Comedy is quite a lot of fun to watch and keeps our mind off of things, plus when its good, its engaging. Here are the Best Indian Comedians to Binge Watch.

Earlier in India, comedy was mostly dedicated TV shows or well known actors doing their bit in movies. Today we see a new breed of comics coming up from every corner of the country, displaying their talent to the community that has started to enjoy stand up comedy a lot.

Best Indian Comedians to Binge Watch

Looking for a good laugh? Earlier it was the Great Indian Laughter Challenge that kept us giggling for hours. That later changed to the infamously popular Kapil Sharma Show. Now it is this incredible breed of stand up comics coming from various parts of the country, with amazing talent to tell stories and jokes to keep us entertained.

Here are the Best Indian Comedians to Binge Watch:

  1. Kunal Kamra : Talking more about politics, Kunal Kamra is one of the most successful comics in the country.
  2. Kapil Sharma : A lighthearted, family friendly comic, Kapil Sharma has made it into every household in the country with his charming, witty sense of humor.
  3. Kenny Sebastian : Kenny, also, is a lighthearted comic, famous for his special “Chai Time with Kenny” on YouTube.
  4. Zakir Khan : A truly funny being, talking mostly about life as it is for him from his own perspective.
  5. Varun Grover : Varun speaks a lot about the state of the country, politics and the true nature of being. A funny comic with witty titbits of common sense attached to his comedy.
  6. Atul Khatri : The life story of a father and husband as told by this wonderfully charming comic.
  7. Vir Das : One of the more internationally acclaimed comics of our time. Vir Das’ comedy takes up all aspects of life and humanity.
  8. Neeti Palta : Neeti Palta is an incredible comic with a variety of content in her comedy. She talks about general circumstances, all the while being incredible charming and funny/
  9. Mallika Dua : As much gifted writer and actor, as is she a comic. Mallika Dua is the one person you see in skits and instantly assume its going to be inherently funny.
  10. Aditi Mittal ; Aditi talks about taboo subjects, as per the mindset of the current state of the country, all the while being hysterically humorous, witty and charming.
  11. Rahul Subramanian : A truly charming fellow. Rahul does incredible crowd work and does not shy away from targeting audience, with his witty, kind sense of humor.


With different comics, comes different comedy. The variety available to us on the internet or on TV is exceptional, as is the talent. Be it stand up comedy or physical comedy, there is something for everyone. Political satire, basic everyday gags and deep thoughtful jokes are widely present online and on TV. Khojdeal lists the Best Indian Comedians to Binge Watch.