Paper shredders should be part of the fixed inventory in every office and it makes sense to use a paper shredder to safely destroy documents for private use too.

Papers and documents that are carelessly thrown away or only torn by hand, such as invoices or bank statements, reveal sensitive information, even in the private sector, which should not end up in the wrong hands. In a business environment, there is a risk that sensitive and confidential data that is not properly destroyed will be made accessible to unauthorized third parties.

Best Paper Shredder

All of the recent data breaches are an indication of how it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep your personal and financial information safe.

We analyzed many customer reviews to find the Best Paper Shredder In India. Our final rankings are based on features and value for money. If you choose from these models, you can be sure that you buy a great product.

While there’s no foolproof way to keep your digital records safe, a paper shredder can be your first line of defense in keeping your printed information private.

Best Paper Shredder in India – Price Comparison Table

Our experts have reviewed the best paper shredder in India and handpicked 12 of them that offer a dependable performance, are versatile, and accommodate different budgets. Take you pick from among them.

S. No.Best Paper ShredderPrice
1.AmazonBasics Strip Cut Paper Shredder (‎AS822SD)Rs. 2749
2.ANTIVA Cross Cut Paper Shredder (‎CC225CD)Rs. 4200
3.GBC Cross Cut Paper Shredder (‎Alpha G2102023EU)Rs. 4399
4.Bambalio Cross Cut Paper Shredder (BCC-014)Rs. 4750
5.SToK Cross Cut Paper Shredder (ST-30CC)Rs. 4,084
6.Croma Strip Cut Paper Shredder (CRCP1007)Rs. 2,290
7.MOMAI Paper Shredder (Strob ST-150)Rs. 2,499
8.Honeywell Strip Cut Paper Shredder (9306)Rs. 6,058
9.SWAGGERS Cross Cut Paper Shredder (‎CC-11)Rs. 5,999
10.Kores Cross Cut Paper Shredder (827)Rs. 8,000

Best Paper Shredder In India – Reviewed

  • AmazonBasics Strip Cut Shredder
  • SToK Cross Cut Shredder
  • Bambalio BCC-014 Cross Cut Shredder
  • OOZE Cross Cut Paper Shredder
  • ANTIVA Cross Cut Paper Shredder
  • Fellowes P-35C Cross-Cut Shredder
  • NIYO Micro Cut Shredder
  • PILOT 12CC Shredder

1. AmazonBasics Strip Cut Shredder


  • Strip-cut paper shredder
  • 8-sheet capacity
  • Shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time)
  • 22-cm-wide paper feed
  • 12-litre wastebasket
  • Thermal protection
  • Shreds paper into 0.65 cm strips
  • Shreds at a rate of 3 meters per minute
  • 2-minute continuous run time
  • 15-minute cool down time
  • Auto start
  • Manual reverse to clear paper jams
  • 1-year limited warranty

2. SToK Cross Cut Shredder


  • Shredding Capacity (at once) – 8 A4 Sheets, CD/DVD & credit card
  • Bin Volume – 21 L
  • Shred Type – Cross Cut
  • Shred Size – 4 x 40mm
  • Feed Opening – 220mm
  • Credit card is shredded into 3 pieces only
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and solid professional steel blades cutters

3. Bambalio BCC-014 Cross Cut Shredder


  • Duty cycle of 3 min on /30 min off
  • Shredding type: Crosscut
  • Shredding size: 4x40mm
  • Shredding capacity: 8 sheets/1cd
  • Entry width: 225mm
  • Basket capacity: 18 liters
  • Rated voltage: 220-240v
  • Rated frequency: 50hz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Separate Slot for CDs, DVDs and Credit Cards

4. OOZE Cross Cut Paper Shredder


  • Power source: Electric
  • Auto start and off
  • Auto reverse
  • Auto clear
  • Speed – 200 RPM up to 3.14 mil
  • Power requirement – 240V 5 min
  • Type of blade – Rotary thermal roll
  • Material: Plastic
  • 21 liter bin

