Backpacks are great and super convenient, but is yours safe against thievery? Don’t pay attention for a moment and it’s done: the wallet, the camera or the cell phone is gone. That is of course really stupid. A small moment of inattention is often enough for a skilled thief to steal valuables from your backpack.

Best Anti Theft Backpacks

But you can protect yourself against this! An anti theft backpack protects your belongings from thieves – not only on vacation but also in everyday life.

Anti Theft Backpacks can provide multiple ways to keep your belongings safe. With alarms, padlocks and number locks, These bags are quite secure and mostly used by travelers.

Best Anti Theft Backpacks In India With Price

Whether in the crowd on platforms, at airports, in supermarket parking lots or at large assembly areas. Nowadays the risk of pickpockets is always present. Large cities, in particular, suffer from this problem. Protect yourself with the purchase of an anti-theft backpack and prevent pickpockets from stealing valuables such as wallets, smartphones or laptops. Check out below the top anti-theft backpacks available in the Indian market.

S. No.Best Anti Theft Backpacks In IndiaPrice
1.Fur Jaden BM20 Anti Theft BackpackRs. 799
2.Safari VAULT19CBBLK Anti Theft BackpackRs. 1,759
3.Artistix Talon Anti Theft BackpackRs. 979
4.Dewtun DGGNBB02 Anti Theft BackpackRs. 499
5.Arctic Fox Predator Anti Theft BackpackRs. 1,727
6.Gods Ghost Anti Theft BackpackRs. 2,849
7.F Gear Luxur Anti Theft BackpackRs. 899
8.Hoteon Golden Wolf Anti Theft BackpackRs. 1,666
9.Wesley Zenith Anti Theft BackpackRs. 589
10.Red Lemon Kaka 1901 Anti Theft BackpackRs. 2,366

Top Anti Theft Backpacks In India 2021 – Review

Anti-Theft backpacks provide incredible amounts of security. They are quite well made and have certain systems in place to help against any thievery. Alarms and locks are major security features the anti theft backpacks offer. Also, you can find more features like a built-in charging port and even a number lock system for added security.

  • Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack
  • Gods Zarc Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Ozoy Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Vamsum Evoke Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Arctic Fox Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Safari Anti-Theft Backpack (VAULT19CBBLK)

1. Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack

Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack Review

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  • Grey Colour Anti Theft Casual Waterproof Backpack for Men and Women for Stylish Office use as well as for Trendy College and School students.
  • Easy Access Pockets on the Shoulder Strap as well on the Backside of the Bag for quick access to essentials. Huge compartment size that can fit all laptops with ease. Multiple pockets for other accessories. You can also fit several books with ease into this bag.
  • Charging On the Go
  • Packaging – We’ve adopted a 3 Layered Packaging System to ensure our bags reaches you without a single scratch. All Bags come with Fur Jaden Branded Carry Bag which is then placed in the courier bag and shipped to you with lots of care.
  • 6 Month Seller Warranty. 100% Genuine Fur Jaden Men products, 10 days No Question asked replacement guarantee from the date of delivery.

2. Gods Zarc Anti-Theft Backpack

Gods Anti-Theft Backpack Review: Zarc

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  • Forged to be agile. Built to endure. Able to conquer. Nothing holds it down
  • Precision construction retains its unique form while giving flexibility resulting in better performance
  • Theft-slayer: unibody outer shell with a rear opening for theft protection
  • Laptop pocket – snug fit to all laptops up to 15.6-inches display. Water-resistant polyester – super weather and damage protection

3. Ozoy Anti-Theft Backpack

Ozoy Anti-Theft Backpack Review

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  • Anti-theft backpack: A hidden zipper and interlayer is fully covered in the back.
  • Usb charging port: External micro-usb with set-in charging cable is convenient for your electronic device’s use anywhere. And this bag do not include a battery, you need a power bank to charge it.
  • Water resistant nylon: Outer selection of 600d fabric, 6mm anti-collision sponge layer.
  • Elastic belt & night safety backpack: Back elastic belt let you insert the backpack into carry-on luggage, hands free for traveling. Journey convenience
  • This design can protect your valuables in safety
  • There is a reflective stripe on the front of the bag which makes this backpack more conspicuous in the night.
  • This fashion backpack is made of durable waterproof and dust proof nylon and oxford fabric to guarantee the quality, perfectly protect your items from rain, easy to clean up

4. Vamsum Evoke Anti-Theft Backpack

Vamsum Anti-Theft Backpack Review: Evoke 19TH Edition

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  • Oxford fabric unisex anti-theft laptop backpack. Number of compartments = 3 Smart Storage Compartments.
  • 10 Back Anti_theft zip pocket , Laptop compatibility = Yes. Can fit in a laptop of upto 17 inches.
  • The backpack built-in data cable is connected to the power bank supply , Usb interface charging faster than the market backpack speed 40%.
  • Front Compartment Zipper portable bag and can be used out when you forget to carry the bag.
  • Can be used for carrying 4-5 days clothes, laptops, documents, shoes.

