Each Indian family unit needs a gas stove as it shapes the substance of each kitchen. The best gas stoves accessible in India have been created with the most recent innovation making cooking simpler and progressively productive. Be it a brisk chomp at night, or an undeniable supper for your whole family, a cutting edge gas stove encourages you with all your Indian plans.

Putting resources into the correct sort of gas stoves in India can be a significant troublesome undertaking. This is the reason we have completed a great deal of research on the best gas stoves accessible in India in 2019 and accumulated a rundown for you with its highlights and every one of the determinations.

We definitely know how traditional gas stoves are being supplanted by the cutting edge gas stoves. What we can be sure of is that there are a few sorts of current gas stoves that are available with a few unique highlights for various necessities. Consequently, you have to realize what highlights to search for in this with regards to this little machine for your kitchen.

What are the Things to Consider Whilst Selecting a Gas Stove?

  • Point of the inlet assembly
  • Unbending nature and Solidity
  • Vitality Efficiency and Gas Consumption
  • Item Finishing
  • ISI Certification
  • Support and Design
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Smooth Functioning
  • Type and Number of Burners
  • Manual or Automatic Ignition

Best 10 Gas Stoves in India – Reviews

BlackPearl Glass 3 Burner Manual Gas Stove

On the off chance that you cook a few things on the double yet underscore on an advanced look, this gas range is the best decision for you. This BlackPearl Plasma gas stove contains 3 burners that have been figured by top-class metal. The burner contains tri-pins, which assign the fire consistently underneath the compartment or the vessel being warmed and readies your nourishment with accuracy. This further involves a non-attractive rust-confirmation outline with a substantial metal base to help the gas stove. The trickle plate is additionally comprised of tempered steel which makes it rust-evidence and beautiful in looks.

Prestige Marvel Plus Aluminum 3 Burner Gas Stove

This originates from the most recent gathering of glass top gas stoves from Prestige and contains thick gas tables are chivalrously proposed to take low ledge space in your kitchen. These gas stoves include crush verification solidified glass top to make the cleaning procedure simpler. The burner edge grants you to get ready sustenance quicker and all the more capability. Comprised of the treated steel body, these gas stoves offer a great deal of efficiencies, execution, and current look and feel.

Sunflame Pearl 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Set up a few unique suppers, having an agreeable personality, over the Sunflame 3-burner glass top gas stove. This gas stove offers 3 ergonomically planned and diverse measurement metal burners that have been largely disseminated to allow you to get ready almost 3 distinct dinners without a moment’s delay. Proposed for uniform planning of sustenance, these top-class burners, place on this gas stove, and involve 3 columns of flares, which also help in improving its eco-friendliness.

Preethi Topaz Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

The scope of gas tables or gas stoves offered by Preethi is successful just as vitality productive in the meantime. This gas stove offers you more than 68-percent of warm proficiency with the goal that you can prepare nourishment quicker and all the more effectively. It further includes a joint-less steel body coming up short on a bolt with the goal that the cleaning procedure turns out to be besides simple. Aside from that, this gas stove contains weighty metal packaging body, quality metal burner, polished veneer vessel support, night shining sturdy handle having a lighter holder.

Surya Jwala GT02 AB Manual Gas Stove

With the toughened glass retires, the gas stove brands have now additionally embedded the examples to upgrade the appearnce significantly further. The Surya Jwala is a glass top gas stove is a smaller gas stove that is obligingly proposed to take less space on the counter of your kitchen. This gas stove contains a solidified glass top to make the cleaning procedure progressively advantageous and simple. The burner configuration grants you to get ready nourishment rapidly and all the more capability. Detailed with the treated steel outline, this gas stove is a gathering of execution, viability, and contemporary appearance.

