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Today, on the internet, there are a lot of food-oriented blogs and vlogs, which have certainly put in a lot of effort so as to make people prepare awesome and delightful food at home. Owing to the emergence of such blogs, people have certainly started becoming DIYs be it baking, preparing snacks, and other types of cuisines at home. So as to prepare different sorts of foodstuff and snacks at home, the people have also started buying kitchen appliances that they previously did not have on their countertop. For all those people who have a sweet tooth or in other words love consuming cakes, pastries, pancakes, etc., we have today enlisted the Best Microwave Ovens to give a new edge to your baking providing you with the functions that you need. All the microwave ovens that we have reviewed down here provide you with the features such as multiple power levels, multiple temperature levels, express cooking, auto-defrost, and trusted warranty.

If you’re a food lover then you how important Microwave ovens are for today’s modern kitchen. If you stare through menu card of restaurants and wish to binge them all in the comfort of your home then look no further than this post as we’ve selected top 10 convection Microwave ovens for you.

Best Microwave Ovens Online In India

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

With 24 auto cook menus, the likelihoods are unending in terms of culinary testing. Unique features such as keeping food warm for up to 1 hour in a microwave oven. You can do a lot with this stylish convection microwave oven including grill, microwave, and it also comes with a child safety lock. The body is made from stainless steel cavity and comes with a LED display with clock and 10 power levels along with temperature controls.

Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT, White)

This smart and efficient microwave oven from Bajaj comes with mechanical timer and auto defrost feature with 5 power levels and 17 L capacity. These unique features let this oven perform easy cooking, reheating, and defrosting. You can save time, energy and resources spent in the kitchen, thanks to the appropriate features offered by this oven. Without a shadow of a doubt go on and invest in this oven and enjoy making delicious food every time you feel like.

BPL20 L Solo Microwave Oven (BPLMW20S1G, White)

BPL needs no introduction this solo microwave oven comes with the painted cavity, speed defrost and pull door feature. It is powered by 700 W. From heating, cooking, and baking to tandoors, this microwave oven specializes in all and more. This microwave is easy to install and maintain, the microwave oven has gained its popularity because of its versatility and flexibility. If you love to binge on a variety of food likes to enjoy it from the comfort of your home then this could be the best pick.

Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven 

Godrej is one of the most reputed convection microwave oven brands available in the market.  This microwave comes with a combination and a preset cooking facility. This oven also has an auto protection and 10 power levels. The product includes a microwave oven, user manual, roller ring, glass turntable, and a warranty card. This convection microwave oven is powered by 2200 W. With 141 insta-cooks menu possibilities are endless and great for food lovers as they can experiment a lot with cooking.

Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (20 MS, Black)

This Solo model, from Morphy Richards, comes with 20 L capacity, powder coated cavity, timer, overheat and sensory protection. No wonder you pick any product from Morphy Richards you won’t regret buying as they provide value through their class product and services. The microwave oven comes with a defrost function, 5 power levels, mirror glass, and is powered by 1270 W. The brand offers free installation. The oven comes with a unique defrost function. The brand provides free demo of the microwave oven and no installation is required.

Electrolux 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (G20M.BB-CG, Black)

Our next pick is from Electrolux which operates with a smart wave technology that makes sure microwave circulation inside cavity, overcooked edges giving from uniform cooking, and removes cold spots. This oven comes with a child safety lock and mechanical operations. It comes with a 3 years of warranty and the package includes oven, small kit and grill stand. It helps in washing the inaccessible stain inside cavity and ensures that even the slightest of tinges get wiped off. 

Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (NN-GT221WF, White)

With 38 auto-cook menu out of which 26 are Indian menu you’re truly in for a treat. Our next favorite convection microwave oven is from Panasonic NN-GT221WF. This model comes in white color and has the 20L capacity. It comes with a concealed quartz grill, robo grill and a stainless steel grill rack which ensures faster and uniform browning of food.

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5145VK/TL, Black)

Samsung is one of the top brands in the convection microwave oven industry. This specific model comes with preheat and keep warm and clock with 30 sec on an eco-mode. The product comes with a one year warranty and 5 years on Magnetron. It has various cooking modes. The product is made with slim Fry & tandoor technology. It has Transparent black dials with crystal gloss exterior handle. It comes with 15 pre-programmed recipes. This model comes with different convection temperature. It has defrost, auto program, convection heater, ceramic enamel and comes with a turntable on and off child lock.

