5 Best Bean Bags in India 2019 – Review & Buying Guide

Best Bean Bags In India: Bean Bags are an ideal piece of furniture to add flexible yet comfortable seating to the living room, kid’s room or the lobby area. By placing one or more of these in a room, you can instantly transform the area to be more fun and way too stylish!

Bean bags offer relaxed seating and are most suitable for lounging! These are not only being used in residences, but also in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, cafes, eating joints, and even in some offices for casual and informal seating.

Top 5 Best Bean Bags in India 2019

Available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics, you can choose the one based on your liking, home décor needs, and budget. By taking into account all these features, we have jotted down the list of top 5 best bean bags in India.

List of 5 Best Bean Bags in India 2019

  1. Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans
  2. Sattva Bean Bag – Sattva XXXL Bean Bag Without Beans
  3. Comfy Bean Bags – ComfyBean Printed XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover
  4. Dolphin Bean Bags
  5. Orka Bean Bag

5 Best Bean Bags in India 2019 Reviewed

Most popular bean bag – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans

Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans


  • Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Red and Black
  • Pack Contents: 1 Bean Bag Cover without beans
  • Beans requirement: XXXL - 2 kgs
  • Material: Fade resistant Leatherette fabric with superior seam and tear strength
  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • Double anti-spill protection with Velcro and zipper
  • Handle strap for ease of holding or carrying around
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Product Dimensions: Length (127 cm), Width (127 cm), Height (117 cm)
  • Item Weight: 1.3 kgs

Why we recommend it?

Solimo bean bags are made from leatherette fabric which is double stitched and has a superior seam and tear strength, so, you can literally fall into it with no fear. They are built for long-lasting comfort from fade-resistant fabric which helps retain the colour for a long period of time. A Solimo bean bag adds a touch of cool comfort to any living space with its easy design and versatile looks. It is a great addition to the contemporary, chic home where casual comfort, ease-of-use and style are essential. Making it even more appealing is the handle strap which makes it portable in a convenient way.

Most durable bean bag – Sattva Bean Bag – Sattva XXXL Bean Bag Without Beans

Sattva Bean Bag - Sattva XXXL Bean Bag Without Beans


  • Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Brown
  • Pack Contents: 1 Bean Bag Cover without beans
  • Beans requirement: XXXL - 2 kgs
  • Material: Made in premium leatherette fabric
  • Product Dimensions: Length (127 cm), Width (127 cm), Height (117 cm)
  • Can take weight of up to 120 kgs
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Item Weight: 1.11 kgs

Why we recommend it?

Made from a soft leatherette fabric that has a premium look and feels, this Sattva bean bag is a perfect addition to the home or office décor. Featuring high-quality stitching, this XXXL sized bean bag has a classic design and is built for your comfort and relaxation after a long and tiring day. Requiring minimal maintenance and occasional spot cleaning, this bean bag can adorn your living room or bedroom space while adding a touch of style and functionality to it. With the ability to withstand the weight of up to 120 kgs and its durable construction, this bean bag will serve you for a long time, even with regular use.

Most comfortable bean bag – Comfy Bean Bags – ComfyBean Printed XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover

Comfy Bean Bags – ComfyBean Printed XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover


  • Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Multi-colour
  • Pack Contents: 1 Bean Bag Cover without beans
  • Beans requirement: XXXL - 2 kgs
  • Product Dimensions: Length (67 Cm), Width (122 Cm), Height (117 Cm)
  • Material: Reliable & long-lasting export quality digitally printed leatherette
  • Modular 6 panel design created to provide unparalleled comfort and support
  • Structured back and neck support
  • Can take weight of up to 90 kgs

Why we recommend it?

Whether you’re enjoying a drink with close friends, watching a favourite show on TV, or reading the kids a bedtime story, comfy bean bags are a wonderful place to sit and be snug. The internal modular construction of the Comfy Bean Bag Furniture Collection is uniquely engineered and has a special 6-panel design, which is created to provide unparalleled comfort and support. This bean bag cover has a structured back and neck support which enhances your comfort experience and allows you to relax in luxury. A made in India product, Comfy Bean Bag is made with high-quality raw material, premium zippers, and hand-selected Leatherette (also called Faux Leather or Artificial Leather) that is double stitched for maximum strength and durability.

