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Does your area often experience power-cuts or power failures? Here we have reviewed the Best Inverters in India, which are going to make sure that you don’t get out of energy at the time of power cuts. To get rid of those blackouts during power failures, the power inverters that we have enlisted are the best options you can opt for. All the inverters listed in our review offer the best quality and offer long-lasting power backups to the customer.

Buying an inverter is definitely the need of the hour since, during the summer season in India, a power failure or power cut is a really common instance or scene. All the inverters that we have listed and reviewed down here are the best models as far as the available options are concerned. After going through the detailed analysis, we are pretty certain that choosing an inverter for your home would not be that tough a task to perform.

10 Best Inverters Reviews

Su-kam Shark 1600Va Home UPS Inverter

Shark from Su-kam is an amazing Digital UPS System for your house that functions like an Inverter and a UPS, which helps you save a lot of space as well as energy. This merely signifies that when you are going to use the Shark Digital UPS you won’t require buying a UPS system distinctively for your computer or other profound appliances or devices. It is suitable for the devices that need a constant power supply of appropriate specification so that they can function seamlessly.

Microtek UPS 1125Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

This Microtek UPS Sinewave Inverter is a really superior electronic appliance that comprises of a manifold features counting an incorporated Bypass Switch along with an effective Battery Gravity Management. Since this inverter from Microtek Pure Sinewave UPS, it certainly doesn’t generate any sort of humming sound and has been suggested for making all your sensitive or profound appliances work seamlessly for hours during powercuts.

Amaron 900Va Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverters

This sinewave inverter from Amaron is an inverter that is provided for a really reasonable cost and supports every single kind of appliances. It is absolutely soundless and once it senses a power failure, it automatically switches to the battery mode. This inverter provides an intense power support for every appliance in your house. It comprises of visual pointers along with a useful overload alarm. Hence, you will be able to bid adieu to those gloomy power cuts using this remarkable inverter.

Crompton CGHU-800SW 800VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS

Crompton is a brand that has recently gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market owing to the extensive range of electronic appliances that they have provided. This Sine wave UPS for Home usage has been pretty elegantly and smartly designed by Crompton so as to appeal every customer. It comes with an amazing feature that can protect the battery from high charging and deep discharging. It further comprises of an automatic sense intelligent control smart charger.

APC 1500 VA 1200-Watt Sine Wave Home UPS-Inverter

This 1500VA home-UPS from APC provides one of the most dependable methods to overcome power failures. Intended particularly for severe Indian power circumstances, the innovative BI1500SINE-IN delivers pure sine wave standby power for home appliances such as the TV sets, home theatres, audio systems, gaming consoles, and for the fans and lighting. Therefore, this inverter helps you to do away with any sort of problem in case of power cuts.

Microtek Static Converter UPS SEBz 1100 V2 Sinewave Technology

Microtek is a company that deals in several electronic appliances that are capable of providing the best quality and performance. This UPS/Inverter from Microtek comes with the effective Sine Wave Technology to provide you a stable power output to run your appliances without any problem. Microtek offers a 2-year warranty on this product from which you can get an idea about the quality of the device. The design of this powerful inverter from Microtek is going to go with any sort of home setting.

Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

Exide is a really popular brand as far as batteries, UPS, and inverters are concerned. This sine wave Home UPS inverter from Exide offers you high-class protection inbuilt inside the PCB. It further offers a high-speed microprocessor which provides the grid quality power similar to the mains. The LCD display provides you the condition of the battery, voltage, as well as the charge. It comes with the Auto Sense Intelligent Control that adjusts the charging current as per the requirement of the battery.

Luminous Zelio+ 1700 Sine Wave UPS Inverter

The Luminous Zelio+ 1700 is a powerful and stylish UPS Inverter for your home that has been recently launched within the Indian market. This UPS/Inverter from Luminous has been ranked India’s most intellectual Home UPS that offers several features like the Power support time display (Hours & Minutes), Stress-free water level sensing, MCB security, and comes with a Bypass Switch which constantly supplies output out of the Grid even when there is a fault in the inverter.

Exide ECO 1500VA Home UPS Inverter System

The Exide ECO Home UPS Inverter system is a really compact yet powerful inverter that offers a seamless power backup at the time of power cuts which happens pretty frequently in Indian conditions. This inverter operates on the Quasi Sine Wave Technology, which helps in providing power supply to your sensitive appliances. It comprises of the Automatic Charging Selection Technology and PFC technology that saves energy using the inbuilt energy saver.

Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 UPS Inverter

Luminous is a brand that has long been popular within the Indian market for its products such as Inverters, UPS, batteries, etc. From its selection of inverters comes the Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 UPS that offers you the best performance along with an amazing array of features. It comes with the effective RBC technology that helps in providing 60 percent faster charging along with an intelligent output load optimization feature. It has been covered with a 2-year warranty on the product.

How to Choose the Best Power Inverter for Using at your Home?

In the market, there are 2 different kinds of inverters that are namely Modified Sine Wave Inverter and the Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The inverter that you are going to select is going to be determined by the range of appliances that are working inside your house. In case you desire to run the appliances such as TVs, Computers, etc. on your inverter, then it is a good decision to select the Pure Sine Wave Inverter, in any other case you may opt for the Modified Sine Wave Inverter, since the Modified Sine Wave Inverter might give rise to a humming noise while it is utilized with induction motors such as the ceiling fans.

The power supply situation in India is bad, especially in the summer months. Many cities face 2 to 4 hours of power cuts every day. The condition in small towns and villages is even worse.

The need for dependable power backup in such cases becomes inevitable. While generators are ideal for powering larger establishments like offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotel, etc, inverters are the preferred choice for home use.

Types of inverters:

Before buying an inverter, it is advisable to know how many types of inverters there are:

1. Square Wave Inverters: Such inverters are most appropriate for appliances with a low-sensitivity such as lighting and fans. While they are economical to buy, the noise produced by them is extremely high.

2. Modified sine wave inverters: Modified inverters are best suited for appliances with resistive loads that don’t have any start-up surge. However, they produce a humming sound during operation.  

3. Pure Sine wave Inverters: Apart from supporting appliances with a low-sensitivity, pure sine wave inverters also support computers, laptops, televisions, coolers, microwaves and refrigerators. They are much more efficient than modified sine wave inverters and also the favoured choice for home use.

Now that you know which type of inverter is ideal for home use, here are the top 10 pure sine inverters currently available in the market:


Things to consider before buying an inverter:

  1. Analyse and calculate power requirement: First and foremost, it is important to analyse how much power backup you want and how many and which kind of appliances do you want to support. Once you have figured this out, you will be able to calculate how many watts of power you need.

Approximate power consumption of common appliances is as follows:

  • Fan – 80 watts
  • CFL – 20 watts
  • Tube light – 40 watts
  • LED bulb – 7 watts
  • Television – 120 watts

So, if you want to backup for 3 tube lights, 4 fans, 2 LED bulbs, 3 CFLs, and 1 television, your total power requirement is [(4*80) + (3*40) + (3*20) + (2*7) + (120*1)] which is equal to 634 watts. So, you need an inverter which can support a load of 634 watts or more.

  1. Calculate inverter capacity: Once you have calculated the power requirement, you need to compute the inverter capacity. It is measured in VA or Volt Ampere and calculated by dividing total load to be supported by power factor.

Households generally have a load factor of 0.8. Therefore, if your total load is 634 watts the required inverter capacity is (634/0.8) which is equal to 792 VA.

It is suggested to buy an inverter that has more VA than that required.

  1. Backup required in hours: Determining how many hours of backup you want your inverter to give is also important. It will help you in calculating the battery capacity.
  2. Compute battery capacity/size: Battery capacity is expressed in Ampere Hour or Ah. The formula to estimate battery capacity/size is:

[(Total Load) * (Backup hours)]/Battery Voltage

Inverter batteries available in India generally have a voltage of 12V.

So, if your total load is 634 watts and you require 6 hours of backup then you need an inverter battery with a capacity of 317 Ah or Ampere Hour. Before purchasing an inverter, it is also advisable to check the existing wiring of your home and also ensure that it has proper earthing.

What is the Difference in Between a UPS and an Inverter?

Even though utilized in an exchangeable manner, there is dissimilarity amongst an inverter and a UPS. The fundamental purpose and construction are definitely the same, but the variance is really minimal.

The disparity amongst a UPS and an Inverter is found at the time in which it is able to shift to battery power supply at the time of a power failure. A UPS may shift to the battery power within a time lag of 3-5 milliseconds, while an inverter performs the same function within 100 milliseconds. The selection amongst the two is going to rest on how crucial is the swapping to standby power for the appliances that you desire to fund. For an instance, a desktop computer is going to require quicker switching as you might lose data in case it gets switched off even for a short time period.

When considering the UPS systems, there are 2 kinds of UPS namely the Online & Offline UPS. The online UPS are the ones in which the electrical energy is extracted from the battery regardless of the obtainability of power from the primary line. This assures the user of no work loss even for a small time frame while there is a power failure or a power cut. On the other hand, the Offline UPS is the one in which the power is extracted from battery just at the time of a power cut. On all the other occasions the power drawn from mains.

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