Since its launch in April 2016, AJIO has become one of the most profitable extensions of Reliance. A fashion and lifestyle brand, it is also Reliance Retail’s first pan-Indian ecommerce venture and one of the most popular in the country. Named the ultimate fashion destination for handpicked styles and trends available at incredibly accessible prices.

Folks who tend to shop on AJIO, only shop on AJIO. It is mostly due to their sheer number of options in clothing, style, and accessories. Couple that with an affordable price tag, and AJIO comes out as the top ecommerce website selling primarily clothes and lifestyle items. AJIO makes sure it brings in fresh, trendy clothing items that are accessible to the general consumer. Also, AJIO is known for its AJIO new user offer, also known as AJIO first order offer.

AJIO, at its heart, focuses on one thing beyond any other. That being inclusivity. Everybody can come into the store and make sure they find something worthwhile even if you do not have a lot to spend. While reviving the Indian heritage by providing rich textiles made within the country, AJIO also makes trendy international brands available in a single place without any hassle. Their indie collection is perfect if you wish to dress traditional. With amazing hybrid styles of clothes, as well as totally traditional items sure to impress your grandma.

Putting together a chic style while staying within your budget is something you can easily get done with AJIO.

AJIO New User Offer

That and AJIO also provides amazing offers for its customers to avail. Its sign up offer 500 is easily one of the best and the one that brings in so many new customers to the website. The FirstBuy coupon allows you to gain a discount while you make your first-ever purchase on the website. The website offers you multiple discounts and coupons that you could avail for a discount that varies from 41% to 60%. You can also stack discount coupons if you have two that can be used on the same product. However, while stacking you might get the entire benefits of both coupons. Essentially, if the product you want to purchase is on 50% discount and you have a 30% off coupon, during purchase adding both might only result in a maximum of 60% discount. Cancelling the product does not add the coupon back to your account though. So, keep in mind that.

You would be eligible for the AJIO new user offer, or First Purchase Coupon only if you are about to make your first-ever purchase on the site. However, if you cancel or return your purchase, you will not be able to avail this offer again. AJIO first order offer can help you get something great without having to pay too much for it. Perfect entrance into the AJIO marketplace.


If you wish to get right into it, AJIO is also available on your smartphone, for both iOS and Android users. Its application is incredibly easy to use, robust and proves a much easier way to shop with AJIO. You also get all the benefits you would on a regular sign in.

So, if you are looking for womenswear, menswear, kids wear, and even technology, AJIO is the perfect stop for all your clothing needs. With multiple categories and trendy products to choose from, you can be sure there is something there for you. Plus, the AJIO first order offer can help you save a little more on your first purchase. Simply logging in to your new account and adding the coupon “FirstBuy” on the final purchase page can help save you tons.

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