Those who exercise and follow a diet prepared by a specialist doctor often also help themselves with Fitness supplements. These particular products are intended to increase muscle mass and promote weight loss for those who use them, as well as strengthen the immune system and restore the right energy to the muscles to face great efforts.

In our guide you will find all the tips you need to buy the right dietary supplement without spending too much. Those who do not have time to read it all can take a look at Hyper Hypgorun1000 prepared by mixing various substances, including guarana and ginseng and ideal for runners and cyclists, while Glutamine 360 tablets is suitable for those who work in the gym who will have to take four tablets at the day.

The Best Fitness Supplements – Ranking 2022

In our buying advice we have analyzed all the main features to know to know how to choose a good Fitness supplement. Now let’s move on to the part of the guide with the reviews of the models sold online that we have included in our ranking for quality-price and general user satisfaction. By reading them it will be possible to compare the offers and buy the best Fitness supplement for your needs without spending too much. To find the best deals coupons for your supplement purchases, use Khojdeal.

1. L Carnitine 2000 Natural High Dose Fat Burner Supplement

The first good news is that the new L Carnitine 2000 is part of those natural Fitness supplements that do not hurt as they are produced in Europe according to the ISO 9001 standard. Among its properties is that of promoting fat metabolism. feels an increase in resistance to both physical and mental fatigue.

Let’s take a step back on the issue of fat metabolism, this is true if you have regular physical activity. The supplement is completely natural and highly digestible. The capsules are, according to some, a bit large so you may have some trouble swallowing them, although it is likely that the odor described by consumers as intense and unpleasant is likely to make it more difficult to swallow the capsules.

Another thing that was not liked is the expiration date, applied on a removable label, it would have been better imprinted on the bottle so as not to instill the doubt of tampering by the manufacturer.

2. SIS Fitness supplements

SIS Fitness supplements are among the best sellers but what exactly is it? It is a blend of sugars, particularly maltodextrin that is rapidly assimilated, making it ideal for training and competitions.

The intake does not cause gastrointestinal problems since the substance remains for a short time in the stomach, and no water is required. One of the characteristics that users liked the most is that the gel, unlike others, does not knead the mouth,

The disposable portions are convenient to keep in your pocket, they do not cause any discomfort. The tear-off opening system is complicated; it takes a bit of effort so opening is particularly uncomfortable for cyclists. The taste is not the best and there have been many complaints here. The price is quite high.

3. Enervit Enervitene Sport Gel Taste Tropical Fruits

Enervitene gel is especially suitable for cycling, however it can also be used by those who practice other Fitness. It should be taken before or during physical activity with effects that are felt in the short term. The product is quickly absorbed and it is not necessary to swallow it with water, we offer you the tropical fruit taste but there is a good choice, for example coca or orange, just to name a few, the important thing that regardless of taste, the taste is good and this favors its intake.

The recommended dose, in the case of the 25 ml minipacks, is four, this could lead to fear of an excessive cost to be incurred but this is absolutely not the case because as Fitness supplements for cycling they are quite cheap.

The only small flaw we found is in the packaging, as it is made it is easy to pour the contents on yourself and therefore not take the full dose, as well as get dirty, but this is a secondary problem since when you train you sweat and therefore the clothes must be washed immediately.

4. Sport Performance Protein, Mocha Sabor, 28.6oz (812G) Vega

Among the American Fitness supplements there is Vega, composed of completely natural proteins. Those who have taken them speak of actual benefits. The flavor (several flavors are available) is considered very good even by the fussiest eaters.

The supplement is suitable for vegans as there are no proteins of animal origin but it is also good for those with gluten intolerance as it is absent in the product. As a product it is expensive, better make it clear.

Apart from the price, what is not liked is the measuring cup, too big for comfortable use and therefore it often falls that the product is wasted by spilling it in an attempt to extract the dispenser from the bottle. As we said it is an expensive product so wasting it like this is understandably infuriating.

5. Arginine Vegavero Sport 700 mg per capsule

Fitness supplements for vegans, in fact it does not contain anything of animal origin. The base of the product is arginine, an essential amino acid which in particular favors the formation of nitric oxide which facilitates vasodilation, improving circulation. Furthermore, arginine results in a rapid supply of nutrients to the muscles. All of this benefits muscle pumping and power during training.

Benefits are not only obtained during training but also afterwards as you recover more quickly from the sustained effort. Dosage and intake are simple and practical: take one to three capsules daily, if you do more workouts during the week, the product should be taken daily accompanied by 300 ml of water.

