Top 8 Best Tower Fan In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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Don’t have the time to dedicate to searching for the Best Tower Fan In India? We’ve done it for you and spent countless hours researching and testing the Best Tower Fan In India.

We analyzed many customer reviews to find the Best Tower Fan In India. Our final rankings are based on features and value for money. If you choose from these models, you can be sure that you buy a great product.

Sunny weather, swimming and vacations such experiences often announce the arrival of summer. Many people falsely believe that the season commences with the rise of the summer solstice. Well, for us the season arrives when our skin starts demanding for something fresh and breezy. 

Here is when the modern inventions of fans and more refreshing: Tower Fans helps us out with the scorching heat. One such discovery of human that makes us go “oh” is tower fans.  You must be thinking that what on earth is this word. Well, that’s why I am here to eradicate your confusion. 

Top 8 Best Tower Fan In India 2020 – Which Tower Fan is best for use?

While people always worry about heating bills, cooling appliances can be costly and pricey no matter what time of the year you are buying it. The fact that it’s all about cooling your space, there are a plethora of options. Hence, for cost savings and space savings option, a tower fan is the best choice for you. One of the most popular reasons why people choose this option is because it is stylish and Eco-friendly.

Hence, here are some of the best tower fan in India that would help you to go on this summer. 

What is a Tower Fan? 

A cooling tower fan is a tall, tower-shaped fan which consists of a rotating base. It comprises of inlets that are on the side to pull air. These fans blow air at a 90-degree angle which enables them to cover a more extensive area. There are tower fans which consist of the primary dust filter. Tower fans are compact in design because of the simple mechanism which it has.

Note that these devices are easy to maintain considering the weight and portability. The Tower Fans with remotes are much more efficient than the other ones. It easily fits in the corner, taking very little space. Therefore, to choose the best Tower fan in India for you here is a list online that would help you with the same.

Benefits of using Tower Fans 

Space Saving 

Cooling fans have evolved into more efficient and Eco-friendly designs, and, i.e. Tower Fans. Taking up less space in the room and doing the desired work – well, yes that a good catch isn’t it? Tower fans are great inventions when it comes to working with a limited amount of space. These types of fans can conveniently be tucked between couches, placed next to your study table or even in needed condition: next to the bathroom. These fans are compact and portable. 


Tower Fans are not only compact and space savers, but they are stylish and elegant too. They tend to enhance the balance for your room without actually disrupting the decor and Feng Shui. Built specifically for space-saving while circulating and cooling the air, the tower fan reaches wide and far. Yes! They aren’t bulky or unpleasing to the eyes. They are those things which tend to blend in the room and your personal space. Designed for quiet and efficient purpose in your home environment or workplace, you would barely know that it is there in the place. Excellent for medium-sized areas, this fan helps you save 60 per cent of energy. 


The entire purpose of using a tower fan is that it does the cooling job which you are purchasing it for, and that is what precisely the fan does. Providing cooling relief without any disturbance or noise: This is what you want right? Not only do they fit in and blend entirely, but they are also sturdy and efficient too. Timers, breeze settings, control over remote and much more are some of the most common features of a tower fan, making them even more attractive in a room. 

Things to keep in mind before purchasing a Tower Fan

We want the best product that we buy. We want it perfect, and the one which lasts long. Therefore, before you buy any item or product, you have to check out some important points so that you get the best ones in your vanity. Some of the essential critical notes that you should consider before making buying any Tower fans would be:


One of the critical factors that you should always keep in mind before buying your desired fan would require the working of the product. A tower fan is supposed to be noise-free and tranquil. Ensure that the choice which you make have this factor. Pick the one that produces no noise or does not have any irritating sound. 

Easy Set-Up

Tower fans are supposed to be compact and space-friendly, not only this, but they should be set easily anywhere in the room or your work space. They are required to be set up at most ease and have a smooth assembly. 


The user who is thinking of buying this product should consider this as one of the factors that would depend on the coolness of your room. Go for the fan based on its oscillation feature so that the air can be circulated better and the efficiency of the fan is not compromised at the same time. 

