Don’t have the time to dedicate to searching for the Best Soundbar In India? We’ve done it for you and spent countless hours researching and testing the Best Soundbar In India.

We analyzed many customer reviews to find the Best Soundbar In India. Our final rankings are based on features and value for money. If you choose from these models, you can be sure that you buy a great product.

If your TV is not equipped with a good set of speakers, installing a soundbar becomes a necessity. Soundbars can pack great, meaty sound into a product that’s sleek enough to sit in front of your television.

So, if you want high-end audio to match the high-definition picture quality, buying the best soundbar in India your budget can allow is recommended. These long and thin add-on sound systems don’t take up much space and added some much-needed clarity, range and power to your audio experience.

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Top 20 Best Soundbars in India

Below, we will take an in-depth look at the year’s best soundbar in India, from simple two-speaker bars to those with wireless sub woofers. Whatever your budget is, we’ve got a soundbar for you, with our Top 20 best soundbar in India picks.

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Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (White) Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (White)
JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with JBL Surround Sound & Built-in Dual Bass Port (30W, Black) JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with JBL Surround Sound & Built-in Dual Bass Port (30W, Black)
Philips HTL2163B/12, 120W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Black) Philips HTL2163B/12, 120W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Black)
Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black
Samsung N300 (with Built-in Woofer) Bluetooth Soundbar (Black, 2.0 Channel) Samsung N300 (with Built-in Woofer) Bluetooth Soundbar (Black, 2.0 Channel)
Sony HT-X8500 Single 2.1Ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Built-in subwoofers - Black Sony HT-X8500 Single 2.1Ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Built-in subwoofers - Black
Blaupunkt SBWL-01 Dolby 200Watts Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (2.1 Channel, Without Remote) Blaupunkt SBWL-01 Dolby 200Watts Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (2.1 Channel, Without...
F&D E200 Plus 5W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker - Black F&D E200 Plus 5W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker - Black
Sony HT-S350 2.1Ch Dolby Digital Soundbar for TV with Wireless Subwoofer, 2.1Ch Home Theatre System(320w, Bluetooth & HDMI Connectivity,Wireless Connectivity with TV, S-Force Surround Sound) Sony HT-S350 2.1Ch Dolby Digital Soundbar for TV with Wireless Subwoofer, 2.1Ch Home Theatre...
boAt Aavante Bar 1500 2.1 Channel Home Theatre Soundbar with 120W boAt Signature Sound, Wired Subwoofer, Multiple Connectivity Modes, Entertainment EQ Modes and Sleek Finish (Black) boAt Aavante Bar 1500 2.1 Channel Home Theatre Soundbar with 120W boAt Signature Sound, Wired...
LG SH4 Soundbar LG SH4 Soundbar
Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, Virtual DTS-X, Dolby Audio, 4K, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Spotify Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, Virtual DTS-X, Dolby Audio, 4K, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,...
Zoook Music Bar 24 watts Bluetooth Soundbar with Wooden Finish and 3D Sound Zoook Music Bar 24 watts Bluetooth Soundbar with Wooden Finish and 3D Sound
Klipsch Soundbar RSB-3 Klipsch Soundbar RSB-3
Pioneer SBX-101 Wireless Sounbar Black with sub woofer with Two Year Warranty Pioneer SBX-101 Wireless Sounbar Black with sub woofer with Two Year Warranty
Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2 an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR with FM Tuner, 3.5mm AUX, Powerful 10W Sound and USB Port. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2 an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR with...
Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Built-in Microphone, perfect Soundbar for TV and Mobile (Black) Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Built-in Microphone, perfect Soundbar for TV...
Creative Stage Air 20W Compact Multimedia Under Monitor USB-Powered Soundbar for Computer with Dual-Driver and Passive Radiator for Big Bass, Bluetooth and AUX-in, USB MP3 (Black) Creative Stage Air 20W Compact Multimedia Under Monitor USB-Powered Soundbar for Computer with...
Denon DHT-S316 Home Theatre Sound Bar System with Bluetooth Streaming HDMI Input W/Arc, Digital Input, Dobly/DTS Decoding and an Included Wireless Subwoofer Denon DHT-S316 Home Theatre Sound Bar System with Bluetooth Streaming HDMI Input W/Arc, Digital...

Top 20 Soundbars Review 2021

1. Mi soundbar – Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Drivers (White)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Room Filling Sound: 8 sound drivers for an exceptional audio performance
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in, Line-in and Bluetooth connections
  • Minimalist Design: The bar shape design with fabric mesh exterior looks classy
  • 30-second Easy Setup: Can be effortlessly set up on the wall or table
  • Enhanced Bass: Get the most out of your favorite songs
  • Supports wall and table-top installation

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Enhance your TV viewing experience with Mi Soundbar: The elegant design, powerful core and rich sound delivery come together to take audio performance to the next level.

8 sound drivers: The 50Hz to 25000Hz frequency response range covers the entire spectrum of sounds in each media so each note is clear and far-reaching. Magnify your audio experience with crisp treble, resonant bass and clean mids.

Multiple connectivity options: Connecting to your TV or mobile device is simple as ever with the high-speed Bluetooth 4.2 LE feature. Mi Soundbar offers S/PDIF, optical, Aux-in and Line-in connectivity ports that allow you to connect to any TV and mobile devices.