5. ANTIVA Cross Cut Paper Shredder


  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Separate feed entry for CD/Credit Cards
  • Thermal overheat cut off for Motor Shredder
  • Can shred 40/50 sheets of paper with in 2/3 minutes
  • Feed width (mm): 225
  • Shred size (mm): 4X18
  • Shred Capacity (70 GSM A4 sheets): 8-9
  • Motor/Voltage/Power: 230V
  • Speed (meters/minute): 1.5
  • Waste Volume (Liters): 21 Liters
  • Application: Paper/Credit Cards/1CD

6. Fellowes P-35C Cross-Cut Shredder


  • Shreds 5 sheets of paper per pass
  • Security Level – P-4
  • Cross-cut particles
  • Shreds staples, credit cards, paper clips
  • Runs for up to 2 minutes
  • Patented SafetyLock
  • Provides reliable, light duty shredding
  • Ideal for deskside use
  • 3-gallon bin w/ lift-off head

7. NIYO Micro Cut Shredder


  • Material: Plastic
  • Mode of Operation: Electronic
  • Power Consumption: 220 Volt; 20 Watt
  • Shredding Capacity: 4 Sheets
  • Noise Level: 45 dB
  • Shredding Speed: 1M Per Minute
  • Capacity: 20 Liter
  • Warranty: 30 Days Seller & Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defects

8. PILOT 12CC Shredder


  • Suitable for small office and home
  • Shredders cross cut
  • Ideal for paper, CD, credit card and staples
  • Auto start/stop facility
  • Caster wheels
  • Feed opening of 220mm
  • Security level 3
  • Draw (bin) capacity of 16.8L
  • Shredders 12 sheets at a time
  • Manufacturer warranty of 1 year

How to choose the Best Paper Shredder?

Whether it’s for personal or business use, a shredder can help you dispose of your most sensitive information on paper documents, CDs, and even debit/credit cards. This guide will help you find the best paper shredder in India, no matter what your budget.

1. Types of Shredders

Document shredders can first be divided into two categories: manual and electric. This distinction is fundamental because it directly concerns the quality of the product and the efficiency in terms of safety.

As for the manual models, we can say that they are generally rather simple devices from a technical point of view. Their action is carried out by a common crank that will be enough to turn, after having inserted the document in the appropriate slot, to obtain paper strips that are difficult to reassemble.

These products are usually small in size and they do not allow shredding several sheets at the same time. However, they are very practical for those who do not have large quantities of material to be eliminated and want an economical appliance that does not consume electricity.

The capacity of the container will also be much less than the electric shredders. The latter work through electric current and are able to offer a higher level in terms of destruction quality, speed and type of documents that can be destroyed.

In fact, electrical appliances are not all the same, but are distinguished by significant elements such as functions, container capacity and safety lock.

In general, we can divide the products on the market into three price ranges:

  • Low-end (2,000 – 3,000 INR): This category includes manual models and very simple electric ones. Sometimes the latter are not even equipped with a container for collecting waste material. Normally they can only shred paper documents and a few sheets at a time. They don’t allow a very high protection of documents; therefore, they are not suitable for extremely private material.
  • Medium range (4,000 – 6,000 INR): The appliances belonging to this price range are equipped with a container for the collection of medium-sized waste material, with sometimes even complex functions. They can shred about ten sheets at a time and guarantee good quality protection of documents.
  • High-end (more than 8,000): These are the most elaborate and efficient models from the point of view of performance and safety. In fact, they manage to destroy many sheets at the same time and carry out the destruction with a very high level of illegibility.

2. Number of Sheets, Autonomy and Cooling

The number of sheets that can be shredded is particularly important, especially if the product is intended for use in an office where large quantities of documents need to be disposed of frequently.

The low and mid-range models are capable of shredding up to 7-8 sheets at a time and have a continuous operating autonomy varying between 2 and 5 minutes. The cooling time is also quite variable but typically ranges from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the power of the model and the capacity in terms of sheets.

High-end models can shred more documents at a time, up to 18-20 sheets with manual or automatic insertion.

These pointers are very important because they significantly affect the performance of the appliance. It is advisable to carefully evaluate this aspect. Also consider the amount of material to be destroyed, before proceeding with the purchase of any product.

Of course, the choice of a document shredder depends on personal needs. Those who need a fast and efficient product to dispose of a substantial amount of documentation, will opt for a medium-high range model.

