Zee Keralam Serials List 2023- Cast, Schedule, Synopsis

Eager to know more about the Zee Keralam serials list? Zee Keralam offers a wide variety of TV show options for viewers to choose from. From classic serials and reality shows to new sitcoms, Zee Keralam has it all. In this blog post, we take a look at the Zee Keralam Serials List currently available on Zee Keralam and explore the different genres of TV shows Zee Keralam has to offer.

Find out what’s on Zee Keralam right now and dive into a world of entertainment! Stay tuned for more information about Zee Keralam and their current serials list.

Zee Keralam Serials List Today

1. Kaiyethum Doorath

Kaiyethum Doorath
Serial Timing Table: Monday to Saturday at 8.30 PM
Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Nikita Thukral, Revathi, Siddique, Augustine, Mammootty, Harisree Ashokan, Cochin Haneefa
Genre: Drama
Director: Fazil

Synopsis – Kaiyethum Doorath is Zee Keralam’s latest addition to its list of serials. It is based on Zee Telugu series Raktha Sambandham and stars Shebin Benson, Ajaey Shravan, Dhanya Mary Varghese and Darshana Rajendran in lead roles. The story revolves around a family and the relationships in it. It is an interesting drama filled with emotions, love and revenge.

The story follows Arun, who has to face many difficulties in life after his father’s death. He finds solace when he meets Navya and falls in love with her. Will the two be able to overcome all the obstacles that come their way and find love?

The loving bond between the siblings Krishna Prasad and Krishna Priya was unbreakable. Even though she may have been younger, Priya had a deep admiration for her brother and would do anything to make sure that his needs were taken care of. When both Priya and Prasad’s wife, Durga, got pregnant around the same time, Priya was willing to sacrifice her own happiness and well-being in order to make sure that Prasad and Durga’s child would have a healthy, happy life.

2. Wife Is Beautiful

Wife Is Beautiful
Serial Timing Table: Everyday at 07:00 PM
Cast: Manikandan Pattambi, Vinod Kavoor, Salmin Hasan
Genre: Comedy

Synopsis – Wife is Beautiful, the Zee Keralam serial offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of family men. The series follows the thrilling adventures of these determined individuals as they strive to lead their families and make them proud. With its vibrant characters, intense story arcs and engaging drama, Wife is Beautiful keeps viewers hooked throughout each episode.

From romantic love stories to touching father-daughter relationships, the show highlights different aspects of family life. It celebrates the resilience of men who have faced many challenges and still manage to emerge victorious. So grab your popcorn and get ready for an action-packed journey with Wife is Beautiful!

A family’s cultural makeup is challenged when three brothers marry women from distinct backgrounds, resulting in amusing situations. This can present a unique set of dynamics which has to be navigated so that each member of the family can grow together harmoniously.

3. Kudumbashree Sharada

Kudumbashree Sharada
Cast: Mersheena Neenu, Sree Lakshmy
Genre: Family Drama

Synopsis – Kudumbashree Sharada is an inspiring Zee Keralam serial that follows the story of a single mother, Sharada, and her three determined daughters. The family have come together to make ends meet by running a hotel called ‘Kudumbashree’. The three daughters – Sharika, Shalini and Shyama – are determined to be successful in their dreams, while Sharada fights against all odds to make her business a success.

Kudumbashree Sharada is an inspiring Zee Keralam serial which showcases the strength and resilience of a single mother and her daughters as they strive to achieve their goals. Be sure to add this inspiring Zee Keralam serial to your list of must-watch Zee Keralam serials!

Kudumbashree Sharada follows the life of a determined single mother, Sharada, and her three driven daughters. To provide for her family’s needs, Sharada manages a hotel named ‘Kudumbashree’. Her daughters are named Sharika, Shalini, and Shyama.

