Batteries store charge which can be used later when you need it. Power cut in India is still a major problem that we face almost every day. Hence, Inverter batteries help you use the stored charge during power cuts to run your home appliances.

If you want to purchase a new inverter battery for your home use but not sure what to look for and how to choose the best one then don’t worry. Most of us don’t know about a lot of things at first either but we research and find information about it.

In this article, we have shared our research on the best inverter batteries for home use in India. Our expert team has analyzed more than 20 models of several popular battery brands in India. We analyzed features such as load capacity, warranty, price, etc.

What type of battery to choose? What voltage and storage capacity? We’ll tell you everything. The only motive of sharing our research with you is to save your time and energy by proving all the relevant information in one place. We hope you like it.

Just remember…

The performance of the inverter battery largely depends upon the quality and the type of brand you choose.

In short, choosing the Best Inverter Battery is no less than choosing a perfect groom. One mistake and the whole scenario changes. Of course, you would agree on this.

Best Inverter Battery for Home Use

To help you with the selection, we have picked out the best ones in the market. Here is a list of the Best Inverter Battery for your home.

S. No.Best Inverter Battery for Home UsePrice
1.EXIDE INDUSTRIES Insta Brite 150Ah Inverter BatteryRs. 11,999
2.Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 120Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 10,799
3.Amaron 150Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 12,450
4.Mtek Power Microtek ET-648 150Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 13,699
5.OKAYA 5024TT 150Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 14,000
6.Genus Invomax GTT235 220Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 19,510
7.V-Guard VJ145 135Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 11,000
8.Livguard PT 2066TT 200Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 18,500
9.Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 20,700
10.Genus Invosol GSTT190 175Ah Tubular Inverter BatteryRs. 15,920

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Top Inverter Batteries In India 2023 – Review

1. Exide Inverter Battery – Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery

Exide Inverter Battery - Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery

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  • The best feature about this battery is that it is easily maintained.
  • It consists of molded handles to ensure easy administration.
  • It has top vented lid With anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush Vent plugs.
  • This battery is fume and leak resistant i.e it has spark arrestor fitted in float to restrict fumes and acid during operation.
  • The battery consists of clean top with no surface leakage.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Weight – 41 kg
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Dimension – 508(L)X222(W)X257(H)-264
  • Charging Current – 15 Amp
  • Warranty – 36 Months

Exide Battery Review

One of the latest offerings from Exide family is this battery inverter that promises exceptional power backup. This battery inverter ensures that its user is not short of power at home or working place. It consists of advanced hybrid technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures.

It has a unique hybrid alloy system that leads to low water loss. Not only this but the battery also consists of a dual plate separation; in other words, it helps to reduce the possibility of premature failure. This battery is easy to maintain and is perfect to deliver non-stop power supply for homes.

2. Luminous Inverter Battery – Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

Luminous Inverter Battery - Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

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  • The battery is white in color and the material used is plastic with a dimension of 505x220x284
  • The power back up time displayed in the batter is in hours and minutes.
  • It consists of hassle free water level maintenance.
  • Luminous is the brand that gives you the right MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) protection.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity – 120Ah
  • Weight – 59 kg
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Dimension – 505x220x284
  • Warranty – 36 Months

Luminous Battery Review

This is the only battery in the market that has a low antimony alloy. Low antimony alloy means that it grants the customer with a very low maintenance. Which not only makes the battery reliable, but a durable product too. It also consists of robust tubular plates that provides exceptional overcharge tolerance.