Those who need to destroy some documents from time to time and have no particular needs in terms of cooling time can opt for a medium-low range product.

3. Safety

Another decisive aspect that distinguishes the different models on the market is undoubtedly that relating to the level of security that they can guarantee with the destruction of documents. Below you will find the official scale to measure the safety offered by devices of this kind:

  • Level P-1 and P-2: Shredders of this category can split the sheet into 36 to 75 strips. This is a level suitable for the destruction of simple documents that do not subject the user to the risk of identity theft;
  • Level P-3: These machines can shred sheets of paper into 312 fragments. This makes assembling and reading quite complicated. It is suitable for confidential documents;
  • Level P-4: Models in this category can shred documents into 421 strips and are slightly above the previous level. They too are suitable for confidential documents, which after destruction will be extremely difficult to assemble and read;
  • Level P-5: These shredders have technology that allows them to shred sheets and other material up to 2000 fragments, ensuring the illegibility of highly confidential documents;
  • Level P-6 and P-7: These are the highest levels reached by the shredders that can be found on the market. They can guarantee the decomposition of confidential material into 6000 to 15000 fragments, making assembly and reading virtually impossible. They are usually used for strictly confidential documents (e.g. important government information).

4. Other Safety Features

Still in terms of safety, the shredders can be equipped with specific functions or structural elements that make the device more practical and reliable.

  • Auto Start/Stop: Mid-range models often have an auto-start/stop function. The product starts the destruction at the same moment in which sheets or other documents to be destroyed are introduced inside it. The auto-stop is useful because it actually stops the machine when the paper jams, avoiding damaging the motor due to improper use.
  • Sensor: There are models equipped with a sensor able to sense if the hands are too close to the slot where documents are introduced. This function can be very important to prevent serious accidents due to inattention or if there are children around.
  • Basket Lock: Some models can also boast of a basket lock. The shredder will be activated only when the strip collection container is placed under the slot where the documents are inserted.
  • Overheat Protection: When a large amount of material has to be destroyed, it can certainly happen that the product overheats. This is why there is sometimes a specific block that stops operation when the temperature reaches too high a level.
  • PIN Protection: High-end devices are sometimes also equipped with a PIN code to access the recycle bin. This increases the protection of sensitive data even more, as it prevents third parties from coming into possession of it after destruction.

5. Versatility

Knowing what types of material can be shredded with a specific appliance is certainly a good idea when purchasing a paper shredder. It is possible that you do not need to protect your privacy exclusively on paper, but intend to destroy other media such as CD-ROMs, DVDs or credit cards.

In this case, it is advisable to verify that the product is able to perform this operation. Generally, it is the medium-high range models that are equipped with special slots to insert CDs and credit cards.

6. Functions

Paying attention to the functions available in a shredder is certainly important. Although the main task of these devices is to destroy material that can put your privacy at risk, depending on the price range you can find some interesting functions that can make operation safer or more practical.

  • Anti-jam System: There are models equipped with an anti-jam system that avoids paper jams, especially if you are obliterating several sheets at the same time. The mechanism is very simple in this case. The blades of the shredder start to turn in the opposite direction in order to facilitate the unlocking of the device.
  • Auto shut-off: The auto shut-off is another function sometimes present in medium-high range products. Thanks to this it is possible to save electricity by avoiding unnecessary waste. Depending on the model, the automatic switch-off function can be activated after half an hour or an hour.

7. Other Structural Elements to Consider

There are other aspects relating to the structure that should be considered when you intend to purchase a product of this kind.

  • Size: First of all, the size of the shredder could be quite significant. In fact, there are quite bulky models that need space inside your office apartment. On the market, you can find different types of shredders, from very compact ones (usually low-end) to more huge ones, which are usually medium-high range since their dimensions are mainly due to the width of the bin.
  • Size of the bin: In offices where a large number of documents must be destroyed, a device capable of ensuring high autonomy both in terms of continuous destruction and in terms of container capacity will certainly be required. On the other hand, it could be particularly inconvenient to have to frequently empty the bin while you are destroying a lot of material.
  • Wheels: In the case of a bulky model, we advise you to check whether the appliance has wheels for transport. These can be quite important if you need to move the product from one room to another in the office frequently.

