10 Best Zakir Khan Shayaris

These days Zakir Khan shayaris are a hot topic of the town. Widely known for his quirks, hilarious jokes and being Tanmay Bhat’s dear friend, Zakir’s comedic timing and stage presence are widely lauded as some of the best in the country.

There’s nothing quite as entertaining as Zakir’s stand up videos, posted on his YouTube account. Of course seeing him live is funnier, however, for those of us who are unable to go in person, his channel is a great way to relax. Zakir’s talents are not limited to comedy. He is a big fan of poetry and shayari, performing some beautiful lines for his fans. We have compiled 10 of our favourite shayari quotes by Zakir Khan in the blog below so you too can feel the warmth and nostalgia they radiate!

Who is Zakir Khan?

Comedian Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is an incredible comedian who has won the title of ‘India’s Best Stand Up’. He has been entertaining audiences with his jokes and stories since 2012. Zakir is known for his observational humor, and he often uses personal experiences to highlight the absurdities of daily life. His routines are always fresh and funny, and he has a unique ability to connect with his audience. Whether he’s talking about relationships, politics, or just the quirks of human nature, Zakir always finds a way to make people laugh. If you’re looking for some good laughs, be sure to check out Zakir Khan’s stand-up act. You won’t be disappointed.

In this blog, we discuss some our favourite shayaris shared by the comedian. Fair warning, these will leave you feeling nostalgic, heartbroken or even in a fit of laughter. Continue reading for a rollercoaster of emotions!

10. The Imapct of Songs


Sometimes you listen to songs mindlessly. Other times they remind of you memories, people or places. Zakir brilliantly captures the feeling of relating a song with an important, warm memory in this quote.

9. Questions for You


You can save this particular one as a fight-ending dialogue. Using this shayari against someone who is getting on your nerves will surely encourage them to back off. Until qayamat is here, ofcourse.

8. The Wrong People


This shayari is a friendly PSA to all people who spend their time remembering people who did them wrong. A wake up call – don’t waste time on thinking about or interacting with people who bring negativity to your life!

7. Your Picture


Missing someone? In a long-distance relationship? Haven’t been home in a while? This quote will likely break your heart.

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6. Wishful Thinking


Sometimes love is unrequited and other times, the person you love may not even know you’re in love with them. What do you do then? You think about this shayari by Zakir Khan.

5. Enjoying the Simplicity


It’s best not to complicate things. Right? Zakir agrees.

4. For the Heartbroken


If you’re reeling from a serious heartbreak, this quote will definitely pull at your heartstrings. He perfectly encapsulates the feeling in a few lines.

3. Pining for Success


We’re all trying to make it big in life. A lot of times this may come at an expense. In this shayari, he encapsulates the kind of drive often needed to make it big and achieve your dreams.

2. The Cost of Success


This shayari holds a mirror to the life of a celebrity. Making it big is great, but what then?

1. When We Meet


This quote is rather self-explanatory and holds a lot of weight in it’s meaning. Certain overdue meetings can have that affect on people.


What is Zakir Khan’s net worth?

Zakir Khan’s net worth is around 7 crore rupees according networthdekho.

What degree does Zakir Khan have?

Zakir Khan is a college drop-out but has a diploma in Sitar, an Indian string instrument. He once said that he would be a music teacher if his career as a comedian didn’t take off.


Whether you enjoy the comedy or Zakir Khan shayaris, you can be sure you will receive ample entertainment when watching him. We highly recommend you check out all the content he shares and enjoy a wholesome, hilarious, feeling-inducing evening!

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