There are a lot of different room heaters on the market. Choosing one that fits your requirements is a difficult proposition, but not impossible to do. For that purpose, we bring to you one of the more economical and durable room heaters on the market with this Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater Review. While it may not be the most affordable fan heater on the market, the RX10 from Bajaj is a great option for someone looking for a standard room heater for their uses.

Let us take a closer look at this Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater Review and see if it is worth it or not.

Bajaj Majesty rx10 Room Heater Review – Highly Functional and Effective

One of the best things about Bajaj is that they are known to make brilliant appliances. There are many brands for home appliances in India, however, Bajaj has maintained a great repertoire within the Indian consumer market. We know Bajaj appliances to be highly durable, effective, and long lasting. While, this is an easy assumption about Bajaj products, there are a few products that might not stand the test of time as well as we assume Bajaj to do.

Bajaj Majesty rx10 Room Heater Review – Feature List and Initial Thoughts

Talking about the Majesty RX10, this room heater is easily one of the more functional appliances on the market. With an effective heating method and great design aspects, the Majesty RX10 really is a great appliance in terms of functionality. Where it wavers is in terms of durability, which it is only subpar at.

That said, it is not a bad appliance by any means, but given Bajaj’s reputation, we were hoping for something even more durable.

Let us see what the room heater offers.

Wattage– 2000W
Heat settings– 2 heat settings; 1000W and 2000W
Heating method– Convection
– Fan heater
Weight– 862gms
Material– Plastic
Price– <Rs.2500; Depending on sales
Extra Features– Cool touch housing
– Built in handle
– Long life heating element
– Two heat settings
– Triple safety assurance
– Auto thermal cutout
– ISI marked
– Two way installation – horizontal and vertical

Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater Review – Features Explained

The Bajaj Majesty rx10 is not a very feature-rich room heater, but holds its own when it comes to functionality. It is a good and effective fan heater, or blower, whatever you wish to call it. Bajaj really does make some great appliances that work perfectly as per your requirements. The Majesty RX10 is perfect for all room sizes and for any household. Easily one of the best room heaters in India.

Let us discuss the various features it comes with.

Power Output

The Majesty RX10 has a power output of 2000W in total. It comes with two adjustable power settings, so if you want you can simply lower it to 1000W which provides only warm air, perfect for those early winter days. Simply crank it up to 2000W if you need the really hot air during harsher winters.

The room heater is quite energy hungry however, like most fan heaters are, and prolonged use will bump up your electricity bills. So do take note of that.


The Majesty RX10 uses a heated element inside the appliance and a fan to blow out this hot air into its surroundings. This method is known as convection, and is a highly effective and quick way to heat a room. If you live in regions that see winters for more than 3 months, this fan heater would be a great pick for you. We do suggest not leaving it on for extended periods however, there are some downsides of using fan heaters as you may know. If you don’t, we have mentioned them later on.

Modes and Settings

The heater comes with two modes. The adjustable knob helps you change the appliance from 1000W to 2000W. It is perfect for those early and late winters when too much heat is not really required. Fan heaters are perfect to use in places with limited winters anyway. They can perform equally as well in places that see harsh winters by the way.

Build Quality

Now, we expected Bajaj to provide us with a little more body strength with the Majesty RX10. Since the appliance is slightly expensive than others with similar capabilities, it can as a surprise that the RX10 is much like any other affordable piece of room heater. It may be long lasting if you maintain it well, but its durability can be called into question.

A few bumps can easily cause the heater to stop working, which then you would have to take into the shop for inspection.

Besides this glaring issue, the room heater is quite lightweight, and can be either set on its side, or upright. This is especially helpful if you wish to use on a desk or simply wish to direct the hot air towards a certain direction.

Features Provided

While the Majesty RX10 is actually fairly pricey, especially when compared to other products with similar capabilities, it does come with ample safety features, and a few good build functions. One of the best parts about this room heater is that it comes with a built in handle, and the ability to be installed either horizontally or vertically. When talking about portability, Majesty RX10 really is a great appliance.

Besides that, the housing is made to not heat up even after extended use. The two heat settings on the other hand provide you with ample customization, while the appliance itself is ISI marked for quality.

Possible Disadvantages

Coming to the cons of the Majesty RX10, we have but one complaint. As per the price of the appliance, we were hoping to receive more in terms of durability options. While the appliance is of good quality, no question there, the extra money consumers pay could have been towards a more long lasting appliance. Bajaj is a great brand with a lot of effective products, and Majesty RX10 is in a similar boat, but it could have been way better if only it were more durable.

Besides that, there is the fact about fan heaters causing allergies and other respiratory issues. Dirt and hairs can easily fall into the heater and when started up, which causes even more allergies.

Then comes the noise issue. Running at either speeds, the fan creates quite a bit of noise. If you are okay with that, you can bring it into your bedroom even. But for people who want a quiet time, fan heaters are not really advisable.

Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fairly affordable
  • Great for basic use
  • Potentially long lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not very noisy for a fan heater
  • Very good heating potential
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used as a fan as well


  • Can cause allergies
  • Lowers humidity and oxygen after prolonged use

Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater – Rating

  • Functionality: 4/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Portability: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Energy efficiency: 3/5
  • Control: 4/5

Bajaj Majesty RX10 Room Heater Review – Final Verdict

According to our findings and understanding of the product, the Bajaj Majesty RX10 surely is a great appliance to purchase. Its heating potential alone is a good enough reason to invest in it. However, the only downside to it is the fairly higher price tag without nothing really to show for. This was a concern of ours, but if you are willing to cough up some extra cash for the Bajaj name, we would not blame you for it.

Functionality wise, it is easily one of the best room heaters in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bajaj room heater safe?

Yes, totally. Bajaj never compromises on safety features and it shows with the amount of trust consumers have in Bajaj. Room heaters can be tricky appliances to use however, and if you are not being careful, like a lot of people are, any room heater can get damaged. Make sure you use it well and as suggested.

Which room heater is best for home?

For home use, we suggest getting a fan heater if you see harsh but only a few months of winter. If you see long winters, get yourself an OFR, those are the best. If you have minimal need for a room heater, a halogen heater, or a radiant heater could work perfectly.

What is the price of Bajaj heater?

Bajaj room heaters are available in a wide price range. You can find the cheapest to be under Rs. 1000, while the most expensive one could range from Rs. 8000 all the way up to Rs. 12000. OFRs are generally very expensive due to their exceptional performance, and Bajaj OFRs are not very dissimilar.


So, Bajaj is a great brand to choose if you are looking for a room heater. There are tons of options available from Bajaj and choosing any would surely satisfy you. That said, the Majesty RX10 holds up really well, however, if you want the full bang for your buck, wait for a sale period and get this room heater for less than Rs. 2000. That would be the best deal for this appliance. Other than its slightly higher price tag, we are totally in with the RX10 and would totally recommend it to anyone who needs a good room heater.

Stay warm, and happy shopping!