4. Bhagyalakshmi

Serial Timing Table: Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM
Cast: Reshmi Soman, Aishwarya, Jai Dhanush
Genre: Drama
Director: A M Nazeer

Synopsis – Bhagyalakshmi is Zee Keralam’s serial that celebrates the power of women in society. It follows a female government official as she navigates through her career, struggles, and triumphs. Viewers will witness an inspiring story about how one woman can make a difference for herself and for others around her.

The serial is part of Zee Keralam’s list of serials that delve into the stories of strong female characters, showing how they are making their mark on the world. Bhagyalakshmi is sure to be a serial that will make viewers stand up and take notice.

The Bhagya Lakshmi series tells the story of a woman’s struggle against obstacles in her family and professional life. Sonia, one of the most popular film and television stars, portrays Bhagya Lakshmi as a devoted mother and an honest village officer. With determination and strength of character, she is able to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

5. Mrs Hitler

Mrs Hitler
Cast: Meghna Vincent, Ponnamma Babu, Arun G Raghavan, Shanavas Shanu, Anjali Rao, Akshaya Raghavan, Archana Manoj, Alice Christy, Anusree, Munshi Renjith, Sudha
Genre: Romantic comedy-drama
Director: Manoj Sreelakam

Synopsis– Zee Keralam’s serial, Mrs Hitler is a gripping tale of Jyothirmayi, a kind-hearted girl who has to suffer the wrath of her step-mother Ashalatha and her powerful father DK (Devakrishnan), also known as Hitler because of his arrogant attitude towards others.

Jyothirmayi is raised with her half-sister Priya, who is a skilled baker. Along with Ashalatha, they live in an ordinary family, while DK lives in a wealthy one with his three adopted sons Sreeram, Gokul and Balu along with their wives Maya, Thara and Chithra respectively. Mrs. Hitler is a Zee Keralam original and is part of Zee Keralam’s serials list, and one of the more popular shows on the channel!

Jyothirmayi was brought up by her step-mother Ashalatha and her father Sudhakaran, following the death of her mother when she was still young. She is naturally warm and compassionate, looking out for the well-being of her half-sister Priya who is an accomplished baker. Despite coming from a humble background, Jyothirmayi has always strived to help her family in any way she can.

6. Pranayavarnangal

Serial Timing Table: Monday-Friday at 09:00 PM 
Cast: Richard N. J., Swathy Nithyanad, Divyadarshan, Manju Satheesh, Ameya Nair, Veda Biju, Joobi, Sajna Firoz
Genre: Soap opera
Director: Sibi Malayil

Synopsis – Pranayavarnangal is one of the most popular Zee Keralam serials currently on air. It follows the story of Aparna, a simple yet ambitious girl who dreams of pursuing her passions in life. She meets Siddharth and instantly falls in love with him, only to find out that their perfect love story is not meant to be due to her past. This Zee Keralam serial explores the complexities of love and relationships, and how both come together to create something beautiful in the end.

Pranayavarnangal is one of Zee Keralam’s best serials that showcase strong female characters and their dreams and aspirations, making it a must-watch for viewers looking to explore Zee Keralam’s diverse serials list.

Maya, a close friend of Arathi, executes an amusing prank on her by sending false declarations of love under the name of Vinayachandran. Although Arathi is deceived by the ruse, it turns out that Vinayachandran has romantic feelings for Maya and legitimately proposes marriage to her.

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7. Neeyum Njanum

Neeyum Njanum
Serial Timing Table: Monday to Thursday at 09:00 PM
Cast: Shiju Abdul Rasheed, Susmitha Prabhakaran, Lekshmy Nandan, Pratheeksha G Pradeep, Athira Praveen, Remya Sudha, Sopna Mohan, Abees Saif
Genre: Soap opera
Director: AK Sajan

Synopsis – Neeyum Njanum is a Zee Keralam Serial that has charmed viewers with its heart-warming story of two individuals who defy age and society to prove that true love knows no boundaries. The serial follows the life of a 45-year-old businessman, Aravindan, and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Geetha, as they explore the possibilities of their relationship.