Greenchef Glasstop Namo 3 Burner Gas Stove

Figured to coordinate your cooking necessities just as you occupied everyday practice, this gas stove involves 3 burners which might be used for cooking a few dishes without a moment’s delay. Every single burner in this range has been detailed by metal which offers it the strength. The Greenchef gas stove gives inventive container bolsters which are especially expected to help you in serenely putting the vessels over it. You may likewise easily clean the glass top utilizing water or scouring it with the assistance of a material.

Black Pearl 4 Burner Ignition Stainless Steel Stove

The brand named BlackPearl provides you with a rich and advanced glass stove structure, however it likewise enables you to pick in the middle of the 2, 3, and 4-burner models. BlackPearl plasma gas stove involves 4 burners that have been figured utilizing top-quality metal. The burner involves tri-pins that have the capacity to distribute the fire all around consistently under the holder and set up your nourishment with a great deal of accuracy. It enables you to prepare sustenance extremely quicker and further involves unbreakable ABS material alongside solid hold handles. The quality non-attractive treated steel edge makes the unit rust-verification.

Prestige Royale Plus Aluminum 2 Burner Gas Stove

The capability of Schott together with the more excellent German modern principles ensures that you perpetually acquire the most attractive and top-quality glass. The dynamite fresh out of the plastic new Prestige Royale accumulation of gas tables has been proposed to relate incomparable accommodation together with astounding looks. Defined through the drawn solo piece hardened steel outline, these gas stoves are a blend of execution and striking appearance.

Sunflame Crystal Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove

The Sunflame Crystal Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove is a decent decision for those having little family including 3-5 individuals. The tempered steel dribble plate additionally give it an astounding appearance. Sunflame is a brand that is extremely predominant to the extent the kitchen apparatuses are concerned. This exquisite and snazzy gas stove from Sunflame is an additional roomy with toughened glass cooktop having a remarkable metallic gold completion. It comes in with 2 high-proficiency gas burners together with a brushed matte completion with tempered steel base.

Preethi Elda Stainless Steel 2-Burner Gas Stove

Preethi is a brand that arrangements in quality kitchen apparatuses that are both financial just as straightforward structure. The Preethi Elda Gas Stove involves a joint-less steel body which makes cleaning simple. The treated steel utilized in its detailing is 7mm thick and offers it the strength it needs. It further offers a 50 percent heavier metal burner so you can prepare the nourishment rapidly with the assistance of warm productivity that is above 68%.

What are the Different Kinds of Gas Stoves on the Market?

On the off chance that we think about the complete number of burners, there are 4 distinct sorts of gas stoves accessible available. These gas stoves may be arranged like the 1 burner, 2-burner, 3-burner, and 4-burner gas stoves. The gas stoves that are really pervasive in the Indian kitchens are the 3 and 4 burner gas stoves.

When we consider the method of start and the kind of burner that the gas stove comes outfitted with, at that point they can be ordered into 3 distinct classes, which have been portrayed beneath:

Electric Ignition

This gas stove type works totally on electrical vitality. The LPG/PNG, electric starts, and air are pooled together to illuminate such kind of a gas stove. They may get touched off exclusively by methods for an unobtrusive switch, which might be both programmed and manual.

Standing Pilot

This sort of gas stove includes a fire that consistently consumes underneath the stove. The persistent fire, therefore, devours extra vitality when contrasted and different sorts of gas stoves available, and is typically not wanted attributable to a similar reason.

Sealed Burners

The last sort of gas stove is the one which accompanies the fixed burners, which come fixed together with the stove. The gas stoves with fixed burners probably won’t almost certainly produce a ton of warmth and are most supported in contrast with the other two sorts of stoves depicted previously. They are in addition tranquil to keep up and clean.

Considering each and every component that ought to be there in the gas stove, we have really performed a lot of investigation on the accessible items that you should seriously mull over buying. We have gone through the Best Gas Stoves in India 2019 and itemized the best ones amongst them so as to make the decision-making process a touch easier and facilitate a smarter choice. Apart from that, we have also described each gas stove’s product description and specifications that is going to assist you in selecting the best gas stove on the market.