Design: Stylishly designed in a bar shape with fabric mesh overlay, the minimalist modern Mi Soundbar plays perfect match to your TV, completing your living space.

Lightweight and compact: The sturdy structure is lightweight, compact and easy to use enabling you to place it in any home environment.

2. JBL soundbar – JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • All-in-one Soundbar with built-in Dual Bass Port Design
  • Wireless Music Streaming with Bluetooth
  • Works with your TV remote control
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Brings movies to life with JBL Surround Sound
  • HDMI (ARC) connection
  • Total Maximum Power: 30W
  • Audio inputs: 1 Analog, 1 Optical, Bluetooth, USB
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Free your living room from multiple wires and bring home the JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar and enjoy an authentic and overriding experience of sound in your own living room. The audio provides the sound according to what you are watching so that you never miss an important dialogue or a beat in your favourite songs. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the soundbar and enjoy your favourite playlist in amazing sound. You can also connect it to your television to enjoy the ultimate audio and video experience without compromising on the design and decor of your home. The structure of the sound bar is such that it takes up very less space and can be rested on a wide range of places.

Multiple Connectivity: The JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar allows you to connect itself to a variety of devices to optimize your audio experience. You can partner it with your television set to get a theatre like experience in your living room. You can also get it connected to devices via Bluetooth so that you can hear your favourite songs from any other device possible. It also has HDMI ports for you to connect the soundbar to other devices and immersive yourself in the audio experience. The speakers can also be controlled by your television remote to make your experience convenient.

Brilliant Audio Performance: Your audio experience is sure to be taken to a whole new level with the JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar that provides you with amazing surround sound for a completely immersive experience. The built-in dual bass port design provides better sound with more bass to give you wire free performance for an amazing user experience.

Convenient Design: Thanks to its wireless quality, you can now enjoy amazing sound output with the JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar at home without having to content and place a number of wires. The sound bar frees your home from multiple wires and its space efficient design makes it adjustable on a wide range of places. The sleek look of the sound bar is sure to blend right in with your stylish home decor too.

Works with your TV Remote Control: This JBL soundbar is designed to work with many of today’s top TV remote controls, so you can use your existing TV remote control for both TV and soundbar.

3. Philips soundbar – Philips HTL2163B/12 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker 120W with wireless Subwoofer (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Sound Enhancement: Virtual Surround Sound, Treble and Bass Control, Night Mode
  • Sound System: Dolby Digital
  • Loudspeaker types: Integrated with main unit
  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Power supply: 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Standby power consumption: < 0.5 W
  • Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player
  • Rear Connections: Digital coaxial in, Digital optical in, Subwoofer out, AUX in, HDMI 1.4 output (ARC)
  • 1 year warranty

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Powerful sound for any TV: Enjoy your movies and music with Virtual Surround Sound and deep bass via just one cable. This Philips Soundbar with dedicated subwoofer enriches your home entertainment when used with TVs, BD/DVD players, gaming consoles and MP3 players.

Virtual Surround Sound for a realistic movie experience: Philips Virtual Surround Sound produces rich and immersive surround sound from less than five-speaker system. Highly advanced spatial algorithms faithfully replicate the sonic characteristics that occur in an ideal 5.1-channel environment. Any high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel surround sound. No need to purchase extra speakers, wires or speaker stands to appreciate room-filling sound.

Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player: Audio in allows you to easily play your music directly from your iPod/iPhone/iPad, MP3 player, or laptop via a simple connection to your Philips home cinema system. Simply connect your audio device to the Audio in jack to enjoy your music with the superior sound quality of the Philips home cinema system.

Dolby Digital for ultimate movie experience: Because Dolby Digital, the world’s leading digital multi-channel audio standards, make use of the way the human ear naturally processes sound, you experience superb quality surround sound audio with realistic spatial cues.

EasyLink to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote: EasyLink lets you control multiple devices like DVD players, Blu-ray players, soundbar speaker, Home theater and TV’s etc. with one remote. It uses HDMI CEC industry-standard protocol to share functionality between devices through the HDMI cable. With one touch of a button, you can operate all your connected HDMI CEC enabled equipment simultaneously. Functions like standby and play can now be carried out with absolute ease.

Flexible placement on the wall, tabletop or stand: Enjoy the versatility of this home theater system that allows you to place it where you will. Whether on a TV stand, on a table or mounted on a wall, the product looks sensational and functions without compromise. For once, you get to control how your home looks without giving up an incredible home theater experience.

Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication technology that is both stable and energy efficient. The technology allows for easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices, so you can play your favorite music from any smartphone, tablet or laptop, including the iPod or iPhone with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

4. Bose soundbar – Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Single sound bar provides better sound quality compared to your TV
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth technology built in for streaming music wirelessly from your phone or tablet
  • One connection to your TV
  • Bluetooth: 2.1V
  • Remote Control Support: Yes
  • Connector Type: Optical Audio Input (Digital), Coaxial Audio Input (Digital), 3.5 mm Aux Input (Analog)

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

The Bose Solo 5 TV sound system comprises a single soundbar that delivers distinctly improved sound quality for all your favorite TV programs. It brings clarity to your audio from dialogue to sound effects. As if that wasn’t enough, its dialogue mode makes each word stand out. You can position this soundbar practically anywhere. And with Bluetooth technology built in you’re able to wirelessly listen to your favorite music, too.

