Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2019) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Indian cooking involves a lot of grilling and frying with a wide array of herbs and spices. While the spluttering sound of the “tadka” gives an enticing aroma and enhances taste, it also leaves its mark on the kitchen ceiling and tiles. Over a period of time, filth and grunge accumulate on kitchen appliances and cabinets. That’s why most modern kitchens nowadays have chimneys installed.

A kitchen hood or chimney is convenient for removing fumes, grease, odor, steam, heat and other small particles while cooking. It also provides proper ventilation in the kitchen and removes stale air. Depending upon the size and layout of your kitchen, there are different types of chimneys that you can choose from. Here are the different types of chimneys to consider.

Types of Chimneys:

Undercabinet or Built-in Chimneys: These chimneys are fitted under the bottom of a wall cabinet. Pipes installed inside the ceiling and adjoining walls are being used to carry fumes and smoke outside. Such designs save space and look compact.

Wall Chimneys: Wall-chimneys hoods work well in compact kitchens where there are no cabinets over the stove. They are wall-mounted and have exposed vent shafts to expel gases outside.

Island Chimneys: These chimneys are specially designed for modern kitchens where the cooktop is in the middle. Installed directly above the stove in the center, island chimneys require a lot of ductwork and piping. Since they don’t have walls or cabinets alongside them to help exhaust fumes, these chimneys should be at least 6 inches wider than the cooktop.

Ductless or Non-Ducted Chimneys: This installation option is available for all the above chimneys – under-cabinet, wall, & island. Ductless chimneys direct fumes, steam, and smoke away from the stove, but back into the kitchen since they have no ductwork. They are not recommended because they disperse kitchen fumes and odor throughout the kitchen and home.

Keeping the kitchen schematics in mind, we have picked the best kitchen chimneys available in the market. They will not only blend perfectly with a modern kitchen but also add élan to it.

Are you searching for a good chimney for your kitchen? This is not such a difficult task because here we have done all the work for you. You just need to choose a model from the best kitchen chimney in India listed below.

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Glen Stainless Steel Chimney With 2 Baffle Filters

The kitchen chimneys from Glen display an immaculate classy glass and matt surface steel units. This newest Glen kitchen chimney not just emphasizes the contemporary functionality of your kitchen but has also been enclosed having many utilities which turn it a lot worthy as compared to its cost. This unit provides substantial power, makes less noise, low on maintenance, and simple-minded in its operation, which turn it to be outstanding within the array of other units present in the market.

Why Do We Recommend This

40 Watt Lamp – It comes with built-in lights in the designer hood to make sure that you revel in cooking while there is bright illumination. Possessing low power constraint and durability, the lights assist in clean cooking turning it the best chimney to use for your kitchen within this price range.

Push Button Controls – This kitchen chimney has been equipped with the easily operable push buttons which might be utilized to regulate the speed of the airflow relying on the strength which is needed as per the food being prepared.

Inbuilt Baffle Filters – The top-class baffle filter comes with a dynamic airflow arrangement, which functions with superior efficiency and assists in reducing the overall power consumption. Inside the baffle filter sheets of metal are overlaid in a manner in which it alters the air flow direction.

Low Noise Italian Motor – This kitchen chimney has been powered through an Italian Motor which has 2 important features which turn it into the most suitable to serve its functionality in the finest manner. It has been equipped with the FRP housing which not only augments the durability but further cuts down the noise that is generated whilst the motor is in operating.

Sunflame Auto Clean Ductless Chimney

Sunflame is a brand that has been offering the best designer products for your kitchenette from a very long time. Now, it has come up with some elegant kitchen chimneys in the market and has made its mark. It offers 3 times more suction power from what it actually has, which makes it a powerful unit to have. As a kitchen chimney, it generates really less noise as compared to the similar products available in the market. Apart from all that the company is offering a lifetime warranty on this motor designer branded product.

