A quality pair of boxers for men are a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe. Apart from functioning as a comfortable innerwear, boxers are also suitable for casual use, like sleeping, going out or lounging around the house. Choose them carefully and they’ll help you build a solid, stylish outfit from the inside out.

Don’t get confused over boxers and shorts, both are different. If you are planning to buy shorts for men then you should check out this article.

When it comes to picking boxers for yourself, comfort is the most important thing. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable all day, especially when it comes to your boxers. So, it makes sense to invest in the best boxers, right?

No matter your physique, the boxers for men should also offer freedom of movement and be made from breathable quality materials. Cotton is the most popular material because of its breath-ability. Spandex or Elastane boxers great for men who are looking for athletic or performance boxers that won’t ride up the leg when walking or running.

The waistband of the boxers should also be comfortable and not cut into your skin. If you want to get the most out of your boxers, choosing the correct size is also important.

With the above-mentioned pointers in mind, we’ll be jumping straight to the comparison table of the 10 best boxers for men in India.

Best Boxers For Men in India – Comparison Table

In order to make your decision a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the best boxers for men in India with comfort, durability, fit, material and style in mind. You can be assured that you’re making the right decision.

Boxers BrandPrice
Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Printed Boxers (Pack of 2)Rs 399
Longies Men’s Regular Printed Boxer Shorts (Pack of 2)Rs 419
SIDEKICK Men’s Cotton Boxers/Shorts – Combo (Pack of 2)Rs 379
DIGITAL SHOPEE Men’s Cotton Shorts Boxers (Pack of 5)Rs 499
The Cotton Company Men’s Cotton Boxers (Pack of 3)Rs 698
Jockey Men’s Cotton Boxers (Pack of 2)Rs 678
B STORIES Men’s Regular (Pack of 6)Rs 699
Chromozome Printed Men’s Boxers (Pack of 2)Rs 499
US Polo Association Men’s Cotton Boxer (1 Piece)Rs 519
LEALDEALZ Men’s Cotton Boxers (Pack of 3)Rs 399

How Much Do I Have To Spend on Good Boxers?

Like many other items of clothing, boxers are mainly mass-produced in emerging and developing countries. This means that even branded goods can be produced at relatively low prices.

As you can see from our recommendations, boxers can cost around Rs 200. Depending on the care and fit, even cheap underpants can last a long time. You pay more for models with unusual materials, such as our recommendation for functional underwear, as well as sustainable production. Then you have to expect amounts from Rs 500.

Different Type of Boxers

The modern boxers are available in different designs, including tight-fitting boxers, loose-fitting and functional underwear. Depending on the purpose and personal preferences, each model lies differently on the skin and offers a different level of comfort.

  • Tight-fitting boxers are usually very elastic. Usually, they have a percentage of elastane and ideally they hardly slip.
  • Wide-cut boxers, on the other hand, are usually made of cotton and are not elastic – except for the waistband. There they are sewn with a rubber that can still be adapted to the body circumference of the wearer. They offer more legroom and feel more airy. In most cases, cotton is also more comfortable for the skin than synthetic fabrics.
  • When it comes to functional underwear, the most important thing is the materials, because these are worn either during sports or hiking. It is important that it can soak up moisture and dry quickly. Thanks to these quality features and, in the best case, a long service life, these boxers cost an average of ten to twelve times as much as mass-produced goods.

What Do I Have To Look Out For When Buying Boxers?

Before you buy your boxers, it is important to take a close look at the characteristics and use them to choose the right underwear. The aspects could be the size, the application, the material and the price, among other things.

  • The most important thing in boxers is size. It depends on how the pants fit. If it is too small, then it narrows too much or it can rub itself on and form holes more quickly. If it is too big, it slips. If you buy in retail, you can try the boxers beforehand. In general, you can also use the size of your confectionery as a guide. Also, take a look at customer reviews to see whether the underwear is generally smaller or larger.
  • Depending on when you want to wear the boxers, you should choose a certain type. Normal boxers for leisure are usually cheap, functional underwear for outdoor activities cost many times more. However, these are also of much higher quality and are characterized by a long service life.
  • You should also pay attention to the material. People with sensitive skin may not tolerate certain ingredients. In addition, some fabrics cannot be washed at higher temperatures. You should also bear this in mind when buying.

What Are the Alternatives to Boxers?

There are of course similar products that serve almost the same purpose as boxers. These are, for example, normal underpants, ski pants or lingerie.

  • Normal underpants are cut shorter than boxers, they have the shape of a triangle. Like boxers, these are suitable for everyday use and can therefore replace boxers. Whether you prefer to wear underpants or boxers depends entirely on your taste.
  • Ski pants are designed for a specific purpose, in this case, the cold environment during winter sports. They usually have long pant legs and so keep you warm better than normal underpants. However, because of the additional function, they are also more expensive than boxers or normal underwear.
  • Lingerie for men is a completely different category. Here, the focus is not simply on covering the private area or the optimal fit, but on the joy of sex. Lingerie comes in different designs and cuts, depending on your preference.

Are Tight Boxers Harmful?

Tight boxers generally do not harm your health, but according to a Harvard study, they can still reduce the number of healthy, swimming sperm. The total number of swimmers was not only 17 percent higher among those who wore wide boxers, but the sperm cells were 33 percent fitter.

This is related to body temperature. The optimal testicular temperature is around 33° Celsius, which is lower than human body temperature. Free-swinging testicles feel more comfortable than those that are pressed against the body using tight boxers or jeans.

Which Material is Best for Boxers?

Depending on the type of boxers, the underpants are made of different materials. Wide boxers are usually made of 100% cotton, while tight boxers also contain elastane. This way they can be stretched better. Functional underwear, in turn, can also consist of materials such as merino wool, Lycell or polyester.

How Do I Take Care of My Boxers?

Before washing, you should sort the laundry into white, dark and colored laundry so that it does not become discolored. You can find the correct washing temperature on the label on the boxers. Pure cotton shorts can also be washed at 60° C. However, if the boxers contain merino or polyester, they can only be washed at 40°. You can also check out our article on how to correctly do laundry.


Our aim was to make this article as informative as possible. We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We have tried to provide you with an in-depth guide on choosing the best boxers for men in India to suit your own requirements and preferences.

If you have any comments or inputs about the best boxers for men in India we’ve listed here, we’d love to hear from you.

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