Best bean bag for kids – Dolphin Bean Bags

Dolphin Bean Bags


  • Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Red and Blue
  • Pack Contents: 1 Bean Bag Cover without beans
  • Beans requirement: XXXL - 2 kgs
  • Product Dimensions: Height - 47 inch or 119.38 cm, Diameter - 28 inch or 60.96 cm
  • Can take weight of up to 120 kgs
  • Warranty: Six Months Manufacture Warranty
  • Item Weight: 1.58 Kg
  • Primary material: Artificial Leather
  • Upholstery material: Polystyrene Leather

Why we recommend it?

Dolphin bean bags are one of the most popular premium quality bean bags in India. With its classic and elegant style, this XXXL bean bag provides maximum comfort and adds elegance to the home décor. To give superior quality and durability to the bean bag, this product is made from premium soft leatherette material and triple stitched.  While it is the perfect option for comfortable seating while watching your favourite movie, or sipping a cup of coffee with your friend, this bean bag also has the capacity to hold a reasonable amount of weight. It is perfectly designed with accurate dimensions to suit the posture of everyone who uses it, thereby providing maximum comfort.

Best bean bag for the living room – Orka Bean Bag

Orka Bean Bag


  • Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Artificial Leather
  • Pack Contents: 1 Bean Bag & Footstool with Beans
  • Product Dimensions: Height: 46

Why we recommend it?

Add a touch of style and comfort in your living room with this uber cool designer Orka bean bag. Made of soft artificial leather, this bean bag has the perfect height to width ratio to provide comfortable seating. The high-density beans filled in this bean bag also gives it a bouncy comfort. The handle at the top makes it easy to hold and lift the bean bag. To prevent accidental unlocking, this bean bag from Orka has a double layer childproof locking at the bottom. The bottom line is that this ergonomically designed, and aesthetically appealing bean bag is a must-have for your living room.

Bean Bag Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Bean Bag

1. Size: Beans bags are available in sizes from “S” (110-120cms in circumference) till “XXXL” (180-190cms in circumference). You can choose the smaller one for kids and the largest one for adults who are above 6’5” tall!

2. Fabric: You can choose from multiple fabric options like leather, suede, fur, 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, synthetic leather, vinyl, velvet, etc. Always shop for the one that is soft to touch, gentle on the skin, and is non-sweat inducing.

3. Colour: Available in a wide range of colours and unique patterns, you can choose the bean bag that goes around well with the rest of your furniture and home décor.

4. Stitching: You must look for bean bags with zip closures and Velcro straps so that the beans can be easily removed, and the bean bag cover can be washed or wiped before re-use. Also, opt for those bean bags that are double-stitched. They are more durable.

5. Bean Filling: Bean bags are available in a variety of bean fillings like EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Beads, EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Beads, Micro-Beads, Compressed Foam, Beans, Rice, and even Natural Fillers. Choose large size good quality beans for extra comfort. Always avoid smaller bean fillings if you have kids at home as accidentally inhaling or swallowing the bean fillings can turn to be fatal!

6. Durability: Bean Bags with a thick, fade-resistant, and long-lasting fabric, and those that have been made in double stitch (for added tear strength and to avoid bean-spilling) are definitely more durable than the others.

7. Handle Straps: You must check if the bean bag has a handle strap for the extra ease of handling, hanging, storing, and drying.  

8. With or Without Beans: Most times, bean bags are sold without the bean fillings. This means, that you only get the bean cover and have to additionally purchase the bean fillings according to the size of the bean bag. This can add to the total cost if you are purchasing the bean bag for the first time and do not have beans at home! Always inquire about the bean filling weight in kilograms that will be required to fill the bean bag.

9. Weight: Lightweight bean bags will be much easier to move around in the house, clean, store, and maintain over time. But make sure you do not compromise on the overall product quality and durability by choosing a bean bag just for its lightweight.

Types of bean bag chairs

5 Best Bean Bags in India - Types of Bean Bag Chairs

Round Chairs: Round bean bag chairs are the most popular. As the name suggests, they are circular in shape and when spread out, look like a football. However, round bean bag chairs don’t provide a great deal of back and arm support.