8. Noise Level

A paper shredder can be very, very loud. It is therefore advisable, at the time of purchase, to check in the technical specifications of the device its level of acoustic emissions, expressed in decibels. The higher this value, the higher the noise. Paradoxically, the silence is often inversely proportional to the size of the appliance.

9. Type of cut

Shredders mainly have two different ways of cutting documents: in strips or in fragments. With the same quality level of the machine, strip cutting allows you to destroy a greater number of sheets at a time than cutting in fragments. Fragments however guarantee a higher level of safety as the sheets are broken into much smaller pieces than strips. The smaller the strip or fragment, the greater the degree of security. To go into more detail, here are the main types of cuts:

  • Striped Paper Shredder: These cut documents into strips, providing you with basic security. They are becoming less and less common as the required security measures increase. However, they are more than adequate for less confidential household documents.
  • Shredder With Cross Cut Documents: These are the best paper shredders for both home and office use. They destroy documents in two directions, and make them difficult to read and reassemble.
  • Diamond Shredder: They resemble the previous ones by cutting, albeit with a further crumbling. While more expensive, these machines are worth the money, especially for those in need of superior protection.
  • Cryptographic Cut Document Shredder: If you have documents containing extremely confidential data, these machines will tear your sheets to shreds. However, they are mostly used in government and military facilities to avoid espionage cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paper Shredders

What is a paper shredder?

A shredder is a device that, as the name suggests, is used to make paper or other documents illegible. It is a useful machine not only for those who work with material containing sensitive data or confidential information, but also for those who intend to get rid of bills, bank statements, correspondence and other private documentation in a completely safe way.

Being a product that’s designed to perform this function in different contexts, there are different types of shredders available in different sizes.

Below we will examine the main types that can currently be found on the market, dividing them according to the technical characteristics and the type of technology they are equipped with.

In this way you will be able to evaluate in detail the differences between the document shredders on the market and make a choice as conscious as possible according to your needs.

Why use the paper shredder?

Although in the collective imagination, the shredder is an object linked to the secret services and illicit trafficking of some multinationals, this device is used in many offices and in many homes to safely eliminate documents that are no longer useful, but which contain important information such as personal data, bank details or other.

On the other hand, we all have documentation at home that we would rather destroy than throw in the trash. In fact, it is often not enough to tear the paper material roughly to make it illegible: the numbers and letters can be recomposed and therefore your privacy can be at risk.

This argument is even more valid in the case of offices that work daily with paper documentation or other media such as CD-ROMs and DVDs. After a certain period of time the documents will lose archival relevance but will still continue to contain private information that you do not want to end up in the wrong hands.

Every self-respecting office should therefore have its own shredder with specific technical characteristics in relation to the kind of material to be destroyed.

What kind of maintenance does a paper shredder need?

Like most electrical and non-electrical appliances, the shredder also needs careful maintenance. In this case it is simple and does not require the use of special products. One way to ensure long product life and a consistent performance is to use lubricated sheets to help preserve the motor and cutting blades.

The best models often come with a self-lubricating mechanism, which allows the appliance to clean the components automatically and without inserting anything from the outside.

To keep the machine in excellent condition and avoid jams it is therefore necessary to oil its mechanical components.

Do the shredders need to be installed or configured?

Not at all. Although they are electrical devices, once placed and plugged in where you prefer, there is no need to do anything but shred. Just press the power button and insert the paper in the appropriate opening, so that the device starts working in the predefined cutting mode.

What is the use of the reverse function in a shredder?

Working with large volumes of paper on a daily basis, it is common for shredders to stop working because of a paper jam. These are sometimes caused by staples or clips going through the shredder. The reverse function therefore allows you to operate the shredder in reverse to resolve any paper jams and start using the device again.


The selection of the most suitable paper shredder for your home or office may vary based on various factors like speed, capacity, run time, and security.

We hope our article gives you the relevant information required to make an informed buying. In case you are unable to find the best paper shredder in India here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the store’s exhaustive collection.

In case, you require any further assistance to select the best paper shredder in India, please comment below and we will get back to you with the best possible solution.

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