Hear what you’ve been missing: Augment your HD picture with sound to match, and enjoy more distinct dialogue, richer soundtracks and effects, and deeper bass.

The secret to the sound: The Solo 5 TV sound system is an easy solution, with advanced technologies that deliver the clear audio your TV can’t. And dialogue mode makes every word even easier to understand without having to adjust the volume from scene to scene.

Flexible placement: The soundbar is so versatile you can position the soundbar wherever you choose—be that by the TV on a shelf or even mounted directly on the wall using the optional WB-120 wall mount.

Setup is a snap: Setup is probably the wrong word. All you have to do is connect the Bose Solo 5 system to your TV with an audio cable that can be optical coaxial or analogue in order of preference. The soundbar detects which kind you’re using.

Universal remote: Take command of your Blu-ray player, Bluetooth connectivity and gaming system with the included universal remote control. Easily control both the system and most video sources connected to your TV.

Unleash the bass: Gripping thrillers. Live music. Dramatic series. Sometimes you just need a bit more bass when you’re watching TV. Well now you’re in control—increase or decrease the bass at the touch of a button on the remote.

5. Samsung soundbar – Samsung N300 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Booming bass with two built-in woofers and a sound duct
  • Wireless connection with TV
  • Powerful, compact soundbar
  • Integrated USB 2.0 port
  • Surround Sound Expansion to deliver high-quality sound
  • Control with one remote
  • Control the Soundbar with the Samsung Audio Remote App

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Compact soundbar. Room-filling sound: Discover an amazing entertainment experience with the HW-N300. From crisp high notes to warm and life-like tones, 4 built-in speakers bring music and movies to life. Every element is crafted to fit more sound into your home with a compact one-body design that packs in more impressive audio than ever before.

Fit more stunning sound into your home: Fit more sound into your home thanks to a compact design with 4 built-in speakers that pack in more impressive audio than ever before. Discover hidden details in your favourite album or get the most out of every movie moment. With no need for an additional bulky subwoofer, the sleek and stylish design saves space without cluttering up a room.

Wireless music streaming: Play your playlists from Deezer. By connecting with ease to your compatible smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to instantly add atmosphere to a party or to wind down after work.

One remote control: With a single Samsung remote for both your TV and Soundbar, discover a completely connected experience at the press of a button. Clear the mess caused by having a number of controllers on your coffee table.

Wireless sound straight to your TV: Keep your space neat and tidy with a Bluetooth connection to your Samsung TV. Experience superb and powerful sound that brings any TV show or movie to life. With a sleek design that complements our TV range, the HW-N300 is the perfect addition when creating your dream home entertainment system.

6. Dolby Atmos soundbar – Sony HT-X8500 Single 2.1Ch Soundbar (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • 2.1 Ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X
  • Sony’s unique technology Vertical Sound Engine
  • Single Soundbar with Built-in subwoofers for deep bass sound
  • Wireless connectivity with Bravia TV
  • 4K HDR compatibility
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Hear sound from all directions with simulated 7.1.2 surround sound: Vertical Surround Engine lets you enjoy the thrill of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X from a single slim unit. No matter what type of room you’re in, advanced DSP technology allows just two front speakers to reproduce full, cinematic sound from all around you, including from above.

Cinematic atmosphere, Powerful Bass: Experience cinematic, three-dimensional surround sound with this 2.1 channel Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound bar featuring built-in subwoofers for deep bass sound and a slim, elegant design that fits perfectly in front of your TV.

Powerful built-in dual subwoofer: Enjoy deep bass sound with minimal equipment cluttering up your living space.

Slim, compact and unobtrusive: Distinctive design elements include a punched metal speaker grille and sub-woofer ducts.

Stream all your favourite music: Pair the HT-X8500 with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream all your favourite albums and playlists.

Wireless connectivity to your TV: With a Sony BRAVIA TV supporting Bluetooth Transmitter you can send audio to your sound bar wirelessly.

Live a true cinematic experience: Feel and hear the action all around you, as sound travels behind you and draws you into the movie.

Immerse yourself in sound: Hear all the vividness and richness of your favourite music in fine detail.

Game mode – Audio cues coming from all around you: It enhances your spatial awareness, sharpens your responses, and improves your gaming performance.

News mode – Hear all the important information in news reports: Voice detail is brought out over the top of background music and effects.

Sport mode – Enjoy sport as if you were at the stadium: Ambient crowd noise is fine-tuned so you can feel the pitch-side excitement.

Easily added to your AV system: Connect a gaming console, UHD Blu-ray player or your set-top box, as well as your TV with HDMI and optical digital inputs.

7. Blaupunkt SBW-01 dolby bluetooth soundbar – Blaupunkt SBWL-01 200-Watts Bluetooth Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Digital Dolby HD Sound
  • 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital
  • 200W Wireless Sub woofer and Soundbar
  • Cool LED display
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • True Cinematic Experience with Dolby
  • Elegant looking wooden subwoofer for crystal clear sound and deep bass
  • Blaupunkt EQ Mode: This Soundbar comes with multiple music modes: Music, Movie, News and 3D
  • Fully Functional Remote
  • Great Connectivity Options: HDMI ARC, Optical, USB, Bluetooth and AUX-In
  • Warranty: 12 months in-house warranty

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Feel the Power of 200W: It’s a monster when it comes to output. As you turn up the volume you will notice the bass getting stronger and the treble sharper. All this power is balanced perfectly.