Why Do We Recommend This

Designer Product – This kitchen chimney comes with a modular design, which certainly augments the overall look and feel of your kitchen. The glossy and stylish finish of this chimney is really eye-catching.

3 Times Suction power – The Suflame Innova 90 kitchen chimney provides you with a fabulous suction power that helps in emitting all those oily particles as well as the soot pretty efficiently and powerfully.

Lowest Noise Levels – With the best-in-class motor for functioning, this chimney cuts down on the noise levels that are generated while the unit is in operation. This feature is a really significant one as this might not frustrate you while you are cooking for longer periods of time.

Lifetime Warranty – Sunflame provides you a lifetime warranty with this kitchen chimney so that the company can come to your rescue if there any problem occurs after the purchase.

Bosch Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

This kitchen chimney from Bosch has a 90 cm Stainless steel casing having a standard design which provides it a nice look. The powerful 250 W motor offers the recirculating process and the fan provides a 3-stage Back-pressure utility. The high competence baffle filters are unique and further have a two piece filter for effortless cleanup. The control panel is dishwasher safe having comfy direct choice rocker settings.

Why Do We Recommend This

Grease Filtration System – This kitchen chimney from Bosch comprises of the highly effective and dominant filtration arrangement for grease and other oily kinds of particles that are suspended in the air inside your kitchen.

Extraction Rate – With an amazing suction rate of around 800 cubic meters per hour, this kitchen chimney really is a pretty dominant one when compared with the other chimneys available on the market as of now.

Optimal Air Quality – Owing to its classy filtration system or arrangement together with a pretty dominant suction power, this kitchen chimney provides you with the best air quality inside the kitchen.

Halogen Lighting – This kitchen chimney comes equipped with the halogen lighting, which helps you to get the most energy-efficient illumination of the overall cooking area.

Prestige Auto Clean Kitchen Hood

The Prestige Royale Kitchen Hoods have been planned to ensemble your requirements providing a contemporary solution for the kitchenette. Select from a wide-ranging diversity of fashionable and innovative units which balance faultlessly with your modular kitchen. Its innovative technology eliminates stuck grease, oil, and dust bits stuck in the cavity of the kitchen chimney by warming and melting those and collecting them all in the oil gatherer. This technology turns it really simple to clean and preserve the kitchen chimney deprived of the untidiness.

Why Do We Recommend This

Auto Cleaning With Heat Technology – This innovative technology eradicates the stuck grease, oil, and dust elements that have stuck inside the kitchen hood’s chamber by warming and melting and after that the same is amassed inside the oil gatherer.

Heat Resistant Tempered Glass For Front Panel – The shiny and glossy front panel doesn’t need to be checked or protected since it has been covered by top-class heat-resilient tempered glass so that the beauty of the panel remains intact.

Turbo Suction Power – This kitchen chimney provides you with a pretty dominant turbo suction power at 760 cubic meters per hour, which provides you with capability to remove all the dust, grime, and smoke inside the kitchen within seconds.

2 LED Lamps For Better Illumination – The bright illumination provided with this kitchen chimney through the 2 LED lamps that are going to lit up your cooking area so that you may catch all the cooking elements and keep a check on the cooking process easily.

Hindware Cleo Chimney With Baffle Filter

Hindware is a brand that has a name for itself in the market and offers a really nice variety of kitchen chimneys for your kitchen. This Hindware Cleo 600/900mm Kitchen Chimney offers its users all that they desire from their kitchen hood. It comprises of baffle filters which makes cleaning really effortless and helps to take the dirt away. The brush silver inox finish provides it a pretty elegant look. The suction capacity of this unit is pretty decent and effective to take away all the dirt away. The controls are really handy with 3-speed touch control systems and make really less noise.

Why Do We Recommend This

Elegant Appearance – This kitchen chimney comes with brush silver inox color or finish, which certainly augments the overall look and feel of your kitchen. This kitchen chimney matches the entire setting of your kitchenette as well.

