Social distancing is much more crucial in these days of the ongoing pandemic than ever before. For you to take care of yourself, here are 7 Self Care Tips During Social Distancing.

The point of social distancing is to keep away from people of your community to avoid any spread of disease and illness. Confusion might follow because of such a drastic change to our lifestyle, but it is essential for the well being of yourself and your immediate community.

Practicing a few things during social distancing and keep your focused still, and not let it affect your mental well being. Khojdeal lists 7 Self Care Tips During Social Distancing.

7 Self Care Tips During Social Distancing

Being out of society can be quite difficult. Keeping yourself sane without social interaction is highly difficult and proves inadequate to your mental health and being. That said, in times of pandemics, that is the only option we have to keep ourselves and our community that much more safe.

Diseases spread rapidly and usual, daily interactions certainly affect everyone on the whole. Social distancing is essential and must be carried out nonetheless. That doesn’t mean you stop caring about yourself though.

Here are 7 Self Care Tips During Social Distancing.

Self Care During Social Distancing

  • Talk to Friends and Family : Talking to your loved ones can provide you a lot of mental peace and tranquility. If you stay alone and away from family, in times of lockdowns, where you can’t even meet them, it is essential to keep your phone lines open to talk to them often.
  • Spend Time Outdoors : Even if you cannot go out too much, you can still spend a little time in a nearby park, or your balcony. Point is, get out and get some sun, it is very important to do so, and is beneficial to your health as well.
  • Create a Schedule : A proper work and home life schedule is crucial for a well functioning mind and body. Set real times when to work, when to do your chores and when to dabble in some fun activities.
  • Exercise and Personal Hygiene : Exercising not only helps your health and body, but also keeps you occupied and busy. Get some workout into your schedule and take care of yourself. Personal hygiene is equally important. Stay clean, and wash regularly, especially if you have been outside.
  • Indulge in Hobbies and Make New Ones : Hobbies are perfect to keep yourself busy, and make you happier as well. Do what interests you and maybe find some new ones and add them to your repertoire.
  • Cook : Cooking is great. Find time to cook for yourself or your family. You’ll get some experience out of it, and you can even start following a healthier regime in doing so.
  • Keep Your Personal Space Clean : Keep clean the place you stay. When there is disease out and about, the best way to keep it out of your house is to thorough clean often. It also proves to be aesthetically pleasing.


Social distancing is essential during pandemics to stop the spread of the disease further. It may seem drastic, but is incredibly essential to follow health officials’ and the governments plan catered towards our own safety. That said, social distancing can be quite distressing. For this purpose, Khojdeal lists top 7 Self Care Tips During Social Distancing.

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