Genuine Dolby Digital Sound: Digital Dolby is the upper level of sound technology. It is a promise that delivers full, rich and clear outputs across all wave lengths and volumes.

Premium Wooden Material: Music loves wood. It makes the sound sweeter and more complete. Now hear the difference with this high quality construction adds to your playlist.

Wireless Subwoofer: No wires, no tangles. A clean look that sounds even better. This allows you to listen to music from any corner of your room,you can fill up your space with music just the way you want to.

Multiple connectivity Options: AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Optical and HDMI (ARC), all the connection options are there. Just choose a device and you will be pouring out great volumes of music in seconds.

Elegant New Age Design: Smooth contours, rounded edges give this beauty a timeless look. Added to the beauty is a bit of tech that makes the design contribute to the output.

Equalizer (EQ) Mode: The remote is a full function. At the press of a button you get the EQ mode. This allows you to fine tune every frequency and wave length.

Bass & Treble Controls: Total control over how you like your music. Add more bass or take the high frequencies even higher. You now have control fine tune your output.

8. F&D E200 soundbar speaker system – F&D E200 Plus Sound Bar Speakers

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • 11 degree tilted speaker for wider sound dispersion
  • 2-Inch Full Range Driver
  • Integrated 2.0 speaker specially designed matching computer LCD panel excellently
  • Highly Efficient Battery,
  • Built in 2600mAh Li-on battery that can be charged through convenient micro USB
  • With front passive radiator design for springy bass
  • High efficient power design
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding
  • Side controls
  • Connects to any music device using a 3.5mm

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Looks as Simple as a Rock, Sounds as Good as a Violin: The E200 PLUS, with a geometrical ingenuity (11° tilt) in its design emits thumping sound in a wider radius. The gentle but comprehensive bass is complemented by a front-facing passive radiator design.

Does it Cool, Keeps it Subtle: Blue, Red, and Green LED lights keep you informed about your connectivity settings. These hidden-behind-the-front-grille lights give a very groovy feel to the aesthetics of it, while at the same time being very functional.

Friendly to Other Devices: With the support of 4.0 Bluetooth, USB, and AUX cable connectivity, the E200 PLUS is a very amicable piece of machinery. Mobile phones, Tablet, or Laptop/PC, it can play your favourite tunes from a variety of input mediums.

Charge Easy, Play it Hard: The E200 PLUS comes with an in-built rechargeable 2600mAh Li-ion battery that can be charged through a convenient micro USB. Charge it, play it, let the sound take you higher.

9. Sony soundbar – Sony HT-S350 Wireless 2.1Ch Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • 2.1ch Wireless Soundbar
  • Wireless subwoofer delivers deeper & richer sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming
  • Connect to your TV over a single cable with HDMI ARC
  • Virtual surround sound technology
  • The Soundbar and subwoofer feature a tactile punched metal finish on their front panels
  • Seven different sound modes to enhance your entertainment experience

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Deeper, Richer Bass Sound: A powerful wireless subwoofer, with a large 16 cm speaker unit and 28 litre volume, delivers a deeper, richer bass sound.

Hear Sound come from all around: S-Force PRO Front Surround, Sony’s virtual surround sound technology puts you right at the heart of the movies you love by emulating the wide sound stage of cinema-style surround sound without the need for additional rear speakers.

Bluetooth wireless streaming: Stream all your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone with Bluetooth wireless technology.

High-quality materials, beautifully crafted: Elegant and understated, the Soundbar and subwoofer feature a tactile punched metal finish on their front panels. The large duct on the subwoofer emphasizes the unit’s powerful performance.

Wall-mountable and simple to set up: Wall-mounted, the contours of your soundbar perfectly complement your TV design. It’s simple to connect too, so you can get on with enjoying your movies, music and more

Wireless connectivity with your TV: With a Sony BRAVIA TV supporting Bluetooth Transmitter you can send audio to your Soundbar wirelessly.

One-cable HDMI ARC: Send audio and control information from your TV using just one cable with HDMI ARC.

Easily connects with a range of TVs: Connect your TV via HDMI ARC with a single cable, or if your TV isn’t compatible with HDMI, you can connect via the optical input.

A variety of sound modes: Seven different sound modes enhance your entertainment experience. Cinema mode for movies, Game Studio mode created by PlayStation developers for gaming, Sports mode fine tunes ambient crowd noise, Music mode lets you hear the detail in every song, and News mode is designed for clear dialogue.

10. Boat soundbar – boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with wireless Subwoofer (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • 120 watt RMS sound with a bassful subwoofer
  • 2.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Sleek Design with premium finish
  • Multiple Connectivity Modes: USB, optic, AUX and remote connectivity
  • The sound bar utilizes high end equalizer technology to optimize the sound output
  • Easy access integrated controls

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Electrifying sound: Capture your best cinematic moments with an equally electrifying sound. Watch as the scenes flick across the screen and as the Aavante SoundBar moves to incorporate it, amplified by the shudder of deep bass courtesy the Wireless Subwoofer.

