical movement.

The most sturdy trolley bags are generally constructed from polymers such as nylon and have a covering that resists gouging and liquid from entering into the interior. The seams can be glued together or stitched with strong nylon thread. Generally, the stitched-together trolley bags hold up over time as compared to the glued construction and have a lock or latch.

How are Aristocrat bags?

Aristocrat’s trolley bags collection is now bigger and more stylish than before. Lightweight and sturdy, these bags with wheels are available in different sizes, colours and unique designs while also offering more space with up to 5 years of international warranty. The trolley bag collection of Aristocrat offers more space and durability with 3-inch expanders instead of the regular 2-inch ones. These luggage bags come loaded with features to make handling smooth & easy and are extremely tough.

What is the maximum size of trolley bag?

The table below summarizes the trolley size according to the the capacity and travel time

SizeHeightWidthDepthCapacityTravel Time
Small Cabin trolley bag45cm32cm18cm30-40L1-2 days
Large Cabin trolley bag50cm36.5cm23.4cm40-45L2-3 days
X-large Cabin trolley bag56cm38cm24.5cm40-50L2-4 days
Medium trolley bag60cm43cm26cm60-75L4-7 days
Large trolley bag69cm47cm35.5cm100-117L7-10 days
X-large trolley bag81cm55.8cm35.5cm120-130L7-14 days

Here are a few important things to remember:

  • A hard shell luggage will usually be smaller in capacity than a soft-sided suitcase even if their volume is the same.
  • A four-wheel spinner has a little smaller capacity than a two-wheel suitcase, but their overall size is usually a bit bigger.

What is the average capacity of a cabin trolley bag?

Most airlines accept 55 cm (20 inches) cabin trolley bags for free. Extra charges will have to be paid for cabin bags that are over 55 cm in size. However, if it’s a full flight, you can also be asked by the airline to check-in your trolley bag if you exceed the allowed limit.

In terms of weight, a maximum of 7 kgs is allowed in cabin bag my most airlines.

Which trolley bag is better hard or soft?

Hard-sided and soft-sided trolley bags have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice totally depends on the requirements and preferences of the user.

Let’s start first with a summary of the main differences.

The rigid ones are:

  • More robust
  • Safer
  • More elegant

The soft ones are:

  • Lighter
  • More versatile
  • Cheaper

What advantages do soft suitcases offer? Let’s see

Price: With the same quality, soft suitcases on average cost less than rigid ones, since the latter are made with more technologically advanced materials and manufacturing methods.

Pockets & compartments: The soft suitcases also have pockets and compartments on the outside: a blessing if you want to organize your luggage better and always have handy items such as documents, tickets, books, accessories, keys, money etc. at hand.

Weight: Even if the rigid suitcases are now approaching the lightness of the soft ones, the latter generally have one advantage: with the same capacity they weigh less.

Flexibility: The flexibility of nylon and polyester allows you to adapt the suitcase to tight spaces (in the trunk of the car or under the seat on the plane, train, coach). Being expandable materials, they also have a higher filling capacity than rigid trolleys.

Let’s move on to rigid suitcases: here are the strengths

Resistance: The resistance of a polypropylene or polycarbonate suitcase is unmatched for fabric bags. A rigid trolley is considered the ideal solution to not wrinkle clothes and to protect fragile objects, while a soft suitcase suffers more shocks and crushes and is more prone to tears and cuts. The drawback of the rigid is that it can sometimes be scratched (or dented in rare cases) if it is slammed with too much violence.

Safety: The protection systems (combination lock, TSA lock, etc.) are present on both the rigid and the soft ones. But it is evident that a rigid material better protects the luggage from theft and tampering. For example, with a soft trolley, a simple cutter could be enough to open a gash and bypass any safety closure, while tampering with a hard casing is more complicated.

Water repellent: With a solid and compact shell, your personal belongings will be more secure when you move in the rain. Even some soft suitcases are water repellent, but they do not guarantee the same level of protection.

Elegance: Given that everyone has their own tastes, the modern look of the rigid trolley makes them more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. A rigid suitcase is considered more fashionable and offers more seductive color combinations.

Cleaning: Cleaning the outside of a rigid suitcase is an easy and quick operation. You just need a cloth soaked in water and possibly a neutral soap (except for particular stains). The soft, being more “porous”, allow the dirt to take root and therefore require more patience and effort to be washed and dried.

How are trolley bags measured?

All manufacturers measure the size of the suitcase from the ground to the top of the carry handle. So this means they don’t actually give you the internal measurements of the suitcase.

It is easiest to measure your suitcase when it is standing upright. This will allow you to measure its exact height with wheels, from the bottom of the floor to the top of the handles. You need to take those into consideration too, as well as the measurements of anything protrudes on the sides – zippers, handles, TSA locks etc. because all of those are important when calculating the linear measurements of your luggage.

What are the top 10 luggage brands?

The top 10 luggage brands are listed below:

  1. VIP
  2. American Tourister
  3. Safari
  4. Skybag
  5. Aristocrat
  6. Samsonite
  7. Delsey
  8. Carlton
  9. Swiss Military
  10. Alfa

What size suitcase do I need for 7 days?

The answer to this question usually depends on how much and how well do you pack. If packed well, you can fit enough items to keep you going for 5-7 days abroad in a large cabin suitcase that usually measures 55 cm in height and has a capacity of up to 45 litres. If you tend to overpack, you will need a checked-in suitcase that has a capacity of atleast 60 to 90 liters.

What is the most expensive luggage brand?

The most expensive luggage brands are listed below:

  1. Rimowa
  2. Globe-Trotter
  3. MontBlanc
  4. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano
  5. Victorinox
  6. Smythson
  7. Bottega Veneta
  8. Mulberry
  9. Prada
  10. Gucci
  11. Thom Browne
  12. Saint Laurent
  13. Brunello Cucinelli
  14. Ermenegildo Zegna
  15. Tumi
  16. Samsonite
  17. Arlo Skye
  18. Bric’s
  19. Valextra
  20. Briggs & Riley
  21. Hartmann
  22. Mark Cross
  23. Ghurka
  24. Steamline
  25. Louis Vuitton


Trolley bags are a fundamental component when traveling. Given the multiplicity of products available on the market, we have selected the ten best models classified according to their qualitative and structural characteristics, with an eye also on the sale price.

If you do not have time to evaluate the characteristics of the many trolley bags on the market, start with the two that struck us most of all among all those analyzed. The first is Novex Black Business Laptop Trolley Bag, perfectly compatible with the baggage limits imposed by low-cost airlines. The second is Aristocrat Polyester 58.3 cms Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage, economical, robust, well-defined and also compliant with standards in terms of size.

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