Through this beautiful story, viewers are encouraged to embrace understanding and acceptance between generations, cultures, and social statuses. Neeyum Njanum is a must-watch on Zee Keralam serials list for its uplifting message of love and unity and its engaging characters. Tune in to Zee Keralam and be a part of this beautiful journey!

Yakub, a police officer, pursues Hashmi in the course of his investigation. Despite their differences, the two develop feelings for each other and eventually get married. However, after tying the knot, they encounter many struggles and soon an unexpected figure from Hashmi’s past appears.

8. Malayogam

Serial Timing Table: Monday to Friday at 10 PM
Cast: Thilakan, Jayaram, Mukesh, Murali, Innocent, Kalpana, Jagadish
Genre: Comedy
Director: Sibi Malayil

Synopsis – Malayogam is a Zee Keralam serial that tells the story of Vaidehi, who is thrown into an arranged marriage with Devan after her sister runs away on their wedding day. Vaidehi must face numerous challenges in her new life and learn to manage them all with grace. The serial follows her as she navigates a world of customs and expectations to find her own place in her marriage, family, and society.

It will be a journey full of struggles with the occasional glimmer of hope that Vaidehi can make it through to come out stronger than before. Join us on Zee Keralam for Malayogam and see how Vaidehi’s story develops!

Two friends struggle to make ends meet while supporting their families and taking care of wedding arrangements for their sisters. Despite facing numerous hardships, they manage to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their relatives.

9. Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Ayalum Njanum Thammil
Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran · Ravi Tharakan ; Prathap Pothen · Dr. Samuel; (as Prathap K. Pothan) ; Narain · Vivek; (as Narein) ; Samvrutha Sunil · Sainu ; Vijay
Genre: Drama
Director: Lal Jose

Synopsis – Ayalum Njanum Thammil is one of Zee Keralam’s most popular serials. It tells the story of how a veteran doctor, Prathapan, takes on an irresponsible amateur doctor as his own student and tries to shape him into a better version of himself. Set in Kerala, we follow their journey through medical school and the unspoken bond that slowly develops between them. Along with their professional relationship, we also witness a forbidden romance brewing between Prathapan and his student’s sister-in-law, Shreya.

The story is packed full of emotion as many characters learn to see, understand, and love themselves for who they are. Ayalum Njanum Thammil offers an enjoyable and insightful look into the medical field and its challenges, as well as an inspiring story of how relationships can transform us for the better. It’s definitely worth a watch! So make sure to add it to Zee Keralam Serials List today!

Ravi, a physician with a careless attitude towards his profession, begins interning at Dr Samuel’s hospital. Despite the strict standards set by Dr Samuel, Ravi is determined to maintain his own approach to work and struggles against his mentor’s efforts to reform him. Nevertheless, underlying issues in Ravi’s life present an even greater obstacle for him to overcome.

10. Nagadevatha

Cast: Yashmi Gowda, Pawon Sae, Ashwini
Genre: Drama

Synopsis – Naga Bhairavi is one of Zee Keralam’s popular serials, telling the story of Nagarjuna and Bhairavi. Both have recurring dreams about a mysterious prohibited area in a forest, where they meet and get chased by cobras. When Bhairavi comes to India without her family’s knowledge, Nagarjuna finds her sacred bangle. As their connection grows, they reunite with their long-lost brother, but their father passes away.

This Zee Keralam serial gives viewers a thrilling ride while exploring the powerful emotions of family relationships and the strength of love. Tune in to Zee Keralam’s serials list to join Nagarjuna and Bhairavi’s journey.

Nagarjuna has been having nightmares about trespassing in a forbidden forest and meeting Bhairavi, only to be pursued by snakes. Unbeknownst to her family, Bhairavi travels to India; during the journey she loses her sacred bangle, which Nagarjuna finds. As their bond grows stronger, they discover a brother, but their father soon passes away.

