Hosting parties at your house or are you an avid movie buff? A tower speaker is perfect for you and if it has Bluetooth connectivity then it will be more charming. Today we have some unbiased reviews of the best tower speakers in India that you can afford under Rs. 10,000 only.

Movie time requires a good home theatre system if you want to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Well, what a good home theatre requires is an amazing Tower Speaker system. When it comes to sound and audio appliances, the choice you can get is simply massive.

From that, you need to find the one that suits your needs the best. For that matter, Khojdeal features the Best Tower Speakers price list that falls under Rs. 10000 budget, with it an extensive buying guide to make sure you understand what you are getting as well.

Budget audio appliances can get a little bothersome to purchase, and if you get the wrong kind, you are in for a horrible experience. Brands cut corners while manufacturing low price audio equipment. If you use good earphones/headphones you understand the difference a well made audio device can make to your listening experience.

Fear not! At Khojdeal we understand the need of the consumer just as well we understand the market. We scour through the internet, marketplaces, postings and the latest news to keep you updated on the best products money can buy.

Best Tower Speakers in India Under 10000 – Comparison Table

Some of today’s best tower speakers come in small, unpretentious packages. They deliver an unmatched level of quality, with extreme durability that transcends any other audio output device. Without further ado, we curated the list of the best tower speaker with and without Bluetooth connectivity that you can buy for Rs. 10000 in the Indian market.

Best Tower Speaker Under in India – Reviews

Before choosing any of these speakers make sure to go through all the below reviews of the tower speaker to check out their features and drawbacks to make a value for money purchase.

1. Mitashi Tower Speaker : TWR 8699 BT 2.0 Channel

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  • 2.0 Channel Tower speaker system
  • 8000 watts PMPO
  • Feather touch front function buttons
  • Compatible with TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc.
  • Bluetooth and AUX connectivity
  • Karaoke with wireless mic
  • Digital FM radio
  • USB, SD, MMC card reader
  • Fully functional remote control

Why we recommend this Tower Speaker?

Mitashi floor standing speakers, sound bars and home theaters bring out the best in your entertainment. Mitashi speakers give you premium performance without compromises and feature new, beautifully crafted designs that are packed with technology to deliver the best audio experience for all your entertainment.

Mitashi speakers are designed with the latest technology that allow you to use a variety of connections i.e. Blue connect technology, AUX input, USB, SD card etc. so you can enjoy your music, whichever way you want without worrying about compatibility.

Pros and Cons

Multiple ConnectivityMicrophone not very good
Quality ButtonsBuild Quality is okay
Wireless Mic
FM Radio Enabled

2. Philips Tower Speaker : MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel

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  • USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
  • Rich bass
  • 80 W sound output and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Memory Card Slot
  • USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
  • Good sound quality with a rich bass

Why we recommend this Tower Speaker?

These speakers are perfects for playing music games, movies and online videos on both MAC and PC. Bass reflex speaker system delivers a powerful, deeper bass. Designed for style – looks as good as it sounds. With 80W sound output and Bluetooth connectivity , these speakers sound amazing. You can also convert it in to a sound bar.

Pros and Cons

Amazing Build QualityTreble sounds make a weird hiss
High Power Output – 80WDisturbance during loud sounds
Convertible to Soundbar

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Right Tower Speaker

Purchasing speakers, soundbars and home theaters are pretty much identified with one another. Fundamental comprehension of one can immensely help in the acquisition of another.

Realizing what goes into a decent speaker can legitimately help you in searching for a good tower speaker for your entertainment purposes. Khojdeal needs customers to see all applicable data there is to start purchasing. To this effect, we compile a buying guide. The feature points mentioned below are necessary to give notice to while buying soundbars. The top rated Tower Speakers will shortly be mentioned.

Features Points

  • Channels : The channels in any speaker unit alludes to the measure of speakers that really impact out the sound. For instance, a 2.1 speaker comprises of 2 individual speakers and 1 sub-woofer. Thus, a 7.1 speaker unit has 7 speakers and 1 sub-woofer. Speakers for the most part come as a 3.1 unit, where there are three separate speakers and an extra sub-woofer. A 3.1 soundbar is most likely going to sound astounding and make your film evenings significantly more vivid.
  • Connectivity : Connectivity is significant with regards to speakers and soundbars. More gadgets you can interface the speaker to, the better. In times of need, an effectively connectable speaker can provide necessary convenience. Tower Speakers are accompanied by HDMI support, Bluetooth connectivity and even Wi-Fi. I would recommend purchasing a speaker with Bluetooth availability, since it is the most straightforward approach to interface two gadgets. An optical port is best used to interface the speaker to your TV and you can even search for USB ports to make your life significantly easier.

