Shoe Wax, Polish, Sponges or Liquid Polish, all are capable of one thing specifically, protect your shoes and make them look shiny and clean. The Best Shoe Polish in India listed here. Taking care of your shoes is quite important, especially leather and formal shoes. Buying the right shoe polish can actually help prolong the life of your favorite shoe by quite the margin, all at the same time making them look incredibly dapper.

Everything About The Best Shoe Polish in India – Buying Guide

Shoe Polish is just isn’t the Cherry Black we are used to seeing. Modern problems require modern solution. These days shoe polish is better than ever. Designed to increase shoe life as well as bring a better shine, shoe polish now comes as a variety of products. The Best Shoe Polish in India listed below.

Types of Shoe Polish

There are essentially of 5 kinds of Shoe Polish.

  • Wax Polish : The generic kind, wax polish provides the utmost protection to your shoes. If you apply it well, they coat the outside of your shoe protecting it throughout the day.
  • Liquid Polish : You can use liquid polish to quickly shine up a dusty shoe. It provides little to no protection from the elements, but the shine it gives is incredible.
  • Sponge : Another easy way to clean off the dust off your shoes. A sponge comes with a liquid polish which rubs on to the sponge for you to use.
  • Leather Treatment : Leather shoes requires some maintenance. A shoe cream is the best thing for leather products. They protect the shoe from the elements and replenish moisture in the leather so that it doesn’t crack.
  • Shoe Cleaner : Liquid shoe cleaners are somewhat a mixture of shoe creams and liquid polish. They are very good at cleaning dirt and bringing back the initial shine of your shoe.

Best Shoe Polish in India – Reviewed : Updated 2020

Shoe polish not only protects, but makes your shoes look incredible. It is essential to find the best polish to take care of your shoes. The Best Shoe Polish in India are listed below. Find the one most compatible with your shoes and read our buying guide for more information.

1. Glow Shoe Polish : Cream Neutral

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  • Apply small buff of shoes cream
  • Use of sponge or horse hair brush may give better results
  • Gently clean it with soft cloth after shoes cream application
  • Make sure that you rub the brush or sponge at least for 2-3 minutes
  • Once shoes polished your shoes will have that shine for at least 2-3 days

2. Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish : Wax

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  • Wax Polish Dark Tan
  • 40 gm

3. TetraClean Shoe Polish : For Leather

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  • Open the tub of Leather cleaner and polish carefully and apply the polish directly on the leather surface.
  • Rub the cream in circular motion to removes the stains and dirt.
  • Leave the polish for 5-10 minutes after applying the polish.
  • Rub the polish using micro fiber cloth onto the leather surface in a circular motion to get a good shine.

4. Shoeshine Shoe Polish : Sponge

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  • Shoeshine Premium Shoe Shiner for all smooth leather and synthetic leather shoes or boots
  • Color & Quantity: 1 Black & 1 Neutral Shoe Shiner
  • Perfect finish and durable shoe shine
  • Ideal for use on smooth leather footwear and other leather articles

5. Dazlo Shoe Polish – Handmade Wax Neutral

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  • Ultra-High Wax Content Gives Highly Glossy, Longest-Lasting, Protective Finish
  • Leather Nourishing Oils Restore The Actual Softness Of Luxury Leathers, Extending Their Life
  • Traditional Handmade Shoe Polish Containing High Grade Waxes And Leather Nourishing Oils
  • Shine Lasts For 7-15 Days (Assured) – No Need To Polish Daily

6. Kiwi Shoe Polish – Paste

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  • Shines, nourishes and protects
  • Kiwi paste shoe polish contains a blend of quality waxes, that nourishes leather and produces a long lasting glossy shine

7. Kiwi Shoe Polish – Sponge

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  • Instant shine sponge superior shine time after time
  • Kiwi shine sponge gives an instant shine to leather
  • No wastage as controlled dosage
  • Ideal for using in the home, office or when traveling
  • Easy to handle and apply and it has a polish indicator on the front panel which shows the liquid polish level


Shoe polish protects, cleans and instantly make your shoes brighten up. If you own a lot of formal shoes, or even one you particularly like, it falls on you take care of it. A shoe polish will make sure your shoes stand the test of time while looking clean and dapper. The Best Shoe Polish in India are listed above by Khojdeal.

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