With technology so rapidly getting better and smaller, storage has felt the same impact. People gather more and more data everyday and need a place to store it eventually. Since its inception by IBM in 1998, storage space offered by a pen drive has drastically changed. Back then it was a mere 16 MB – 64 MB, to an incredible increase to upto 256 GB today.

Portability though offered since the beginning, has taken to new heights. Sturdy and durable pen drives you can attach to your key chain are quite common nowadays. The best pen drives in India need to offer the best specifications in the storage market.

Kingston announced in 2017, a pen drive offering 2 TB in storage capacity. Despite the Kingston 2 TB not being listed in this guide. The best pen drives in India we list are sure to sturdy, portable and be of practical daily use.

Best Pen Drives in India – Reviewed : Updated 2023

Storage and portability goes hand in hand in today’s world. The best pen drives in India ought to provide ample storage space with enough durability without compromising on portability. We researched and used our practical experience to bring to you the best pen drives in India.

S. No.Best Pen Drives In IndiaPrice
1.HP v236w 64GB Pen DriveRs. 523
2.SanDisk Ultra ‎SDCZ48-064G-UAM46 64GB Pen DriveRs. 579
3.Strontium Pollex 16GB Pen DriveRs. 269
4.Kingston DataTraveler Exodia DTX 32GB Pen DriveRs. 419
5.Samsung MUF-128DB Duo Plus 128GB Pen DriveRs. 2,399
6.Zoook Hobbies Guitar 16GB Pen DriveRs. 518
7.Sony Microvault 32GB Pen DriveRs. 899
8.Transcend JetFlash 700 32GB Pen DriveRs. 1,150
9.SanDisk Ultra Flair 64GB Pen DriveRs. 599
10.HP x740w 64GB Pen DriveRs. 899

1. SanDisk Pen Drive : Cruzer Blade

  • 8GB – 128GB Storage
  • USB 2.0
  • Computer Memory Type : DDR3 SDRAM
  • Build Material – Plastic

2. HP Pen Drive : v236w

  • 16GB Storage
  • USB 2.0
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Build Material – Metal

3. HP Pen Drive : x740w

  • 32GB – 128GB Storage
  • USB 3.0
  • Build Material – Metal
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac OS

4. San Disk Pen Drive : Ultra

  • 16GB – 128GB Storage
  • USB 3.0
  • SanDisk Secure Access software for protection.
  • 5 years limited warranty.
  • Build Material : Plastic

5. Kingston Pen Drive : DataTraveler/DT50

  • 8GB – 128GB Storage
  • USB 3.0
  • Compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) specifications.
  • 30MB/s read, 5MB/s write.
  • Build Material : Metal

6. Toshiba Pen Drive : U202

  • 16GB Storage
  • USB 2.0
  • Build Material : Plastic

Dual Compatibility Pen Drives

A few pen drives offer more than one connectors. For example, they can offer a Type-C USB in addition to the generic Type-A USB. That makes it easier to transfer files between your smartphone and your computer.

7. SanDisk Pen Drive : Dual Drive

  • 32GB to 128GB Storage
  • Two connectors – a reversible USB Type-C connector and a regular USB connector.
  • Easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Build Material : Plastic

8. SanDisk Pen Drive : Ultra Dual

  • 32GB – 64GB Storage
  • USB 3.0
  • Retractable design with dual micro-USB and USB 3.0 connectors.
  • Easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • SanDisk Memory Zone application (available on Google Play) lets you easily manage your photos and videos.
  • Build Material : Plastic and metal

9. SanDisk Pen Drive : iXpand Mini

  • 64GB Storage
  • USB 3.0
  • For iPhone and Computer
  • Easily manage your photos and videos with the iXpand Drive app.
  • Automatic back up for photos and videos on iXpand.
  • Build Material : Plastic and Metal

10. SanDisk Pen Drive : Ultra Dual SDDDC2

  • 16GB – 256GB Storage
  • USB 3.1
  • USB 3.1/Type C Reversible Connector.
  • Retractable Design.
  • Quick and easy transfer between smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Build Material : Plastic and Metal

Everything About Pen Drives in India – Buying Guide

Among the many brand offerings and specifications, it is time consuming to find the best storage device. Our tech gurus at Khojdeal bring to you an elaborate buying guide to find the best pen drive in the market.

