I love spaghetti the most amongst all kinds of pasta. I would rather make it at home with only a few ingredients. Rather than going out and spending exuberant prices for a lesser dish. At home pastas are all made almost similarly, some flour, salt and eggs.

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After your dough is kneaded, a pasta maker is gonna take your home made pasta to another level. I, the Khojdeal Pasta Expert lists the best pasta makers in India. With an elaborate Buying Guide to help you choose the best according to your needs.

Everything About Pasta and Pasta Makers in India – Buying Guide

If you are an avid Italian food lover, like me, you know it is simple yet so delicious. A few tools in your kitchen inventory can help you make the best kind of pasta. Our buying guide will help you make the best of your dinner date.

What you need for Homemade Pasta?

To make the perfect homemade pasta you only need a few ingredients, a little bit of know how and a pasta maker. The best pasta makers in India are sure to add on to your dinner experience.

  • Flour : Use only all-purpose flour, high-protein or semolina flour to make your dough. Semolina is a grittier form of flour that is not widely available in India. It assures quite a bit of bite on your end product if you like that kind of texture. With maida or AP (All-Purpose) flour, the pasta will have a much smoother texture due to the refined nature of the flour. High-protein or “00” (double zero) flour is a more finely milled flour that gives an even and smooth texture.
  • Eggs : Depending on recipe, people tend to use either whole eggs or only egg whites. Whole eggs with the yolk ensures your pasta to be much smoother and makes the dough easier to roll out.
  • Salt : A little salt is absolutely necessary during the preparation of pasta. A tablespoon or a few pinches is considered the right amount.

How to Make the Dough

A time consuming yet fairly easy process. From individual ingredients to an almost perfect pasta cut in your favorite pasta shape.

  • Get two cups of flour and sieve them to get rid of grittier materials. Add about half to a entire tablespoon of salt, depending on taste.
  • Make a hole in the middle and pour two eggs inside. You can use egg whites to make a healthier style of pasta but whole eggs gives a good taste and texture to the final product.
  • Whisk the eggs using a fork without disturbing the flour.
  • Slowly incorporate the eggs and flour until it forms a sturdy dough ball. It is easy to over knead your dough so be careful.
  • Place the dough ball into a bowl and cover with a cloth or towel. Let rest for 15-30 minutes.
  • Use your newly purchased pasta maker to roll out your dough, gradually making it thinner. Remember to sprinkle some flour onto the machine between rolling to ensure the dough does not stick to it.
  • Shape the dough or cut as per your requirements. I like spaghetti so I tend to cut them in long thin strands, cooked best in some olive oil and herbs. Simple and delicious.
  • Boil them just shy of perfectly cooked in some salt water. Finalize in tomato or white sauce or cook in some olive oil and herbs, just as I like it.

Types of Pasta Makers

  • Manual Pasta Makers : Also known as pasta rollers, they are the traditional form of pasta makers that need to be hand cranked to roll out the dough. A cutting tool helps shape your pasta. The tool can only provide you with fettuccine or spaghetti.
  • Automatic Pasta Makers : Without any manual intervention, automatic pasta makers do all the work for you. Just pour in flour, salt and water or eggs mixed with some water and watch the magic happen right before you. The in built food processor kneads the dough for you and is ejected by the machine already combined and cut. They come with shaping dies that determine the shape of the pasta.

Feature Points to Consider

  • Use : Quite important to understand how and what kind of pasta you will be rolling out. If ease of use is your thing, go for an automatic pasta machine. Eventually a pasta machine helps with making pasta faster and easier. A traditional or manual pasta maker will take some skill and time to learn but the end results will surprise you.
  • Body Material : Pasta makers come in either plastic or metal bodies. Metal pasta machines are sturdy but need a lot of maintenance and rusts easier too. Machines made of ABS plastic require the least amount of work to clean and maintain.
  • Cleaning : Cleaning a pasta machine can take a long time, not to mention the bits of dough stuck on sides you cannot reach. A cleaning brush sometimes accompanies the product and makes cleaning much easier.
  • Durability : Opt for a known brand that offers a good amount of durability. Read the customer reviews to better know about a product.
  • Speed : If you go for a manual pasta machine, irrespective of the brand or model you go for, it will take time to get the end product. For automatic machines, the time to make the pasta is generally mentioned with the product. Look carefully before buying.
  • Attachments : Pasta machines may come with a few accessories. Some attachments though sold separately, versatile pasta machines have enough options due to multiple attachments for different types of pastas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pasta Makers in India

Which is the best pasta maker?

Depending on use, the best pasta makers in India are listed below. The real choice is between an automatic and a manual pasta maker. Given your requirements, choose between the two and then go looking for choices.

How does a pasta maker work?

A manual pasta maker has an adjustable crank on one side that can change the thinness of the pasta. Roll your pasta dough through the machine and gradually make the pasta thinner as you go. An automatic pasta maker only needs you to drop in your ingredients in the machine. The rest of the work is done automatically and require no manual support. Your end product will essentially fall right off the machine for you to cook.

Are pasta makers easy to use?

