Are you ready to buy some new and better headphones but can’t figure out which ones are the most suitable for your needs and budget? Would you like a model that has the best relationship between quality and price? We have the solution! Our guide is full of advice, opinions and truthful reviews on the top of the range models currently on the market.

Thanks to us you will not only discover which are the most requested headphones on Flipkart, but you will be able to understand which are the brands to focus on and the most important features to never give up!

To find out what are the best headphones for you, now all you have to do is keep reading!

1. Our Pick: Jabra Elite 75t

This pair has everything you would expect at this price: resistance to outdoor environments, good battery life, stable connection and quality sound … Other features also make it easier to use and you just have to focus on your favorite music, video or sports performance without worrying about the rest. We just note a slightly weak range in the defaults menu.

This is the evolution of the Elite 65t series. Even if we do not offer you the Active version here, these True Wireless headphones are nonetheless a safe bet. The difference is that their waterproofness is reduced by one level to display an IP55 protection rating.

On the design side, the brand keeps the same line of conduct while turning to more sobriety. Optimal comfort and support are provided by the three sizes of tips.

To minimize cuts, they keep the Bluetooth 5.0 connection. There is no lag between sound and picture when viewing videos. On the other hand, users find the range a bit low.

This time, to facilitate order management, the Alexa voice assistant has been integrated. In addition, many configurations can be configured via the Jabra Sound + application.

In terms of sound, Jabra integrates a total of four quality microphones, diffusers of deep bass and clear treble. The sound is therefore appreciable, as is the passive noise reduction, which is very satisfactory.

Finally, the autonomy can increase until 8:30 p.m. with the two additional charges offered by the case. A full charge takes 2h20 for approximately 7h30 of autonomy. But if you absolutely need a little battery, know that in 15 minutes, you recover 1 hour of resistance.

With all of these little improvements, it’s no wonder Jabra’s latest earphones are a real sensation, and with so many uses.

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2. The best budget headphones: Anker SoundBuds Curve

Aesthetic and really comfortable, the SoundBuds Curve delight users who want truly waterproof headphones at a lower cost while combining decent sound quality, interesting features and a very affordable price. They are perfect for listening to music in a not too noisy environment or while playing sports because of their good support.

The Anker brand is often the leader in inexpensive high-tech accessories. Here, the presence of a cable placed on the neck to connect the two headphones is hardly felt, especially since they are light. The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.0.

This time the headphones offer two ear mounts and six sizes of plugs. All of this allows them to be used while playing sports or in a quieter environment with good support and excellent comfort. These headphones are IPX7 rated and are therefore completely waterproof.

The autonomy announced by the brand is 18 hours but in reality, it is rather 13 hours, knowing that it will depend on the listening volume. This is managed with the remote control, which also allows you to take phone calls. Small negative point, the integrated microphone tends to let through some of the surrounding noise.

In order to guarantee autonomy, you will have to remember to turn off the headphones after use because they do not benefit from automatic shutdown.

As for the sound, the whole is moderately unbalanced by the presence of a little too much bass. This will appeal to users who like more dynamic music but probably less to others.

On the other hand, we do not recommend their use for watching videos because the gap between sound and image is a little too important.

Finally, the sound insulation is deplorable with exterior sounds far too present. However, there are no leaks to report even at a higher volume which helps to cover the surrounding noise without disturbing your neighbors.

3. The best high-end headphones: Sony WF-1000XM3

The WF-1000 XM3 present a quality sound, a stable connection, a good autonomy and an anti-noise function making them gain in modernity. Their comfort and support will also delight athletes. They even think about left-handers being able to be used from either side. On the other hand, the volume cannot be controlled directly on the headphones and it will be necessary to go through your reading device.

This model is the worthy successor of the WF-1000X. Revisited with a new design, it comes in two colors (black and silver), with a plastic outer wall. Comfort is present thanks to the four silicone tips and the three “comfort” tips.

The connection is more reliable than on its predecessor thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. which knows less latency, if any. However, if you have Hi-Res and Aptx-HD type audio, the connection will not be made.

Each earphone has its uses. The left turns the sound off and on. It can also activate the Ambient Sound function, to hear the outside world. The right is used to contact Siri or Google Assistant and to pause. These controls are tactile.

The earbuds each have two speakers. Moreover, if one of the two earbuds is removed, the music pauses automatically. On the other hand, the black point to note is the absence of volume control.

However, the strength of this product is undoubtedly its anti-noise (ANC) function. You can therefore benefit from it to mask background noise in addition to listening to music.