Square Chairs: Square bean bag chairs are shaped like a square and look a lot like the living room recliner or grandfather chair. Equipped with backrests and armrests, these chairs provide ample amount of support and are extremely popular especially among adults.  

Gaming Chairs: If you are an avid gamer or a television junkie, then gaming bean bag chairs are perfect for you. Shaped like computer chairs, they offer superlative comfort and support for the back, neck, and arms.  Some high-end gaming chairs are even fitted with speakers that can be synced up with the television or computer.

Body Chairs: Body bean bags are generally shaped like a rectangle and are very long. The elongated design of such chairs allows individuals to lay on them. They can also be used for seating multiple people simultaneously.

Novelty Chairs: Novelty chairs are aesthetically designed chairs especially popular among kids because they can take the shape of things like an aeroplane, football, turtle, bear, etc.

How To Use Bean Bag – Popular Bean Bag Uses

Bean bags are extremely versatile and can be used for various purposes like:

1. Furniture:
Bean bags are most commonly used as furniture. They can be used as chairs, armchairs, sofas, and even a full-sized bed. They are be conveniently placed anywhere in the house be it the living room, bedroom, study, entertainment room or kids’ room.

2. Games:
Small bean bags can be used to play fun and entertaining games like bean bag toss, Hacky Sack, Toss and Catch Game, Bean Bag Relay, Bean Bag Basketball, Bean Bag Music Freeze, etc.

3. Pool floats:
Bean bags made from water-resistant material can be used as recreational floatation devices in pools or other water bodies.

4. Pet Beds:
Since they are washable and can easily be cleaned, bean bags can also be used as beds for pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

5. Heating Pads:
Bean bags also have a therapeutic use. Those filled with natural materials like rice, corn, wheat, beans, barley, oats, flax seeds and cherry pits can be used as heating pads. Heat the bean bag on dry microwave heat and use it to ease knee and other joint pains.

6. Camera Stands:
Photographers, especially wildlife photographers, have started using bean bags as camera stands instead of tripods.   

7. Safety Helmets:
Some manufacturers are now making safety helmets with bean bag cushioning. Such helmets are now increasingly being used in sports like Skiing, snowboarding, cycling, car racing, etc. In future, this technique can also be used in a variety of other sporting goods like protective body armour, ski boots and bike saddles.  

8. Therapeutic Devices for people with autism:
Bean bag furniture is extremely helpful and therapeutic for autistic people, especially children. That’s because bean bags are a form of adaptive furniture and their shape & density can be adjusted for maximum comfort and benefit of the user. The even pressure on the body provides a calming sense of security and helps autistic people, especially children to concentrate and relax.

9. Developmental Training in kids:
Bean bags can be used in the developmental training of children to help develop hand-eye coordination and enhance their gross motor skills, fine motor skill and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bean Bags

What is the best fabric for bean bags?

While fabric cotton beanbag chairs are super breathable and comfortable, they aren’t particularly stain-resistant so if you have little ones around or are prone to spills yourself think twice about selecting this material.

Polyester and nylon fabrics are the most popular fabrics in today’s bean bags because they can be easily cleaned and are often treated with a special coating to make them fade and mould resistant and water repellent.

A leather beanbag makes a fancy statement and is extremely durable compared to almost any other fabric. If you can afford to splurge on a leather beanbag, it will add a nice touch to a study or a bedroom and will last through the years.

You can add texture to any room by choosing a microsuede beanbag. The material is soft and comfortable and wears well. However, like cotton, it’s more prone to stains than other fabric alternatives.

What are the benefits of a bean bag chair?

Bean Bags, as opposed to wooden or plastic furniture, are much more environmentally friendly, flexible, durable, do not require assembly, and have low maintenance. They are multi-functional in nature and can be used by people of any age and any height. They are appropriate for both home and office use.

How to incorporate bean bags into your home décor?

Bean Bags are funky pieces of furniture that can be placed in literally any corner of your house. You can add these to your reading room, living area, garden, balcony or rooftop terrace and create a relaxed and cozy place in the home. To add style and fun to your kids’ room, you can purchase the smaller size bean bags.

