Earphones are an essential accessory carried by everybody. It provides music on the go, keeping us entertained and offering ample escape. Khojdeal presents the Best Philips Earphones in India, reviewed and only the best the brand has to provide. If you are much like the type who puts on earphones everyday while leaving the house, this article is especially for you. The Dutch Company, Philips has garnered quite the reputation for itself since its move into the general consumer market, especially in Asia. Their products are top of the line yet incredibly affordable.

Khojdeal understands Philips’ place in the market and in its consumers lifestyle. For this purpose, we bring to you the Best Philips Earphones in India, reviewed with a staple buying guide.

Everything About The Best Philips Earphones in India – Buying Guide

With the amount of demand for earphones by consumers and the supply from brands, upcoming and veterans, has literally saturated the earphone/headphone market. This makes it all the more difficult to find the best ones amongst all the shabby and deficient products.

Thankfully though, a few brands have always had consumer’s backs and continue to pump out amazing products. Philips is clearly one of them. Their design and innovation has kept consumers confident in their products, who never stop purchasing from the company. Khojdeal shows how to purchase the right product and lists the best Philips earphones in India.

Feature Points to Note

  • Fit : If you are cursed/blessed with huge ears, much like I am, you probably give some care in finding the right fit of earphones/headphones. Making sure they fit well on or in or over your ears is crucial for a break free, comfortable listening experience.
  • Frequency : Most sound devices aim for 20-20,000 Hz frequencies. For reference, human hearing ability ranges within that limit. Essentially any device with a similar range of frequency will sound good. A higher range only makes for a better sound quality.
  • Noise Isolation and Cancellation : Earphones and headphones try to either isolate incoming, background noise or try to cancel it. Isolation is easier achieved than cancellation, but effectively both aim for a similar goal, to not let any outside noise get in your ear while in use.
  • Sound-stage : Earphones can mimic how sound travels in a room and provide a similar experience to the listener. With sound-stage, earphones can make you think sound is coming from a certain direction, much like in a stereo system.
  • Microphone : Microphone is not essential, unless you require one. It is quite useful nonetheless and provides a good hands free experience. Again, if you want that kind of thing. I know I do. I am gonna go buy a pair of earphones with a mic then. Cheers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Earphones

Which earphone is better JBL or boAt?

What? Are you serious? Don’t get me wrong, boAt is a great brand with multiple products that score 8/10 on my earphone/headphone/speaker scoreboard. JBL though is on another level, their innovations and designs are marvelous and totally worth their price tag. Yes, boAt is much more affordable and if you compare similar priced products, boAt might fair better. However, JBL is not a reasonable brand and more of a mid range product manufacturer. By that I mean higher end products from JBL will sound much, much better than anything boAt can put up. Nuf said.

What are the best budget earphones?

You have come to the right place my child. Philips is probably the best brand you can find providing incredible products but at a budget. Most Philips earphones under Rs. 1000 are worth it. Their sound quality and durability is off the charts and not found in products similarly priced.

How long do earphones last?

A good pair of earphones, if kept safely can last from anywhere to a year or even two. I owned a pair of Sennheiser earphones that lasted around 3 years, but I made sure to take care of them properly. Most earphones perform grueling tasks and obviously can get easily damaged. Try and keep them safe and fold the wire well instead of rolling it up and shoving them down your pocket. Earphones last as long as you want them to.

Best Philips Earphones in India – Reviewed : Updated 2020

Buying the right earphones can get most people bewildered. And why not, it sounds justifiable with the hundreds of products available. At Khojdeal, we are constantly reviewing products and find some that are worth making a list about. With that in mind, we bring to you, listed and reviewed, the Best Philips Earphones in India. The best from the multinational giant are listed here. Find and buy whichever suits your fancy.

1. Philips Earphones : SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat

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  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • Integrated microphone and call button
  • 3 interchangeable rubber caps for optimal fit in all ears
  • 10mm Speaker driver
  • 3.5mm plug with 1.2m Cable

2. Philips Earphones : SHE1525BK/94 Upbeat

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  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • Integrated microphone and call button
  • 3 interchangeable rubber caps for optimal fit in all ears
  • A 1.2 m long cable that is ideal for outdoors use

3. Philips Earphones : SHE1515BK/94 Upbeat

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  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • Integrated microphone and call button
  • 3 interchangeable rubber caps for optimal fit in all ears
  • A 1.2 m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use

4. Philips Earphones : SHE2305BK/00 Upbeat

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  • Ergonomic slim-fit earbud
  • 12.2mm speaker drivers deliver clear sound and rich bass
  • Neodymium magnets enhance bass performance
  • Built-in mic switches from music to phone calls

5. Philips Earphones : SHE4305 Bass+

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  • Powerful 12.2mm speaker drivers
  • Big, bold bass you can feel
  • Great sound isolation
  • Slim, stable in-ear fit
  • Ergonomic design for max comfort
  • Remote control for hands-free calls and music

6. Philips Earphones : SHQ3300OR/00 ActionFit

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  • Sweat and Moisture Proof
  • Kevlar Reinforced Cable
  • 7.1g ultra lightweight design provides ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable earhook for personalized fit
  • 3 ear tip sizes for the optimum fit
  • Cable clip included for tangle-free workout

7. Philips Earphones : SHE4205BK/00

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  • Lightweight with only 13 g
  • slim, futuristic metallic-design for an urban lifestyle
  • crystal clear sound with deep and rich bass
  • remote control for calls and music


The multinational giant has its roots in the consumer electrical market since a very long time. The Dutch company was formed in the late 1800‘s and hasn’t stopped since. They started with light bulbs and today Philips generates over 18 billion Euros each year. The confidence consumers have in Philips is extraordinary, and never do they fail in regards to customer satisfaction. With that in mind, Khojdeal lists the Best Philips Earphones in India. Listed products are top notch and sure to satisfy consumers. Happy Music-ing!

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