With our hectic lifestyles and habits, blood pressure and hypertension affects a huge portion of adults today. Frequent trips to the doctor to have your BP checked may not always be feasible. At home blood pressure machines or “Sphygmomanometers” are a great way to check your BP. It makes it easier for you and your doctor to maintain a relevant record. The best blood pressure machines in India can be found easily online or at a pharmacy.

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Everything about Blood Pressure Machines in India – Buying Guide

The best blood pressure machines in India and their functionalities need to be discussed. To guarantee your health status is transparent to you and your doctor, we are here to help. Investing in an inexpensive home tool to check your BP is a smart decision to make for most that have such ails. Here is how and what to look for in an in home BP machine.

Types of Blood Pressure Machines

An analog or aneroid device is usually found in the doctors office and takes a bit of know how to figure out. The more user friendly kind is the digital device – portable and easy to use.
The digital kind is further divided into two types – Arm and wrist monitors. Arm monitors inflate automatically and display relevant readings. They can store a huge chunk of data and can have a multiple user interface. Wrist monitors are considered not very accurate, since body position is important while taking measurements. They are very portable and are quite small in size.

Automatic and Manual Blood Pressure Machines

Automatic machines inflate the cuff with the push of a button and supplies quite accurate readings. Manual machines need the cuff to be inflated slowly by pumping the bulb.

Ease of Use

For home use, it is best to choose a fully digital machine which does not require work to inflate the bulb. The self inflating feature provides much clearer readings.

Proper Fit

The cuff of a blood pressure machine should be a proper fit – too tight or too lose will result in improper readings.

Important Features

A few smart features in a BP machine can be really helpful to you – a few of them plus the standard features to look out for are discussed below :

  • Multiple user interface : More than one users can store their recordings on a single device.
  • Risk indicator : BP risk indicator helps users who want to monitor their health themselves without much consultation.
  • Inbuilt memory : Memory to store data about BP levels for easier comparison.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection : Potential heart issues can be detected by the machines itself and help against any harm.
  • Batteries or power adapters : Older versions use a power adapter to make use of the machine. Newer machines are powered by AA or AAA batteries.
  • Data averaging functionalities : Helps to average multiple readings to ensure more accurate results.
  • Cuff size : One size does not fit all. Check the size of your upper arm, where the machine will strap on to. 18-22 cms – Small ; 22-32 cms – Medium ; >32 cms – Large.

Tips for using Blood Pressure Machines at home

  • Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, and don’t smoke, during the 30 minutes before the test.
  • Sit quietly for five minutes with your back supported and your feet on the floor before you start.
  • Keep your elbow at heart level.
  • Wrap the cuff over bare skin.
  • Avoid conversations during measurements.
  • Check instructions – After first reading, leave the cuff in place and take the second reading. If the readings are close, take an average. Otherwise, repeat and average the three readings.
  • If the reading is high, do not panic. Wait a few minutes and take the reading again.
  • Keep a record of your blood pressure readings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Blood Pressure Machines in India

How does a BP monitor work?

When the cuff is inflated, blood stops flowing through your arm because of the pressure. The cuff is then deflated and measurements are taken. The number at which blood starts flowing is the measure of the maximum output pressure of the heart (systolic pressure). The number indicates the pressure in the system when the heart is relaxed (diastolic pressure).

Which blood pressure monitor should I buy?

Major pointers to give notice to while buying a BP machine are adequately described above in the buying guide. The best blood pressure machines in India are are given below. Keep reading to know which machine is best for you.

How long a blood pressure monitor last?

Depending on amount of use, brand and functionality, BP machines can last upto 1.5 and 2 years. Re-calibration of the device might be necessary after long usage and generally has a small fee attached to it.

Do blood pressure monitors measure heart rate?

Yes, a few BP machines do offer the feature to monitor heartbeat amongst many others. Choose the one with features that best suit your need.

Is an automatic blood pressure monitor accurate?

A digital or automatic BP machine is quite accurate and displays results easily – given the user does not move. A manual monitor should be opted for much more accurate readings than its digital counterpart. Though they are a hassle to use and understand properly.

Are wrist blood pressure monitors accurate?

Blood pressure devices mounted on the wrist tend to be inaccurate. Arm monitors are much better in delivering the best readings possible.

Which is the most accurate blood pressure machine?

BP machines strapped to the upper arm tend to give very accurate readings. They can be either digital or analog. For home use, digital is the best option since the readings are accurate enough and do not take a lot of work to deal with. Analog machines are a little difficult to get used to and are mostly prevalent amongst practiced doctors.

How do I ensure my readings are accurate?

To ensure proper readings with minimal errors make sure you sit still with your back rested well and feet on the ground. Make no conversations while using the machine and stay calm. Also remember to take multiple readings throughout the day and take an average to get the best possible result.

How long should I wait in between BP readings?

A few hours of rest is necessary between BP readings. You can take around 4-5 readings in a day and average them out. Ensure to take a 5 minute break prior to measurements.

Between the wrist and upper arm, which readings are more accurate?

Wrist readings are generally not considered accurate. Go with upper arm readings to ensure the best results.