Dominant Suction – Having a suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour, this kitchen chimney makes the overall grime, smoke, and dust discharge a breeze and keep the kitchen fresh all throughout the day.

Low Noise Level – Owing to the 180W motor that has been incorporated in this kitchen chimney, it doesn’t generate a lot of noise while it is functioning so that the cooking process is calm and silent.

3-Speed Touch Control – Everyone has their own and personal cooking needs and requirements, therefore, this kitchen chimney provides you with 3 distinct speeds with which the whole arrangement works and gets those oily particles and dust removed out into the surroundings.Gilma Lucido Chimney

Gilma Lucido Stainless Steel Chimney

Gilma is a company that made its mark in 2001 with products like chimney, hobs, and cooktops. This Kitchen Chimney from Gilma is a really fast working electric chimney having a decent suction capacity to take away all the dirt and oil out of your kitchen. The motor is also substantially powerful at 200Watts and the company is also offering a premium lifetime warranty on the motor even though it might not show any problem.

Why Do We Recommend This

Life Time Warranty – Comes covered with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so that you don’t come across any problem whilst requesting the after-sales service subsequent to the purchase.

700 Suction Capacity – Owing to the appropriate 700 cubic meters per hour suction, getting those unwanted and obnoxious odors out of the kitchen is really easy and effectively done.

Stainless Steel Body – This kitchen chimney has been framed using stainless steel which offers it the desired durability and doesn’t allow for corrosion owing to the oily and sticky particles getting stuck.

Baffle Filter – These filters are the most commonly used and opted ones inside India and provide you with the best filtration arrangement and may also be detached to clean at regular intervals.

Easy To Maintain – The whole maintenance and servicing of this kitchen chimney is a breeze owing to the incorporated baffle filter which is coupled up with the stainless steel design which doesn’t allow the particles to get stuck pretty easily.

Glen Chimney With 3 Baffle Filters

This fabulous kitchen chimney from Glen has a sleek & stylish look owing to the steel and glass design which makes it modern and attractive in appearance. It further offers a decent air flow or the suction capacity to remove all the oil, dirt, and dust away from your kitchen. The baffle filters provided in this unit offer a decent cleaning process and the 3-speed push button provide an additional power to the chimney. The unit also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the product.

Why Do We Recommend This

Attractive Exteriors – This kitchen chimney from the wide range marketed by Glen provides you with the sleek look, attractive & modern design owing to the steel and glass construction.

Powerful Suction – At 1000 cubic meters per hour, this kitchen chimney offers you with the most dominant and reliable suction capability, which is capable of removing those oil and dust particles suspended in the air of your kitchen with a whole lot of ease.

3-Speed Push Buttons – This kitchen hood further provides you with 3 distinct push buttons for regulating the speed at which the grime is removed out from the kitchen.

Silent Italian Motor – The Glen 6062 also comprises of the Italian motor, which comes incorporated with the FRP housing or casing, so that the noise levels that are generated while the hood is operating is really low.

KAFF Chimney With 2 Cassette Filters

Setup this Kaff Chimney with your kitchenette to retain a clean and oil-free state. Having the exclusive and exhilarating utilities, this chimney makes sure that you get a higher absorption of dirt and smoke for a clean cooking setting. The chimney is also going to provide you a simple absorption of extra oils since it is effortlessly collected and thrown out from your kitchen. The machine is totally made making use of stainless steel, which is recognized to be a hard-wearing material.

Why Do We Recommend This

1000 Suction Power – With the 1000 cubic meters per hour of suction capacity, this kitchen chimney turns the eradication of oily particles, odors, and smokes a breeze.

60cm Kitchen Hood – This kitchen chimney is ideal for those small kitchens with minimal cooking requirements at the 60cm width of the kitchen hood to remove the smoke out.

Aluminium Cassette Filter – The filter provided with this kitchen chimney is the Aluminium Cassette Filter, which is effective in removing the dirt and dust, but needs to be cleaned regularly for optimum performance.