Personal Recommendation

Along these lines, this was our audit and examination of the Top 10 Gas Stoves in India, which involves the best gas stoves accessible in the market. Every one of the gas stoves portrayed above have the best highlights and offer the most noteworthy rate of proficiency when contrasted with different models available. With our surveys expressed above, we imagine that picking one out of the best 10 picks would now be simple for our clients. In the event that they find any issue in choosing one from the gave units, they may go with our own recommendation.

The gas stove that we prescribe to our clients is the BlackPearl Glass 4 Burner Manual Gas Stove, which offers all the astonishing highlights and comes in with a reasonable sticker price the extent that the 4 burner gas stoves are concerned. Along these lines, whosoever is encountering an issue in picking a gas stove may go with this BlackPearl model and we are certain that you won’t experience any issue in the wake of buying this unit!

What are the Features to Consider Prior to Buying a Gas Stove?

To settle on the best decision while you are in the market to purchase a gas stove as indicated by your needs and prerequisites while preparing nourishment, these highlights or angles are the ones that you positively need to endure at the top of the priority list:

Size of the Gas Stove

Which sort of a gas range model (square or square shape) okay prefer to purchase? Guarantee that you have the required space on the counter to put the cooktop, notwithstanding air circulation space underneath. Further, you have to check the highlights of the cooktop – there are least space necessities for the foot of organizers or range hood overhead the cooktop.

Gas stoves are accessible in the few widths that are 60, 70, 80, and 90 cm, so choosing the proper size for the kitchen will depend on the counter space and range hood measurement and the quantity of burners you require for cooking.

While you are thinking about the quantity of burners you need to ruminate on how successfully your pans are going to fit. Getting ready nourishment on a 60cm gas stove having 4 burners will enable only 3 pans to fit calm, there may be constrained access to a couple of burners while they are being used inferable from the closeness of the burner positions or the cookware estimate that you use.

On the off chance that you aren’t confined by the size, have adaptable counter space and you use the greater cookware, thoroughly consider a 5 burner 80 – 90cm gas stove having a wok burner situated at a separation from the rest of the burners or situated at the inside, which allows the rest of the cookware to rest safely with less restriction while utilizing the rest of the burners.

Burner Positions

You require considering the position and structure of the burners and the stove size concerning the vessels and container you utilize.

Search for the following things:

  • The burners ought to be dispersed out so you may almost certainly use a few pots in the meantime and don’t have to reach over a component to achieve one more.
  • The assortment of stew, a medium and enormous measured burner should be checked.
  • The stew burners must be situated at the front with the goal that you don’t have to lean over different burners for blending the sauce.
  • The medium burners must be situated at the posterior – these are proper for cooking nourishments for an all-inclusive timeframe and don’t should be mixed every now and again.
  • The wok burners are finely situated just while they are situated along the edges or in the inside for sensible and continuous blending.
  • The rectangular models are generally entirely dispersed out, however you may almost certainly find the square units that have the great component formats also.


The fire controlling handles must be of a respectable size – ideally utilizing a crossbar with the goal that they’re calm to grasp and give an obvious pointer. The control handles must not be situated extremely nearby the trivets or the burners.


Quest for a surface that is peaceful to tidy up with the slight earth traps. The cooktop must be fit for containing the useful spills. A couple of the gas stoves offer a spill getting zone and segment among the burners to hold the spills, though others don’t.


The performance piece burners, just as the burner tops that are put over the real leader of the burner, are tranquil to safeguard and clean.


The trivets or the dish supports must be even and stable over the cooktop. The ones having the elastic feet are less likely to scratch the surface and are unflinching. Trivets denied of the bigger holes grant you to coast the skillet about the cooktop without lifting them. A greater part of the cooktops involves substantial, cumbersome, cast iron trivets, yet on the off chance that you may find those veneer ones they’re extremely simpler to tidy up. The tempered steel trivets may recolor easily so sidestep these. A couple cooktops offer a trivet for each and every burner – you won’t be equipped for sliding the pots about the cooktops however they’re extremely nimbler to get and will fit inside your kitchen sink effectively.

