Stress from work, family and social obligations can cause people to overeat. It is not a disorder, just a response. Here are 9 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating While at Home.

There are some of us who are emotional eaters. Basically people who turn to food while under stress. Just like some of us are stress sleepers and a few are stress workers, it is not a disorder, only but a response to specific stimuli. Listed below are ways you can control your habits and stop yourself from gorging on unhealthy foods.

9 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating While at Home

Stress eating is not only unhealthy but not a good form of coping with the stress after all. It is easy to stop overeating in times of stress, Make sure you don’t succumb to pressure and eat unhealthy snacks.

Satisfying hunger is essential but overeating due to stress is not recommended. Overeating is okay if you do it once a month when something you really like is for dinner, but burning off the calories is equally as important.

Here are 9 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating While at Home.

Prevent Stress Eating With These Simple Steps

  • Maintain a Healthy Eating Schedule : A healthy eating schedule not only stops you from eating out of time but also keeps you focused on work.
  • Remove Temptation : Its okay to eat a bunch of food when there is something great for dinner, but you need to keep unhealthy snacks off the table. Keep track of how much and what you snack on.
  • No Restrictions : Don’t stop yourself from eating some ice cream when you feel the need to. Maintaining a healthy schedule is equally important as well though. Starving yourself doesn’t lead to you slimming, but leads to losing concentration and being frustrated half the time.
  • Cook Food : Cooking food is the best way to keep you on track and anticipating the food you’re going to eat. Make sure you are not cooking pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner though.
  • Stay Hydrated : Drink plenty of water, especially when you feel the need to eat out of time and due to stress. Keep some juice handy to have an healthier, tastier alternative. Natural sugars are great for your body.
  • Move Around and Exercise ; If you end up overeating, make sure you burn those extra calories out. Exercising maintains your body as well as keeps you focused on things to come.
  • Prevent Boredom : It is easy to start snacking when you have nothing else to do. Build hobbies and interests that keep you busy throughout the day to prevent overeating.
  • Portion Meals and Snacks : Keeping your meals on time is crucial. Snacking once in the afternoon is also pretty good, but make sure its healthy snacking, like dried fruits and stuff.
  • Reduce Stress : Keep away from things that cause you stress. If it is inescapable, like work or something, fight through the temptation and distract your mind until you are ready to concentrate again. It’ll help.


Stress eating is not really a good thing. It is unhealthy and the response is not at always the right thing to tackle stress. Keeping in mind a few things, and essentially keeping yourself busy can reduce this response and take you out of this habit easily. Khojdeal is here to help and lists 9 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating While at Home. Take care of yourself, stay healthy and stay safe.

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