11. Onnonnara Ruchi

Onnonnara Ruchi
Serial Timing Table: 12:30 PM
Cast: Chef Suresh Pillai
Genre: Cookery Entertainment

Synopsis – Onnonnara Ruchi is a must-watch on the Zee Keralam Serials List and is the perfect show for all comfort food lovers. Hosted by renowned chef Suresh Pillai, this reality TV show takes viewers on a journey through a tantalizing array of recipes and cooking techniques. From traditional favourites to modern twists, Chef Suresh Pillai shows off his culinary skills and provides an entertaining, informative look into the world of comfort food.

Whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced chef, Onnonnara Ruchi is sure to provide something for everyone! So get ready to experience the delicious flavours of home-style cooking with Onnonnara Ruchi.

Chef Suresh Pillai invites viewers to join him on a journey of flavors, demonstrating a variety of delicious recipes and helpful cooking techniques. From comfort food that brings forth nostalgia to native specialties that tantalize the taste buds – Chef Suresh has got it all covered! Tune in for an experience full of flavor and fun.

12. Bzinga Family Festival

Bzinga Family Festival
Serial Timing Table: Every Sunday at 6:30
Genre: Game Show

Synopsis – Bzinga Family Festival is the latest reality show on Zee Keralam that promises to be a fun-filled extravaganza for your entire family. Featuring thrilling competitions, you have the chance to win exclusive prizes simply by taking part in the game show!

The Zee Keralam Serials List also includes this action-packed show offering the chance to win prizes and create unforgettable memories with your family! So don’t wait – join Bzinga Family Festival today for an entertaining experience that you won’t forget.

Bzinga Family Festival is a revolutionary new show that debuted on July 24th, 2022 on Zee Keralam. The show promises to bring an unparalleled entertainment experience to viewers with its intriguing game concepts and thrilling contests. Every family is given an equal chance to compete and win exciting rewards! It’s the first of its kind in India and truly a groundbreaking concept.

13. Njanum Entalum

Njanum Entalum
Serial Timing Table:
Cast:  Hari Pathanapuram, Arjun Gopal, Aswathy
Genre: Reality game show
Director: Johny Antony

Synopsis – Njanum Entalum has been a buzzword in the Zee Keralam serials list ever since it premiered. The show is a first-of-its-kind reality series that revolves around couples who are trying to resolve conflicts in their married life. Contestants are encouraged to openly talk about the issues they face and seek advice from experts and peers. With every episode, viewers are shocked to hear and witness the twists and turns of their favourite couples’ lives.

It is a roller-coaster ride filled with emotions, laughter, tears and drama. This show has been gaining immense popularity for its raw and honest portrayal of married life struggles faced by couples across India. Its success has proved that marriage is still an important and emotional issue that needs to be taken seriously. So if you haven’t tuned in yet, we suggest you do so to witness a unique reality TV experience!


Which is the most watched TV show in Kerala?

Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie, Zee Keralam’s most-watched show in Kerala, is a gripping tale that revolves around the mysterious death of a young woman named Valonia. Set in the idyllic coastal town of Kanyakumari, the series follows Velonie and her family as they unravel the truth behind her death. The show takes viewers on a thrilling ride, exploring twists and turns that lead to an unexpected ending.

Where can you watch Zee Keralam serials?

If you wish to watch shows from the above-discussed Zee Keralam serials list, you can simply visit the ZEE5 website, and enjoy all your favourite shows!


Zee Keralam’s impressive list of serials have something for everyone—from classic soaps to entertaining comedies, Zee Keralam has it all. With riveting storylines and engaging characters, Zee Keralam’s serials are a great way to stay entertained. If you’re looking for quality entertainment with a distinct flavor from Kerala, Zee Keralam is the channel for you. Tune in today to explore Zee Keralam’s serials list!

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