If you are looking forward to stuffing out all your Chinese products to use Indian products and promote home-grown brands, Khojdeal lists Best Alternatives to Chinese Products.

The initiative, Vocal for Local, by our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, has garnered quite the interest from the country’s consumer base. We as a collective group must strive to purchase Indian made goods that are not only safer than cheaply produced, Chinese products but also promote growth of our in-home manufacturers and industry.

Best Alternatives to Chinese Products

Chinese products are facing criticism for being unsafe to use even if they are particularly cheap to produce, and therefore, purchase. The Indian manufacturing market and the industrial sector suffers from this influx of Chinese products. To combat that, the Vocal for Local initiative was introduced by the PM to reduce the influx and the bring in the Indian manufacturers into the lime light.

Here are the Best Alternatives to Chinese Products.

  • Toys : You probably know but Chinese toys have flooded the Indian market. These cheaply made toys neither last long or do as advertised. Basic toys like remote cars and dolls and such are easily made in China under adverse conditions and shipped and sold in India. There are a lot of alternatives in India in the toy market, especially the TAITMA.
  • Ceramic Plates : Cheap plastic Chinese plates are available abundantly all through the country. As you know, Indians are famous for pottery, clay and ceramic products. A great alternative is ceramic plates made in the country. If you want a more fancy approach, the Indian Art Villa has a lot in store for you.
  • Wipro : Wipro is an Indian tech giant which can provide you will consultation, technology and entire computers if need be.
  • Locally Produced Garments : The cheap, re-used, re-made garments that come from China do not really have a approval guarantee. The Indian textile industry is one of the oldest in the entire world and a great alternative to cheap. tattered clothing. There are so many options available to Indians in terms of home-grown clothing brands. Brands like Monte Carlo, Peter England and Louis Philippe may sound foreign, and sometimes their inception is, but they are Indian owned.
  • Power Tools : Chinese power tools are easily found in every corner of a hardware store. These tools neither last long, have the right capacity but even sometimes hazardous and fatal even. Make sure you get legitimate tools from Indian manufacturers like Eastman Power Tools or Planet Tools.
  • Social Applications : Even mobile applications are flooded with Chinese products. Since applications are usually tried and tested before release by the platform they are released in, there might not be a privacy issue. But Chinese government rules about privacy differ from those in other countries. Apps like TitTok, WeChat and ShareIt have become staples on our phones. There are countless Indian apps that serve the same purpose and they might deserve a look into.
  • Mobile Handsets and Software : Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus have seeped through the cracks in the Indian handset market. The only reliable brand in India being Micromax. There are a tonne of other options than Chinese products that frequently fail and have severe heating issues.
  • Home Appliances : Brands like Godrej, Havells and Videocon are expressly famous in the country and bought and used quite a bit. Indians are more inclined towards European appliances according to statistics. It may be time to switch to Indian made products that offer similar use and last just as long.


There are a lot of products that come into India due to them being cheaper to make and ship. With that going on, Indian brands suffer huge setbacks and loss of sales. These imported products maybe cheap, but do not last and are sometimes even hazardous. With PM Modi’s initiative, Vocal for Local, it is time we start investing in brands in our own country and support manufacturers at home. It is one of the best ways to increase the GDP which in turn benefits our own lifestyle. Khojdeal lists Best Alternatives to Chinese Products.