Does the cuff size count?

Yes, if the cuff is tight or loose, the readings will never be accurate. Get the machine with the cuff size that fits you well to ensure proper measurements.

What is the normal blood pressure of human?

Blood pressure more than 120 over 80 and less than 140 over 90 is considered normal. If found higher or lower, try and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Can drinking lots of water lower blood pressure?

If you do not drink enough water, your body attempts to secure its fluid supply by retaining sodium. So the best way to lower blood pressure is to drink ample amounts of water.

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Best Blood Pressure Machines in India – Reviewed : Updated 2020

You could help yourself and your doctor by taking regular blood pressure readings at home. It is essential for some people to be aware about their health. We at Khojdeal feel concerned too – that is why we bring to you the best in the business so you do not compromise with your well being.

1. Omron Blood Pressure Machine : HEM 7120

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  • Fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor.
  • Operating on the oscillometric principle for precise measurements and accurate results.
  • Measures your blood pressure and pulse rate with easy one touch operation.
  • Cuff Size : Medium – Fits Arm Circumference (22-32 Cms)
  • Advanced “IntelliSense” technology for comfortable controlled inflation without the need of pressure pre-setting or re-inflation, even a slight pressure change can be detected, resulting most accurate measurement.
  • Detects irregular heartbeat.
  • Body Movement indicator.
  • Hypertension indicator.
  • 5 Years Warranty and lifetime support.

2. Omron Blood Pressure Machine : HEM 7130L

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  • Fully automatic and digital blood pressure monitor.
  • Stores 60 measurements with date and time
  • Takes average of last 3 reading
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Body movement detection
  • Hypertension indicator.
  • Large Cuff (22-42 cm)
  • Featured with Intellisense technology and delivers accurate measurement with comfort and ease of use.
  • 5 years extended brand warranty 

3. Dr. Trust Blood Pressure Machine

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  • Fully automatic and digital blood pressure monitor.
  • Hindi or English dual talking with micro-USB port feature.
  • Mute mode.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection.
  • Algorithm to prevent over pumping and give superb accuracy.
  • Detects pulse irregularities.
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty.
  • Contains blood pressure monitor, Digital Thermometer, Batteries and a Conical Cuff.
  • Keeps Record of 120 Readings.

4. Dr. Trust Blood Pressure Machine : USA Goldline

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  • Hindi Or English Or Silent Mode.
  • Fully automatic and digital blood pressure monitor.
  • Hypertension Indicator.
  • Arrhythmia Detection : Detects Pulse Irregularities.
  • Advanced algorithm avoids over-pumping and ensures high accuracy
  • Comes with 1 Year Standard Warranty. The warranty can be extended upto 5 Years from date of invoice for free by registering on manufacturer website within 15 days. 
  • Back-lit display : Based on your blood pressure record the display screen changes its color.
  • Keeps Record Of 120 readings
  • Includes Dr Trust BP monitor, a comfortable cuff, 4 batteries, one adapter and a Dr Trust Digital thermometer.

5. Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Machine : BP02

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  • Fully automatic and digital blood pressure monitor.
  • Averages the Last 3 readings.
  • Memory: 120 Records.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection.
  • User Interface for 2 Users.
  • Comfort Inflation Technology.
  • High-Low Classification Indicator
  • Medium size cuff

6. HealthSense Blood Pressure Machine : Heart-Mate BP 120 Classic

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  • Fully automatic and digital blood pressure monitor.
  • 22-42 cm universal cuff.
  • Multiple user interface : 2 users
  • Memory of 120 readings each.
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator.
  • Body movement indicator.
  • 1 year HealthSense warranty.
  • Displays systolic, diastolic, pulse, date & time.
  • Calculates & displays average of 3 consecutive readings.
  • Dual Power Mode for usage with 4 AAA batteries and 6V adapter.

7. Rossmax Blood Pressure Machine : GB102 Aneroid

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  • Aneroid or analog blood pressure monitor.
  • 4 layers of insulation on either side for complete comfort and safety.
  • In-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety.
  • Ultra soft washable cotton cover.
  • Chrome-plate brass air release valve.
  • Latex free cuff.
  • Stethoscope (optional) D-ring cuff with a single head stethoscope.
  • 22-32cm cuff size.

8. Rossmax Blood Pressure Machine : GB101 Aneroid

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  • Aneroid or analog blood pressure monitor.
  • 4 layers of insulation on either side for complete comfort and safety.
  • In-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety.
  • Ultra soft washable cotton cover.
  • 22-32 cm cuff size.
  • Latex free cuff.
  • Stethoscope (optional) D-ring cuff with a single head stethoscope.


Quite a lot of adults do have health issues today. Especially high or low blood pressure – even stress taking teenagers and students are not immune to having blood pressure. It is necessary to visit the doctor regularly to get your blood pressure checked – or is it? With technologies that make BP machines portable and easy to use, you can very well make accurate readings at home. The best blood pressure machines in India have been listed by Khojdeal experts.

Do not compromise with your health and get the perfect results at home so your doctor and your health thanks you for it.

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