Metallic Motor – The operating motor provided with this kitchen chimney is a metallic one, which produces less noise as compared to the other products available on the market.

Elica Chimney With 2 Baffle Filters

Elica has long been in the market for its fabulous range of kitchen chimneys and seamless performance. This kitchen chimney from Elica offers you the stainless steel finish that makes it look really elegant and stylish. The glass size is 60-cm which really gives it an even more modern and attractive look. The Power plus Suction that it offers is very substantial in its class and at a very decent price tag. The lighting lamps offered are LED and provide decent amount of glow. The ducting/recycling baffle filters are also decent in their working.

Why Do We Recommend This

Compact Size – This smooth and stylish Kitchen Chimney comprises of the ducting and reprocessing design and is going to augment the beauty of your kitchen. It is really long-lasting, easy to preserve, and so compact in size that it is not going to take loads of space inside your kitchen.

LED Lamps – This chimney has been furnished with the bright LED lights. These lights are power effectual and further require really less preservation. They are further really long-lasting and provide a smoke-free cooking capability.

Elegant Design – It is a stylishly framed kitchen chimney that is designed to fit inside any kitchen and improve its stylish design. Crafted using the lightweight but robust material, this chimney is just as dominant in functioning as its stylish look.

Baffle Filter for Easy Cleaning – The Elica Spot has been incorporated with the baffle filter. These filters have been framed using the numerous stainless steel coiled panels. These bends catch the oily particles with a whole lot of ease.

Elica Chimney With 1 Baffle Filter

Improve the appearance of your kitchenette through the charismatic design of this glace kitchen chimney. This chimney from Elica is the entrance into a trouble free cookery practice. Nonstop exposure to strong fragrances and smoke can really affect the health and this kitchen chimney has been designed to ensemble your requirements. This chimney assures you a substantial performance each and every time you switch it on. The suction power of this kitchen hood signifies the determined air flow volume of the motor assembly working at an optimal level.

Why Do We Recommend This

Push Button Panel – Enrich the overall appearance of your kitchen owing to the charming framing of ESCG BF 60 kitchen chimney. It comes with the fashionable push button control panel for regulating the speed at which the chimney functions.

Dimensions – The Elica kitchen chimney balances out with any sort of kitchen and puts in great operational value too. The chimney is really tough and is going to provide you with constant service deprived of residing in a lot of space inside the kitchen.

Power Efficient – The ideal framing of the robust chimney provides a superior efficiency. This commanding chimney is never going to burn a hole inside your pocket since it consumes really less power so that you don’t need to worry about the energy bill.

Max Air Flow – The ESCG BF 60 Touch Nero from Elica offers you with a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour and provides you the ease and helps in making your kitchen fresh.

Things to Check Before Buying A Kitchen Chimney

Whatever the chimney for kitchen online you are going to buy, must fit in your kitchen, suction power, chimney filter types is comfortable with cooking habits. We are furnishing some of the tips must consider before buying chimney online.

  • Chimney filter types
  • Types kitchen chimney
  • Chimney suction power
  • Chimney size
  • Chimney design
  • Chimney ducting

How to select Best kitchen Chimney?

We have shortlisted some of the points which you need to consider while buying chimney. Do check these points, and get the best product.

Suction Power of Chimney: – Sucking grime and dirt air is primary job of the chimney. And the reason, always look for the chimney which suck more air in short time. The ideal chimney will have 800-1000 m3/hr suction power.

Blower: – You can also call it motor, which blown away grime air out of your kitchen. We recommended to go with aluminum blower (non-stick) which should be sealed.

Filters: – One of the most important part of any chimney. Filter differentiate between heat and grim. If your chimney filter is not powerful, it can reduce suction power of the chimney and also create health issue for you.

Size of chimney: – The size of the chimney should be equal to your gas stove. Common size of the chimney is 60-90cm which is available online.