How to clean a bean bag chair?

Depending upon the fabric of your bean bag, there can be multiple ways to clean them. The nylon and polyester fabric bean bag covers can be hand washed in cold water after removing their beans. The bean bags made in vinyl or synthetic leather must only be cleaned with a moist cloth. Always read the wash care and maintenance instructions before cleaning your bean bag.

What are the medical benefits of using bean bag chairs?

Today, most people either work on the laptop for long hours or remain seated in one place for extended study sessions. Thus, most health issues can be resolved by maintaining the right sitting posture. With a bean bag, our body shape and size are automatically fitted when the chair adjusts. This thus has been proven to help improve posture, reduce back pains, joint aches, headaches, mental tension, depression, and anxiety as well.

How can you enhance the durability of your bean bag?

Avoid placing your bean bags on rough surfaces or concrete outdoors. Keep them away from direct sunlight and/or water as it may fade the colour of the bean bag fabric. Keep them away from pointed objects and always clean the stains instantly with a damp rag. Always use good quality bean fillings and avoid jumping on it as it may tear off the bean bag cover.

How to buy bean fillings for bean bags?

For maximum comfort and added ease of use, it is always advisable to buy large size bean fillings that are about 4mm to 6mm in size. Based on the size of your bean bag, you may require 800 grams to up to 2.5 kilograms of bean fillings. On average, a medium-sized bean bag needs 1.25 kilograms of bean fillings.

How to Fill Bean Bag?

Filling a bean bag can be a simple and fun process. It only takes a few minutes and if it’s done correctly your living room doesn’t have to end up looking like it was hit by a snowstorm. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Roll up a piece cardboard and make a funnel. If you don’t have any cardboard handy at home, then you can use the cardboard insert that came with the bean bag.

Step 2: Open a childproof safety zipper with a paperclip. Pull out the filling chute and open the second safety zipper using the paper clip.

Step 3: Open the bag of beans using a pair of scissors. Cut open the top of the plastic bag of beans about 20 centimeters.

Step 4: One person holds open the bean bag, filling the chute with the funnel inside, while the second person slowly pours the beans into the funnel filling the bag. Fill the beanbag with the required amount of beans.

Step 5: Close both zippers using the paper clips and you’re done.

Bean Bag Size Chart – How to Select the Perfect Bean Bag Size for You?

Bean bags these days come in a variety of sizes. When deciding on which size bean bag to buy, it is important to consider for whom you are buying it – a pet, toddler, kid, teenager, or adult, you’ll find a bean bag size that suits you.

Typically, XL is the starting size in bean bags. This size is ideal for people with a height of up to 4.5 feet and weight of up to 60 kgs. Hence, it’s best suited for kids and small pets. XL sized bean bags can also be used as footrests.

XXL sized bean bags are perfect for people with a height of up to 5.2 feet and can handle a weight of up to 70kgs. They can make a great addition to any teenager’s room and are also perfect for small rooms.

This bean bag size is most popular in India. It is best suited for people who have a height of up to 6 feet and can handle up to 90 kgs in weight. They can be used by adults and teenagers alike. With the dimensions of 46 inch (H) and 27 inch (B), this bean bag provides the optimum level of comfort.

How many types of beans for bean bag are available? Which one is the best?

EPS Beads
EPS, also known as expanded polystyrene, is a manmade material that can be used as a bean bag filling because it is lightweight and rigid enough to retain its form for several years. EPS beads are also resistant to moisture and heat.

EPP Beads
EPP, also known as expanded polypropylene, is another thermoplastic polymer that can be used to fill bean bags. EPP beads are very strong and durable yet extremely buoyant. When crushed or bent out of shape, they quickly return to their original form and size.

Micro-beads are made from made from a type of plastic known as polyethylene. While they are ideal for filling pillows, they are not appropriate for filling bean bags.

Compressed Foam
Also known as memory foam, compressed foam is one of the newest materials to be used in bean bags. It is known for providing relief to people suffering from joint and muscle pain. The memory foam also moulds to your unique shape and forms to your body. The next time you sit in it, it’s perfectly moulded just for you.