Design: It can fit in with any ambiance, and can make looking at your television all the more pleasurable. Robustly made with a sleek and cool touch, let’s not forget the intimating presence of the subwoofer that accompanies it.

Connectivity: No need for all that equipment, plug in with any form of connection best suited to you. From an HDMI port to Aux-in to USB, which one’s for you? It’s all the same once the Aavante SoundBar is on and good to go.

Adaptable entertainment: Relax in front of your big screen with the right entertainment systems. Capture your favourite movies, shows, songs and more.. It is adapted for your entertainment, so sink into the comfort and sync into the sound.

2.1 Channel surround sound: The surround sound is in your home, so enjoy the moment the best you can. The atmosphere just got real, so plug Into Nirvana and partake in the utmost filmic reality possible.

11. LG dolby atmos soundbar – LG SH4 Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • 300 Watts
  • 2.1 Channel Audio
  • Adaptive Sound Control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sound Sync Wireless
  • Wireless Active Subwoofer
  • HDMI In/Out

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Audio Experience: Enjoy your audio in an intensified and clear manner with the LG 2.1 Ch Sound Bar. Running on power of 300 Watts, it makes you feel as if the audio is coming from multiple directions but without overlapping. The wireless active subwoofer makes for an all round enjoyable audio experience.

Adaptive sound control: Depending on the content that is playing on your TV, the Sound Bar has an adaptive sound control feature that adjusts the audio. It identifies the audio that will be soothing to your ears in terms of what is on the TV and decides the audio mode.

Connectivity: Streaming content from your phone wirelessly on to the TV is made easier with due to the Bluetooth compatibility of the Sound Bar. The LG Sound Bar can also be streamed using the Bluetooth connectivity with the LG HDTV.

Compatibility: You can operate the Sound Bar using any of the compatible remotes without getting out of your comfortable place. It is compatible with almost 8 brands.

12. Yamaha soundbar – Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Built-in Alexa voice control
  • Dual subwoofers built in for deep bass
  • Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • Bluetooth streaming for your music and podcasts
  • Output Power – 120 W
  • Built-in subwoofer: 60 W
  • Surround Technology – DTS Virtual:X
  • Easy setup with HDMI or optical connections
  • All-in-one design

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Alexa Voice Control: With Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is ask. The YAS-109 offers built-in Alexa voice control for easy control of your sound bar, smart home devices, music and more. Additionally, a Mute feature ensures your privacy when needed by muting Alexa.

Immersive 3D Sound: Take your home cinema experience to new heights with sound that comes from above as well as all around you. The YAS-109 features DTS Virtual:X – immersing the audience in exhilarating 3D surround sound from a single bar solution.

Seamless Music: Simply pair your Bluetooth device with the YAS-109 and start streaming your favourite tunes or video sound wirelessly to your sound bar. Seamless entertainment. No headaches.

13. Zoook Music Bar 24-watts Bluetooth Soundbar

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Bluetooth 4. 2
  • Constructed with robust material to last years
  • The wooden design suits any home adding a modern and high tech touch
  • HiFi sound with DSP and 3D surround effect
  • Two powerful 12 watt speakers with in-built subwoofer and dual-channels
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Incredible battery life
  • Rechargeable 5000mah lithium battery delivers upto 8 hours of audio excellence
  • 2 In 1 design
  • Wireless range: 10m
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 80Hz-16kHz
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

More stability, faster pairing: This soundbar uses the very latest Bluetooth technology to experience the high quality sound of Bluetooth A2DP with less delay, more stability, faster pairing, and lower power consumption from connected devices when wirelessly streaming audio.

A Modern Look: Constructed with robust material to last years, the wooden design suits any home adding a modern and high tech touch.

HiFi Sound with DSP and 3D Surround Effect: With digital-signal-processing technology, this speaker supports multiple sound effects (3D surround-stereo sound, super bass and balanced music).

Powerful: This speaker has two powerful 12 watt speakers with in-built subwoofer and dual-channels enabling it to deliver superb and full-range sound.

Music uninterrupted: Now you can enjoy your favourite tunes all day thanks to the high capacity rechargeable 5000mAh lithium battery that delivers upto 8 hours of audio excellence.

14. Klipsch Soundbar RSB-3

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Simple setup using included optical cable
  • Slim Profile (2.6″ tall)
  • Built-in Dolby Audio Decoder to provide a detailed, powerful cinema experience
  • Integrated Subwoofer
  • Virtual Surround Sound Mode
  • Rubber feet & keyhole mounts

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Slim design: Measuring only 2.6” inches tall, the RSB-3 is designed to fit below your TV regardless of wall mounting or table top use. The newest flat panel televisions do wonders for video, but the thinner they get, the smaller the built-in speakers become. Make your new television sound as good as it looks with a Klipsch soundbar.

Integrated Subwoofer: The integrated 2.5″ oval subwoofer means that the RSB-3 doesn’t require a large ugly box to sit on your floor. The woofer is integrated into the soundbar giving you full range audio from the single device. No extra boxes, no extra wires.