Warranty: – if you check the list, a best chimney can cost you around Rs.10,000/-, so if you are buying such costly kitchen appliance, make sure you get good warranty. So, you can get free maintenance, service change of filter and periodic time.

These are the points you need to look after while buying good chimney online. Hope our guide will help you to choose and buy chimney. Apart from this, if budget is not the issue, you can also look for advance features like auto clean chimney (which automatically clean the interior of chimney). You can also look for soundproof, convertible kits, auto heat sensor and alarm in chimney.

Kitchen Chimney – Benefits

Old-fashioned homes in India are accustomed to possessing a masonry chimney erected inside the house during its construction, but having the notion of a minor family oozing in rapidly, individuals have now made their way to the smaller flats wherein getting a masonry chimney constructed can’t be possible anyhow. This is the time where the best kitchen chimneys on the market are going to get the job done.

Below we have listed a few advantages of installing a kitchen chimney

Retains Cleanliness

The kitchen chimneys aren’t just capable of absorbing the profound odors wandering in your kitchen but moreover deliver the capability of removing the vapor and oil from the dish or recipe being prepared with the help of the superior suction power, providing you with a dirt-free and spotless kitchen.

Odorless Kitchen

Houses in India utilize plenty of spices as well as oil whilst they cook food which thereby gives off scores of odor with fumes, getting a kitchen chimney installed is going to assist in getting rid of those odors.

Hale & Hearty Family

As the kitchen chimneys tend to captivate the fumes, it is going to take the utmost care of the people that are diagnosed to any breathing issue; they aren’t going to suffer owing to the odor and fumes.

Guards Other Appliances from Fumes

Kitchen chimneys also help in guarding the other appliances inside your kitchen, walls, and cabinets from becoming murky by gluey fumes.

How can you select the Best Kitchen Chimney from the market?

The overall purchasing process is going to be simplified after going through this Kitchen Chimney Guying Guide. It is an attempt to incorporate all the aspects that you must bear in kind whilst choosing the best chimney for your kitchenette:

Kitchen Chimney Filters

Mesh Filters

The smoke that develops inside any kitchen comprises of greasy and oily particles or matter apart from the soot. Customarily, the filters comprise of several layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh filters to catch those solid bits while permitting the smoke to discharge. On the other hand, these filters need a lot of maintenance. Additionally, they might diminish the suction volume of the filters owing to the obstructions. The finest method is to clean up the filters on a regular basis either at home or by contacting a committed chimney cleaning assistance.

Baffle Filter

A majority of the kitchen chimneys in India are equipped with the baffle filters. Primarily it is an enhancement of the aluminum cable mesh filters. The research proclaims that these kinds of filters are generally 30% superior as compared to the mesh filters. The framing includes the sheets on the filter to contain several curves that permit the smoke to discharge easily whilst confining the oily particles from doing so.

It is relatively stress-free to sustain a baffle filter since they need cleaning once within a time period of 3 to 4 months. These days, you possess the removable baffle filter whereby you might be able to do so by yourself and clean it systematically.

Carbon Filter

Similar to having carbon filters in the water purifiers, you might possess these types of filters fitted inside your kitchen chimneys too. They eliminate the bad smell out of the food. Crafted using charcoal, you might be able to utilize this carbon filter within both the duct and the ductless kitchen chimneys.

The greasy and other kinds of oily particles might get stuck within the carbon filters thereby demanding their replacement following a period of about six months.

Suction Power

The kitchen chimney functions on the working principle of suction of air present inside the kitchen. Therefore, the suction power is a really significant aspect to bear in mind whilst hitting the market to buy a kitchen chimney.

Generally, you must choose a chimney that might be able to suck out 10 folds the capacity of air in a particular space. The suction power is stated with the cubic meter per hour unit all over India. A kitchen chimney offering a superior suction power is seriously beneficial.

