Originating in African American communities of New Orleans, America, Jazz has become one of the most popular music genres of all time. Here are the Best Jazz Musicians to Listen to.

With its roots in blues and ragtime, jazz has come a long way since its inception in the early 1920’s. The early saxophone and piano heavy music has now turned into a sensational genre with multiple instruments and an incredibly funky design.

Best Jazz Musicians to Listen To

The incredibly complex genre of music does not appeal to a lot of people. However, throughout the years, jazz artists have come up with amazing records, accessible and still portraying their infectious talent. Some of these influential artists are listed below.

Here are the Best Jazz Musicians to Listen To.

Greatest Jazz Artists of All Time

Louis Armstrong

One of the most recognizable entertainer and voices in the jazz industry, Louis Armstrong or sometimes known as “Satchmo” or “Pops“, was one of the best trumpeter and vocalist anyone had ever seen. Blessing the music world with classics like What a Wonderful World and A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Pops has become a musical icon of his, and of the generations to come.

Billie Holiday

Also known as “Lady Day”, Billie Holiday’s classical voice changed and had a seminal influence over jazz music. Her profound musical talents are recognizable tunes are second to none in the jazz genre. Her most identifiable songs include the likes of Strange Fruit and Billie’s Blues, altering the course of jazz music worldwide.

Nat King Cole

With his incredible olive oil voice and many talents, Nat King Cole is often stated as the voice of Hollywood for his period. His rendering of Autumn Leaves and Unforgettable are probably his best and most known works till date.

Ella Fitzgerald

The Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald is one of the essential jazz musicians to listen to when it comes to the genre. Her works and her ability to improvise has often been commended and worshiped till date. Some of her best works include Dream a Little Dream of Me and her rendering of Summertime.

John Coltrane

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The master of saxophones and perfectly composed music, John Coltrane’s Giant Steps is still considered a rite of passage for budding jazz musicians. Almost impossible to improvise to, Giant Steps is feared even amongst the veterans of the genre. His best works include, surely, Giant Steps and My Favorite Things.

Miles Davis

With a career lasting five decades, Miles Davis is effectively one of the most acclaimed and talented musicians to have ever lived. A multi-instrumentalist and a great composer, his best works include So What and Blue in Green.

Herbie Hancock

A modern day master, Herbie Hancock’s funky style and rhythm makes him easily the most accessible musician in the genre. Without failing to realize this man’s talent and ability to play multiple instruments, Herbie Hancock is seriously one of the best musicians to appear in jazz. His bests include Watermelon Man and Chameleon.

Nina Simone

Between being and incredible performer and an avid civil rights activist, Nina Simone made the most of herself, with her music ranging from R&B, gospel, soul, folk and jazz. She is widely considered as one of the strongest personalities to ever grace the jazz industry. Her best works include, the undeniable, Feeling Good and My Baby Just Cares for Me.


Jazz has been a popular music genre for almost a century now. One of the most difficult music to learn and improvise on, it has still made it into the mainstream thanks to a few musicians that make it way more accessible. Our list comprises of the most influential, incredible and inspiration jazz artists who helped shaped the genre into what it is today. Khojdeal lists the Best Jazz Musicians to Listen To.

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