Virtual Surround Sound Mode: The RSB-3 virtual surround sound provides a home theater like experience without the need for any additional speakers. It’s the simplest way to turn your TV into a home theater, while still getting the quality performance that Klipsch is known for.

15. Pioneer SBX-101(B) Soundbar with wireless Subwoofer

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • High-power output
  • Features a separate speaker bar and subwoofer
  • The height of the SBX-101 is only 60 mm and it can be placed in front of most TVs without blocking the screen or even the subtitles.
  • Wireless woofer makes connection and installation much easier
  • Dolby Audio technology makes the sound more immersive
  • Hidden LED indicators show all the status

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

High-power output brings you the best sound quality and stunning surround sound experience: SBX-101 features a separate speaker bar and subwoofer: the speaker bar is designed to produce high and mid frequencies, generally vocals,instrumental music and environmental sound, whereas subwoofer adds a very specific and valuable quality to your home theater sound experience – you can feel the sound.

Speaker bar won’t block your TV screen: The height of the SBX-101 is only 60 mm and it can be placed in front of most TVs without blocking the screen or even the subtitles. Nor will its smaller footprint affect the overall appearance of the TV either.

Wireless woofer makes connection and installation much easier: To provide deeper bass, the SBX-101 features a separate speaker bar and wireless subwoofer but the installation and setup are quite easy.

Hidden LED indicators show all the status: Under the SBX-101 speaker grille, there is a set of hidden LED indicators, by which users can easily understand the current operating status of the speaker bar and see clearly if the operation commands are received. Users will no longer need to point the remote control at the speaker bar aimlessly without getting any visual feedback.

16. Polk Audio Signa S1 Universal TV Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Performance tuned driver Array and Dolby digital 5. 1 decoding
  • Universal compatibility
  • Polk voice adjust technology
  • Wireless music streaming
  • Compact wireless subwoofer
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Easy Setup
  • Exclusive Full Complement Deep Bass Technology

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Performance-Tuned Surround Sound: Performance tuned driver array and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding create incredible room-filling surround sound from a compact low-profile sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

Polk Voice Adjust Technology: Customize the voice levels in the sound bar to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue and never miss a single word of your favorite movie, TV show or sporting event.

Easy Setup: Included optical cable quickly connects your TV to the sound bar so you’re all set up and listening in minutes.

17. Portronics POR-891 Pure Sound Pro III Wireless Soundbar

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Easy to connect and use
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, AUX, USB and FM
  • This soundbar comes with two powerful 5W speakers for fantastic sound quality
  • It has a 2500mAh lithium Ion battery provide you playtime more than 7 hours
  • It has powerful grill body of around 930 grams

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Powerful Performance: PureSound Pro III comes with two powerful 5W (RMS) inbuilt speakers with great amplifiers to offer fantastic sound output at low-min and high frequencies in the range of 180Hz to 18KHz and Signal to Noise Ration of 75dB.

Bluetooth Version: Pure Sound Pro III comes with bluetooth version 4.2. Now you can connect your latest devices with this soundbar easily.

Long Battery Life: The powerful size of 2500mAh lithium Ion battery can play music for upto 7 hours on a single recharge. The battery can be recharged in just around 3 hours. All this makes it a very compact and highly portable Soundbar.

Fantastic Sound Quality: PureSound Pro III is a perfect blend of very high versatility, cool looks, robust design, premium sound quality, ultimate convenience all that at an unbeatable price too.

18. Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Integrated 2.0 channel output of 10 Watt
  • Device compatibility: You can connect this speaker to a wide range of devices including your smart TV, Laptop, PC, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.
  • Bluetooth Range: upto 10 Meters
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth v4.2 with built-in Microphone
  • Aux connectivity: 3.5mm AUX cable
  • Sleek design with premium finish
  • Ergonomic design and 41 cm length
  • Battery: Playback time – 8 hours, charging time – 2 hours
  • Frequency Response: 75Hz-18KHz
  • Control buttons: Vol+, Vol-, Play, Power, Prev Track, Next Track, Pause
  • Extra long battery life with built in 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

With high quality fabric grill front and piano black finish, INSTA300BT is a fashionable and stylish soundbar with excellent sound output of 10W. The ergonomic design and 41cm length makes it a perfect companion for your LED Television.

There are two powerful speakers with 1.5inch full range drivers for crystal clear sound and passive radiator design that produces deep, rich and springy bass sound. It comes with extra long battery life and built-in microphone for hands-free talking. INSTA300BT has 3.5mm aux port that allows to connect to any media devices with OR without Bluetooth capability.

19. Creative Stage Air Soundbar (Black)

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Under-monitor soundbar for computer
  • The low-profile speaker is powered by USB that goes into your monitor with a built-in USB hub
  • Dual-driver with oversized passive radiator
  • Hear crystal-clear highs and groove to the impressive audio with thumping bass
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Fuss-free controls
  • Portable with up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Playtime of up to 6 hours
  • Built-in Li-ion 2200mAh battery

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Deep, Loud and Bold: Get immersed in the crystal-clear highs yet powerful sound at volumes belying its size! Creative Stage Air is tuned to deliver crisp, powerful sound with two custom-tuned full-range drivers. It also houses an oversized passive radiator that reproduces impressive bass without a subwoofer. This is the one audio enhancement you never knew you needed for your movies, music, and even games.