The speed and the modes

A room temperature keeps on increasing and decreasing as the temperature outside is affected. Therefore, the requirement of the cooling should be adapted by the device. Hence, opt of the one that comes with multiple fan-based modes and speed. This would help the room to cool according to the temperature, and also the requirement of the body. 

Remote Access

If you are buying a tower fan, then consider that a remote control should be an option. There are times when the on board control messes up; thus, remote access is essential and should be a must for your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tower Fans

What is the use of tower fan?

Providing cooling relief with minimum noise, disturbance, and space consumption is what tower fans are for. They work effectively to circulate airflow for the comfort of people in the room. Not only do these fans fit perfectly in any corner of the house, but they are steady and less likely to tip-off.

Are tower fans good for bedroom?

It is a definite, yes! For those people who are looking for a cooling device for their apartment, rooms, or work space, tower fans are the thing for you. The compact size of the tower fan allows the user to maximize the space consumption and reduce the hazards.

How do you dust a tower fan?

You can dust away from your tower fan with these simple steps:

Step 1: Turn the fan off and then unplug it. Prevent the blades of the fan from moving while you are working on it.

Step 2: Now utilize the vacuum brush attachment or dust the brush to clean the grill of the tower fan.

Step 3: Now, you have to blow the compressed air into the vent to dislodge the dust.

Step 4: Next, you can turn on the fan again, and check if it is working well or not.

Do tower fans use a lot of electricity?

The working of a tower fan includes pushing up of the air outwards, without actually cooling it. Therefore, it is obvious that they use less electricity and energy than any other device. In fact an average tower fan or normal fan uses 2.4 kWh in 24 hours, much more less than AC or coolers.

How can I make my fan work better?

To feel the effect of tower fan in this heat and humid weather, you can do these things:

  1. Position the fan so that it points towards the opposite sidewall. Try that it is not unobstructed with large objects.
  2. To speed up the cooling action, you can do the trick, and place a bowl of rice across it.
  3. Set your fan in the corner or the side of the room where it spreads in across the entire space.
  4. Try to place your tower fan as high as possible, and near the window. This is because hot air rises, so the main agenda is to push the air out of the house as much as possible.
  5. Try to switch the direction of your tower fan i.e.; you can either put it in swing mode or choose a right spot for it.

Are blade less fans better?

The answer to this question would be yes; they are much better than any other fan, as they are compelling and efficient. The reason why it is so strong is that it multiplies the airflow coming out, thus, offering much better cooling. A bladeless fan has many advantages over a conventional fan. Since it is devoid of external blades, these fans are safe and secure to use. The plus point is that there is no fear of cutting your hand with the blades.

How does a Tower Fan work/operate?

The air flow in the tower fan is narrow and focused. It is built to push and pull air in a wider space. The impeller blades in the tower fan (in the cylinder housing) move through the column and out of the vents. The air impeller in the air blower moves through the vertical shaft.

Is it cheaper to run a tower fan or a box fan?

Running a fan is always cheaper as compared to the appliances which you use in daily life. But when we have to compare it between tower fan or a box fan, tower fan has to be the one which takes up less voltage. A normal tower fan takes up to 2.4 kWh voltage at a time, thus making it a really reliable source to use.

Is it better for a fan to oscillate?

Yes, it is always better that a fan oscillates. The reason: large tower fan provides coverage over wide areas in a room. Which means that it would result in better cooling because they would rotate, and the air is spread in all corners of room. Therefore, these type of fans allow better flow around the room.

How do you open a tower fan?

To disassemble a tower fan, the user can conduct the follow steps:

  1. Unplug the fan from the power point or lug point.
  2. You can the flat head screwdriver to pop up the control panel.
  3. Now pull up the control panel slowly.
  4. Use the flat head screwdriver to unlatch the remaining snaps that holds the plastic cover together.
  5. Now all you have to do is pull up the central blade assembly up and out.

Where is the best place to position a fan?

It is always advisable to place or position your tower fan near the window or an open door. This tends to create an effective wind tunnel which results in more cooling. One more option is to set the tower fan in an diagonal corner position, facing the center of the room, and then get them to oscillate in the direction.

Top 8 Best Tower Fan In India – Which Would be the Best Purchase?