3. Amaron Inverter Battery – Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter Battery - Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

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  • The battery consists of high heat tolerance capacity that makes it perfect for Indian weather conditions.
  • It is factory charged, and has the highest reserve capacity with easy and faster charging.
  • The battery is so efficient that it is less prone to lose water and not that much maintenance is needed in other words it contains low lead reserve.
  • When you buy an amaron inverter battery you are obliged to enjoy a completely hassle-free experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant calcium and has ultra modified hybrid alloy for its grids.
  • Amaron also offers a range of technologically advanced inverters and home ups system for complete peace of mind.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Weight – 45kg
  • Battery voltage:
  • Dimension – 400 X 190 X 505
  • Warranty – 48 Months

Amaron Battery Review

Providing the customers with 48 months warranty, this battery inverter is desired by most of the people around the world. The reason is that this battery inverter is almost compatible with any type of brand that is available in the market.

It is so pleasing that it provides the user with a complete hassle-free experience. The battery needs zero maintenance because it uses a high heat resistant calcium and ultra hybrid alloy for its grids.

4. Microtek Inverter Battery – Microtek Mtek Power ET-648 Tall Tubular Battery 150Ah

Microtek Inverter Battery - Microtek Mtek Power ET-648 Tall Tubular Battery 150Ah

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  • The battery consists of quick recharge formulation which offers reliability and leaves the customers unimpeachable.
  • It consists of ceramic water level indicator
  • It consists of long lasting tubular inverter batteries with longer back up time.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Warranty – 48 Months

Microtek Battery Review

MtekPower provides the users with a long-lasting tubular inverter battery. It comes in different capacities that range from 135AH to 200AH, and these inverter batteries not only last long but are highly robust too. The warranty covers from 36 (18+18) months to 48 (36+12) months.

5. Okaya Inverter Battery – OKAYA 5024TT 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

Okaya Inverter Battery - OKAYA 5024TT 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

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  • The capacity of this battery is 150 AH with hadi tall tubular technology
  • It is a 100% latest tubular technology with envelope seperator technology factory that can be charged for a longer back-up time
  • It is an ultra low maintenance battery with 99.994 pure lead used specially for quick recharge formulation.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Battery Type: Acid Lead Battery, DC/AC Inverter, Tubular
  • Warranty – 36 Months

Okaya Tubular Battery Review

Well, the reason to select Okaya inverter battery can be many, but the main reason why it becomes a supreme choice to the users is because it is a low maintenance product. It charges itself quickly and consists of longer backup time. In other words it has all the qualities that a user seeks for.

6. Sukam Inverter Battery – Sukam 150Ah Inverter Battery

Sukam Inverter Battery - Sukam 150Ah Inverter Battery

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  • This type of battery consists of extra-thick gauntlets.
  • It has thick spines and a bus bar for excellent discharge performance.
  • It promises 1200 cycles at 80% DOD.
  • Provides consistent performance under different climatic conditions.
  • Quick charge acceptance.
  • Extra top electrolyte for less frequent water topping.
  • Extremely long life.
  • Low Maintenance – Special alloy to reduce electrolyte loss.
  • Environment Friendly – Micro porous ceramic vent plug ensures minimum acid fumes.
  • Batteries specially designed for places with frequent power cuts.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Weight – 57.6 kg
  • Dimension (LWH) – 503x193x362 (mm)
  • Charging Current – 15 Amp
  • Warranty – 18+18 Months

Sukam Inverter Battery Review

Sukam inverter batteries are the kind of a battery which works under different climatic condition. In other words, it provides the inverter with a performance that works in any weather and climate.

It charges up quickly and has an extremely long-lasting life, which makes it desirable to all the users. The most significant factor that contributes highly in this scenario is the fact that these batteries are low maintenance machines.

7. V Guard Inverter Battery – V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery

V Guard Inverter Battery - V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery

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  • The backup offered by these batteries varies from three hour thirty minutes to fifty four hours, depending upon how much load you have connected to the DUPS.
  • VT 160 batteries work well with other UPS.
  • High Pressure (100 bar) Casted Positive Spines -devoid of blow holes and finer grain structure.
  • Most suitable and reliable in deep cyclic application and higher power shortage area.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity – 150Ah
  • Weight – 56 kg
  • Dimension (LWH) – 505mm X 190mm X 415mm
  • Warranty – 30 months

V Guard Inverter Battery Review

The V-Guard VT 160 batteries fits perfectly and works well with all the other UPS. Not only this but the backup that is offered by these batteries ranges from three hours thirty minutes to fifty-four hours. The dimension of these battery ranges from length 505 mm, width 190 mm, and height 415 mm.

