When it comes to buying a good geyser, brand is really important to look at. Buying from a good brand ensures effective customer service, and potentially great components that allow you a longer life-expectancy. So, if you are out buying a geyser for yourself, make sure to get yourself something branded. Amongst the many brands available in the market, here is one of the top listed ones, and a comprehensive AO Smith Geyser review for you to make an informed decision.

If you are out for buying a new geyser, checking out this AO Smith Geyser Review will really allow you to get in-depth with the features and potential they offer. Let us check out what the brand offers, and how their geysers are.

AO Smith Geyser Review – Best Features, Durable, and Advanced Energy Saving

AO Smith, the brand, is of American decent. They primarily manufacture water heaters and boilers for both residential and commercial purposes. They are literally the largest manufacturer and distributors of water heaters in North America, and even dabbles in water treatment products generally for the Asian market. It was founded in 1874, and has since made tons of innovations in the field.

In India, AO Smith has plants in Bengaluru, and have become one of the most desirable brands for geysers or water heaters. While they are not widely used, due to the relatively new arrival, AO Smith has some of the best electric water heater. Their line of simple looking and compact geysers are great for people with minimal space, while making sure their build quality remains off the charts.

If you are out buying a new geyser, AO Smith is something you should totally be on the lookout for. Let us look into the brand in a more deeper format to understand how and what it brings to the table.

AO Smith Geyser Review – Detailed Analysis

One of the primary selling points of AO Smith Geysers are their design features. They make some of the most compact geysers that provide excellent heating potential. They are sadly not that well known in the Indian market, due to intense competition by home-grown brands. However, consumers that do use them, cannot stop talking about how efficient and aesthetic looking they are.

Capacity– 6L to 50L available
Ease of use– Easy to use; Basic functionality with thermostat
Types available– Horizontal Geysers
– Vertical Geysers
– Storage Geysers
– Instant Geysers
Durability– Quite durable and long lasting
Features– Blue Diamond Glass
– Digital Display
– Remote Control
– Suitable for high-rise buildings
– Air2Heat
– Adaptive Energy Savings (AES)
– All-Around Protection
Price– Rs. 6000 to Rs. 30000
After purchase support– Effective customer support, but longer wait times
Known for– Long life expectancy
– Good build quality

Let us see what they come with, and how well made they can be.

Temperature Control

One of the best parts about AO Smith geysers is that they generally come with a thermostat that allows you to manually adjust the heating settings for personalized hot water. This is great if you live in a region with varying climates. While temperature control is a very common feature, we do not get to see that in mainstream storage geysers in India. Those that do have that, are generally more expensive than the basic kind.

While some AO Smith geysers allow you to set the heating potential to exact temperatures, others come with three options to choose from, low, medium, and high. This is a great feature most AO Smith geysers come with, and really allows you much more control over the appliance.

Ease of Use

Geysers are rather basic appliances. They work on a simple methodology, so making innovations when usage is concerned can be a little tricky. AO Smith however, beats that too. First of all, most models come with a thermostat that allow you total control over your geyser. Besides that, some models even come remote enabled. So, you can easily control their functioning using a remote control. That’s great isn’t it.

AO Smith geysers are actually pretty good when it comes to ease of use and potential. Unfortunately not a lot of people have opened up to these extra features yet, and hopefully they might soon.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to installation, while they are just as easy to install as any other geyser, AO Smith geysers are actually a little more due to their smaller sizes. The compact geyser allows you to totally handle the installation yourself. If you have experience with plumbing and electricity, you can actually totally handle the installation by yourself.

There are no extra parts that you have to worry about, and you can even get a professional to do it for you. AO Smith has a great customer service system that provides professionals for installing the geyser.


When it comes to durability and quality of components AO Smith does not lag behind any other brand on the market. One of the best parts about AO Smith geysers is that they last an incredibly long time with minimal maintenance. If you are someone who just buys a geyser and forgets to maintain it until it breaks down, you might find AO Smith best for your requirements.

While they can last easily around 6-8 years, you can effectively double this time scale if you simply make sure to take care of your appliance. Maintenance of an AO Smith geyser is also incredibly easy and straightforward. Calling in professional help from the company itself can really help boost the life-expectancy of your geyser.

You will be glad to know that some AO Smith geysers come with 7+ years of warranty since their appliance are so incredibly durable.

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Features and Key Technologies

Here is where AO Smith really takes the cake. They have some of the most comprehensive geysers on the market. Since they are unlike most other consumer brands out there, who tend to manufacture tons of different other appliances, AO Smith generally only works with geysers and boilers. This allows them to innovate their manufacturing line and come out with tons of great features.

