Amazon is literally one of the biggest, if not the biggest names in the eCommerce scene. They are known for their incredible range of products available on their website sold over hundreds of countries. If you are an avid shopper, you might have noticed a few products on Amazon marked under the brand AmazonBasics. Their line of air conditioners under the AmazonBasics moniker are some of the most useful in the market, given their low price tag. Here is the definitive Amazon Basics AC review that you were waiting for.

Amazon Basics AC Review

While products from AmazonBasics have been labelled as low-budget, and lower in quality than other major brands, it still proves helpful for people on a budget looking for good, well-built products. For those of you who do not know, AmazonBasics is a part and parcel of Amazon that sells low-budget products for its consumers. Amazon analyzes the top selling products on its website in order to determine what exactly to create.

AmazonBasics Overview


AmazonBasics is a great way to save a good amount of money on your purchases on Amazon. Amazon lists a lot of different products under the AmazonBasics brand name, including household products, kitchen, tech items, bedsheets, appliances, and just so much more. Amazon analyzes the top-selling products on their platform and decides on which ones to launch under AmazonBasics.

This is seen as very anti-competitive, but that does not seem to be slowing down Amazon in its practices to provide consumers with competent products with a fairly low price tag. This works brilliantly for customers who can easily pick up products and appliances at a much lower cost that the general market price for that particular item. However, this proves disastrous for sellers who simply cannot compete with the giant and its line of affordable products.

While on paper, AmazonBasics is a great idea, it can also be seen as a terrible practice on part of Amazon who is adamant at removing the middleman and reaping all the benefits from the sales they make.

Why Did Amazon Launch AmazonBasics?

When Amazon first launched the AmazonBasics line in 2009, it was met with a lot of skepticism. Why would a company that was known for selling books and electronics want to get into the business of selling mundane household items like paper towels and cleaning supplies?

But as we all know now, AmazonBasics was a huge success. The line quickly expanded to include everything from bedding and kitchen appliances to clothing and office supplies. And in the process, AmazonBasics became one of the most popular brands on the site.

So, why did Amazon launch AmazonBasics in the first place? There are a few possible explanations.

First, it’s worth noting that AmazonBasics products are often significantly cheaper than comparable products from other brands. This is likely due to the fact that Amazon can use its massive buying power to get better deals from suppliers.

Second, by selling its own branded products, Amazon can avoid the fees it would otherwise have to pay to list and sell products from other brands on its site.

And finally, by having a successful private label brand like AmazonBasics, Amazon can make it harder for other retailers to compete with it on price. After all, if Amazon is selling a product for $10 and another retailer is selling the exact same product for $20, who do you think customers are going to buy from?

So far, it seems like Amazon’s gamble on AmazonBasics has paid off. The line has been a huge success, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What Does AmazonBasics Include?

AmazonBasics is a sub-brand of Amazon that focuses on offering basic household items at a lower cost than other brands. AmazonBasics includes items such as paper towels, batteries, and light bulbs. While the quality of AmazonBasics products is generally good, some reviewers have found that certain items do not meet the same standards as their more expensive counterparts. Overall, AmazonBasics is a good option for those looking for budget-friendly alternatives to expensive branded products.

AmazonBasics has evolved from what it started off as, and now covers an extensive section that includes most everyday items you would need in your home and office. There are simply a ton of products to purchase and new ones come in everyday.

Since the brand is all about providing reasonably priced solutions to consumers, these items may be replaced over time without really worrying too much about their price tag.

Is AmazonBasics Popular?

Well, AmazonBasics is actually gaining in popularity, especially in the Indian market where affordable items are something of a convention. That said, AmazonBasics is enjoying increasing popularity due to their line of effective appliances and products at only a fraction of the price of its more expensive counterparts. This way Amazon turns a huge profit by keeping the manufacturing and selling part of the situation under its control.

While AmazonBasics is hugely popular with the consumers, it also tends to undermine sellers and smaller manufacturers who simply cannot compete with the minimal prices Amazon tends to list their products out on.

AmazonBasics has also received added publicity due to its parent company being one of the largest corporations in the world. When it comes to everyday electronics, like chargers, batteries, cables, and the rest, AmazonBasics is easily one of the better brands to choose from to save yourself some money as well. When it comes to home appliances, AmazonBasic products tend to perform really well, but certainly lack in terms of durability.

How does Amazon Decide what Products should go on Amazon Basics?

Amazon has a huge database of customer data to sort through and understand what products sell the most. Once they have figured this out, the rest becomes relatively easy.

While shopping on Amazon, you probably always see the personal recommendations section that are targeted specifically towards you. Amazon essentially reads you previous purchases, checks your current searches and makes a decision on what you might end up buying. This exact method is used over a range of different users to figure out which product is bought the most. And then, Amazon simply starts manufacturing the product at a relatively lower cost.

This might sound brilliant to consumers, and it is as well. Since we make away with products at a much lower price. However, this is debilitating to sellers who simply cannot compete with Amazon’s lower price model and have to pull their products from their shelves.

As Amazon is the owner of the data on its website, it has much greater insight as to what shoppers look for, giving them the edge over third-party sellers.

Should You Shop on AmazonBasics?

Most of the consumers of AmazonBasics understand the brand as a way to save a bunch of money on their purchases. For example, a washing machine from a known brand might sell for a lot more than one from AmazonBasics, while providing similar features and quality. This makes consumers biased towards buying from Amazon instead of sellers.

