090 4444 4444

Japan’s Cursed Phone Number

known as Sadako’s phone number. According to legend, if you call this number, you will be cursed by the ghost of Sadako, who will end your life within 7 days of receiving the call.

999 9999

Thailand’s Death Number

Thailand’s Phone Number of Death: 999-9999. According to urban legend, any wish made after midnight will be granted – but at a deadly cost.

The Red Number of Pakistan

This began in Pakistan and quickly spread throughout the Muslim community, sending them into a panic. The e-mails and SMS messages warned people not to lift anything with red digits for fear of being cursed.

0888 888 888

Brazil’s Horrifying Number

It has been associated with the deaths of its last three owners, all of whom perished in tragic and violent ways. The first owner died from a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The second and third were both killed in the streets.

666 666 6666

The American Horror

According to some stories, anyone who calls this number will be cursed with bad luck, or even death. Others say that the call will be answered by a demonic voice, or that strange things will start happening to the caller after they hang up.