Chimney Size

The optimum rule as much as the kitchen chimney size is concerned is the fact that one must not opt for a chimney that offers lesser breadth as compared to the size the gas stove or range. Commonly, there are 2 options available, which are namely 60 and 90 cm variants. For the customary Indian kitchen, the 60 cm chimney option is going to do the job.

These types of chimneys work genuinely with the 2-burner gas stoves or ranges that people utilize in India. On the other hand, if you possess a large cooking top, you might readily opt for the 90 cm wide kitchen chimneys. Therefore, the people making use of the gas stoves with 3 burners or above must go for these chimneys.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The kitchen chimney performs the tough task of removing the dust out of your kitchen. Apart from all that soot, the removal of the bad smell of grease or oil is also performed by the chimneys. As a result, it is your major accountability to wash down the chimneys recurrently for prolonged existence and working.

These days, you may buy the chimneys that comprise of detachable filters as well as the auto cleaning facilities. This turns the task of cleaning those filters pretty easily. There isn’t any requirement to rely on the specialized chimney cleanser.

Filter Cleaning

If you possess the kitchen chimneys comprising of the baffle filters, you might be able to detach them and wash down individually. Utilize warm water along with a mild cleansing agent to eliminate the oil out of the filters. Make sure that you don’t brush the filters so that you don’t result in damaging it.

Hood Cleaning

It is good to afresh the hood at least a single time every week by rubbing it clean using a cloth sodden inside liquid. Do not utilize the rasping solvents or supplies to eliminate the pigments. In case the stains seem to be persistent, seek expert assistance.

Cleaning Blower Shield

This is a really significant aspect of making your chimneys clean. You certainly have to pursue the facilities of approved chimney cleaners to wash down the blower shield. Typically, the chimney makers offer warranties. This might assist in enhancing the overall productivity of your kitchen chimney.

You must also take care of the differences within the below-provided aspects:

Filters: The ducting chimneys make use of the wire netting and the baffle filters whereas the ductless chimneys make use of the carbon filters like the added defense.

Cost: The ductless units are reasonably cheaper since the charges for the installation isn’t that elevated. You don’t require laying the ducts for the air containing soot and grime to outflow into the outer surroundings.

Performance: The stats display that the ducting kitchen chimneys are 30% extra proficient as compared to the ductless units since the latter kind of chimney mingles the air backward inside the room rather than permitting it to discharge.

Suction Power: The ducting kitchen chimneys possess a superior suction power in contrast.

Maintenance: The ducting kitchen chimneys are reasonably cooler to preserve. The carbon filters provided with the ductless versions necessitate consistent replacement.

Portability: It isn’t slightly simple to re-position the ducting kitchen chimney while shifting those ductless kitchen chimneys is really stress-free.

Efficiency: Unsurprisingly, one might realize from the above-provided info that the ducting kitchen chimneys are further efficient when compared to the ductless models.

What are the Different Kinds of Kitchen Chimneys Available in the Market?

Based on different aspects or features, the kitchen chimneys have been categorized into three segments that are as follows:

Straight Line Chimneys

Several Indian kitchens come across space limitations. In such situations, you may not be capable of installing the wall-mounted kitchen chimneys. The straight line kitchen chimneys might be there for your respite. They spread centrally above the cooking range.

On top of slurping up the food generated smoke straight from the cooktop, they possess commanding suction endings to draw the smoke from the remaining sections of your kitchen in addition. The benefit of installing this kind of chimney is that it arranges for the supplementary overhead room to stock your kitchen articles.

Wall Mounted Chimney

These kinds of kitchen chimneys are the majorly used kinds of chimneys that you might be able to everywhere in the world. The Indian kitchens typically have their podiums built next to the walls of the kitchen. Therefore, this kind of chimney is really prevalent in India.