Up to 6 Hours of Playtime: Enjoy wireless connection with the Stage Air via Bluetooth. The speaker also comes with a built-in battery that lasts up to 6 hours1 so you can play music without a power source. Your music continues to play even after your computer is off! There is also a 3.5mm AUX-in jack that allows for universal compatibility across other analogue audio devices.

Plug and Play: The Creative Stage Air doubles up as a standalone music player! Using a USB mass storage device, simply plug and play your songs via the USB port without connecting to another music device player.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Specifically designed with usability in mind, the volume controls are conveniently located at the side of the soundbar for easy reach and hassle-free control.

20. Denon DHT-S316 Home Theatre Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer

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Noteworthy features of this soundbar

  • Six-speaker enclosure
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Dolby Digital decoder
  • aptX audio-coding technology
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Sleek appearance
  • Remote control
  • Includes optical digital audio and mini jack

Why should to invest in this soundbar?

Theater quality sound: Immerse yourself in theater-quality sound with the Denon DHT-S316 sound bar and wireless subwoofer. Dual mid-range drivers, detailed crisp tweeters and Dolby DTS elevate your sound from a low-profile design.

Denon Dialogue Enhancer: Never miss a word of your favorite TV show or movie. Denon Dialogue Enhancer improves dialogue intelligibility — ideal for movies and TV shows. Turn up the dialogue without having to adjust overall volume.

Dolby Digital and DTS Decoding: Denon Virtual Surround mode delivers home cinema surround sound simulation with Dolby Digital and DTS Decoding from Blu-ray, DVD, DVB and other surround encoded media.

Easy Setup Experience: Quickly connect the DHT-S316 sound bar to your TV with the supplied HDMI cable or via the Optical input. Once connected via HDMI/ARC, control the sound bar with your TV remote — it’s seamless.

How to choose a soundbar according to your needs?

Choosing the right soundbar for your needs is not at all simple. The models are so numerous that finding the perfect model becomes a really tough exercise.

For this reason, I answered 6 very important questions that contain the essential questions for choosing the right soundbar.

Read them carefully, then compare the answers with your needs and then identify the model based on the characteristics that you believe are most important to you.

Where to place a soundbar?

We have already seen that a soundbar can be positioned in two ways:

  • Rested under the TV
  • Mounted on a wall through a special support

Each model can be placed in both ways, so size is a very important feature to be taken seriously.

Is the television resting on a piece of furniture? Then you just have to take the measurements of this piece of furniture and evaluate all the options available on the market.

Is the television fixed to the wall via a stand? Calculate the dimensions and buy a model that also includes the assembly kit. The installation of a soundbar is so simple that it can be carried out by anyone, especially if the bracket or support is already included in the package and therefore 100% compatible with the device.

Further advice

  • Can the soundbar be placed on top of the TV? Yes, but only if it is the only place you have available, but be careful: the sound will not be reproduced faithfully. However, even if you place the soundbar on top of the TV, the sound will be better than standard speakers.
  • Placing the soundbar under the television will raise the overall height of the TV. It may seem trivial advice, but it is to be taken into consideration if the TV is placed inside a piece of furniture.
  • Companies that make TVs like Sony and Samsung also make soundbars. You can check on Amazon or on the official website of the manufacturer if there is a model created specifically with your TV. In this case, the final result will be more satisfactory.

Is size an important parameter?

Aesthetically speaking, the soundbar should never be longer than your TV. Dimensions are an important parameter, but only for taking measurements. Length is not a parameter that affects actual audio quality.

What are active soundbars? And the passive ones?

Soundbar active

The active soundbar are complete audio devices, equipped with amplifiers, speakers, and signal processors included in the model. To use the product, only the connection to the TV is required.

By purchasing an active soundbar you will not need anything else. Just connect the power supply and you’re done. Choosing an active soundbar has its reasons:

  • Aesthetically elegant and clean device
  • Assembly and immediate installation
  • Infinite catalog of products: both by price and by type

Passive soundbar

The passive soundbar is the preferred choice for audio enthusiasts since it can be built according to your needs.

Only the speakers and speakers are positioned inside the device. Power and electronics are excluded.

The work is quite complex and mainly aimed at experts; although it is more complex to make such a device, the quality is better.

Further advice
  • Are you looking to improve TV sound? Then choose an active soundbar.

What are channels and which to choose?

Channel corresponds to the number of speakers, which in the case of a soundbar are virtually represented.

This simple list can help you:

  • 2-channel soundbar: 2 speakers: left and right;
  • 3-channel soundbar: 3 speakers: center, left and right;
  • 5-channel soundbar: 5 speakers: center, left, right and two rear (this is the standard of home theater);
  • 7-channel soundbar: 5 speakers as above, but two more in the rear;
  • Dolby Soundbar: Dolby is a proprietary standard of multichannel audio, so to speak it is the standard used in cinemas.

What connections or ports do I need?

Current soundbars are available in a wide range of connectivity options; the market is indeed full of Wireless soundbars, rather than Bluetooth and so on.

Before buying I recommend you keep an eye on:


Just connect the soundbar to the TV’s audio return channel (ARC) input and you’re done. It is basically the most chosen port.

