Online games catered towards kids can offer a lot of fun and plenty of learning opportunities as well. Khojdeal lists the Best Online Games for Kids.

Before letting your kids dabble in the online gaming world, set some parental controls and avoid toxic gaming communities altogether. There are a lot of unsightly people wandering around, and it is your responsibility to keep a check on what your kid plays and interacts with.

Best Online Games for Kids

Gone are the days where games where played just for fun and killing time. With a tonne of singular and indie game developers, educational video games are now huge in the market. They, without a doubt, boost creativity and have amazing learning opportunities coupled with endless hours of fun.

Khojdeal here lists the Best Online Games for Kids.

Top Games for Kids

  • Fruit Ninja : A fun game to pass time and train reflexes.
  • Minecraft : Incredibly creative and provides endless hours of fun.
  • Chess : Chess is a necessary skill for young ones to learn. It trains them in strategy and critical thinking.
  • Monopoly : A lot of fun can be had playing monopoly. It trains your kid in making insightful decisions and resource management.
  • Piano Tiles : Piano tiles offers kids a lot of enjoyment, training reflexes all the while making them listen to some good classical music as well.
  • Magic School Bus : An educational game where your kid can take trips to wondrous areas, like space, a rain forest and even the insides of a person, teaching them anatomy, astronomy and conservation skills throughout.
  • Rocket League : A fun game of football but played with cars, trains them in sports but with a twist.
  • Mario Kart : Super fun game you can play with your kid, providing endless hours of fun and training their reflexes as well.
  • Spot the Difference : Fun to play and teaching your kids to multitask as well as think critically to solve problems.


Games for kids are generally considered more as entertainment, and often distractions by parents, but that has changed drastically in recent years. Some developers themselves are parents and understand what kids need. They make games fun and at the same time, extremely educational. Khojdeal lists the Best Online Games for Kids, for their entertainment and providing unending educational and learning content.

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