Do you need to give a teenager a gift? We are talking about that age group ranging from 12 to 18 who has everything and wants (rightly) more and more. Original ideas of gifts designed for both girls and boys are certainly not lacking and will never be lacking, just have a little imagination (or trust us and our selection).

More than a handbook, more than a practical guide, we have prepared for you the bible of gifts for young and very young people who will accompany you in the discovery of their desires. We have thought of some must-have gift ideas ranging from items like books, tech, handbags, sweatshirts, makeup and clothes for the youngest.

What do you give to a teenager?

Adolescence, as we know, is the difficult age par excellence: children become elusive and often attuning to their tastes and passions may not be easy. So, what do you give to a teenager who is celebrating his birthday, or for any other occasion (for example Christmas presents)? The mission is not the easiest but before you throw in the towel, know that there are absolute must-haves you can’t go wrong with.

Among the passions that all young people have in common, for example, there is that for music: so, make way for devices that allow you to listen to your favorite songs on headphones – when they want to isolate themselves – or at full volume, when they are in company.

And the smartphone? Needless to say, it is the cult object for all teenagers: among the most appropriate gifts, then, also the accessories to be connected to the mobile phone such as the new portable printers that allow you to transform selfies and shots produced with the smartphone into real photos, or trendy smartwatches.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for a girl, you must consider a beauty alternative, choosing some product or accessory that makes her feel beautiful.

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Best gifts for teenagers

So do not worry with these ideas, more or less expensive, you will find the right gift for a girl or a boy who is about to turn a birthday or celebrate an important event in his life. Sit back and enjoy this unmissable selection where you will surely find what you were looking for to make a teenager happy. Don’t forget to apply the relevant coupon voucher before placing your order to avail jaw-dropping discounts.

1. A Bluetooth headset

Teens love to listen to music, especially on headphones when they want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The right gift then will be the wireless earphones to connect to the smartphone. Those from Yobola feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology for high fidelity sound and low power consumption. The battery can last for over 7 hours of music playback on a single charge.

2. A portable printer

How many photos does a teenager take? Infinite. The perfect gift then will be the printer with which to transform your shots into photos to keep. Zip by Polaroid is super easy to use: just download the free app and that’s it. Furthermore, thanks to the many stickers, filters and special frames, kids can have fun customizing their photos. Lightweight and compact, it fits comfortably in the backpack pocket.

3. A hair straightener

For girls who love to take care of their appearance impeccably, the right gift can also be an accessory with which to create a perfect hairstyle. Bellissima by Imetec can be used to straighten hair but also to create soft waves, both wide and thinner. The layer in ceramic it also favors the homogeneous distribution of heat so as not to damage the foliage.

4. A video game for the PlayStation

Among the passions of teenagers, it is impossible not to mention the PlayStation. As a gift, then choose a game like the galactic adventure proposed by “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” for spectacular lightsaber duels.

5. Think Gizmos

Think Gizmos is the kit to assemble a musical robot that will emit sound effects. Produced with laser-cut wood, it has been designed to stimulate dexterity and creativity. And to ensure hours of fun right from its assembly. It consists of 221 pieces and is equipped with lights and sounds that will make this robot even more spectacular.

6. A portable speaker

To listen to music at full volume, nothing better than a Bluetooth speaker to connect to smartphones and tablets. JBL GO 2 to the integrated noise cancellation function combines a rechargeable lithium battery for 5 hours of uninterrupted listening. Waterproof and resistant, it can also be used in the pool, on the beach or in the park to share your favorite songs with friends.

7. A smartwatch

Among the most popular gifts of this period also the smartwatch: easy in price but super practical also for boys. Honor’s can be used for sports but also as an alarm clock or to answer incoming calls and receive SMS and emails.

8. A graphic tablet

The graphics tablet is a perfect gift to help 13-year-olds take notes at school without wasting paper. An excellent gift idea because it is educational on several fronts: it encourages study and inspires an ecological awareness. This graphic tablet measures 28 X 18.5cm and is equipped with a wireless pen.

9. A decorative light box

For fourteen-year-olds, on the other hand, an original and fun gift idea is the Light Box. With 295 letters, symbols and emojis, two special markers supplied, Bonnyco’s overhead projector will entertain kids, stimulating their creativity. And in the meantime, it will be a strikingly designed light point for their room.

10. Luminous glasses

The Lerway glasses with integrated LED lighting is a gift idea that will send into raptures any fourteen year, guaranteed. For a rave look, this accessory will become a cult in the classroom. And the other parents will ask you where you found it because everyone wants it.

11. Pizza themed socks

Who doesn’t love pizza? Nobody, least of all teenagers! So, a gift that will certainly be appreciated is the Rainbow Socks set “Pizza MIX Italian Hawaiian Pepperoni”. A cardboard-shaped box for pizza with four pairs of pizza-themed socks inside. The composition of the socks is 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane.

12. A portable instant digital camera

The Polaroid Snap Touch 2.0 is the 13 MP portable digital instant camera, with integrated Bluetooth, LCD touchscreen display, 1080p video, Zink Zero Ink technology and a dedicated app with which to manage printing directly from your smartphone. A gift idea appreciated by all that will certainly please teenagers. You can print selfies and photos with friends in just two clicks. And with the sticky paper, the photos will become fun stickers to attach to the diary.

13. A 3D lamp

A gift a little different than usual? The 3D lamp for children’s bedrooms. Equipped with 16 colors and 3 different light modes, the dimmable lamp can be modulated according to the mood or the surrounding environment and thanks to the evocative projections, it allows you to recreate Star Wars-style optical effects.

14. Bicycle wheel lights

The Pesp Cdycam Wheel Lights are multicolored LED lights that will transform your rides into fun and spectacular tours! They feature 36 LED combinations, are very bright and have low energy consumption. The installation is also very simple. They will also make the cyclist in question more visible in traffic, thus increasing the safety of bike rides.

15. A trendy backpack

For school but also for free time, a practical and functional backpack is essential for any teenager. Among the models most loved by boys, that of The North Face. Equipped with a removable external shoulder strap, it has shaped shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort, zip closure and a padded back panel to protect the spine. In addition, you can choose it in many different colors to satisfy all tastes.


Looking for the right gift for a teenager? Don’t panic: between videogames, hi-tech gadgets and leisure time proposals, mentioned above are some suggestions to make no mistake.

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