Wireless connectivity

Are you looking for a device that can play audio directly from your phone or tablet? Here are the features you should check:

  • Bluetooth: To date, many soundbars are equipped with Bluetooth technology, so that they can play audio from computers, smartphones and tablets;
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless soundbars connect to a home’s internet and can transmit anything in any place (Spotify, TIDAL etc.).

Optical port

The optical port provides the best connection between soundbar and TV: simple, reliable and always available. It has one flaw: it does not transmit the 5.1 signal


As a rule, the USB inputs are integrated into each device to facilitate the firmware update. To date, all users update the software of their device via WiFi, so unless you need to play music from a USB stick, you can also not consider this point.

How will I control the soundbar?

Depending on the model chosen, a soundbar can be controlled via voice (voice assistants), via smartphone (smartphone app) or via the classic remote control.

Our advice is to look for a soundbar that works either with your smartphone or that is compatible with the most modern voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing the soundbar

Are the materials important?

In general, the quality of consumer electronics products is strongly influenced by the materials with which they are made, as well as by manufacturing processes. Although the manufacturers do not give information on what materials are used in making the soundbars, with a certain approximation it is possible to say that on the outside the product is covered with a hard plastic body, to protect it from possible impacts, and at the speakers filters are normally placed to prevent dust from creeping in and risk damaging the components.

The materials that make up the soundbar also have a certain importance from aesthetic point of view: an external shell made of poor materials, for example, could be damaged or worn quickly and could be unpleasant in this respect.

Is the brand important?

The brand is a first step to follow to guarantee a purchase that is of quality and able to meet our expectations. Relying on little-known brands can certainly be reason for savings but, in any case, a little-known brand could not only offer low quality products but also completely lack from the point of view of technical assistance. For this reason, it is good to opt for the most well-known and prestigious brands: among these we mention Pioneer, Sharp, Panasonic, Blaupunkt, Auvisio, JBL, Bose, Canton, Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Samsung, LG.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soundbars

What are soundbars?

Soundbars are audio devices that improve the sound of TVs. They generally have compact dimensions, are easy to configure and you can reproduce a surround effect even for a little.

What is the difference between soundbar and home theater?

Many users cannot understand the difference between a soundbar and a home theater system.

The soundbar is a unique device, with a slim and long design almost like a 40-inch television. It is a very versatile device since it can be mounted on the wall, or it can be placed right in front of the TV. It connects to the TV via a single cable, so installation is very simple, even for those who don’t know anything about the audio world.

Home theater is a term that represents a speaker system positioned in various locations in the room. In this case the assembly becomes more complex given the presence of numerous wires to be connected and brought back to the TV.

Home theater offers true surround sound, but at a higher price and with numerous cables and speakers, while the soundbar improves the sound of the TV, it offers virtual surround and does not need cables or time to devote for editing.

How a soundbar works?

Very often those who have to choose an audio system to combine with their TV try to understand the substantial difference between the soundbar and a complete home-theater system. For this reason, one wonders how a soundbar works and what the term ” virtual surround ” means.

Skilled engineering work has enabled the best technology companies to insert around seven speakers into the soundbars.

The term ” virtual surround ” was born from the psycho-acoustic effect that deceives our ears and our brain, making us believe that the sound actually arrives behind us. The acoustic effect reproduced by the soundbars is similar to an optical illusion.

Technically, the sound “bounces” between the walls of a room, reaching the back or side of our ear.

Most likely, audiophiles are able to distinguish the difference between a real and a virtual surround system, but let us remember that soundbars are a product accessible to anyone, both in terms of price range and assembly.

Where to place the soundbar subwoofer?

The subwoofer of the soundbar is not exactly the least bulky object that you will find in your hands, in fact often many users choose devices without this addition to save a little space. But if you really can’t give up smooth and precise bass, then you just have to set up the subwoofer in an optimal way.

A good solution is to put it on the ground near the TV cabinet to leave as much space as possible to the soundbar. In case you have a lot of space on the TV surface you can put it near the screen, or in case of Bluetooth connection, you can place it on a separate shelf.

How do you use the soundbar?

It’s very simple, just connect it to the TV and it should automatically reproduce the sound of the device, bypassing the built-in speakers. If instead the TV continues to use its speakers, you will have to go into the settings and choose the audio source. Some soundbars are equipped with a remote control to adjust the volume or adjust the equalization, while others have only simple controls located on the speaker.

The most modern products are even equipped with Google Assistant which allows you to control the various functions via voice commands.

How does a wireless soundbar work?

The soundbar uses different types of connections, both wired and non-wired. If you don’t like having a tangle of cables behind your TV or simply want to take advantage of all the functions of the soundbar, for example by connecting it to smartphones and tablets, you could take advantage of the Bluetooth wireless protocol.

Once activated on the source device, all you have to do is press the appropriate button on the soundbar to enter detection mode. In the smartphone or tablet menu you can therefore see and select it to automatically send the audio to the device.


The speakers built into your TV are terrible, so if you want something better, we recommend the JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar (Black). It’s our pick for the best soundbar because it comes the closest to re-creating a truly immersive, high-quality surround-sound experience.

If you’re unable to find the best soundbar in India here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the portal’s extensive collection.

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