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A food processor is a household kitchen device used for multiple purposes like chopping, slicing, mixing and juicing. It helps in making food preparation easier by saving time and manual work required in performing those repetitive tasks.

They are quite similar to blenders, but the difference lies in the fact that food processors do not require a large amount of liquid to “blend” and the bowls have different types of interchangeable disks and blades which can be used according to the requirement. These bowls are wide and shaped in such a way so that various types of foods can be processed in them in a proper manner, according to their consistencies. It is an electric-motor-driven appliance.

The parts of a food processor are the bowls, the feed tube through which the ingredients are added for processing; usually, it also serves as a chute and a pusher which is sized to slide through the feed tube. Most of the modern food processors are quite safe and handy to use.


1. Bajaj Fx11 Food Factory 600 W Food Processor(White)

The Bajaj food processor comes with a sleek and stylish finish with a sturdy body for better endurance. This appliance comes with a set of three jars and a processing bowl for various uses. The Grinding jar and chutney jar has a stainless steel body while the liquidizing jar and processing bowl are made of unbreakable polycarbonate material. The blades are made of stainless steel to retain the sharpness and last longer. The processor bears a 3 speed setting with the pulse function for momentary operation.

2. Philips HR 7629/90 650 W Food Processor(Black)

If you’re looking for a food processor that can cater to most of your baking demands, Philips HR 7629/90 650 W Food Processor is the right one for you. With the latest PowerChop technology, it can perform various functions like chopping, slicing and shredding with utmost ease. The 2.1L bowl is big enough for mixing cake batters, and this compact yet powerful device saves a lot of time and energy in the kitchen and helps turn out delicious dishes every day.

3. Philips HL1661/00 700 W Food Processor (White)

A sturdy and stylish product, white based in color and with a sleek design from Philips. It has an energy rating of 5. Multi-purpose functions are provided including slicing, mincing, shredding, blending, scraping as well as wet grinding. It is a great product for saving time and energy while cooking. Both centrifugal and citrus juicers are given along with the set.

4. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000 W Food Processor  (Glazing Copper)

This appealing copper colored food processor from Morphy Richards is highly multi-functional and comes with 3-speed settings. It is preferable mainly for juicing, mixing and grinding. The brand has been introduced in the Indian market and has been quite widely accepted as a food processor. This processor uses quadra flow technology for super fine grinding and comes with a unique child safety lock.

5. Singer SFP614FBT (Foodista Plus) 600 W Food Processor  (Blue & White)

The Singer food processor comes with 14 attachments and has a power consumption of 600 Watt. The different tasks it can perform include slicing, shredding, grating and juicing. Its multiple jars can be used for mixing wet and dry food separately. It is a time and energy saving appliance, perfect for the Indian households. Moreover, this product is a high value for money.

6. Prestige ACE 600 W Food Processor  (Brown)

This attractively designed food processor from Prestige is excellent for average use. It is durable with a high degree of performance. It is suitable for chopping, grinding as well as juicing. It comes with different shapes of choppers to be used accordingly. It not only saves time but is also a great value for money. The Prestige Ace food processor is uniquely crafted for providing amazing assistance in the kitchen.

7. Sunflame SF-FP09 700 W Food Processor  (White, Purple)

The Sunflame Food Processor caters to all your chopping, shredding and slicing needs so you don’t have to spend long hours in the kitchen. It is very efficient and is a boon when you need to prepare food for a large number of friends and family. It consists of unbreakable polycarbonate jars, multi-functional discs, centrifugal and citrus juicers. It is also great for flour kneading and whipping. It comes in a beautiful white and purple color and is one of the best products in the market.

8. Usha FP 2663 600 W Food Processor  (White)

This Usha product makes kitchen work a lot easier as it comes with a 600 Watt motor which efficiently handles all kind of jobs. The design is uniquely crafted for Indian food preparations. The processor also allows convenient multi-purpose use in mincing, shredding, slicing, grating, atta kneading, blending, juicing, dry and wet grinding.

The set has unbreakable polycarbonate bowl, lid and blender jar, 10 functional attachments LED indicator for power and overload dimensions (WxHxD): 340 mm x 224 mm x 206 mm.