The battery status can be checked via the Sony Headphones Connect app. It also allows you to adjust the equalizer and switch to left-handed mode, which gives this model the ambidextrous character.

For the rest, users are happy with the call quality, punchy bass and excellent isolation. The sound is more dynamic and precise than on the WF-1000X.

The autonomy has been improved to reach 6 hours with the possibility of three full recharges via the charging case. So, in all, 24 hours of autonomy. Note that with 10 minutes of fast charging, you get 90 minutes of listening.

In the end, whether you are more sporty or picky about sound quality, it is the WF-1000XM3 that we recommend.

4. A cheap alternative: 1More Triple Driver

Unlike their competitors in this article, the Triple Driver focus more on quality than support (and therefore sporting use). As a result, they offer a very good level of comfort and a fairly clean, THX certified rendering. On the other hand, the support is not ideal for sudden movements and the cable is more fragile than what can be found on other models of its kind.

Ergonomics is one of the great qualities of this model. Quite discreet and very light (18 g), these earbuds offer 9 different tips (6 in silicone and 3 in foam) which increase comfort. In addition, the maintenance may seem more difficult but we advise you to turn the earpiece when inserting it in the ear.

On the other hand, the 1m25 cable is quite fragile. On it, there are 3 buttons with which you control voice assistance, sound settings and call management.

Once the pairing is done with iOS or Android, you will be able to enjoy the music. The THX certification gives a high-performance audio quality (compliant or even better than that of other products in its range) with good bass. It is played through three dynamic loudspeakers in each ear cup. Once put on, you are completely isolated from surrounding noise.

The brand also launched its first wireless headphones on the market. The 1 More Stylish True Wireless are certainly connected in Bluetooth 5.0, but the sound is worse than that of the Triple Driver offered at a similar price.

In conclusion, for their price, the Triple Drivers are excellent headphones. Their polished aesthetic should please you and their THX certified audio will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes in impressive sound quality.

5. A mid-range alternative: Jaybird Vista

Jaybird’s Vista headphones are a good alternative if you need high water resistance. The sound is good and the equalizer will allow you to customize it at your leisure. However, they are a little less good at taking calls than the Jabra Elite 75t because of their single microphone (compared to 4).

The earbuds are delivered with their case (rechargeable by USB-C cable provided) and three sizes of silicone tips for a comfort adapted to each one. This box extends the autonomy of the headphones from 6 to 16 hours.

However, the real revolution of the model is that you can only use one of the two headphones. You then double the listening time. Plus, fast charging allows the earbuds to take an extra 1 hour in just 5 minutes.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is reliable and without latency up to 10 m. Pairing the phone is easy. You can take calls but unfortunately there is only one microphone.

The Vista are light (6 g with silicone) and compact. Users find them more comfortable with better support than AirPods 2, which are however often used by athletes. As a bonus, they are completely water resistant thanks to the IPX7 certification. They can therefore be used in all circumstances.

Regarding the sound quality, you will be surprised. The sounds are punchy and precise without being loud. In addition, the Jaybird app provides access to a fully customizable equalizer. The sound will be all the more immersive.

6. A high-end alternative: Apple AirPods Pro

The Airpods Pro are Apple’s first pair with great sound quality. It does not equal that of the largest but is sufficient for the majority of users. The active noise reduction is on the other hand very present and comes to supplement an already very good comfort. However, the biggest complaint we can make is related to the reduced compatibility as soon as we leave the brand’s ecosystem with (too) many features that become unusable.

With the H1 chip, these headphones easily connect to Apple devices. The IPX4 resistance allows use in the rain or during an intense sports session.

Regarding autonomy, it is about 4 hours with noise reduction activated for a total of more than 24 hours with the charging case.

Comfort level, they are provided for purchase (which is rare enough to be emphasized) with 3 pairs of eartips to best fit your ear. However, smaller ears are likely to be disappointed that they cannot use the smaller mouthpiece, which some appear to be still too large. 

The real plus of this model compared to the original version is Apple’s effort in sound quality. Indeed, balance, precision and clarity are clearly above Airpods. It is true that they lack a little depth to be perfect, but they are clearly sufficient to appreciate music of any type.

For insulation, here we are with a model offering real active noise reduction. The transparency mode is the equivalent of Hear Through and allows, when you remove an earpiece, to automatically hear the outside world in the second, which pauses.


After 14 hours of researching 32 models, we selected the Jabra Elite 75t as the best headphones around. They offer unbeatable value for money for a variety of uses. For users looking for comfort and support above all else, we recommend the Sony WF-1000XM3.