Preserving your fresh produce and packaged foods is necessary to make them last longer and keeping them edible. Khojdeal lists the Best Tips to Preserve Foods.

In times of lockdowns and pandemics, the public starts panic buying whatever they find keep hoarding food items. It is not really a good habit as if you cannot consume it before it goes bad, that is a whole lot of food gone to waste. The best idea actually is to preserve food that you purchase so that they remain edible for longer.

Best Tips to Preserve Foods

Preserving foods is an incredible way to make short supplies last for a very long time. You can easily preserve foods in a lot of ways to indefinitely increase their shelf life. Curing them with salt, freezing, removing moisture can all help towards your supplies lasting for a longer time than previously possible.

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Here are the Best Tips to Preserve Foods.

Stop Hoarding, Start Preserving.

  • Shelf Your Food Properly : Separating different foods from one another is the first step towards preservation. Make sure you keep a single kind of food shelved together and avoid mixing of any sort. Beans and lentils in one place, frozen meats and frozen vegetables stored separately and fruits stored away from each other as well.
  • Buy Non-Perishable Foods : Getting non perishable foods is possibly a great way to technically lay off from preserving foods. Foods like honey, lentils and dried fruits have a very long shelf life and can be used whenever you feel the need to.
  • Avoid Washing Fresh Produce : Washing fresh produce adds outside moisture to the food which can increase the risk of mold further.
  • Freeze Smaller Quantities of Food : If you plan to freeze food, do it in smaller quantities. Therefore, even if one batch is ruined, you can still use another for your cooking endeavors.
  • Pickling : Pickling foods in vinegar makes produce last indefinitely. Though you cannot do it with every kind of food, certain vegetables taste great when pickled.
  • Seal Well : While packing food to store, either in your fridge or outside, make sure the seal is air tight to avoid getting any contaminants from entering the product.
  • Remove Moisture : Again, simply removing moisture, or dehydrating foods can increase their shelf life indefinitely.
  • Canned Food : Buying canned or frozen vegetables is also quite a sensible thing to do during times of lockdown.
  • Immerse in Strong Concentrates : Submerging say, fruits in alcohol can provide you with three things, produce that doesn’t go bad, boozy fruits and fruity alcohol.
  • Cure with Salt : Salt is a natural preservative and curing meats and fish can significantly increase their shelf life.


Hoarding tonnes of food is not an effective practice to undertake. Especially with fresh produce. If you cannot finish the food that you buy, before it goes bad, that amounts to a lot of food going to waste. The correct form of supplementing your diet during times of lockdowns is actually preserving foods, instead of buying and storing a tonne of it. Khojdeal is here to help and lists the Best Tips to Preserve Foods

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