There are some negative aspects that are worth mentioning. From the comments we have read it seems clear that the effects are not positive for everyone, in fact there are those who complain of various kinds of problems; they range from abdominal bloating to heartburn, passing through nausa and diarrhea. We would like to say that it is not known whether these people suffering from the above problems have made an incorrect use of the supplement. Finally, it should be noted that the product does not smell good.

6. Named Hydra FIT 400 GR Blood Orange

The Named Fitness supplement is especially useful for recovering the hydro-saline losses that occur as a result of sweating that regularly occurs when training but also in summer due to the heat; therefore, we recommend it not only to those who play Fitness but to all those people who for one reason or another sweat a lot.

The cost is advantageous, even if we must say that with a little research it is possible to obtain even a small saving, we invite readers to compare the prices online with those of the nearby pharmacy and see where it is more convenient to buy.

The taste is not one that makes you want to drink, many did not like the product for this reason. We do not understand, then, the absence of a measuring cup that would have been very useful for the dosage. To appreciate, however, the free bottle, even if of little value.

7. Yamamoto Nutrition Bcaa 8: 1: 1 branched chain amino acid dietary supplement

Yamamoto Nutrition is a branched-chain amino acid dietary supplement. It should be noted that it also contains vitamins B1 and B6, the first supports energy metabolism while the second helps to decrease tiredness and fatigue.

It is appropriate to explain why that 8: 1: 1. It is the ratio that indicates 8 parts of L-Leucine, 1 of L-Valine and finally 1 of L-Isoleucine. The supplement is especially recommended for those who want a strong and well-defined muscle mass. Clearly, to obtain such results, targeted training and adequate nutrition are essential in addition to taking the supplement.

The cost is one of the positive aspects that we have found while the tablets to be ingested, according to some are large for a comfortable swallowing. For completeness of information, we point out that from the reviews read on the net, it emerges that not everyone believes that the product is really effective or in any case that it gives a significant contribution.

8. Amazon Brand Amfit Nutrition Whey Whey Protein Mix

The product under consideration is a blend of whey proteins and featuring a complete amino acid profile. Diluted with water (or alternatively with cold milk) the product takes on a creamy consistency… when it is good.

Why do we say so? Because among the major complaints we have read, many concern the poor solubility and the formation of annoying lumps. The product is made in Europe, indeed, to be more precise, in England it therefore complies with European regulations, so we are talking about a safe product for health.

The taste did not agree with everyone: some like it, others don’t, still others consider it excessively sweet. Even the smell has obtained few consents. The closure system is not the best, let’s say that the package is made in economy. The price is of great interest.

Buying guide - How to choose the best Fitness supplement

Buying guide – How to choose the best Fitness supplement

Fitness supplements are an ideal solution for losing weight quickly and gaining muscle mass while dieting and exercising. Making a price comparison can be difficult, as there are so many products on the market. We therefore recommend reading the review of the Fitness supplements present in our ranking, so that you can better orient yourself. Below you will also find valuable tips on which features to look for in an article. Use the delivery code available on Khojdeal to earn jaw-dropping discounts on your online orders.


Before buying a Fitness supplement, it is necessary to think about what goal you want to achieve, since on the basis of this you can find different products. If you go to the gym and want to increase your muscle mass, then it is better to buy a Fitness supplement that contains ingredients such as glutamine, creatine and vitamins, capable of strengthening it and preserving it from any atrophies that may occur after an effort exaggerated physique.

These supplements increase the weight loss process while strengthening the immune system. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a Fitness supplement capable of restoring the right energy to the body to face strenuous activities such as cycling, you can opt for a product also containing ginseng and guarana. Obviously, even the best brand supplement will not give any results unless you combine it with a healthy diet and targeted physical activity.

Doses and typology

Whatever goal you want to follow for your weight loss or for physical strengthening, when taking a Fitness supplement, you must never exceed the recommended doses. This is because you could risk having the opposite effect or having stomach problems. They are not miracle products, so be patient and don’t expect immediate results, especially when it comes to Fitness supplements for muscle mass gain and weight loss.

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As for the type, you can find both products in capsules and in practical bottles. The latter are often preferred by those who do Fitness such as running or cycling, as they can take them faster during Fitness. The price of a supplement can vary based on the size of the package, however, in general we recommend purchasing products from reputable brands.