Major Feature Points

  • Storage Capacity: Go for the pen drive that best suits your needs for storage. If you store documents, a device with lesser storage might work for you. Similarly, if videos and high quality photographs is the kind of data you need to store, a higher capacity is what you want.
  • Speed and Accessibility: Pen drives offer either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 support. The difference amongst the two only being the speed of transfer. A USB 3.0 is roughly 10x faster than a USB 2.0 at transferring data. This difference in specification will not matter if the device you connect your pen drive to does not have the 3.0 port. Thus, if your PC or laptop has no USB 3.0 port, your USB 3.0 pen drive will run at USB 2.0 speeds.
  • Material and Durability: Pen drives are meant to be portable, meaning they have a higher chance to dent and spoil. Your data needs to be safe from physical harm to the pen drive. Mostly pen drives come with a plastic body – a metal device is probably the way to go as it is way more durable.

Extra Specifications

  • Components: The pen drive is getting smaller by the day with a proportionate increase in storage space. It is necessary to understand that a bigger body might certainly mean better components. Way too small pen drives can offer the same amount of space as a regular pen drive, but its components might not be upto the mark. Since it needs a bigger compartment for better components.
  • Compatibility: There are a few pen drives offering dual compatibility. A generic USB can be connected to a USB port, some devices offer a micro-USB connection on top of that. A micro-USB can be connected to a android device or tablet with ease. Type B, Type C and iPhone compatible pen drives also are available.
  • Security: Most pen drives do not come with a security feature – though a few easy to use softwares can help encrypt stored data. On the other hand, a few devices offer security that comes with the device. The Aegis Secure Key is one of the few that has a built in keypad on the pen drive for entering a password.

One of the pen drives offering security as its primary specification is the Ensurity Thin C. It comes with a bio-metrics scanner and available in upto 128 GB of storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pen Drives in India

Where can I get a pen drive?

Easily found at retailers and online, pen drives are available almost everywhere nowadays. The best pen drives in India are shortly listed below and are available at all times at Amazon.in.

Which is the best pen drive?

Depending on usage needs, the best pen drive in the market is pretty subjective. Amount of storage offered, file transfer speeds and durability are the most important aspects to look for while purchasing.

How much do pen drives cost?

A pretty cheap device, available in abundance, pen drives do not cost much. The price points increase with increase in storage capacity and other features. A good pen drive offering ample space is easily available for less than Rs. 1000.

What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 pen drives?

The technology offered that help with file transfer speed is an essential point to give notice to. A USB 3.0 is about 10x faster than a USB 2.0. Transferring at about 100 MB/s the USB 3.0 is a better option to choose. The USB 2.0 offers only 15 MB/s at file transfer rate. Be sure to check if your PC or laptop has a USB 3.0 port, otherwise a USB 3.0 pen drive would end up working at USB 2.0 speeds.

Which pen drive is faster?

Give notice to the file transfer technology used in the pen drive. A USB 3.0 will help with faster file transferring and save you a lot of precious time.

What happens if you plug a USB 2.0 into a USB 3.0 port?

A USB 3.0 is generally backwards compatible, therefore, a USB 2.0 when plugged into a USB 3.0 port will work at 2.0 speeds. Though some USB 2.0 keyboards and mice do not work well with the USB 3.0.

How do I identify a USB 3.0 port?

You can check via the device manager, which of your ports are USB 3.0. Otherwise you can physically identify the ports as they are generally blue or marked with a SS logo for Super Speed.

What is the best memory stick for photos?

High definition photographs can use a lot of space. It is recommended to use a faster pen drive with USB 3.0 compatibility and ample space to keep your photographs.

Can you erase a pen drive?

Yes you can pretty easily. Plug the device in your PC or laptop and head to My Computer. Right click on the pen drive icon and select format. Make sure you do not have any sensitive information on the device you do not wanted permanently deleted.

Is SanDisk a good brand for pen drives?

SanDisk is one of the oldest and most reliable brand for storage devices worldwide. Acquired by Western Digital in 2016 it has been steadily declining in market share.

What is USB 3.1 used for?

A newer and faster standard for connecting devices and computers, USB 3.1 offers speeds in file transferring up to 10 GB/s. They majorly use the USB-C port but are available in a variety of connector types.

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With so much data in hand, we need a good amount of storage. Sometimes we need this storage to be portable and ready to be moved between devices. In this regard pen drives are quite an essential device to keep on your person. The best pen drives in India need to offer enough storage space, with the right kind of durability and compatibility.

At Khojdeal, our experts work around the clock reviewing, testing and researching products to make sure you receive the best in the market. Our buying guide is informative and helps you in your purchasing endeavors.

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