Top 10 Best Gas Stoves Online Price List

Cleaning the Gas Stove or Cooktop

The underlying principle for tidying a gas stove is to get out any kind of spills at whatever point conceivable since the obstructed burners may offer ascent to denied gas stream and sporadic warming. The buildup which has been heated is extremely difficult to clean.

Cleaning the gas cooktop or stove may be repetitive with a few sections. The trivets made up of cast iron may be profound and hard to clean in a home sink and the cooktop outside might show stains and stamps.

On the off chance that you adore the presence of the tempered steel, select the unique finger impression versatile covering since it’s less likely to show the smears, and turns the cleaning of spills entirely simpler. The polish secured surfaces are extremely easy to clean and show no finger stamps or flaws. The toughened glass surfaces may show the smears and may require a fired chemical. The warm foamy water alongside a microfiber material is all you require to the cleanup of most of cooktops.

The control or the controller handles may be withdrawn and cleaned with the warm foamy water. Be careful not to brush or use brutal synthetic concoctions while washing the surfaces or controls having the printed marks as they may blur sooner or later.

Washing the trivets made up of cast iron, the veneer trivets just as the hardened steel trivets may need absorbing the circumstance while the buildup has turned out to be extremely dry. You may likewise absorb the trivets a sink having warm sudsy water. In the event that the cast iron trivets have gotten up to speed the consumed buildup, the oil or oil cleaner and a scourer may be required. Choose the trivets that have an even surface for calm cleaning.

Cleaning the burners of the gas stove is extremely imperative to turn away stopping up of the openings of the burner, which offers ascend to the uneven progression of gas. The burners are commonly comprised of Aluminum in order to abstain from scouring them utilizing the bicarbonate soft drink or vinegar since this may stain the metallic surface. Soaking them in hot sudsy water is the best strategy, utilizing an accommodating brush or a paper clasp to dispose of sustenance buildup out of those small gaps inside the burners. The burner tops made up of cast iron may get recolored, yet the buildup is going to consume off sooner or later. Avoid that Aluminum burner base encompass, since they are practically unsure to clean while the buildup has been heated on.

As a last point, the drying strategy, especially the burners or else the gas fire may stream inconsistently. Drying is further going to turn away the cast iron trivets from eroding.

What are the types of gas stoves available in India?

On the basis of number of burners

There are four various types of gas stoves based on number of burners that are available in it. They can be delegated 1 burner gas stove, 2 burners gas stove, 3 burner gas stoves and a 4 burner gas stoves. A 3-4 burners gas stoves are favored the most in India.

On the basis of type of burners and mode of ignition

Standing Pilot: A standing pilot gas stove has a fire that continually consumes underneath the cooktop. The consistent fire is, consequently, more vitality expending than different kinds of gas stoves, and is commonly not favored because of the equivalent.

Electric Ignition: This sort of gas stove works completely on power. Electric flashes, LPG/PNG and air are joined together to consume these sorts of gas stoves. They can be touched off just by a straightforward switch, which can be both manual and programmed.

Sealed Burners: Another sort of gas stoves are fixed burners, which are fixed with the cooktop. Fixed burner gas stoves don’t create much warmth and are commonly favored when contrasted with the other two. They are additionally simpler to clean and oversee.

Taking a gander at all these highlights that must be available in your gas stove, we have completed a great deal of research on the items that you can purchase. We have taken a gander at the best gas stoves accessible in India in 2019 and recorded the best out of them for your benefit. Alongside that, we have included their determinations and client audits that would assist you with deciding your ideal gas stove. Expectation the rundown encourages you!

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