5. Arctic Fox Anti-Theft Backpack

Arctic Fox Anti-Theft Backpack Review

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  • Fabric : 400D Twill Polyester PU Coated Fabric, 420D PU Coated Plain Polyester, PU Leather Fabric, 210D PU Coated Lining
  • Zipper : # 8 SBS Zipper/ # 8 Alarm Runner
  • Compartment : One spacious compartment
  • Warranty: 1 year Warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Size : 18.25×13.5×9 Inches;Capacity (Liters): 35

6. Safari Anti-Theft Backpack (VAULT19CBBLK)

Safari Anti-Theft Backpack Review (VAULT19CBBLK)

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  • Outer Material: Polyester, Color: Black
  • Vault Anti Theft Backpack with Lock and USB and RFID
  • USB port
  • Number of compartments: 1
  • Laptop Compatibility: Yes, Laptop Size: 17 inches
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 18 months manufacturer warranty
  • Laptop and tablet pocket
  • Water Resistance
  • USB port
  • Capacity: 30 liters; Weight: 580 grams; Dimensions: 34 cms x 17.5 cms x 48 cms (LxWxH)

Anti Theft Backpack Buying Guide

It is not easy to filter out the anti-theft backpack from all the countless promotional items, which actually protects your valuable items against pickpockets and also meets your individual requirements.

Therefore, We’ve shared some pointers about the specific functions & features that you should definitely consider before buying an effective anti-theft backpack:

Anti Theft Backpack Material

The material on the outside of your backpack should be waterproof and cut-proof, but at the same time secure your valuables against external vibrations and avoid damage and scratches.

Nylon and polyester are the most common materials for cut-resistant bags and backpacks. Premium fabrics such as Cordura and Kodra are considered extremely resistant and durable and are therefore often used in the military or for expedition equipment.

Kevlar, which is used for the manufacture of safety suits and bulletproof vests, is also rated as particularly reliable.

Size of the Backpack

Theft protection is particularly important when transporting laptops with important or confidential data. Students are often a popular target for pickpockets. On-campus, in the cafeterias or in the university libraries, there is a lot of crowding, especially at peak times, which makes it much easier for thieves to operate.

Most backpacks have an extra compartment for storing laptops or tablets. Pay attention to the size of your device type so that you can put it in your backpack without any problems.

Check out this size chart for help.

Screen diagonal in inchesScreen diagonal in centimeters
14″35.5 cm
15″38 cm
15.6″39.5 cm
16″40.5 cm
17″43 cm

RFID Blocking

In the course of the debate about data misuse, the need for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking containers, rucksacks and bags has increased particularly in recent years.

You will only find this security measure in the somewhat more expensive models if you work a lot with sensitive data, but this investment is definitely worth the price.

You might also be interested in this article on the RFID Blocking wallets.

Zipper & Locking System

The zipper is one of the essential protective elements on your theft-proof bag.

A good zipper often shows the quality of an item of clothing or luggage. The locking system of your anti-theft backpack should therefore not only be durable and robust but also have the necessary security features to lock the interior of the bag.

Integrated locking systems – such as the patented Pacsafe lock – have an obvious advantage over separate combination locks or padlocks with keys.

Hidden Pockets

The hidden pockets make it difficult for pickpockets to steal valuables such as cell phones or purses. These hidden pockets are usually hidden by a layer of fabric covering the gripping slot. So the bag cannot be discovered from the outside.

Most pickpockets quickly search captured bags or backpacks for valuables such as money or electronic devices and then dispose of the bag and its remaining contents, which are worthless to them. In the event of a superficial search, the secret bags remain undiscovered and there is a chance that you will get your backpack and the valuables back.

Special Tip: The secret pockets are ideal for storing a small GPS tracker. So you are informed about the position of your backpack even in the event of theft.

Other Security Features

Padded compartments on the inside, reflective safety strips and USB charging ports for charging electronic devices through the outer wall of the backpack are not only practical but also increase the safety of all your valuable items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti Theft Backpacks (FAQs):

1. What does anti-theft backpack mean?

Anti-theft backpack means (as the name suggests) that a backpack is safe from unauthorized access. Most anti-theft backpack models include special zippers, a special locking system and cut resistant fabric protection and thus more safety when travelling. You can significantly reduce the risk of valuables such as your laptop being stolen from compartments and pockets in your backpack with an anti-theft backpack.

2. How much do anti-theft backpacks cost?

You can buy simple anti-theft backpacks for around Rs 400. The better they are protected and equipped, of course, the higher the price. Prices over Rs 1500 are therefore not uncommon but should be worth it for security reasons.

3. What makes an anti-theft backpack cut-resistant?

The robust material of the anti-theft backpacks cannot be easily cut up. If you still want to be on the safe side, you should get a backpack with plastic reinforcement or metal nets.


Around 400,000 pickpockets occur every day around the world. Especially in big cities, gangs of thieves operate with great skill and precision. Most of the victims are carriers of bags or rucksacks.

Buying an anti-theft backpack for everyday life, university or business trips is particularly worthwhile for those who regularly travel with a laptop, cash, an expensive smartphone or other valuable items.

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