Healthy skin is the key to looking better, feeling better and having a positive approach towards physical health. Khojdeal lists 8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy.

There are ways you can easily keep your skin healthy and promote new cell growth right at your home, without the need for visiting salons and clinics regularly. Though it is recommended to visit skin experts once every three months or so, it is not absolutely necessary and you can do a lot for your skin with a few tips and tricks.

8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

From home, you can indulge in a few things that can keep your skin healthy. The regular stuff, like eating healthy, exercising and cleaning up regularly is certainly going to help, but there are some other factors we don’t seem to take into consideration.

Here are 8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy, listed by Khojdeal.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

  • Avoid Smoking : Habitual smoking isn’t good for you or your skin. Smoking leads to all sorts of issues like breakouts, premature aging and dryness.
  • Stress Management : Stress is a great factor in causing breakouts. Managing stress levels maybe the best way to keep your skin bubbly and in perfect condition.
  • Eat Healthy : Oily food, junk, excessive meat products also cause major breakouts. Add some greens and yogurt to your diet to combat any harm that might come to your skin.
  • Clean and Moisturize Often : Washing up removes excess oils from your skin. Though, some oils are actually good for your skin, they protect from dust and dirt and keeps your skin in good condition. Moisturizers often contain a mixture of oil and water that locks in the moisture content in your skin, keeping it soft and supple/
  • Sleep Well : Sleeping enough can in itself help with a lot of skin issues. When sleeping new skin cells form and help with oil and moisture control.
  • Exfoliate and Facials Regularly : Once a week, or once a month it is necessary to exfoliate your skin thoroughly. This creates a balance of necessary oils and moisture in your skin, cleans up dead skin cells and helps with healthier skin.
  • Exercise : Adding physical activity to your daily routine can immensely help with skin health. Exercise cleans blood and eventually shows in your skin.
  • Minimize Makeup : Makeup is not really good, they trap dust and dirt, which sit on your face for as long as you don’t wash it off. Minimize the use and quantity of makeup for a more healthier skin.


Staying physically fit is something most people aspire to be. Most however forget to give the same amount of notice to their skin. Spending a little time focusing on your skin is a great way to bring in some positive impact in your life. Physical activity is also quite necessary for maintaining a healthy skin, along with a few other things. Khojdeal lists 8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy.

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