Top 10 Best Glue Gun In India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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Best Glue Gun In India: A hot glue gun is an indispensable tool for DIYers and anyone interested in arts and crafts projects. It works quickly and delivers a consistent flow of hot glue that’s capable of binding almost any object. Plus, unlike other adhesives, a glue gun can be used on any type of material including glass, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, stone, and foam.

That’s why, glue guns are among the most useful and popular household tools. With so many glue guns brands available in the market, knowing which one to choose can seem daunting. Lucky for you our experts have reviewed the top 10 Best Glue Gun In India keeping things like features and budget in mind.

Best Glue Gun In India 2020

From small mini hot glue guns used to stick delicate objects to large industrial models that work on wood and metals for heavy-duty projects, there is a hot glue gun for every purpose. Our experts have done an extensive research into the features that add the most value to users and listed below the top 10 Best Glue Gun In India.

Best Glue Gun In India 2020 Reviewed

  1. Stanley 69GR20B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun
  2. UniQual UQGG15L01 Plastic Low Temp Mini Glue Gun
  3. Glun Plastic 20-W Hot Melt Glue Gun
  4. I-Will Blue Bird Mini Hot Melt Gun
  5. Spartan Pro60-10WH Plastic Glue Gun
  6. Aptechdeals 80-W Hot Melt Standard Temperature Corded Glue Gun
  7. Themisto 150-W Multi Temperature High Power Hot Melt Glue Gun
  8. Mega Glue Gun
  9. ANSIO 60-Watt Hot Melt Plastic Glue Gun
  10. Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun

1. Stanley 69GR20B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun


  • It would take 5 minutes for the glue to reach the working temperature (if the power input is 220-240V AC, 50Hz)
  • Time to wait for glue stick to melt – 3-5 min for corded. 2-3 minutes once the product is charged for cordless
  • Please use standard 12mm glue sticks only
  • The heat gun must be charged for 10-12 min before using the cordless feature. The cordless feature can be used for 7-10 minutes only post charging. You should charge the gun again post 10 min of usage
  • Disclaimer: The glue gun can get heated up if used while charging in corded state. The product nozzle will be at 190C while charging and the body of the glue gun gets warm
  • Fold-out stand for safe handy storage while in use
  • Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow
  • Cord free working for up to 10 mins - ideal for outdoor jobs
  • Power: 25 watts
  • Operating voltage 220-240 volts
  • Item Dimension: 110mm x 45mm x 95mm

Why We Recommend It?

A Name you can Trust: For over 170 years, Stanley hand tools have been synonymous with quality, durability, safety and design around the world. The range of Stanley hand tools is designed for the most demanding carpentry, construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing tasks. Our tool manufacturing plants have been certified according to the ISO-9000 standard to ensure consistency in size, appearance and performance. Stanley hand tools are definitely the best choice for the professional tradesman & serious DIY’ers which helps you work better, smarter & faster.

Corded Glue Gun: Gluepro is a 30-watt glue gun which melts glue sticks using electricity. This is a corded glue gun which requires operating voltage range of 220 – 240.

Quick Heating: Gluepro is made up of engineered plastic which can withstand high temperature. The heating mechanism is quick and glue bonds within 60 seconds.

Trigger-Feed Mechanism: Gluepro has a unique trigger-feed mechanism. This ensures the glue to flow only when the trigger is pressed. This will avoid wastage/dripping of glue when not in use.

Fold-out Stand: Gluepro has a fold-out stand which avoids the damage to the tip while in use. It also comes in handy while using the tool for a continuous period of time.

Ergonomic Design: Gluepro is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to use for longer durations. The design prevents dissipation of heat to the trigger which ensures safety of the user.

Glue Sticks: Glue sticks are inserted in the space provided in the back of gluepro. It is advisable to use GS20DT/25DT/GS260/GS500 glue sticks for better functioning. Gluepro supports only 11mm glue sticks.

2. UniQual UQGG15L01 Plastic Low Temp Mini Glue Gun


  • 15 days warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • UniQual Lo Temp Mini Glue Gun is specially designed for: Kids for school projects and crafts, pasting delicate items like fabric, thermocol, foam, paper, detailed or precise work such as beading, light weight embellishments, ornament detailed work, etc.
  • Pre-heating in 3-5 minutes only, maintains constant temperature to ensure continuous glue flow when heated
  • Best for light wood, paper, plastic, fabric and foam materials
  • Preserve delicate materials from warping and other damage with low temperature glue gun

Why We Recommend It?

UniQual Lo Temp Glue Gun is designed for needs of School, Home and Office. With Low Temperature Glue Gun, you can fearlessly use glue on delicate materials like paper, balloon, fabric, thermocol, foam, etc. The thin line of glue from specially designed nozzle is useful for precise and detailed work. Be it foam crafts, school projects, lacing, beading, balloon decoration, making holiday ornaments, bonding delicate showpieces or any DIY job, the UniQual Lo Temp glue gun will serve all your purpose.