  1. Kelvinator Personal Tower Fan: Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan (White)
  2. Bajaj Tower Fan: Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan Blue-Turquoise
  3. Bionaire Tower Fan Oscillating Slim Remote Control 3-Speed 8Hr Timer 40W H1180Mm
  4. Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4-Way Air Flow, High Speed, Anti Rust Body
  5. Butterfly Windi Tower Fan (Black & White)
  6. Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan (Black, Standard Size)
  7. Hans Lighting Air Tower Fan 48 inch 45W Powerful Motor 3 Speed (Black & White)
  8. Surya Tower Fan: Surya Classi-c Tower Fan White

1. Kelvinator Personal Tower Fan – Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan

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Tower Fan Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color : Blue and White
  • Motor Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 60 W
  • Number of Speed Settings: 4
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Power Requirement: AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Remote: No

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

Kelvinator tower fans can provide the user with efficient cooling when you need it. Instead of using high power consumption fans you should use this eco-friendly Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan. The brand provides the user with a durable and a slim design due to which you can fit it in compact spaces and rooms.

Moreover, this is the type of fan which tends to meet anywhere in any area. You can use it anywhere, either in your workplace, while working in the kitchen or your bedroom. It is a plethora of convenient features for users. It includes wheels at its bottom to make it more mobile and speed control. It has speed controllers that consist of noiseless functions.

2. Bajaj Tower Fan – Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan Blue-Turquoise

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Tower Fan Features

  • High Air Delivery: 2500 m3/hr
  • Sturdy Indigenous design: Stabilized thermoplastic for aesthetic and corrosion-resistant life
  • Ergonomic Control Panel: speed and swing controls designed for ease of use
  • Tough Blower: to ensure optimum air throw efficiency, with 3-speed selection
  • Light: weight and Portable
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Power: 150 watts
  • Includes: 1 Tower Fan
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Length: 35.50 cm
  • Breath: 32.5 cm
  • Height: 85.5 cm

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

Durable Design: The product is made up of durable thermoplastic adhesive that is corrosion resistant. This makes the product durable and long-lasting. Not only this, but it also makes it Eco-friendly. 

Control Panel: The Tower Fan consists of remote access that helps the user to control the speed along with the air spins. Designed for the users, it allows them to control swings too. 

Design:  Bajaj Fans has something for every home, office and commercial space. The comprehensive offering includes ceiling, pedestal, wall, table, exhaust and industrial fans. They also have a premium, economy and energy-efficient ranges that offer world-class performance and looks stunning.

3. Bionaire Tower Fan Oscillating Slim Remote Control 3-Speed 8Hr Timer 40W H1180Mm

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Tower Fan Features

  • Product Code: 272418
  • Weight: 4.30 kg
  • Pack Size: 1 Pack
  • Dimensions: 180x200x1228 mm
  • Type: Tower
  • Features: With Remote Control
  • Brand: Bionaire
  • Speed Settings: Three speed settings
  • Timer: Eight hour timer

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

It won’t be hard to say that this is a tower fan is quite significant. It could be utilized in the bedroom through the warm spell. It is relatively tranquil as compared to other tower fans in the market. It consists of high-quality programs that are remarkably advised to be used. Not only this, but this tower fan is exceptionally uncomplicated to go from room to room because of its lightweight.

Consisting of a mighty fan, the sizing of this product is impressive. Cools down the bedroom quickly and retains it. Has some significant functions like the timer on it and the breeze perform.

When it comes to the design this tower fan is appealing, slim design and quiet plenty of to use in the bedroom right away.

4. Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4-Way Air Flow, High Speed, Anti Rust Body

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Tower Fan Features

  • Type: Tower Fan
  • Motor Speed: 2250 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 140 W
  • Number of Speed Settings: 3
  • Number of Blades: 18
  • Pack of: 1
  • Warranty: Standard 1 year warranty + 6 months additional warranty on free registration

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

One of the main reason to buy these tower fans has to be because of their stylish and compact. They would go with your home decor, just like the way you want it. Yes! It is space-saving design, and therefore it helps the user to maintain their furniture just the way they want. Not only this, but this Tower Fan provides with high air throw, which is about 25 feet.

The brand offers the users with a 4 Way Swing in the Tower Fan, and it has an anti-rust body, which makes it more durable and lost lasting. The company presents its customers with a 1-year warranty on the Tower Fan. Thus, this makes it even more desirable than any other tower fan in the market.

