Music keeps us occupied, free and provides a viable escape from the uncertainty of life. We are always listening to music here at Khojdeal, either sharing our music with others or working while on headphones. A good headphone must help keep us absorbed in music, should we need it. On the other hand, its design aspects should also be on point. No ones likes a bulky, unsightly headphone. Khojdeal understands this – we bring to you, after careful examination, the Best On Ear Headphones Under 1000 in India.

Best On Ear Headphones Under 1000 in India – Reviewed : Updated 2021

On ear headphones are great when used in co-working spaces or traveling. You will not be totally absent from conversations, with the added benefit of enjoying your music on the go. Exceptional budget headphones are quite difficult to choose from, given the limited amount of features. Khojdeal experts did it though. We have complied a list for the best on ear headphones under 1000 in India. Look through the best – buy the greatest of them all.

1. Sony On Ear Headphones : Stereo MDR-ZX110

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  • Wired, without microphone
  • 30mm dynamic driver unit for clear sound
  • High energy neodymium magnets
  • Slim, folding design
  • Pressure relieving earpads

2. Boat On Ear Headphones : BassHeads 900

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  • Wired with Microphone
  • Super Extra Bass
  • Responsive 40mm Neodymium drivers
  • Feather Light
  • Swivel earcups offers flexible wearing and a comfortable fit
  • Compact and Foldable
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz

3. JBL On Ear Headphones : T450

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  • Wired, with microphone
  • JBL Pure Bass sound
  • 1-button remote
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri.
  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Tangle-free flat cable
  • Dynamic frequency response range-20 Hz – 20 kHz

4. Philips On Ear Headphones : SHL5000/00 with Deep Bass

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  • Wired without microphone
  • Folds to a flat for easy carrying
  • 32 millimetres speaker drivers for great sound with a deep bass
  • Complete isolation from chaos
  • A 1.2 meter long cable
  • Soft and cushion like for ultimate comfort

5. Philips On-Ear Headphones : Stereo SHS390

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  • Wired without microphone
  • 32 millimeter speaker driver delivers high performance sound
  • Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound
  • Neodymium magnet enhances bass performance and sensitivity
  • Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response
  • Single-sided 1.2 meter long cable reduces tangling

6. Quantum On-Ear Headphones : Timbre Wireless

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  • Wireless with microphone
  • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • Easy Controls
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Comfortable fit
  • 8-10 hours playtime after full charge

7. HP On Ear Headphones : Stereo H2800

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  • Wired with microphone
  • Richer bass tones and crisp treble pitches
  • Soft leatherette ear pads and the precise fit of the adjustable and pliable rubber headband
  • Fold-able headset
  • 1.5m cable length
  • Headset 20 Hz–20 KHz; Microphone 100 Hz–10 KHz
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

8. Audio-Technica On Ear Headphones : Street Monitoring ATH-S100BGR

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  • Wired without microphone
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Less sound leakage with high-sealing ear pads
  • Swivel folding for easy portability
  • One-year Audio-Technica manufacturer’s warranty

9. iBall On Ear Headphones : Decibel Wireless

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  • Wireless without microphone
  • Upgraded Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Built in FM Radio
  • Battery Charging Time: About 2~3 hours
  • Working Time: Up to 6 hours (Full Volume)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 KHz ; Frequency Range: 2.402 GHz ~ 2.480 GHz
  • Fold-able headsets
  • Multiple Playback Inputs – Bluetooth, FM, MicroSD and AUX Plus
  • Integrated Alexa
  • Soft-cushioned headbands and ear cups for comfort
  • WARRANTY- 1 year warranty

10. Motorola Over Ear Headphones : Pulse 3 Max

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  • Wired with microphone
  • 40mm driver
  • Ultra light weight with rotating ear cups
  • Inline microphone
  • Noise isolation
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Everything About Headphones in India – Buying Guide

I think all of have a basic general gist of what we want from our headphones. With budget headphones we might overlook some of the features only expensive headphones offer, but we still want the best for what we pay for. Needless to mention, at Khojdeal, we know the features the best headphones under 1000 in India must have. With that in mind, this buying guide was complied, so that even you can make that distinction and make an informed purchase.