Kids Friendly Glue Gun: UniQual Lo Temp Glue Gun features better ergonomics design for kids. The Silicone Nozzle Cover and Low Temperature makes it Safe for kids to use it. The compact size is comfortable for kids as well as adults. The stand keeps the glue gun upright.

Anti-Drip or Leak Proof: UniQual Lo Temp Glue Gun features anti drip or non-leaking nozzle. Glue will flow only when trigger is pressed.

Fearlessly work on delicate materials: UniQual Lo Temp Gun is specially designed for working on delicate materials like Balloons, Foam, Thermocol, Cloth to prevent bursting, burning, warping or melting of material.

Safe and Comfortable: The ergonomic design of glue gun makes it ideal for adults as well as kids.The silicone nozzle cover and low temperature makes it safe for kids to use.The nozzle is specially designed for withstanding the glue. Glue does not leak or drip. It flows only by pulling trigger.

Special Nozzle for Precise and Detailed Work: Working with Beads, Holiday Ornaments, Delicate Showpieces, etc. is more accurate and precise with thin line of glue flow from UniQual Lo Temp Glue Gun.

3. Glun Plastic 20-W Hot Melt Glue Gun



  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • No Warranty
  • 7 mm diameter
  • 20 watts
  • Fastening metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics, paper, leather, furniture, toys. Glue gun is best gift idea, widely used in home, office, school project, art and craft, etc.,
  • Mainly used for assembly / repair / fastening / bonding most types of materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, paper, leather, cloth, toys, furniture, and so welcomed by customers.
  • Take it with you - take advantage of a compact design and pack this tool to take with you on crafting weekends with friends, vacations, and retreats.
  • Design: Ergonomic design and suitable size make it comfortable to handle and use.
  • Material: Made with high quality plastic engineered to sustain high pressure and temperature without deforming.
  • Instant heat up (peak within 3 minutes)
  • Easy to use: Uses standard size glue sticks, fold-out stand for safe handy storage.
  • Perfect for home, office, school, factory. Adhesive for assembly / repair / motor with trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow.  

4. I-Will Blue Bird Mini Hot Melt Gun



  • 20-Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Free 20 Glue Sticks
  • For Fine Craft Work
  • Suitable For 7 MM Glue Stick
  • Put the glue gun on stand and do not hold glue gun upside.
  • Leave the glue stick in the glue gun, do not take out while not using

5. Spartan Pro60-10WH Plastic Glue Gun



  • Wattage: 60 watts
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Item Dimension: 290mm x 46mm x 187mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Glue Gun and 10-Pieces Glue Sticks
  • No warranty
  • Comes with glue sticks of 8 inches
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Works best at 5 minutes of heating
  • Applications: Suitable for sealing and joining and for repairs with hot-melt type adhesive. Ideal for hobbies, arts and crafts and repairs on a variety of materials.
  • For Gluing: Wood, plastic, carton, glass, ceramic, stone, textiles, cork, leather, metal. etc.

Why We Recommend It?

Spartan glue gun is a super quality glue gun with 10 pieces of glue sticks which maintain constant temperature automatically and work best at 5 minutes. Keeping users safety as priority, it is made by PTC heating units with overheating protection. The trigger-freed mechanism controls glue flow. The glue gun is ideal for hobbies, arts and crafts and repairs on a variety of materials. Features: Easy to operate. Sticks perfectly. Built with user protection.

6. Aptechdeals 80-W Hot Melt Standard Temperature Corded Glue Gun


  • PTC electric resistance technology, instant heat up (peak within 2 minutes).
  • Workable voltage range of 100v-240v, ergonomic design and suitable size make it comfortable to handle and use
  • Perfect for home, office, school, factory ideal adhesive for assembly / repair / fastening metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics, paper, leather, furniture, toys.
  • Made with high quality plastic engineered to sustain high pressure and temperature without deforming.
  • Material: plastic + metal
  • Working power: 80W
  • Working voltage: 110V-240V
  • Cable length: 144cm
  • On/Off Switch
  • Fast-heating (1-3 min) & energy-saving thanks to PTC heater.
  • Power 80W for all your needs
  • Easy Grip glue gun handle for best control
  • Ideal for paper, wood, ceramic, plastic, fabric, glass, cardboard, Styrofoam, metal & much more

Why We Recommend It?

Multi-application: This is a multi-purpose tool that you can use to fix broken things, fill voids, handle leaks, hand-made, creative design, and electronics and shoe processing. It is suitable for a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber, leather, textiles, fabrics, paper and more.

Design and full size: Handle ergonomically designed for your comfort, made from ABS plastic and features a 3-finger large trigger system can make you push glue out evenly and consistently, also help you save sticks. A detachable and flexible metal kickstand that can stabilize the glue gun and keeps the nozzle downward.

