Safe to say, we all shop on Amazon. We all spend a whole lot of money purchasing everything from groceries, home décor, household essentials, mobile phones, and some junk we think might be useful. Well, all that has its own charm.

However, when it comes to saving money on Amazon, customers do not go the extra mile to earn these Amazon gift cards. Well, there are a lot of them out there. Available, not very easily, but it is not as difficult as you may think either. If you know how to, saving a ton of money on Amazon and even shopping for free can be possible.

First and foremost, how can you get an Amazon free gift card code?

Actually, it is not difficult. Well, neither is it too easy. You would need to put some extra effort to get some of these amazing deals.

There are tons of ways you can save money on Amazon, including daily sales, Amazon today deal, Amazon coupon codes and promos. A little less known way is to acquire free amazon gift cards.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards & Gift Codes

There are several ways you can get yourself a free Amazon gift card or code. Let us dig deeper.

1. Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are one of the easiest known methods to acquire Amazon gift cards and codes. There are several online portals and companies who give away gift cards each time you complete an online survey. These surveys can be regarding a whole lot of different things and the companies offer credits which can be redeemed for amazon gift cards or codes.

2. Amazon

Amazon itself gives away free gift cards as well. This may be surprising, but Amazon enlists people from the general population for various online tasks such as Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon’s mTurk is one of the top micro-tasking resources that many people use to acquire gift cards, codes, and even cash.

The enlisting usually includes checking for wrong images on product listings, editing incorrect information, or removing a no long sold product. These tasks are easy and once you complete them, Amazon rewards you with gift cards.

3. Online Shopping

If you want an easier way to shop on Amazon, there are websites like Khojdeal that offer cashbacks and discounts on a variety of products. Simply visit their website, find the coupon that best suits your requirements and be redirected to Amazon. Continue your shopping spree there and your coupon code will be automatically added to your final billing process. If it is a discount, you will see it in the final bill, if it includes a cashback, the money will reflect on your account on the Khojdeal website.

4. Video Games

There are a ton of survey companies that offer points for playing and reviewing their game. If you like to play games, this might be the best, most enjoyable way to earn some free amazon gift cards. Well, not technically free since you do offer your service to someone else. But it sure beats paying the full price of an expensive product. Playing, reviewing, and finding bugs in the game can easily grant you some gift cards and codes.

5. Website Surveys

Completing readership surveys by individual websites and companies can also help you acquire some Amazon gift cards. There are a ton of companies offering gift cards for one-off surveys by actual customers and users.

6. Amazon Gift Card Sellers

Some folks require cash in exchange of amazon gift cards as well. Now, this might not be totally free, but it is possible to get gift cards at a highly discounted price. You can find ads and sales on classifieds websites and such. However, you have to make sure the sales are legitimate, and the gift cards can be availed and are not seasonal.

7. Loyalty Programs

Banks also provide amazon gift cards and such as part of their loyalty programs. If your bank has such facility, you can check for redeemable points that can be converted to Amazon gift cards and codes. For frequent flyers, these points add up and can be redeemed for huge Amazon gift cards.

8. Writing Reviews

Reviewing services and products also allows you to acquire amazon free gift cards. Certain companies will actually pay you in the form of amazon gift cards for simple reviewing of their product. There are online survey websites that have product review links as well. They reward your effort with points which can be redeemed for Amazon gift codes and cards.

9. Trade-in Junk, Old Phones

If you have an old phone lying around that is simply no use to use, you can easily trade-in the phone for amazon gift cards and codes. You can obviously also buy a new phone using the same trade-in technique and get a certain discount on your purchase. But there are recycling companies that will be happy to pay you back in Amazon gift cards for your giving them your old smartphone.

10. Online & Telephone Quiz Shows

You know those radio, TV, and online shows that promise gift cards for completing contests, quizzes, and such. Well, they do not lie, and it can be a super easy way to acquire Amazon gift cards. The shows encourage participation and provide you with Amazon gift cards once you are successful. They also work as a part of advertising campaigns on the medium and are totally legitimate.


When it comes to shopping online, Amazon is easily the biggest name in the market. Most people love to shop on Amazon but are oblivious to its money saving potential. There are a ton of different ways you can find yourself an Amazon free gift card code. Use any of these mentioned methods to effectively save money on your purchases. You can also check amazon today deal which allows you to save a little more than coupons allow you to.

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