Frequently, these kitchen chimneys require ducts to discharge the smoke into the outer space. On the other hand, you possess the ductless kitchen chimney too within these kinds of chimneys. The chimneys screen and decontaminate the air and discharge it again inside the kitchen itself. Generally, you don’t possess cabinets to consent with this sort of chimneys. You possess a version of the wall mounted chimneys that are titled as the island chimneys.

In this category, you acquire the sensation that the chimneys suspend out of nowhere. In reality, the island kitchen chimneys are appropriate whilst you the platforms inside your kitchen are away from the walls of the kitchen. You might not be able to discover several Indian kitchens that demand the usage of island kitchen chimneys. You might be able to catch them in hotels and restaurants namely.

Auto Clean Chimneys

These kitchen chimneys need consistent vacuuming to eradicate the dust and the grunge. The Indian people like eating the spicy food that is prepared using a lot of oil. Therefore, you may be able to locate the oily spots jabbing to the filters or the screens. That might disturb the overall operability of the kitchen chimney. You possess the choice to clean up the kitchen chimney at consistent time intervals.

This may necessitate disassembling all its filters and washing them meticulously. On the other hand, you possess the choice of opting for a kitchen chimney having an automatic cleaning functionality.

In general, the Indian kitchen chimney manufacturers utilize the baffle filters. The oil used for preparing food jams to these baffle filters and might as well drip inside the gatherer. You must bear in mind the manner in which you need to handle the kitchen chimney within such situations.

These types of kitchen chimneys possess a reservoir that you require filling with nearly 500 ml of water. Following the use of the kitchen chimney for nearly 2 weeks, you need to push the ‘auto clean’ switch. This is going to allow the water to freshen up those oil particles and bring the desired level of efficiency to your kitchen chimney.

Things to consider before buying a chimney

A quality kitchen chimney is a considerable investment. Therefore, it is prudent to consider these points before purchasing one:

  1. Filter: The most important thing to consider is the chimney filter. Filters trap oil and other particles thereby boosting the purification process. There are three types of filters available:
  2. Mesh or Cassette Filters: Made of multiple layers of aluminium mesh, these filters have small holes that get clogged easily thereby affecting performance. They require a lot of maintenance and need to be cleaned at least every fortnight.
  3. Baffle filters: The design of the baffle filter includes multiple curve structures that change the direction of kitchen fumes and separate the grease and other particles from it. Even with the accumulation of grime on the first layer, the suction power of the chimney is not affected at all. Baffle filters are ideal for Indian cooking and also easy to maintain and clean.
  4. Charcoal Filters: Charcoal filters are made of charcoal granules and are mainly used for odour absorption. The performance of these filters depends on its thickness and the size of charcoal granules. More the thickness, better the performance.
  5. Air suction capacity: A suction power of a chimney is the capacity of its motor to suck oil, smoke, grease and other particles. For heavy cooking, high suction capacity is required, while for regular cooking medium suction capacity works. Depending on the size of the kitchen, anything between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr is ideal for Indian cooking.
  6. Number of blowers: Blowers run in tandem with the motors to expel unwanted odour and oils. More blowers are required to dispel the smell and fumes particularly if the cooking includes deep-frying.
  7. Fan Speed: Chimneys come with two to six fan speeds. At least two speeds are recommended. High – which is used while cooking – and low – which is used after cooking to dispel smell and ventilate the kitchen. Anything more than three fan speeds is generally not required.
  8. Noise: The noise level of the chimney should also be considered. Some chimneys have silent kits installed which makes them function silently or with less noise.
  9. Other feature: A few addon features can also be considered.
  10. Auto Clean: This feature allows chimneys to clean themselves without any human intervention.
  11. Auto heat sensor: Some chimneys have an in-built sensor that detects temperature and grease and automatically switches on and off.
  12. Alarm: Few chimneys have indicator alarms or buzzers that alert you when the chimney filter requires cleaning or replacement.
  13. Lights: Chimneys nowadays come with one or more LED or CFL lights for better illumination of the cooktop.

Once you purchase a chimney, be sure to get it installed according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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