Best Bareskin Leather Jacket in India

When it comes to Leather Jackets, Bareskin is the way to go. Khojdeal fashion experts list the best Bareskin leather jackets in India.

Here at Khojdeal, we understand how necessary and worthwhile a Leather Jacket is. The best ones are from Bareskin as they provide much needed durability, style and the appeal with their incredible products. Khojdeal lists the best Bareskin leather jackets, with a buying guide to better understand leather and eventually get the best out of the product you want.

Bareskin Leather Jacket Buying Guide

Bareskin is considered one of the best brands when it comes to leather jackets. Their quality and durability is unquestionable and thought of as an essential brand for Leather jacket enthusiasts.

The first thing to understand buying leather jackets is the type of leather that is used in your choice of jacket. Each type has its own advantages and provides a different feel. Lets take a look at the kinds of leather available in the market.

Types of Leather

  • Cowhide : The most common of all leather types, cowhide is strong, durable and pretty thick. They are water and dust resistant and offer excellent weather protection.
  • Bison : With its signature pebbled grain, bison leather proves to be extremely rugged and durable. It is primarily used in protective gear and motorcycle jackets.
  • Lambskin : Lambskin leather is lightweight and thin. Due to it being quite smooth, it is often used as expensive drapery, high end furnishings and some of the best leather jackets.
  • Calfskin : Much like a combination of cowhide and lambskin, calfskin leather provides strength and is extremely lightweight.
  • Deerskin : Deerskin is light and soft, at the same time offering incredible durability. It is mostly used as women’s leather coats and handbags. Deerskin leather also has the ability to get softer with each wear.
  • Goatskin : Goatskin leather is soft and supple, therefore quite lightweight as well. It provides similar durability as cowhide leather.

Now that you know about the different leathers available in the market, you’re all set to be purchasing from the list of the best Bareskin leather Jacket in India.

5 Best Bareskin Leather Jackets in India:

Making sure you find the best product in the market is our goal. Khojdeal lists only the best of the best products out there. This time it is no different, the best Bareskin leather jacket in India listed below by Khojdeal Fashion Experts. Cheers and Happy Shopping.

1. Bareskin Brown Leather Jacket

Bareskin Brown Leather Jacket

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  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • Genuine leather jacket
  • Diamond stitch leather jacket
  • Slim fit leather jacket
  • Branded leather jacket for men
  • Chest pocket leather jacket

2. Bareskin Beige ‘Café Racer’ Leather Jacket

Bareskin Beige 'Café Racer' Leather Jacket

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  • Fit Type: slim fit
  • Leather Type – Goatskin
  • Considered a Trim fit; fitted through the chest, armholes and sides
  • Front zip closure with snap button collar
  • Band collar is 100% polyester lining
  • Dual side pocket at bottom
  • White contrast piping beginning from shoulders and ending at cuff

3. Bareskin Oxblood ‘Moto’ Leather Jacket

Bareskin Oxblood 'Moto' Leather Jacket

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  • Leather type : Sheepskin
  • Considered a Regular fit, cut with a little extra room through the chest and body for comfort
  • Front zip closure
  • Band collar with snap tab
  • Long sleeves with zip-gusset cuffs
  • Single Chest zip pockets and snap button pocket
  • Dual side welt zip pockets//single interior pocket
  • Fully lined

4. Bareskin Black ‘Moto’ Leather Jacket

Bareskin Black 'Moto' Leather Jacket

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  • Fit Type: slim fit
  • Leather Type – Sheepskin
  • Considered a Trim fit; fitted through the chest, armholes and sides
  • Front zip closure
  • Band collar
  • Long sleeves with zipped cuff
  • Front dual zip pocket
  • single zip pocket at chest
  • Body lining: 100% cotton with three pockets
  • Sleeve lining: 100% polyester

5. Bareskin Dark Brown ‘Moto’ Leather Jacket

Bareskin Dark Brown 'Moto' Leather Jacket

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  • Fit Type: slim fit
  • Leather Type – sheepskin
  • Considered a Trim fit; fitted through the chest, armholes and sides
  • Front zip closure with snap collar
  • Band collar
  • Long sleeves with zip and snap button cuffs
  • Dual Chest zip pocket
  • Dual side zip pocket at bottom
  • Tear resistant and longer lasting polyester lining


Buying a leather jacket isn’t easy. People who are regular purchasers of this commodity know it can get very convoluted, very quickly. After realizing a few things about Leather in general, we at Khojdeal were able to compile a buying guide to differentiate between the different kinds of leather.

Read the guide to get an understanding of which leather provides the most durability and which one is softer than the rest.

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