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2886BRUM, Black)

LG needs no introduction in the world of kitchen appliances. This brand is known for the services provided and the quality assurance.  With 175 auto-cook menu cooking delicious dishes are endless. It is diet fry, motorized rotisserie, and pasteurizes milk. The product includes microwave oven, Owner’s manual, Cook book, Shelf, Milk container, Rotisserie bar and handle, Glass tray and tawa.

Whirlpool 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (Magicook Flora, Black)

Whirlpool is one of the best and trusted brands of kitchen appliances available in the market. With 130 auto-cook menu to Choose from a wide variety of Indian menus to prepare numerous interesting Indian dishes at the ease of your home. It comes with feather touch membrane. The product comes with a Microwave, Manual, Turn table and Grill rack.

What to Look for in a Convection Microwave Oven?

Unlimited Cooking Options

A convection microwave oven can be 20 times more efficient than a gas stove. Microwave puts an end to all the problems you had in the traditional ways of cooking like gas stoves, cookers etc. The semi-automatic system saves ample amount of time and energy. If you are planning to watch a movie, you can easily prepare your popcorn in two minutes without any struggle. This means that they are quick for baking and roasting. All the microwaves come with a grill option, which allows you to grill chicken, fish or any other meat. Stay away from frozen junk food as you can easily prepare tasty food within minutes using auto cooking options. Also, if by chance, you forget to set the cooking time, the automatic sensors shut down the microwave when the food is perfectly cooked.

Size and capacity

Size and capacity are very important factors to be considered while looking for a microwave oven. The capacity of a microwave is measured in liters, which is the volume of space available inside. It is very important that you buy the microwave of right size based on the amount of food you will be cooking, if you use large microwaves for a small quantity of food then there will not be efficient heating and also unnecessary power consumption. For example, for a family having 2-3 members, best buy would be a small sized microwave (18-20 litres). For people who use microwaves once in a while, mainly for heating the food, then you can go with a microwave which is under 20 litres. However, 20-30 litres microwaves sell the most as most of the Indian families are mid-sized with 5-8 members.

Don’t just look at the size of the microwave but also evaluate the usable space inside it. As in, those with two shelves are very practical for an efficient use of space. Those without this feature end up with only the top layer of food heated, leaving you with a dish that is half warm and partly cold. This metal rack will raise your food and evenly distribute the heat.

Wattage/Power Rating

Wattage gives us an idea about the power consumed by a microwave, higher the wattage of the device more is the power consumed. However, most of the ovens do come with intelligent heating systems to reduce the power consumption. Microwaves have wattage ranging from 600-1500 watts depending on their capacity and heating ability, so do check the rating to ensure that it is suitable for the type of food you will be cooking. Higher wattage ensures fast cooking but it will bump your electricity bill.


Price range for microwave ovens can vary significantly depending on the brand, size, and type of microwave. The best approach is to have a maximum prize in your mind and then base your research on that price. You can then start looking for them online browse through hundreds of options or you can easily choose one from the products we have listed below. We have made sure to cover products ranging from 5000-20000 so that it is suitable for everyone.

You can make a list of features you are looking for and prioritize on the most important ones according to your needs. For example, you may be willing to go for one which isn’t great by design but has some very good features. Here your priority is the number of features and not design.

Samsung, LG, Toshiba, IFB are some of the best convection microwave oven brands in India. IFB and Toshiba offer a three-year warranty on their heating elements and body, except these, others only offer a one year warranty. Also, do take into consideration the after sales support provided by these companies.

Additional Features

Certain microwaves come with features that can ensure that a meal cooked to perfection. This is possible because of the pre-programmed menu options available in most of the models which allow us to prepare our favorite dish just with a click of a button. Humidity sensors can help in defrosting frozen food properly, look for the defrost button and then enjoy hot food within minutes. The auto cook menu allows you to choose the recipe based on which the heating time and cooking duration are automatically set.

Then, you could also look into the design aspect of the microwave, which is nowadays, much more sleeker and smaller in design with colors ranging from black to a wide range of colors. The past designs were bulky consuming a lot of space which is now replaced with simple and compact design style.

If you have children in the house, pay attention to child safety lock feature. This electric system avoids any misuse of the microwave, therefore, keeping both the child and the device safe. If your microwave has touch control panel, then it needs to be handled carefully as they are sensitive. It is better to buy a microwave having a mechanical panel or a combination of both.