On Ear Headphones. What are they?

Instead of going inside or covering the entire ear, on ear headphones sit gracefully over the top of your ears. They are quite comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, but I would not suggest wearing them for more than a few hours. Over ear headphones have higher comfort levels when compared to on ear and in ear headphones/earphones. Wireless on ear headphones pack a big battery which shows when in use. They can last longer than wireless in ear headphones.

On ear headphones do not offer a lot of noise cancellation. Since the device only but sits on your ears, background noise can easily seep in. With that in mind, they are best used in office or regular spaces where people interaction is possible. For example, over ear headphones offer high levels of noise cancellation – so if somebody is calling out for you, there is no way you will be able to hear them. On ear headphones are flexible in this way, since they sound great when you have them on, but do not totally displace you from your surroundings.

What to Primarily Look for while Buying Headphones

  • Type and Fit : While getting either of the three kinds of headphones/earphones, namely, on ear, in ear and over ear, keep in mind the general fit of the device. I have huge ears, essentially if I get a tighter headphone, they start hurting after 20 minutes of use. Conversely, loose headphones provide the least amount of noise cancellation and are essentially a waste of product. Figure out your fit and style and get the best product for yourself.
  • Frequency : Most products aim for 20 – 20,000 Hz – which is, for reference, what humans perceive as the lowest and highest frequencies. A headphone with frequency inside this region will sound great – yet a wider frequency might eventually result in a better sounding device.
  • Noise Isolation and Cancellation : The ability of the device to block background noise via either the build of the product or by using microphones inside the headphones to achieve noise isolation.
  • Sound-stage : What is generally described as stereo, sound stage replicates spatial cues inside a headphone. That means, how well the product is designed to make the sound feel like it originates from a certain direction.
  • Microphone : Depending on usage, you might require a microphone or not. Budget headphones generally do not come with a microphone, but exceptions can always be found.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Headphones

Are on ear headphones comfortable?

Some people do not like how over ear headphones can dislodge you from everybody around, for them, on ear headphones are they way to go. Depending on situations really, on ear headphones and over ear headphones can be used to each of their strengths separately. If on ear headphones are a tight fit, they can quickly get uncomfortable and hurt the flap of your ears. Too loose headphones mean you wouldn’t receive the ample noise cancellation and essentially won’t be able to enjoy your music. Finding the best fitting product is really necessary.

What company makes the best headphones?

There are quite a few companies that have capitalized on the industry. Big names like JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, Audio Technica and Philips have constantly come out with wonderfully efficient products and do so till date. Newer competitors, in particular, Skullcandy and Boat, have also come out with great sounding, reasonable products. Keeping in mind the subjective nature of music, your preferences determine which brand you would prefer. I like my bass on the lighter side, but crisp musical quality. For this purpose, Audio Technica and Sennheiser are my usual choices. For bass lovers, JBL and Skullcandy especially are products to look out for.

What is the best on ear headphone?

I am quite biased towards Audio Technica when it comes to headphones and music equipment. Although Audio Technica is a high end product, they do not compromise with quality ever. My personal opinion would be the Audio Technica ATH-S200 On Ear Wireless Headphones. The JBL T460 comes close at second place in design, quality and overall appeal of the product.

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With music on the go, we do not feel the tedious task that is life. Finding the best headphones in the market is not an easy task. Budget headphones are even more difficult to choose. The right blend of features and quality does not usually appear in budget anything. Granted that, do not underestimate Khojdeal experts, we scour the market to find the best products and bring them to you without hassle. The best on ear headphones under 1000 in India have been listed. Do read our buying guide to understand how to find the best products in the market. Cheers!

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