Here is a list of the best features you can find in AO Smith water heaters.

  1. Blue Diamond Glass: AO Smith geyser’s inner layer comes with a diamond glass coating. This offers superior corrosion resistance when compared to basic, glass-lined geysers. This coating also helps the heating element very durable and effective against corrosion especially when working with hard water. If you are wondering which water heater will work best with hard water, you could easily try out AO Smith.
  2. Digital Display: While most Indian-made geysers save money on manufacturing and do not allow you the use of a digital display, AO Smith has a different policy. For them, more the information and features, the better the appliance itself. Therefore, AO Smith geysers come with a digital display that shows you the temperature and even the energy consumed by the geyser.
  3. Remote Control: One of the best parts about AO Smith geysers is the remote control they come with. It may sound like a very basic addition, but a remote really helps you go hands free and save a bunch of time as well. Plus it is kind of cool to switch on a geyser using a remote control.
  4. Suitable for high-rise buildings: If you know about purchasing geysers, you understand that bar pressure is an important aspect to note if you live in high-rises. This is where AO Smith excels, since all their models come with at least 8 bars of pressure which is perfectly aligned for use in high-rise buildings.
  5. Air2Heat: Since AO Smith generally only manufactures water heaters and boilers, they have made some incredible developments when it comes to geyser technology. One such is their Air2Heat technology that can help you save a ton of electricity and quicken the process of heating. Essentially, Air2Heat models generate heat from the environment, and only transfer it from one part to another, slowly heating the water in the process. This way electricity is not used directly to heat the water, thus saving you a lot on electricity bills and such.
  6. Adaptive Energy Savings (AES): AES is great to save you money and time. AES is a feature that analyses your usage patterns and figures out your when the geyser should start heating the water using the Air2Heat method. Essentially, if you tend to switch the geyser on at 7AM everyday, the appliance will start heating the water just before the time.
  7. All-Around Protection: AO Smith geysers come with protection from corrosion, excessive pressure, and the rest. The element itself is also much more durable than the ones you find in other water heaters. This alone is a great reason to get yourself an AO Smith geyser. The safety valve is great against high pressure and keeps it from damaging the appliance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AO Smith Water Heaters


  • Tons of great features
  • Compact design
  • Digital display
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Suitable for high-rise buildings
  • Tons of durability options


  • Not a lot of options to choose from
  • Customer care can be a little aloof

Verdict – Should you buy AO Smith Geyser?

If you are looking for the best instant geysers in India and are confused as to which brand to choose, the choice comes down to the best three, Bajaj, Havells, and AO Smith. AO Smith, while not a lot of people know and have bought it when compared to other brands, it is still one of the best available worldwide. Their appliances are incredibly durable and made from quality components, which allows them to last for ages on end. Perfect for high-rise buildings, AO Smith geysers also have tons of innovative features with tons of safety protocols, and a remote control that allows you to go hands-free.

It is totally worth it to purchase an AO Smith geyser. Everything about the brand is great, however, the only problem is its customer support. Since it is an American company, you might find it difficult to get a hold of an executive if you are in need. It is not impossible though, and you will find a resolve for your problem.


AO Smith geysers are literally some of the best available in the market. While they might not seem so commonly used in India, we suggest you try them out yourself and see. AO Smith water heaters are really feature rich, durable, and effective at what they do. Plus, you get all these additional features that make your life that much easier.

AO Smith geysers are a world apart from the other ones commonly found on the market. While you might think that AO Smith is an unknown brand to you, truth is the company has existed for almost 150 years and have made tremendous strides in the water heater market.

Totally worth it to purchase!

Happy shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AO Smith good brand?

It is safe to say that AO Smith geysers are some of the best in the world. With convenient and innovative features, AO Smith comes out to be one of the best when it comes to water heaters. The company has existed for almost 150 years and have made incredible strides in its technologies and the market as a whole.

What is the price of AO Smith geyser?

When it comes to price ranges, AO Smith geysers are actually quite affordable. Their instant geysers are actually cheaper than most others on the market, while their storage geysers are also very well priced. The appliances themselves are highly energy saving and would even help you save a ton as lowered electricity bills.

How long does AO Smith water heater last?

On average, AO Smith geysers last around 6-8 years. If you take care of it and make sure to maintain it well, an AO Smith geyser can easily last for a good 8-10 years.

Are AO Smith water heaters glass lined?

Yes. AO Smith geysers are blue diamond glass lined. This offers a much superior corrosion protection, especially when working with hard water. If you live in a place where tap water isn’t very good, an AO Smith geyser would work well.