For vegans

The vegan diet has also recently found space in the world of sport, where several athletes have embraced this type of diet. For this reason, on the market, you can find Fitness supplements for vegans made with certified ingredients and products without the use of gluten, milk and lactose. While they have a reduced effect on muscle mass compared to other supplements, they can still strengthen it and keep it safe from damage.

The vitamins contained also strengthen the immune system, while the ingredients contained promote weight loss during a diet. For these vegan supplements the same rules apply as for the others: that is, you should not exceed the recommended doses and wait for results without expecting miracles.

How to use a Fitness supplement?

A healthy and correct diet is essential to stay healthy and prevent the onset of serious pathological disorders such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

The daily requirement for the various active ingredients varies from person to person, but since the metabolic processes of a sportsman are more intense than those of a sedentary, it may be useful to resort to specific supplements, to ensure the body’s assimilation. of all those nutrients that will inevitably be “lost” during physical activity.

When to take supplements?

Obviously, nothing can replace proper hydration and a balanced diet, but if taken with judgment and prudence, Fitness supplements can relieve the sense of exhaustion and fatigue due to intense and prolonged physical activity, especially when nutrition alone is not in able to satisfy their nutritional needs.

Fitness supplements are an indispensable support for professional athletes, used to subjecting their body to high energy consumption and intense muscular effort. On the other hand, in the event that a sport is practiced at an amateur level, the use of these substances could be somewhat superfluous.

Indeed, products sold freely in supermarkets, specialized stores and even online, in addition to being the subject of misleading advertising, could also prove to be potentially harmful to health. However, if you are unable to follow a balanced diet, a quality Fitness supplement can still prove to be a valid help for the body, especially in the event that work and hectic pace force you to consume fleeting meals at the bar or at fast food and tables. hot.

Composition and excipients

Generally speaking, the products designed for energy integration are based on carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, sugars, mineral salts, proteins or amino acids, polyunsaturated fats and fatty acids. In particular, creatine, caffeine and BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine), if used correctly and taken in the right doses, help to improve performance and restore the body in balance after physical exertion.

The intake should be such as to prevent dehydration and in sufficient quantities to replenish the nutrients lost during performance, but in general the recommended daily energy intake should correspond to at least 200 kcal, except in special situations.

We also remind you that these products are contraindicated in pregnancy, in the presence of kidney and liver diseases and under 12 years; while in case of prolonged use, which exceeds 6-8 weeks, it is always advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion.

Which to choose?

In India, the consumption of Fitness supplements is constantly growing, especially thanks to strong advertising promotion and easy access to purchase.

In sachets, tablets or to drink, each supplement has a specific function, so before purchasing it is necessary to carefully evaluate its effects and any contraindications.

Furthermore, since many supplements are often subject to adulteration and sophistication in order to improve their effectiveness, our advice is to contact professional and renowned companies, always reading the list of ingredients carefully.

If the INCI is not clear, you can also consult the website of the Ministry of Health, where you will find a complete list of all the substances allowed and authorized by the regulations in force.

Frequent questions about fitness supplements

Supplements, not only purely sporting ones, are very popular because there is a continuous demand and search for well-being that is thought to be found in these substances as well. Many use supplements as a kind of compensation for an unbalanced diet but rest assured that this is not good.

What are Fitness supplements?

Fitness supplements are substances and nutrients that the athlete takes in order to optimize his performance. Basically, as the name suggests, taking this product means integrating those nutrients and substances that the body does not assimilate sufficiently from food. It is common ground that taking supplements makes sense only following a varied and complete diet.

When to take Fitness supplements?

It depends on the supplements and the type of sporting activity. For example, those that only serve to reintroduce mineral salts due to sweating must be taken during training and at the end. Then there are the proteins that must be taken 30/45 minutes before training but there are also products designed to be taken during the training. It is important to always follow the instructions on the package and above all respect the indicated doses.

Are natural supplements always to be considered safe?

To be sure, it is not enough that a product is natural and therefore it cannot be ruled out that unexpected effects may occur. If while taking the product you notice that there is something wrong, such as pain, nausea, rash etc. it is essential to immediately stop taking the supplement and contact your doctor, taking the supplements with you so that you can show them.


You have to be very careful what you ingest. The ability to buy supplements online can be risky because they are not in line with current regulations. To be on the safe side, it would be better to buy supplements only in pharmacies and specialized shops in India. In any case, to remove all doubts and safely buy these products even on an e-commerce site, you can refer to the register of food supplements of the Ministry of Health.