Making wholesome meals is neither difficult, nor does it require a lot of ingredients. Khojdeal lists the Best Easy to Make Meals With Less Ingredients.

Some amazing, tasty meals do not actually require more than a handful of common ingredients you can easily find in your pantry. The best foods are actually quite subtle and require less ingredients than you think. Don’t be surprised if you see some really wonderful dishes mentioned here.

Best Easy to Make Meals With Less Ingredients

There are a lot of foods out there that take days in preparation, tens of ingredients and a hella lot of skill. Not today consumers, we understand that sometimes we might be lazy to prepare a feast, or inexperienced and hungry for some quick food. For that, Khojdeal brings to you, for us amateur cooks out here, the Best Easy to Make Meals With Less Ingredients.

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Easy to Make Food With Limited Ingredients

  • Spaghetti Aglio e Olio : Don’t let the Italian confuse you. This amazingly simple yet refined tasting dish is made with some garlic, olive oil, chilli flakes and spaghetti tossed in a pan. Extremely easy to make and deceptively tasty.
  • Pepper Chicken : With a little bit of cream, milk, garlic and chicken topped with salt and pepper, you could have this incredible amazing tasting dish for dinner tonight.
  • Mashed Potatoes : For some good mashed potatoes you need, potatoes, cream/milk (depending on how heavy you want them), butter, salt and pepper and cheese. Sop them up with some bread to make the most of your Sunday brunch.
  • Stuffed Omelettes : Omelettes are a great breakfast. You can easily take them a step ahead by stuffing them with your favorites, or even leftovers. Add some chicken or paneer to the mix for the perfect after gym snack.
  • Boiled Egg Salad : Boiling eggs is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Add your boiled eggs to a bed of lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, spinach and cottage cheese for the perfect Sunday afternoon salad.
  • Hummus : Hummus is deceptively healthy for what it looks like. Made from chick peas, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, hummus is the perfect dipping sauce for your sides and even your chappatis.
  • Pizza Margherita : A simple pizza with nothing but a tomato base, basil, cheese and garlic-y olive oil on pizza bread. Perfect for weekend lunch.
  • Grilled Garlic Chicken : Coat skinned chicken in garlic, cream and spices for taste. Add them to a pan with a thin layer of oil, cook a little, present with some lettuce and celery and behold the perfect dinner for one.
  • Cheesy Corn Toast : A simple, decadent and the perfect breakfast, is what is the cheesy corn toast. Melt some cheese on your bread of choice, add soft boiled corn, pepper and salt for literally the best breakfast ever.


It is commonly regarded that the measure of a chef is how they can make little ingredients into something really great. The combinations and the right quantity is enough to create a great meal. Using a handful of ingredients you can actually make an amazing tasting dish. Khojdeal lists Best Easy to Make Meals With Less Ingredients.

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