Veganism is on the rise and considered a healthier alternative to carnism. After ample research and reviewing, Khojdeal lists the 10 Best Vegan Foods to Stock on.

Having a stocked up pantry ensures a well nutritious meal is never far away. Stocking up on vegan food can be quite the chore, but especially in India, our regular food is actually what westerners call “vegan”. Our diet mainly consists of lentils, rice and vegetables, all of them being vegan.

A trip to your nearest grocery store provides you with all the things you would need that are listed below.

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10 Best Vegan Foods to Stock On

During times of shortages, lockdowns and sickness, it is wise to stock up on not only fresh foods but also frozen foods, essentially to increase on stocked food. When it comes to the vegan diet, most of the foods have a relatively high shelf life as well. Especially in India, vegan food is highly available and supply doesn’t seem to run out, given how much “vegan foods” constitute our diets already.

Stocking up on some of these foods is a wise choice and finding them is easier that can be. Here are 10 Best Vegan Foods to Stock On.

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Best Vegan Foods

  • Vegetables : A high source of essential nutrients, vegetables comprise of atleast 50% of a vegan diet. Fresh green vegetables are best when fresh, while starchy vegetables, like potatoes, have a better shelf life. Non-starchy colorful vegetables are also quite potent in nutrients and can be used widely in salads.
  • Fruits : Fruits provide essential and natural sugars to your vegan diet. The best fruit to stock on effectively are bananas. They don’t last as long, but even if they over-ripe, you can easily blend them and make a delicious and healthy smoothie out of them.
  • Legumes, Beans and Lentils : Perhaps not as widely eaten in the west, in India especially, lentils are a major part of our diet and provide a huge amount of protein and nutrients to our bodies. They have an indefinite shelf life, given you seal them properly, therefore are the perfect food to stock on for long periods. You can also make some hummus out of chickpeas to make your meals more tastier and wholesome.
  • Whole Grains : Whole grains provide a huge stack of energy and nutrients for a vegan. They last for a very long time and can be converted to bread and such products, given you have the proper equipment. Oats essentially are the best kind of breakfast for vegans.
  • Nuts, Seeds and Soy Products : Perhaps the most well known snack items in a vegan diet, nuts and dried fruits have a long shelf life, with the addition of providing us with natural sugars and a huge bunch of carbohydrates. Quinoa and flax seeds prove to be a wholesome breakfast cereal and fennel seeds can be used as spices. Tofu is also considered a very good plant based protein to have in your vegan diet.
  • Dairy Free Milk : Soy, almond and rice milk can provide a great backing to your breakfast cereal. Given you have the equipment and the know how, you can easily make non-dairy milk at home as well. Rice milk is exceptionally light and naturally sweet, while soy milk is the richest in texture and flavors.
  • Soy Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard and Vinegar : Stocking up on condiments is a wise choice and can make your food taste much better without much work. Mustard is considered one of the best condiments out there, providing a little spice kick to your foods.
  • Spices and Herbs : It doesn’t get more vegan than this. Spices and herbs are natural taste enhancers that you 100% should stock up on, unless you want tasteless food.
  • Maple Syrup : Maple syrup is the best for your morning vegan pancakes. They are 100% vegan and have an indefinite shelf life, given you refrigerate the, properly.
  • Dried Fruits : Dried fruits provide natural sugars and carbohydrates to a vegan diet. They are a very common snack item and have quite a long shelf life to go with.


The primary Indian diet is the perfect example of the best vegan diet there is. We have used our traditional teachings and understanding of foods and spices to make so called “vegan food” exceptionally tasty. A simple trip to the nearest grocery store is enough to purchase all you need for your vegan diet. 10 Best Vegan Foods to Stock on, listed by Khojdeal Food Experts.

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