Pasta makers are essentially the easiest way to make pasta at home. They are used to reduce the hassle of making homemade pasta, especially the automatic machines. The manual ones take a little bit of practice and some work to get used to.

How to clean a pasta machine?

For the manual kind, wipe off the rollers and use a cleaning brush to remove the hard to reach dough stuck to the edges. For the automatic kind, they have detachable accessories and come with an elaborate cleaning guide. It is not as difficult and can be managed easily after a bit of know how.

Is semolina flour better for pasta?

Semolina flour is grittier and not readily available in India. It gives the pasta a bite that some people might prefer. For a smoother pasta, use all purpose or high-protein flour.

Which type of pasta machine is best?

Particular to needs, the choice between manual and an automatic pasta machine is easy to make. If you need ease of use, go for automatic. A more specialized and personalized pasta can be made on a manual device easily.

Are noodles pasta?

All noodles are pasta but not all pasta are noodles. Rice noodles like ramen are not pasta though.

How much does a pasta machine cost?

Hand cranked pasta makers are less expensive than the electric or automatic kind. Quality products can be anywhere from Rs.1500 to upwards of Rs.20,000 for either kinds.

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Best Pasta Makers in India – Reviewed : Updated 2020

If you want the Italian finesse in your pasta, you better invest in a decent pasta maker. Impress friends and family with your homemade organic pasta with only three ingredients. The best pasta makers in India are listed below. Find the best that suits your needs.

1. Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker

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  • Made in Italy
  • Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions
  • Body made of chrome plated steel, rollers and cutters made of anodized aluminum.
  • Easily adjustable, 6-position dial regulates thickness of pasta dough.
  • Includes hand-crank and clamp with ABS plastic handles, narrow and wide cutters.
  • Pastas : lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti and taglioni.

2. P YU 3 in 1 Pasta Maker

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  • Made of top-quality galvanize steel.
  • Hand operated, convenient and removable crank handle for easy storage.
  • Pasta maker with manual crank mechanism
  • Pastas : Spaghetti and Lasagna Tagliatelle Fettuccine

3. Imperia Sfogliatrice Pasta Machine

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  • 6″ Roller
  • Hand operated chrome steel pasta machine.
  • Easy-lock 6 adjustment dial, wood grip handle and clamp.
  • Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately.
  • Made in Italy and CE certified.

4. Imperia Ipasta Pasta Maker

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  • 6″ Roller
  • Tagliatelle and Fettuccine Cutters
  • Traditional hand operated pasta machine.
  • Easy-lock 6 adjustment dial, wood grip handle and clamp.
  • Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately.
  • Made in Italy and CE certified.

5. Philips Pasta Maker

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  • Automatically knead and extrude 1 pound of fresh pasta in just 15 minutes Add all ingredients through the lid and the pasta maker does the rest.
  • Comes with 4 shaping disks for various types of pasta: spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna.
  • By using different flour and adding different ingredients like egg, herbs or spinach and carrot juice, you can make various types and flavors of pasta.
  • Specially designed cleaning tool for easy one-push cleaning.

6. KENT Pasta Maker

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  • Automatic mixing, kneading and extruding.
  • Add different ingredients for customized flavor,
  • Intelligently designed drawer for shaping dies storage.
  • Specially designed cleaning brush with pin for easy and efficient cleaning.
  • Easy to operate, clean and store.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Power: 150 watts
  • Includes: Noodle and pasta maker, User guide, 6 Shaping discs, Measuring cup, Flour cup and Cleaning brush.
  • PAN India Service Network.

7. Philips Pasta Maker : HR2370/05

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  • Automatically kneads and extrudes 2-3 servings of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes thanks to uniquely designed stirring bar.
  • 3 default classic shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne and Fettuccine.
  • By using different flour and adding different ingredients like egg, herbs or spinach and carrot juice, you can make various types and flavors of pasta.
  • Space saving design allows you to keep it out on the counter for everyday use.
  • Smart built-in storage for shaping discs.
  • Long Kneading Tube.
  • Easy Operation and Cleaning.

8. EPS Pasta Machine

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  • Automatic process like mixing, kneading and extruding.
  • Six different types of shaping discs for create various type of pasta, noodles, momos and more.
  • Compact design with digital display.
  • Light in weight. Easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Add different ingredients for customized flavor.
  • ABS Plastic Construction
  • 1 Year warranty

9. Imperia Pasta Presto Pasta Maker

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  • Fully automatic pasta machine.
  • 6″ roller
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Built in motor makes pasta quicker and easier to use.
  • Makes thin lasagna sheet and cuts into tagliatelle and fettuccine pasta or noodles.
  • Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately.
  • Made in Italy – CE certified.


You would know the best kind of pasta when you start making your own. Personalized pasta that comes together after work and time has a special feel to it. Make your own pasta at home with only a few ingredients instead of going out or getting store bought pasta. The best pasta makers in India will help you ease the hard work that goes into making the smoothest, prettiest and tastiest pasta ever.

Here at Khojdeal, we make the best of our research and practical knowledge. Listed products and our buying guide are the only thing you need to go through to get the best in the market.

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