7. Themisto 150-W Multi Temperature High Power Hot Melt Glue Gun


  • Ergonomic trigger and grip designs provide optimum comfort, comfortable for long time use.
  • PTC heating system to ensure high power and quick heating, high glue output and fast melting.
  • 150W high-power support, 140-220°C adjustable temperature. Safety design, with safety electric fuse inside to prevent overheating.
  • Bracket stand for safety and easy place while working on any project.
  • Wide application in handcraft and repair job. DIYER best gift idea, widely used in home, office, factory, etc., mainly used for assembly / repair / fastening / bonding most types of materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, paper, leather, cloth, Toys, furniture

Why We Recommend It?

The Themisto Professional Hot Glue Gun is your all in one stop for the crafting you want to do. It is a great tool for the household or shop where many people will use many types of glue for many different purposes. Perfect for crafts, home quick repair, office and school DIY projects. This temperature adjustable glue gun can be set to low or high temperatures, making it a safe and versatile option. It is a lightweight, easy-squeeze trigger, rubber coating for easier cleaning, detachable stand to keep the gun stable and upright with 5.5-inch cord length.

Temperature Control Between 100°C-220°C: This glue gun has been designed with a temperature that ranges from 100°C to 220°C (212°F – 428°F) which is the most suitable for use in both hot and cold applications.There’s a dial that moves between 100°C-220°C for different use, the speed of the glue flow is different according to the different temperature, and you may need use a small flat-bladed screwdriver spinning on the dial to change the temperature.

Non-drip Interchangeable Narrow Nozzle for Detailed Work: The diameter of the nozzle is about 9.20mm, orifice diameter is 3mm, length of whole nozzle is about 30mm. The copper nozzle has the better thermo-stability than the other nozzles.Anti-drip which built in leak-proof valve, the insulated tip provided a consistent and steady flow of glue and the narrow size allow for precise application. Also, it can be unscrewed and replaced if needed for different applications.

LED indicator: 3-5 min warm up time, an indicator light to let you know if it is ready to be used. Anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor, automatic thermostat for energy saving. Cooling hole, heat insulation device on the tail to ensure longer lifespan without burning out the thermal mechanism.

Multi use: Affixing beads and decorations to wood, glass, stone, ceramics, metal, brick, or other materials. – Creating dried-flower or silk-flower crafts. – Making holiday decorations. – Reupholstering old furniture for a new look. – Decorating photo frames with seashells or other embellishments. – Adding finishing touches to costumes.

Strong gumming: Standard glue sticks needs 7/16″ diameter (between 10.8mm-11.8mm) 10″ length, 15-20g/min melting out. Diameter of the glue strips should between 10.8mm-11.8mm. If the applied stick doesn’t match, the glue gun may be damaged.

8. Mega Glue Gun



  • Ideal for all bonding jobs
  • Trigger-feed for even glue flow
  • Perfect for home repairs, hobbies and crafts
  • Material: Steel and Plastic
  • It is lightweight and has a very sleek design

9. ANSIO 60-Watt Hot Melt Plastic Glue Gun



  • Ansio Hot Melt Glue Gun comes with 2-year Warranty. 
  • 60 Watt
  • PTC Heating
  • Ideal for Arts and Crafts, Office, School and DIY Projects
  • Compatible with 11 mm Glue Stick

Why We Recommend It?

Compact ergonomic design with brass nozzle: 60-Watt Hot Glue Gun with Brass Nozzle provides smooth glue flow and retains heat in the most efficient way and the silicone rubber is High Temperature -Protective, protects your hands from burning.

Perfect mechanism: PTC heating system helps to heat the glue gun and maintains a constant temperature making it adhesive, ensures high glue output and fast melting.

Safe and efficient: The Trigger feed controls the flow of the glue. The fold out stand helps to put down safe and not letting the hot tip rest on any surface. With On/Off Switch one need not have to stop and unplug the glue gun between uses, making it quick and ready for use! Compatible with 11 mm diameter glue sticks. No glue sticks included.

Wide applications: It’s an ideal adhesive repairing tool choice for office, home decors and DIY small crafts projects such as wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.

10. Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun


  • 3.6 V lithium-ion battery technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge, always ready to use
  • Automatic glue retraction mechanism - No dripping
  • 15 second heat-up time - Always ready to use
  • Charging with Bosch micro USB charger
  • Energy-saving due to Auto-Off - automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • The glue guns from Bosch are ideal for adhesive attachment, model making, repairing, sealing and jointing.
  • They stick almost anything: wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, glass, textiles, leather and much more.
  • The glue gun's mechanical feed system provides fingertip power control and targeted, rapid application.


Whether you are working with fabric, wood, metal, or plastic, hot glue guns that are perfect for your needs. These compact handheld devices allow you to tackle numerous craft projects and household repairs in seconds. Our personal choice for the best hot glue gun has got to be the Bosch PKP 3.6 LI Cordless Glue Gun for it’s size, features, and efficiency.

If you’re unable to find the best glue gun in India here, head over to Amazon India to browse through the portal’s extensive collection.

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