5. Butterfly Windi Tower Fan

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Tower Fan Features

  • Power: 50 watts
  • Size: Standard
  • Water Capacity: No
  • Remote Control: No
  • Design: Virgin Plastic Body
  • Power Moter: 140 Watts Powerfull Moter 3 Speed Air Delivery
  • Swing: Swing On / Off Safety 3 Pin Plug

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

Butterfly Windi Tower Fan grants the user with a superior amount of airflow in an amazingly compact unit. This type of fan circulates air at a 90-degree angle, swaying on a stationary base. This blend of design produces an astonishingly, efficient and robust product.

The design of the tower is the most recognizable and plus point in terms of the attribute. The shape of this tower fan enables to slide into spaces that would otherwise be inadequate to house a fan unit. Most models allow air ionization, providing the area a clean, fresh feeling.

6. Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower Fan

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Tower Fan Features

  • Power Consumption: 50 Watt, 230v, 50Hz
  • Timer: 12 Hours Timer, ABS Housing
  • Control: Three Speed with Remote Control
  • Fan Mode: 3 Fan Mode (Normal / Natural / Sleep)
  • Display: Full Function LED with Temperature Display
  • Function: Ironic Function
  • Oscillation: 65 Degree

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

Russell Hobbs presents its user with one in its kind Tower Fans; it comes with a 60-watt fan that has remote control access. The slim and sleek design of the product makes it stand out among the other fans that are in the market.

Russell Hobbs grants the user with designs that are easy to handle. Adjustable temperature, 8-hour timer, and two heat settings are some of the functions that are offered by this product.

The tower fan consumes 50-watt power which is pretty decent. This only means that it is energy efficient and consumes a voltage of 230 V. Moreover, the user would have a full LED display screen which would display the settings. This product comes along three modes that the user can adjust according to their needs.

7. Hans Lighting Air Tower Fan 48 inch 45W Powerful Motor 3 Speed 

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Tower Fan Features

  • Air distribution: There are 3 speed level, 3 wind modes, simulating, natural, slumberous, normal wind
  • Oscillation: Oscillation function brings air flow direction
  • Design: Sleek and attractive design for high air delivery, the fan sport a space-saving design
  • Voltage: 100% copper motor for longer life 45 Watts, voltage AC: 220 – 240 V 50 HZ.
  • Color: Black & White

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

Hans, as a brand, has been offering its user with quality products from the time it has introduced it to them. Hans Lighting air tower fan is one of those products which provides the user with three-speed and wind level oscillation. It has a sleek and beautiful design that helps the customer with space-saving and is easily fitted in the home area.

The power consumption of this tower fan is 45 watt that has a voltage of 220. Thus, these are the products in one of its kind. The best part about this product is that it is simulating, natural slumberous, and grants the user with the substantial wind.

8. Surya Tower Fan – Surya Classi-c Tower Fan White

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Tower Fan Features

  • Size: Standard
  • Brand: Surya
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Power: 180 watt
  • Sweep: 1000 mm
  • Remote Control: No
  • Speed (RPM): 1000

Why should you purchase this tower fan?

There are situations where a ceiling fan is not necessary. Here is when a tower fan comes to the rescue. These products are convenient and extremely functional, along with being efficient when it comes to circulating air in the room. Established in the year 2001, Surya electrical has made a name for themselves in the top list of suppliers that construct and presents fans to its customers.

The tower fans which are created by this company are incredibly noise-free and grants the user with peaceful interiors. The user can find energy-saving options in these tower fans as they are efficient and Eco-friendly. The product is portable, and its mobility is one of the reasons why it becomes one of the most successful outcomes.

Not only this but these tower fans are safe to use because of the vertical fan option in it. These fans are cheap and durable too.


Modern inventions have changed the way how humans function today. They have made their lives easy, and helped them to move forward in life.

Tower fans are one such invention of humans which has resulted in faster and quicker luxuries. The fact that it is used by everyone today makes it really obvious that it is a great success in today’s time.

If you have any doubts related to this topic, or need any guidance for the same, you can leave a comment. Our experts would try their level best to solve it.

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