Not to forget these batteries are incorporated by V-Guard under the standard warranty of 30 months. The technology that is used in this product enables these batteries to present a more meaningful amount of consistent, reliable power. They are engineered to provide increased strength and efficiency while maximizing their life span

Inverter Battery Buying Guide – How to choose the best?

If you are searching for Best Inverter Battery for your home then you need to consider a lot of things. Don’t worry, your work has been made easy. Here is how you can choose your best pick. 

We all are convinced by the fact that living without the usage of the appliances is next to impossible. When the gadgets around us do not respond, our life seems to halt. Therefore, after witnessing every data about the inverter battery, you must be wondering that what would be the next step.


Well, the next step is pretty straightforward – choosing the right one. But how exactly would you know that this is the battery you need?
Thus, we have made your task easy. Here are some of the essential points to keep in mind before choosing an inverter battery.

1. Understand the Power Requirement 

This is one of the essential things that the user should consider before they start buying or replacing an inverter battery. In simpler words, you need to count the number of gadgets that you are likely to use and calculate it with the watts, each one of them contains. It’s as simple as that. If the inverter battery failed to keep up with the requirement, it would not perform the way it should. 

Therefore, here is the list of appliances and the power requirement of each of them. This would help you to estimate which battery would fit best for your inverter.

Tube Light60
CFL Bulb25

2. Look for the VA Rating of the Inverter

VA rating or the voltage ampere rating stands of the voltage and the current rating. It is the current that is supplied by the inverter to the appliances. The ideal situation is when the total value is the same as the VA.

3. Verify the Battery Size Before you Buy Your Inverter Battery

Before you buy the inverter battery, the user needs to understand that the size of the battery should be equivalent to the inverter. A size which is not compatible with the inverter would not deliver the desired results. 

4. The Bigger Appliance 

If you are considering fridge, television, air conditioner as the appliances, then you need to increase your VC. The reason for that is these appliances require a high amount of current to start, thus making the demand for more voltage current. 

5. Brand Quality

Brand Quality plays a really important role in the whole process. It is better to stay away from the local products so that you are able to protect your inverter from getting damaged. Make sure that you choose a product that is ISI marked so that you are able to enjoy low service costs. Choosing a brand means that you are granted with guarantee, warranty and good customer service. Thus trusting a good brand is really essential.

Types of Inverter Batteries

Before digging into which one is the best for you, it is vital to know what types are available in the market, and what is best for your inverter. Hence, There are three types of inverter batteries are available in the market: Flat Plate, Tubular and Maintenance Free.

1. Tubular Batteries

Tubular batteries are the best choice for inverters. Although they cost slightly more than flat plate batteries, they are much more durable and will last longer.

2. Maintenance-free Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries are sealed lead acid batteries that do not require electrolyte level check and top up. As the name indicates, these batteries don’t need any maintenance. Also, maintenance-free batteries do not emit any poisonous or harmful gases.

3. Flat Plate Batteries

Flat plate batteries are a type of lead-acid batteries and are the most common inverter batteries. They are rechargeable in nature and produce a large amount of current. They are also lightweight and economical. They usually last for 3-4 years but require regular maintenance. The electrolyte level check and top up has to be done at regular intervals. However, while charging and discharging, Flat Plate batteries release harmful gases. That’s why they must be installed at a well-ventilated place in the home.

4 Common Mistakes That Decreases Your Inverter Battery Life

Now that you have chosen the best one for your use, it is essential that you handle it well. You need to take care of few points to maintain the health and efficiency of the battery.