Beans, Rice and Natural Fillers
Bean bags can also be filled with natural fillers like dried beans or other dried grains, such as rice or corn. One of the most popular natural fillers is buckwheat hulls.

Which are the best bean bag brands in India 2019

Listed below are the best brand for bean bags:

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo
2. Sattva Bean Bag
3. ComfyBean Bags
4. VSK
5. Orka bean bags
6. Style HomeZ
9. Biggie Bean Bags
10. Comfort Bean Bags
11. HomeStrap
12. Repose
13. [email protected]
14. Comfy Bean Bags
15. Dolphin Bean Bags

How To Make A Bean Bag?

You will need:
• Eight and a half yards of heavy durable fabric
• Measuring tape scissors
• A 12-inch zipper
• Straight pins
• A sewing machine
• One and a half feet of Velcro
• A paper towel tube
• 18 cubic feet of beanbag filler

Step 1:
Prepare the fabric. Measure and cut 2 circles with three-foot diameters and 3 three by three-foot squares. Then cut a one-and-a-half by one-and-a-half-foot square. You can experiment with different fabrics to make beanbags that compliment any room.

Step 2:
Cut a foot long slit in the centre of one of the three-foot-square panels. Hem a zipper over the opening and sew it into place.

Step 3:
Centre the one-and-a-half-foot piece over the zipper on the inside of the three-foot panel. Then pin and sew it into place on three sides.

Step 4:
Sew the Velcro to the opening between the one-and-a-half-foot square and the three-foot square.

Step 5:
Pin and sew the two three-foot squares without zippers together along one edge forming a three foot by six-foot rectangle. Sew the remaining three-foot square to the short side of the rectangle.

Step 6:
Sew the short ends of the rectangle together forming a tube. Turn the cylinder inside out and sew the round pieces on either end. Go over each of the seams again for added strength.

Step 7:
Pull the bean bag through the filling hole so it’s right-side out. Then using a paper towel tube as a funnel, pour the beans into the bag until it’s roughly 80% full. Seal the Velcro. Zip the zipper and relax on your new bean bag chair.

Are bean bag chairs comfortable?

Bean bag chairs are fairly comfortable, although not the best to use for extended periods. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with bigger chairs offering more support. Bean bag chairs stuffed with compressed foam, also known as memory foam, are most comfortable.

Are bean bags healthy?

Bean bag chairs have many health benefits. People who work on computers for long hours often suffer from back aches, joint aches and headaches. Bean bag chairs are the ideal furniture for them. They also provide excellent relaxation which eliminates mental tension and depression which can cause headaches. Poor posture can also be improved with the proper use of bean bags.

Are bean bags safe?

Here are a few valuable bean bag safety tips to consider before you buy one:

1. Choose a bean bag made by a reputable manufacturer.
2. Choosing an appropriate size and style according to the users is essential.
3. Where you’re positioning a bean bag, keep it away from sharp corners and fireplaces.
4. Ensure that the bean bag fabric and bean bag fillings are non-flammable.
5. To do away with choking hazards, always buy bean bags that come with a with a separate interior liner to hold the bean bag beads. All the zippers should also have a safety lock.

Are polystyrene beads toxic?

While some studies have shown that EPS (expanded polystyrene) could be a possible carcinogen, it is not present in the bean bag fillings by the time it is purchased by the consumers. If all the standard safety precautions are taken and the beads remain in the bean bags, polystyrene beads are safe. The only real risk it is accidentally swallowed or inhaled. However, all bean bags today are equipped with safety features to prevent this from occurring.


A bean bag is a stylish room accessory that has become fairly popular in the last few years! A vibrant coloured bean bag is undoubtedly the easiest way to revamp your space and give it an altogether new vibe.

If you are planning to purchase one for yourself, the above factors are sure to help you make a wise buying decision. Choose the one that is lightweight for the added ease of mobility and is also durable so as to be a total value for money product.

There are a bunch of bean bags available on Amazon. Buy the one that matches your requirements and fits your budget! In just a few clicks, you can get your bean bag delivered at your doorstep.

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