We are sure you have heard of goji berries and their beneficial properties for the body at least once. But what are they actually and why are they considered miraculous by the masses? It is a fruit belonging to the Solanaceae family, the same to which aubergines, peppers and tomatoes belong, whose scientific name is Lycium Barbarum, which is a shrub that originates in East Asia.

However, today it is possible to find the goji berry plant in Europe as well, such as in Germany and Sweden, due to the huge demand on the market. In fact, there are more and more products based on this food: energy bars, muesli, juices, yogurt and many others. The fruits, small and bright red, have been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries, as they are considered a fountain of youth. 

This name is probably due to the amount of micronutrients they are provided with: mineral salts, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and fatty acids, in short, everything our body would need. Precisely for this reason they are considered a super food, that is, a complete and beneficial food for health, however, not everything that is declared about goji berries is real, but it is necessary to consider only what has been confirmed by scientific studies.

Property of Goji berries

Goji berries are known for their particular biological characteristics, which make them one of the most popular super foods of recent years. This is due to the presence of all the micronutrients and macronutrients essential for the well-being of our body, starting with carbohydrates. It is the main energy source that can be taken through food, capable of providing the right calories we need.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals: retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, which fortify the immune system and fight free radicals. While iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and selenium protect the bone structure, improve thyroid function and increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood.

Proteins and essential amino acids contribute to the quality of the muscular system, as well as providing the right energy. However, to respect the daily requirement it is not possible to take them as the only protein source, but it is necessary to integrate with other foods, such as meat. Finally, they contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, vegetable fatty acids able to lower bad cholesterol levels, while increasing HDL.

In short, according to experts, the nutritional values ​​of goji berries are very balanced with each other, although it is good to consider that there are other foods with the same characteristics, and that a diet like the Mediterranean one has nothing to envy to exotic fruits.

What are the real benefits of taking goji seeds? 

Antioxidant effect: as we have seen, they are rich in vitamins, such as retinol, ascorbic acid and tocopherol, which stimulate the production of collagen and promote cell turnover. They are a valuable aid for the skin, which remains soft and supple, but also for the eyes and sight. 

Immuno-stimulating properties: The enormous presence of vitamin C makes the berries suitable for strengthening the immune system, improving the general state of health especially in periods of high stress or during convalescence.

They lower cholesterol: apparently, it seems they can decrease the levels of triglycerides in the blood thanks to the presence of plant sterols, which are able to metabolize and dissolve fat. However, it is good to consider that eating exclusively these fruits is not enough to fully optimize the situation, but it is still necessary to follow a more rigid diet. So, in addition to goji berries to fight bad cholesterol, you could try taking an Omega 3 supplement .

They improve intestinal function: if you suffer from constipation, the berries are an excellent remedy for rebalancing the flora thanks to the presence of fibers, which stimulate normal peristalsis, also contributing to weight loss. However, it is advisable to be very careful while taking it and avoid eating as it is very easy to encounter annoying side effects, such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. 

They make you lose weight: in reality, there are many conflicting opinions about this benefit. Nutritionists, while advising to supplement the diet with goji berries, do not profess their ability to lose weight. However, it is also true that they decrease the sense of hunger, and for this reason they should encourage you to eat in smaller quantities.

Despite this, some scholars claim that following a varied and balanced diet, without the use of these fruits, can have the same positive effects.

Energy: Most athletes and regular gym goers use dried goji berries, or in the form of bars before training. The energizing power is due to the amount of proteins and amino acids, which help to increase muscle mass, even avoiding lactic acid, which is formed after excessive effort.


Even if they are considered one of the most complete foods in existence, with enviable chemical characteristics, rich in beneficial substances and with high nutritional standards, in reality it is necessary to be careful while taking them. In fact, if you suffer from some particular pathologies, such as those affecting the heart and circulatory system, the use of goji berries is highly not recommended, as it could interfere with antihypertensive and anticoagulant medicines.

In addition, pregnant or lactating women should also avoid ingestion, as they contain selenium and betaine in high quantities, which may interfere with the growth of the fetus and with the absorption of folic acid.

Finally, we point out the presence, even if minimal, of nickel, which makes the food totally unsuitable for people allergic to this metal. In any case, before starting to take a supplement, or eating a superfood whose characteristics are not yet completely clear, or you are not convinced of the beneficial effects, it is always advisable to consult a professional, or an expert. power supply.


Why are these berries considered a super food? In this article we have shown you some of the most important characteristics of this particular small fruit.

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