1. Overcharging 

Overcharging an inverter battery can lead to premature failure, and might affect the performance too. A constant charge of the battery causes corrosion in the positive plates and leads to high consumption of water. The batteries should be charged after it is consumed to 50 percent. 

2. Checking the temperature 

If you are using a tubular battery, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you are using a lead-acid battery, you need to check the temperature from time to time. It is not supposed to reach beyond 52 Celsius.

3. Overwatering 

As essential as the above two points are, here, the user needs to keep a proper check on the electrolyte level to maintain the health of the battery. Excessive watering results in an increase in dilution of electrolytes or overflowing of the same. 

4. Performance Check

This is one of the most vital step. If you need to check how well the battery is working allow a fully charged battery to go throw an open current for an hour. After that measure the voltage. A 12V is not suppose to exceed 0.30

Frequently Asked Questions About Inverter Batteries (FAQs):

What is the difference between tubular battery and normal battery?

Standard battery or flat plate battery’s life is lower compared to the tubular battery. It is because of the fact that the shedding of active material is little in tubular batteries. Tubular batteries also have a more exceptional ability to create and receive current as correlated to a flat plate battery.

Which tubular battery is best for inverter?

A tubular battery utilizes the technology that tends to seal active substances and materials in the polyester tubes which are known as gauntlets, rather than pasting it on the covering of the plate. As an outcome, there’s no peeling and corrosion. This makes sure that the battery has a long life.

How do I know if the battery is completely charged?

– During charging: You can measure the current flow that is going into the battery. If the current is low, (<0.05C) then it means that the battery is nearly charged.

– Terminal Voltage: You can measure the terminal voltage. If the terminal voltage is equal to the max charging voltage then it means that it is fully charged.

What is the average life of an inverter battery?

The answer to this question is simple. Inverter batteries are prone to damage. The batteries that are flat plate have a life expectancy of 3 years whereas the tubular battery is approx 3 to 5 years.

How to maintain tubular battery?

To manage the inverter battery and its charge, it is advised that you use it regularly. Even if there is not a power cut for a significant amount of time, remember to discharge the battery every month and also make sure that you recharge it to the full extent.

How much of distilled water be used for inverter batteries?

The user should add water until the electrolyte level is like 1/8 of the tube. i.e below the bottom of the fill well.

Note: Do not overfill the batteries.

Is it safe to keep inverter and battery in bedroom?

Inverter batteries discharge hydrogen fumes and other gases, but these are the fumes that are in safe limits. Though it is preferred to install them in free areas such as a balcony or near a window where there is proper ventilation, still you can manage them in the bedroom with adequate ventilation.

Can I use a 24v inverter on a 12v battery?

Even a fully charged 12v battery is too weak for a voltage input for a 24v inverter, it would refuse to work. A 24v battery and an inverter would be a much better option, as you do not require a heavy gauge wire for the same load.

Does inverter increase electricity bill?

A battery furnishes inverters that are used in a home. If the user charges the battery with the help of a utility grid, then the answer is yes. It would increase the electric bill. The reason and logic behind it is that there is a loss of power in the usage of the inverter.

How many units does an inverter consume?

Well, the answer to this question is that it consumes less power. An old inverter that is 1.5 tonne AC might use around 1.5 units per hour. While an inverter AC only uses 0.91 units per hour. When it comes to a refrigerator accounts up to 15% of a household’s total power consumption.


The advancement of technology from the lead-acid battery to tubular battery signifies that we, as a society, have come a long way. This jump has made the lives of every individual hassle-free and easy.

Originating from a country where everyone experiences maximum power cuts and limited resources, this pure invention has not only increased efficiency but also dealt with 60 percent of the issues.

I hope our article on Best Inverter Battery for Home Use in India helped you with your dilemma’s on the selection of inverter batteries and how to conserve energy for the same.

If you think that you need any more assistance or help with the selection of inverter batteries then feel free to comment below. We would try to help you with your questions and aid you with suitable answers.

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