9. Philips HR 7628/00 650 W Food Processor  (White)

This compact-yet-powerful Philips food processor is highly recommended for a family of up to 5 members as it can whip up Pesto sauce, grind nuts into homemade butter or shred blocks of cheese in no time. It is a multi-tasking product from the reputed brand of Philips to ensure quality food preparation. The power consumption is 650 Watt and the design has an aesthetic look to it. It uses PowerChop technology but has 1 pulse settings. This food processor is a great value for money and is quite easy to handle.

10. Bajaj Majesty FX9 700 W Food Processor  (Black & Silver)

This food processor from Bajaj is fast and efficient and is an appliance that must be present in any well-equipped kitchen. It has a 700W motor that efficiently gets all your job done quickly. The processor also comes with variable speed selection, 2 speed + pulse, that allows convenient juicing, whipping, dicing and more. There are 10 attachments available which may be used as per requirement. A citrus juicer attachment is also provided in the set.


Food processors can make preparation of food fun, enjoyable as well as time and energy saving. One should invest in this multi-functional kitchen appliance for all-around convenience. The benefits of having a food processor in the kitchen are numerous. A huge number of recipes are possible when this device is present in the household. The quantity of food is not an issue anymore as the hard labor of cutting, chopping, and grinding is done away with. Smoothies and juices can be delivered in minutes and at one go. Also, pizza and bread can be made at home with this modern wonder.

Out of all these food processors, the Philips HL1661/00 700 W Food Processor (White) is the best in the market as of now, because of its ability to perform a range of functions with ease and its powerful motor settings. The features of this appliance have drawn many customers to use this in their homes and this brilliantly designed product should definitely be considered while choosing a food processor. Preparing nutritious and delicious meals has become so easy in this era and that is exactly why the food processor is extremely important for a healthy living


1. Hand Operated

Hand operated food processors are the most basic ones. They are used for chopping vegetables like onions. They need a little more effort in terms of manual work, but on the other hand, they are very easy to use and clean. Since they come in quite small sizes, storage is not an issue. Hand operated processors are perfect for chopping purposes when the quantity of food is less.

2. Mini Food Processors

Mini food processors are compact in nature. They are best suited for smaller families. These can perform multiple activities like chopping, grinding, shredding and mixing, but all in few quantities. For people living singly and preferring to cook versatile dishes on their own, these mini food processors are highly recommendable.

3. Full Sized Food Processors

Full-sized food processors are the ones which can perform most of the functions and can also provide a capacity of around 9-12 cups. Some even provide 20 cup capacities. The most expensive ones come with dough-hooks to mix bread. Also, they will be equipped with a range of discs and blades to choose from for the benefit of the user. Full-sized processors of good brands can be very long lasting as their motors are powerful enough to handle all kinds of operations.

4. Buffalo Choppers

These are best suited for heavy food processing like meat. They can handle all types of food and have a sturdy metal structure which makes them more powerful than any other kind of food processor. They have many accessorial parts like slicers, grinders which make them all the more versatile and suitable for some rough kitchen work.



The food processor that is chosen should be able to handle the kind of processing that is required by the user. For tough jobs like chopping raw carrots, mixing stiff ingredients or shredding hard cheese, a processor with a strong motor must be used else it will burn out soon.


The bowls of a food processor come in varying sizes depending on the model. So before buying, you must see which ones would be suitable for your requirements. A mini food processor would be suitable for single people and small families while a full sized one is apt for larger families.

Blades and discs

It is recommended that one must check if all the types of blades and discs are provided according to the functions that the processor has to perform. There are different kinds of accessories like the reversible blade for grating as well as slicing, chopping blade, beater and whisk disc attachments and juice extractor.

Brand and Price

The brands and models must be kept in mind while buying a food processor. The more expensive ones provide a powerful motor which is very helpful in the long run. The secondary brands often provide some extra accessories and attachments, but their motors are not that powerful. The ultimate decision should be made on personal preference and the budget of the buyer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It must be ensured that the product bought has a long-term warranty and provides quality customer service. Food preparation will become both convenient and enjoyable if proper investment is made on the food processor.

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