This however does not mean that AmazonBasics is not a good brand. Their line of air conditioners and washing machines especially are quite good and well made. If you want good quality without really breaking the bank, you can easily opt for AmazonBasics. It proves to be a worthwhile brand performing well enough for the price you end up paying.

Also, since these products are sold by Amazon themselves, they are approved by them and are usually safe to purchase. Additionally, you might even find some really good deals listed alongside.

Amazon Basics AC Review – Are they worth it?

There are a few air conditioners you can find on from AmazonBasics. They are listed just a little short of the price of other branded air conditioners, but you will find they provide the exact same features and build quality as the others.

After a long period of reviewing and figuring out the features and quality of the appliance, we have reached the conclusion that Air Conditioners from AmazonBasics are effective, long lasting, and provide ample features to have them compete with proper branded products we know and trust. You should have no problem buying one from AmazonBasics and using them to your heart’s content.

Why choose AmazonBasics AC?

We shall rate the air conditioners from AmazonBasics on these few points. You can compare them with other branded products to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Cooling performance

When the weather outside is hot and sticky, the last thing you want is for your home to be the same way. That’s where AmazonBasics AC comes in, our powerful and efficient air conditioner that will quickly cool down your space without breaking the bank.

Featuring cooling performance with three fan speeds, our air conditioner is designed to give you the perfect level of comfort. Plus, the 24-hour timer lets you set it to run when it’s most convenient for you. And because we know that unexpected heat waves can happen, the auto restart feature turns the unit back on after a power outage.

Compressor and condenser

If you are primarily looking for a top quality AC unit that won’t break the bank, AmazonBasics AC is the way to go. The compressor and condenser units are perfect for keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. With its durable construction and powerful cooling capabilities, AmazonBasics AC is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new air conditioning unit.

You also generally get 2 years on condenser and 5 years on compressor, which allows you to make sure you get to use your appliance to the best of its abilities.

Energy efficiency

When you need to cool down, there’s no need to break the bank. With the AmazonBasics AC, you can get great cooling power without spending a fortune. The energy-efficient appliances from AmazonBasics are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable way to stay comfortable all summer long. You can easily get yourself a 4-star or a 5-star energy rated appliance which will keep your electricity bills in check and make sure you do not spend a fortune to make it work.

Safety features

The AmazonBasics ACs come with a variety of features that will not only keep you cool and comfortable all summer long, but also provide a good amount of safety features. Their units are equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, so you never have to worry about leaving it on by accident. The digital display is easy to read, and they come with a remote control for added convenience.

Their air conditioners also come with a self-diagnostic function that will make troubleshooting problems a breeze. Air conditioners from AmazonBasics are backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can be free-minded if you are choosing to buy one.


Dust from the outside can really ruin not just your health, but the aesthetics of your house. This is a very common issue in the more drier regions of India, like Delhi for example, where dust is very difficult to get rid of. This is why a good filter on your AC is useful, even indispensable. The units from AmazonBasics come with the sort of filter you would expect from a good air conditioner, which also proves really easy to clean. If you are worried about allergies or dust, rest assured, air conditioners from AmazonBasics have your back.

Warranty & service

ACs from AmazonBasics come with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure it’s built to last. Plus, their world-class customer service team is available 24/7 to help with any questions or issues you may have. Whether you’re looking to cool off your home or office, the AmazonBasics AC is the perfect solution. You even get additional 2 years warranty on condenser and 5 years warranty on compressor.

If you are still concerned about the quality of the product, we are listing one of the top-rated air conditioners on Amazon, obviously from AmazonBasics. Make sure you check it against all the features you consider indispensable in an air conditioner. From our end, we can easily recommend you buy any air conditioner from AmazonBasics without really worrying about anything.

AmazonBasics cooling performance

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Split AC
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms (<180 sq. ft.)
  • 100% Copper Condenser
  • Warranty: 1 year on product 2 years on condenser 5 years on compressor
  • Four Stage Filtration System with micro dust anti-bacterial filter
  • Intelligent features like Auto-restart, Sleep mode, Auto-defrost, Hidden display, and Emergency function
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • R-32 Refrigerant

Looking for a reliable and energy-efficient air conditioner? Look no further than the AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 5 Star Air Conditioner. This top-of-the-line AC features a powerful inverter compressor, which ensures consistent cooling performance while saving you energy. It’s also equipped with a 100% copper condenser, four stage filtration system, and smart features like auto restart and sleep mode. Plus, it comes with a one year warranty on product and two year warranty on the condenser for extra peace of mind.

If you are worried about buying from AmazonBasics, we should mention that their appliances are actually high-quality, last a long time, and are essentially on-par with other branded products.


AmazonBasics is essentially one of the best upcoming brands to choose from if you are looking for household products. You might think of it as a knock-off of branded items, but with the amount of quality behind these appliances, we say AmazonBasics is a reliable brand to choose from. When it comes to their air conditioners, they are undoubtedly one of the best brands to choose from. Yes they do not come close to Carrier or LG, but this does not mean they are useless products. For the price you pay, they come very close to top-notch brands, providing similar features, quality, and more that one should expect.

Final verdict – AmazonBasics ACs are totally worth it and can be bought over traditional brands we generally go for.