15 Different Khajoor Varieties

Medjool Dates

Among the best known we certainly find the Medjools originating from Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.


Deglet Noor Dates

Royal date, of heaven, of light, even “mother and queen of all dates”. typical of North Africa, particularly Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.


Barhi Dates

Originating from the city of Basra in Iraq from which they take their name, today the Barhi are grown mainly in the desert areas of the United States.


Halawy Dates

Halawy in Arabic means “sweet”, and you already understand where this is headed. This ancient variety originally from Mesopotamia


Khadrawi Dates

The Khadrawi are originally from Iraq and are distinguished by their sticky and not particularly fibrous texture.


Piarom Dates

A very ancient semi-dry variety widely spread throughout the Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia, the Piarom are distinguished by several characteristics.


Mazafati Dates

The Mazafati come from Kerman in Iraq, a city of millenary culture with ancient mosques and fire temples (Game of Thrones readers know something) dedicated to Zoroastrianism.


Rabbi Dates

The Rabbi are also Persians, this time from the Sistan Baluchistan region in the southwest of the country. They are mainly distinguished by the oval and elongated shape.


Thoory Dates

The late date from Algeria is called Thoory or Thury aka “date of bread”. The curious nickname derives from its harmonious feeling with everything related to bakery and pastry.


Zaghloul Dates

Also called “red date”, Zhagloul originates in Egypt but is widely cultivated in Israel and even further east in India and Pakistan.


Dayri Dates

The Dayri is the “date of the monastery” whose dark brown colour would remind one of the monastic habits.


Zahidi Dates

Zahidi means “of small quantity or nobility”, a sort of in the small barrel there is the good Iraqi version wine. It is a semi-dry variety of medium size, round shape, and golden colour.


Sukkary Dates

The sugar of the Sukkary is not only in the pulp, but also part of its actual etymology. The name derives from sukkur or sugar in Arabic, the same root as the corresponding neo-Latin.


Khudri Dates

Khudri dates are one of the most delicious and sought-after varieties of dates in the world. They are native to the Khudri region of Oman, where they have been cultivated for centuries.


Safawi Dates

The Safawi are originally from Medina, the western region of Saudi Arabia and the second most important sacred place after Mecca in the Islamic religion.