Additional Features

  • Dolby Atmos : When searching for speakers/soundbars/home theaters, you may see another number toward the finish of its channel data. Some of the time gadgets channels are recorded as state, 5.1.1. This basically discloses to you that the speaker unit comprises of, the standard 5 speaker and 1 subwoofer, with the expansion of 1 Dolby Atmos speaker. The Dolby Atmos fundamentally is an upward projecting speaker which reflects sound above you for a more extreme sound profundity. Watch out for channel details in your next speaker to ensure it is accompanied by Dolby Atmos.
  • Smart Speakers : Speaker are far beyond simple these days. Smart versions with Alexa and Google Assistant support make for stunning companions. With home automation, the speaker may take a great deal off your hands and make viewing the TV a much pleasurable experience.
  • Sound Bases : Much like the soundbar, a sound base is utilized in conjunction to a TV. Clearly better than the implicit TV speakers, both generic speakers and sound bases endeavor to give you a much better viewing experience. Speakers, by and large are accompanied by a sub-woofer to include heavy notes like bass and loud booms. But, sound bases already have a better intensification and greater bass drivers invalidating the requirement for a sub-woofer.

Things to Note:

  • Size of the Tower Speaker: When it comes to home theaters and speakers, bigger is mostly better. Essentially, bigger speakers have more space inside for the sound to bounce around and amplify. Do keep in mind though, home theaters can get bulky and quite the hassle to deal with if you do not have enough space. The best way to overcome this issue, if you have it, it to purchase a TV cabinet for organisation. Do make sure you have enough space for your new device though. It is quite important that the home theater is not tucked in the back but front and center for maximum immersion.
    There is a cheat way too. Soundbars can provide all functionalities of a big home theater and takes lesser space but might not sound similar to a well made, bigger home theater system
  • Size of the Room: The space you have to offer needs to be enough to keep your home theater and make sure that sound can efficiently travel from the speakers throughout the room. A small room with a big home theater would just be overcompensating and wouldn’t work the way you want it to. A regular, medium sized room is perfect for a 5.1 home theater system, if you want a truly immersive experience. The positioning of the sub-woofer and the surround speakers are also important to keep note of. Do not shove them in the back, but keep them front and center to transform your living room into a true movie theater.


Tower speakers are not easy to purchase. If doing it by yourself, you need to understand the basic concepts of what makes a good speaker. For that purpose, all that is required for you to know better is listed in our extensive buying guide.

Consider it the best brief you can get before buying speakers of any kind. When it comes to tower speakers, the choices can be exciting, but the best ones are often pricier.

But we found the Best rated Tower Speakers Under 10000. Budget speakers that you can use for your movie nights, hosting parties, and even while gaming.

Choose the best with us. Your personal shopping help @Khojdeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for Tower Speaker?

In India, the tower speaker market has not yet gained traction. Since it is more or less a comfort item, the Indian consumer hasn’t woken up to the magnificence of tower speakers. However the Indian market is quite rich when it comes to speakers and audio equipment. Brands like Sony, JBL and Philips have made remarkable sales in India when it comes to speakers. If you are in the market for a speaker unit, it is suggested you buy from either of these three, Sony, JBL or Philips.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

More speakers amounts to better and more ambient sound. A 5.1 only has 5 individual speaker units to 7 speakers in a 7.1 unit. Both fashion a sub-woofer for low frequency sounds, but 7.1 systems, due to a higher count of speakers perform better than a 5.1’s.

How much space do you need for a tower speaker?

Depending on how many channels there are in your tower speaker, plus the general size of the speakers your system boasts, tower speakers can overall be quite bulky. However, there are smaller options in the market but keep in mind – when it comes to audio technology, bigger is always better. Make sure when you buy your new system, you allocate enough space for it around your TV or PC.

Can you use any tower speaker on any TV?

Yes, most tower speakers, and TVs for that matter come with multiple connection ports. HDMI is the most common and easy to use, with Bluetooth also quite convenient to connect with.

Do I need a subwoofer with my tower speaker?

Tower speakers generally do come with a sub-woofer included. If not, we suggest you look for other products that provide a decent sub-woofer. A sub-woofer is necessary for a pleasurable experience.

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