From a stylish, fashion statement to an expensive, high-end product, a leather jacket is essentially your own status symbol. It provides incredible durability, in addition to the trendy look you might acquire wearing a leather jacket.

Quite common around bike riders and similar, sporty individuals, leather jackets are being purchased increasingly. Yet, the leather used to make these jackets can be a little misleading.

With so many people looking for cheaper options, the market is now flooded with cheap, alternate forms of leather. Not here, not with Khojdeal you won’t get an alternative, only the real deal. The Best Pure Leather Jacket for Men in India are listed below.

Top 10 Pure Leather Jacket Brands – Comparison Table

Jacket BrandPrice
SKY LINE OCEAN Men’s Biker JacketRs 5348
NOORA Men’s Solid Biker JacketRs 7500
Leather Retail Men’s Solid Biker JacketRs 1799
Iftekhar Men’s Regular JacketRs 6999
HIGH TOUCH Pure Genuine Leather Brown Jacket for MenRs 5900 Pure Leather Jacket For MenRs 8249
Men’s Biker JacketRs 1599
Leather Retail Men’s Biker JacketRs 1999
NOORA Men’s Pure Slim Fit Outerwear Leather JacketRs 7025
NEW CHOICE Pure Genuine Leather JacketRs 5399

Leather Jackets Buying Guide

With the rise of leather jackets in the fashion industry, due to demand and supply, the market has fostered a rise in artificial leather and differently treated leather.

Leather from different animals also makes a huge difference in the feel and durability of a leather jacket. Generally speaking, the most common leather is derived from either cowhide, bison, deerskin, goatskin, lambskin, or calfskin. Moreover, each leather has its own functionalities – discussed here.

A detailed buying guide for Leather Jackets for Men is given here. Click now to know in detail about leather jackets.

Types of Leather

  • Cowhide: Most commonly used type of leather, cowhide is pretty strong, thick and durable. Also, extremely water and dirt resistant, therefore offering excellent weather protection.
  • Bison: Due to its distinct pebbled grain, bison leather, similar to cowhide is pretty durable and provides intense ruggedness. Mostly used in protective gears and motorcycle jackets, bison hide is considered quite durable.
  • Deerskin: A softer, lighter texture offering similar durability as the cowhide, deerskin is mostly used in women’s leather coats, handbags, laptop bags and gloves. Particularly comfortable to wear, deerskin is known to get softer with each wear.
  • Goatskin: A lighter and softer variant, goatskin is smooth and supple like deerskin plus extremely durable like cowhide.
  • Lambskin: Extremely lightweight and smooth, lambskin is thinner than the other leathers and often used as pricey drapes. High-end furnishings and the best leather jackets are crafted from lambskin.
  • Calfskin: The strength of cowhide with the added benefits and lightweight feel of lambskin, calfskin is the perfect balance of functional and fashionable.

Leather Grades

Leather grade refers to the manner in which the hide was cut and finished. the term leather grade essentially describes how leather artisans want the product to be used.

  • Full Grain Leather: Leather that hasn’t been sanded or buffed – essentially meaning that it retains its natural personality. This type of leather develops a brilliant patina – the soft shine on leather products. Jackets made from full-grain leather are extremely durable since they are crafted from the full thickness of the animal hide.
  • Top Grain Leather: More malleable than full-grain, top-grain is sanded to remove imperfections providing a more even look and feel to the product. Top grain boasts a stain-repellent finish.
  • Suede: Leather that has been split and the rawhide removed, giving it the signature napped surface and lightweight feel. Quite porous and absorbent, Suede leather is not meant for rainy days.
  • Nubuck: Sanding or buffing top grain leather essentially makes nubuck so velvety. Similar to suede in many ways, nubuck is more durable yet still not ideal for rainy days.
  • Genuine Leather: The genuine kind is thinner than both full grain and top grain. Genuine leather is considered extremely strong and supple, therefore it’s preferred used in handbags, jackets, shoes, belts, wallets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Leather Jackets

Which is the best brand for leather jackets?

Brands like Justanned, Bareskin, Theo&Ash and US Polo are known to make extraordinary leather products. With multiple high-end brands using the best leather to make incredible products, general demand by the basic consumers is taken into consideration by the brands mentioned here. The best pure leather jacket for men in India are shortly mentioned below.

How much do leather jackets cost?

Depending on the quality of hide, grade of leather, brand popularity and design, a well-made leather jacket can cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000, which is around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 70,000. Cheap leather products contain either reused or artificial leather. Leather products are extremely expensive when bought from the correct dealer. You can also check some made in India fashion brands here.

How do you pick a good leather jacket?

There are different kinds of leather jackets – biker, racer, fatigue, bomber are all timeless and can be bought instantly. Keep in mind the style of your jacket and what grade the leather used is, making sure you get the best product that eventually suits you as well. The best pure leather jacket for men in India are mentioned soon, choose wisely.


A leather jacket makes you feel like a badass.

Yes, I said it, the truth. Fighter pilots and army men used to wear leather jackets since their normal clothes were not accustomed to the usual wear and tear. Since their use then, to today’s trendy and fashionable attires have taken leather jackets into the modern era.

A well-made leather jacket is functional, stylish and will last you years if taken care of properly. The Best Pure Leather Jacket for Men in India are listed by Khojdeal. Read our guide to know how to choose between the different kinds of leathers.

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