Trends in the world of fashion are infinite and variable: colors, styles and cuts change within a few months. When choosing an outfit, we tend to prefer fashionable clothes and colors that match our personal taste.

However, it often happens that after buying something we regret the choice made. This can happen because we do not know well the cuts and colors that favor us based on the tone of our skin and our silhouette.

There are many ways to understand which colors are best suited to you, such as relying on the shade of your skin by identifying whether it is hot or cold, or through your hair color.

Complexion Types

There are several techniques for finding out what your undertone is: cold, hot or mixed.

1. The first consists of observing the color of the wrist veins in natural light. If they are blue, the undertone of the skin tends to be cold. If they are green, the undertone is warm. If the veins are both blue and green, the undertone of the skin is neutral. This means that all the colors, cold or warm, will be able to enhance the face and the silhouette.

2. The second technique is to find out what the undertone of your skin is. Just bring multiple colored objects close to your face and relying on your instincts, evaluate which shades seem to make your colors stand out more.

3. The third technique is based on the simple observation of one’s face in the mirror. What are the predominant colors? Usually, a face with a very light and diaphanous skin, with light eyes (blue, aqua green, gray) and light hair (ash blonde, light blonde, light brown) stands out more with colors with a cold undertone.

Best Colors For Your Complexion

A face with olive skin, warm brown or dark red hair and brown or black eyes, can stand out more when wearing warm undertone colors. It is, however, an arbitrary technique, since even a blond and light-eyed person can actually have a neutral or warm skin undertone, just as a black-haired and dark-eyed one can have cold skin undertone.

Fair/Pale Skin

If you’ve got smooth, milky skin, which shows blemishes and seldom tans, pale skin is almost definitely your skin type. People with this complexion will find that blemishes, injuries or rashes show up very clearly, especially on the face. The skin also tends to be very sensitive. This type burns easily if exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

Colours To Wear

This skin type is generally considered cold and can be enhanced by colors such as dark blue, black, gray, red and white. Even metallic colors like gold and silver will favor you because they will complete your look by adding a touch of light. Warm colors such as camel, khaki and slate grey will soften the features of your face. Colors such as purple, pink are also suitable for this type of skin.

Colours To Avoid

Remember to avoid pearly tones or pure white and even some pastel colors that could weaken the brightness of your complexion.

Olive/Medium Skin

If your complexion is slightly beige with yellow undertones, chances are you have olive skin. If you have olive skin, you’ll find that your skin hides blemishes well, and that when you’re out in the sun, you’ll tan well and readily.

Colours To Wear

This skin tone usually has a greater margin of choice, since there are a wide range of colors that favor it. In particular, earth tones such as camel, gold and chocolate nuances are ideal for highlighting these complexions. Gray too will be an excellent choice and will be ideal for all those who want to be perfect without attracting attention. The shades of white, black, red, dark blue will favor this type of skin. Pastel shades of blue and pink that will enhance the natural tan.

Colours To Avoid

Since your skin will likely have yellow or green undertones, it’s wise to avoid wearing shades of these colours that are too close to your skin tone. Hues you should probably avoid include pistachio, mustard, olive and mocha brown.

Dark skin

Dark encompasses quite a broad spectrum of possible backgrounds. There are different types and degrees of dark.

Colours To Wear

For this skin tone, the ideal will be to play with contrasts and create combinations that stand out. For this, it is recommended to wear bright colors such as white, bright blue, yellow, fuchsia or black. In addition, the whole range of pinks will be perfect for this type of complexion. Green will be your best ally because it will not only make your colour stand out, but you can wear it at any time of day and in any shade.

Colours To Avoid

It is important to avoid shades of brown or gray because they may turn off your tone. It is also best to keep the use of black and navy to a bare minimum to make the most of your especially versatile skin tone.


Once you have identified the shades that best suit you, buying the ideal outfit for yourself will be even easier. Keep in mind that you can still wear the colors that you like. Don’t let skin tones and undertones dictate the only colors you wear and keep in mind that contrast is always key.

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