The Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India have been listed by Khojdeal. When it comes to buying a home theater, bigger is always better. The same applies to all facets of audio devices actually. If you plan to movie night without compromising on a prospect theater experience, purchase a 7.1 system.

We at Khojdeal love the movie experience, therefore, we suggest to you the Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India. Our reviewed products are reliable, of top quality and accompanied by an extensively elaborate buying guide.

List of Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India 2023

A 7.1 Home Theater System consists of 7 speakers and 1 sub-woofer. A 7.1, especially is quite the product when used to funk up your living room. With multiple speaker units, their placement is totally up to you, and the possibilities are endless.

Using all the speakers in conjunction can provide the ultimate of movie experiences. The Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India are mentioned below with relevant specifications.

S. No.Best 7.1 Home Theater System In IndiaPrice
1.IKALL 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 2,499
2.Zebronics ZEB-BT701RUCF 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 3,799
3.TRONICA COWIN Series 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 2,699
4.Tecnia Atom 702 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 2,990
5.KRISONS Verve 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 2,490
6.Vemax Venue 7.1 Home Theater SystemRs. 2,490

Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India – Reviewed

1. Krisons 7.1 Home Theater System : Verve 7.1

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  • 7. 1 Home Theater Speaker System
  • Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, AUX-IN and SD Card reader
  • Compatible with your mobile phone, tablets, PC and television
  • 1 Sub-Woofer and 7 Satellite Speakers.
  • Wireless remote for ease of use
  • 2.0 Bluetooth
  • Amplifier Output: 60 W ; Power Features: AC 220 – 240 V ; Power Consumption: 160 W ; Performance Features: Frequency Response: 20000 Hz – 20 Hz ; Signal To Noise Ratio: 50 db

2. Tecnia 7.1 Home Theater System : 702 Atom

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  • 7.1 Home Theater System
  • 1 Aux Cable
  • 1 Remote
  • FM Tuner
  • iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, TV, Console and Tablet compatible.

3. Tecnia 7.1 Home Theater : 704

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  • Bluetooth 7.1 Home Theater System
  • Comes with 7 speakers which gives surround sound and 1 sub woofer for bass
  • Bluetooth Connectivity, Aux Cable Connectivity, USB Connect and Flash drive
  • FM Tuner
  • Surround Sound

4. Krisons 7.1 Home Theater System : Zeven 7.1

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  • 7. 1 Speaker – a set of 7 satellite speakers and 1 sub woofer enables you to experience theatrical effect.
  • Connectivity – the speaker can be connected with any led tv or mobile phone or laptop or tablets or PC or all MP3 devices and gaming consoles.
  • Bluetooth – the speakers can be connected to any Bluetooth 2.0 device
  • Compatible – the speaker has in-built USB socket for you to just plug-in and play your favorite playlist.
  • AUX Plugin
  • FM radio – the speaker has in-built FM with pre-set channels

5. Vemax 7.1 Home Theater System : Hector

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  • Connectivity: Mobile / PC / laptop / TV / LCD / LED/ VCD / DVD players, MP3, music systems etc.
  • Bass, Treble & Volume Adjustable.Also includes wireless remote with feature to play,pause,rewind,volume control etc
  • 7.5 mm heavy wooden woofer cabinet for true bass reproduction and pure copper transformer for deep and better sound clarity
  • 9000 Watts PMPO Produced by 7 Satellite Speakers and 1 Subwoofer. Also Comes with Aux/TV connecting Lead.
  • UV coated scratch less front panel and satellite cabinets

Everything About Home Theater Systems – Buying Guide

Looking specifically for a 7.1 theater system atleast narrows down your choices. With the amount of brands and products out there in the market, you might easily get confused as to which one to purchase. Our buying guide helps with that. A home theater is quite the necessary product for avid movie buffs. Moreover, a good home theater is what you deserve. Keep in mind the mentioned feature points while buying one of the best home theater brands in India for yourself.

Feature Points to Keep in Mind

  • Channels : The amount of speakers that are doing the work for you. It is suggest to have an incredibly immersive experience, you must go for a 7.1 home theater system. More the number of speakers blasting sound, the better the experience. A sub-woofer basically plays low frequency sounds like bass and the loud booms in a movie. Therefore it becomes quite necessary to invest in a home theater that offers a high speaker count and a quality sub-woofer. Needless to mention, a 7.1 Home Theater System is perfect for the most amazing of movie night experiences.
  • Size of Home Theater : When in the market for a home theater, understand that size matters. First of all, bigger speakers function better since the sound inside has more space to bounce around, which in turn amplifies the sound more. Secondly, keep note that the size of the system doesn’t affect the Feng-Shui of your living room. Purchase a modest looking system if you do not have much space to offer. 7.1 systems especially come in a variety of sizes.
  • Size of Room : Also keep in mind the space you have to offer for a new home theater system. At most times bulky and taking up space around your TV, home theaters sound different with different acoustics, obviously. Keep in mind the size of your room and the placement of your home theater, specifically the sub-woofer and surround speakers.
  • Connectivity : Ease of connectivity in a home theater is paramount. You need to make sure the system you purchase has enough connectivity options. Most systems come with HDMI, Bluetooth and basic USB connectivity. Systems that boast a variety of other connection possibilities are also readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Home Theater Systems

Which brand is best for home theater system?

In India, the home theater market has not yet gained traction. Since it is more or less a comfort item, the Indian consumer hasn’t woken up to the magnificence of a home theater system. However the Indian market is quite rich in home theater systems. Brands like Sony, JBL and Philips have made remarkable sales in India when it comes to home theaters. If you are in the market for a speaker unit, it is suggested you buy from either of these three, Sony, JBL or Philips.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

More speakers amounts to better and more ambient sound. A 5.1 only has 5 individual speaker units to 7 speakers in a 7.1 unit. Both fashion a sub-woofer for low frequency sounds, but 7.1 systems, due to a higher count of speakers perform better than a 5.1’s.

How much space do you need for a home theater?

Depending on how many channels there are in your home theater, plus the general size of the speakers your system boasts, home theaters can overall be quite bulky. However, there are smaller options in the market but keep in mind – when it comes to audio technology, bigger is always better. Make sure when you buy your new system, you allocate enough space for it around your TV or PC.


Making sure you get the best product is essential for Khojdeal Deal Sealers. Therefore, we research extensively and list only the best products. A home theater system is not easy to purchase and understand all the nooks and specifications. With this in mind, we complied an applicable buying guide.

With this information all soaked in, you are ready to go out looking for the perfect product in the market. The Best 7.1 Home Theater System in India have been listed by Khojdeal. Make the most of your product and never compromise on quality.

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