Another feature for ease of use is a microwave turntable and the advantage of this feature is that you would not have to turn the dish, the table rotates automatically ensuring uniform cooking.

Finding the Best Microwave Oven in India

Microwaves which were once considered to be a luxury in Indian houses have become a necessity now in the fast moving life of Indian cities. If you love different food cuisines then microwaves can be a perfect addition to your kitchen, After going across hundreds of microwave both offline and online, we have compiled a list of 10 best convection microwave oven in India.

Among all the household appliances you must have oven at home, which is capable of allowing us to prepare rich and hot tasty food, which we do not normally know in depth. There is a wide variety of ovens and technology has evolved so much that there are very different features and functions, so in addition to looking for good deals, you should look very well at these four aspects that we are going to mention that are vital to choose correct a good oven.


At least your oven should include the following functions:

  • Temperature control, regardless of whether it is by electronic or rotary control but giving importance to the temperature range between 60 and 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Heat up and down
  • Grill, as it is ideal for grating fast preheating food, especially if you want to save time

 As an extra we recommend that you also include the hydrolytic function as it is responsible for heating the oven at high temperatures to convert the remains of the food into ash, and therefore facilitate its cleaning later.


Especially if small children or elderly people live at home we recommend that you give great importance to the security systems offered by the device. It is essential that it includes at least one security function. Find an oven with a cold door with four panes inside and outside the oven, which will allow the door to remain at normal temperature and open and close it without any danger of damage or burns due to the high temperature. If what you are looking for is an oven that fulfils its purpose well and does not give you problems, opt for a microwave with the latest generation grill  and continue using your electric oven.

Electric consumption

This aspect will undoubtedly vary from the type of oven. You should know that it is very important that you look at the energy labelling of the product. If you want to save the recommended thing is that you opt for a gas oven, as it is much more efficient.

Height and design

We have already mentioned that it is important that the oven has several heights to place the trays but this will clearly depend on the size that the appliance has. When choosing the oven it is very important that you take into account the space you have at home, so you can choose from the smallest of about 45 cm in height to the most spectacular of 90 cm, although the most normal are those of 60 cm. Aesthetics and design is the other factor to consider when choosing your oven so it is important that it suits your kitchen. The most normal thing is a white or black oven.

Myths about Microwave oven

Myth 1: Most of people think that when they are going to food in oven then nutritious of food get lost.

Myth 2: it is common thought in mind of people that Microwaves cook food is not safe for health

Actual facts about Microwave over

Fact 1: Cook in the Microwaves is completely safe

Fact 2: But be aware that don’t cook the food in plastic container in oven as it is harmful

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

With growing demands of food lovers ovens are in demand with multiple features. Since market is stuffed with so many products choosing the one for your home or kitchen could be taxing. Since there is so much of information out there making sure which microwave delivers more on performance is overwhelming.

The consumer has to keep few points in mind before finally choosing a microwave to buy.

  • Type

In the market there are two types of microwaves that are available convection microwave and conventional microwave oven which can be used to heat and cook food while the other type is used to bake, grill and roast along with cook and heating food.

  • Size and power

The size and power depends on the number of members in the family. Typically, speaking if meal is to be prepared for the entire family then a mid-sized microwave would suffice. Likewise, for a bigger family a large size microwave is required the bigger the size more power consumption and quicker will be the food cooked.

  • Turntable

The presence of a self-rotating glass plate is a must-have while you shop for the microwave as without this feature you might end up switching off the microwave repeatedly.

  • Interlocks

This unique safety feature makes sure to stop the microwave to work when someone opens the door. It works so fast that it is hardly felt. This feature is a must as some ovens have two to three interlocks present.

  • Pre-programmed menu

Auto-cook menu or pre-programed menu is one of the same things. This feature ensures hassle-free cooking and enables food to be cooked without any instructions or time settings.  This is one of the best features to look for when buying the microwave for your home.

  • Child lockout

Safety is the first and the foremost concern especially when kids tag along.  The presence of this Child door feature is quite important since the vessel becomes very hot and can be harmful for anyone who comes in contact.

Are you in the market like many others looking for a new microwave? Don’t be stunned by the choices. Get your desires right, and we have the impeccable microwave oven for you. We understand that microwave oven has taken oven as a must-have accessory in the kitchen. It offers a fast and consistent way to heat up the food, pops the corns, bakes cakes and cooks complete dishes. Microwaves are ways to reduce your time and effort in the kitchen.

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